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Krispy Kreme Is Offering A Free Donut To Those Who Show Proof Of COVID Vaccination

Mac Slavo
March 23rd, 2021
Comments (29)

Krispy Kreme is joining in the mass vaccination push to get as many people injected with the experimental gene therapies as possible. The company is offering a free original glazed donut to anyone who shows their vaccination card for the rest of 2021.

So in addition to the gene therapy, people are taking, they get pumped full of sugar as a reward. Welcome to America.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

Customers can come in any day, at any time, to claim the free treat. No additional purchase is necessary. Krispy Kreme says it also plans to randomly deliver doughnuts to health care workers and volunteers at vaccination centers in the coming weeks, according to a report by Forbes. At a time when we should, allegedly, be overly concerned about our health, people are taking experimental drugs and ramping up their sugar intake.  This feels backward. Shouldn’t companies be encouraging people to eat more healthy foods like vegetables and lay off the sugar? Apparently not.  Their job appears to be to help the ruling class get as many people injected as possible.

The chain is also offering employees up to four hours of paid time off to get their own shots of the experimental gene therapies being offered by the control structure. Is this “vaccine” worth it?

The vaccine idea is so good, companies have to bribe people to get it. “Are you doing your health any good by eating a donut a day?” asks Brian of High Impact Flix and Grease Monkey Videos.

Continue to use critical thinking and make sure you stay alert to what they are telling us.  It’s been obvious from the start of this so-called “pandemic”, which is a scam, that this was never about health. This should be all the more evidence of that, but many people will brush it off as nothing.

To really boost your health, eat the best foods possible, and make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals.  It’s pretty obvious that a Krispy Kreme donut is not better for you than a head of broccoli.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: March 23rd, 2021

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    1. Darth Skippy says:

      Would bleeding, Bell’s palsy, and spastic movements count as proof of Covid vaccination?

      Enjoy your donut.

    2. Yes!!! says:

      The prospect of free donuts should be more than enough
      to convince those who were
      on the fence about getting this wonderful gene therapy.
      I mean,come on it’s glazed😂

    3. Lovely Bones says:

      Makes perfect sense it would be a free glazed donut as
      any sheep foolish enough to get the shot will likely have that brainwashed glazed look in their eyes.😊

    4. Obvious says:

      Offering us that Krispy Kreme crap? Now,you KNOW they’re trying to kill us!!!

    5. So far,we’ve had free weed,
      free doughnuts and countless other bribes.
      What could possibly be next?
      Oh, I know – how about free funeral and burial coverage
      for the inevitable results of
      the jabberwocky?😅🤣😅🤣

    6. Uh-Uh says:

      The ingredients in those donuts are probably just as bad as the ones in the vax.
      I’d stay away from both.

    7. just me says:

      Q.What’s the difference between the covid vaccine and a krispy kreme doughnut?
      A.Well,one is made with some truly horrific ingredients which can do all sorts of irreparable damage
      once inside your body and the other is the vaccine.

    8. Maybe Krispy Kreme can give my dad one. He was in perfect health and took the Astra Zenica shot and died 8 days later from a blood clot. Read the news? Numerous countries in Europe stopping this vaccine because of this problem. Astra killed my dad.

    9. Andrea.Iravani. says:

               Targeting Christian Whitey – The Silent Majority Threat to 
                       the Corrupt Government and Establishment

      If you happen to wonder what all of the hullabaloo is about claiming white privelage while there is a black female VP, and previously a black POTUS, and the richest and most powerful people in the country are Jewish, the answer is simple. The establishment is threatened by their decades long crimes against humanity and systemic corruption. They also know that the majority of white Christian Americans will not be supportive of the complete rejection of the traditional family by the majority of black Americans which have 83% of black children in single family households and born out of wedlock, and they also know that the majority of white Americans will not support illegal immigration policies that have turned into Joe Biden’s worst nightmare, with the largest increase in illegal immigration in history. Over 100,000 illegal immigrants attempted to enter our southern border. Seventy thousand were sent back to Mexico. The United States keeps granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, which unsurprisingly keeps encouraging illegal immigration. White Jews have expempted themselves from this targeting, despite the fact that the American system has provided unprecedented privelage to Jews. Follow the money. Obviously, Jews are not the victims of any discrimination at all, and are actively discriminating against white Christians, exactly as  Jews are discriminatimg against Christian Palestinians, referred to them as Arabs, on the presumption that most white Christians around the world will assume that they are referring to Muslims. 

      The majority of white Christian Americans also do not support the Censorship by Zionists that own and run Silicon Valley campanies, most of whom are Jewish, barring Jack Dorey and Elon Musk, but they are both rabidly socialist so they got a free pass. 

      So, fellow and sister whiteys, the blacks, Jews, and hispanics have conspired together with the corrupt establishment to destroy us. 

      It is definitely a conspiracy by the aformentioned parties. The government considers white nationalists to be the biggest threat to America. If you happen to be white and patriotic, you are in that category. You do not have to support the KKK or neo-Nazis, to make it into that camp either. Just being white and supporting the constitution will suffice. Since the government violates the constitution, making them guilty of high crimes and treason, and white Christian Americans are the majority, they are the biggest threat to the government and establishment. 

      You really have to wonder why it is that there are such a high black and hispanic birth rates in a country that has white privelage! Obviously, white privelage is a myth. If blacks and hispanics, and Jews felt that they were being oppressed based on race or religion alone, why would they continue having children in a country with what they claim is actively oppressing them based on race and religion alone? You also have to wonder why Jews open businesses if they are discriminated against just based on religious affiliation alone! The math and the facts support none of the claims of discrimination. America has the most open immigration policy in the world. If any group of people has suffered from discrimination, it is undoubtedly Middle Eastern Muslims – accused for 9/11 that they had nothing to do with, and false flag wars that followed suit in the Middle East and North Africa. It was all about the oil. Oops! At least Trump admitted it after he seized Syrian oil fields and came right out and said, 
      ” What ever happened to- to the victors go the spoils?”

      It really is as simple as that.

                    Tone Deaf Media and Establishment Persistence 
            Doubles Down and Recycles Logical Fallacies and Blatant Lies

      The tone deaf media, and DNC/ RNC Uniparty Establishement simply refuse to face reality! As I have been saying for years, corruption is the number one problem in America! 

      Americans have echoed this sentiment in polling. These polls below focus on political corruption. It is not limited to political corruption in the eyes of Americans living outside of the Belly of the Beast that the others in the establihment have become so accustomed to living in. Americans have also consistently stated that they view the government as the largest national security threat. Americans have also consistently stated in polling that they do not trust the media. Americans have also stated in polling that they do not trust corporate and financial institutions in America. 

      The corrupt establishment simply refuses to stop the corruption and simply refuses to stop lying. The more that they lie, the more that they destroy their own credibility, and the more that they destroy our country.

      The InfraGard Surveillance State has had a corrosive effect on Americans, and therefore on America over all. They use terrorism and  coercion which are also corrosive. They censor, manipulate, and blatantly lie on a regular basis. They commit crimes against humanilty including on American citizens on a regular basis, all of which are 100% illegal, which is why they refuse to admit that they are doing it. Our system is the U.S. Constitution. You are going to have to accept that and become respectable, upfront law abiding members of society that respect the constitutional rights and property of others or move to China. 

      Socialism will does not solve the problem of the Tech Sector and surveillance state. I do not want to pay for their lifestyles of surveillance and sick technology that are placing surveillance devices in everything regardless of which type of economic system we have. I oppose what they do, and socialism would finance something that most people do not want to be a part of their lives, that is to have a bunch of psychos sitting around spying on them! Who in the hell wants to pay for that?! 

      People on the left refuse to admit this, and still insist that this problem is the result of capitalism. Public schools and state and local governments do not rely on capitalism for their survival. They rely on a socialist economic model for their survival, where everyone is forced to pay for services, structures, and policies whether they support those or not through taxation, fees, and licensing requirements that come many forms.

      Raiders of the Lost Cookie Jar

      $800 billion in aid and education funds for state and local governments

      $350 billion in state and local aid

      $400 billion Festivus for the restofus stimulpus checks, ( also given to governmemt employees

      So, $1.15 trillion plus amount unknown in stimuluos checks to government employees and members of their households, and 
      $400 billion minus amount unknown given to government employees and members of their households for the rest of us.

      Do not enter the belly of the beast. It corrupts everyone that enters it, and if they refuse to obey to play, they are kicked out. Obey to play means to become a pathological liar in order to cover for those pathological liars already in the belly of the beast. America cannot survive that way. It is insane. 

      What would be in that for me? Being in the company of psychopaths that have consistently abused me and violated my rights and property? Why in the hell would I ever want to do such a crazy thing like that? 

      Severely Mentally Impaired Psychopaths Create Stupid Techology and Call it Artificial Intelligence

      How is Connecting One Trillion Things to The Internet of Things an Environmental Movement?! That is the Team That You Signed Up For, Whether You Realize it or Not! If You Check Who It is That Demands One Trillion Things Hooked Up to the IOT, the “Green” “Revolution”, The Paris Agreement, Malthusian, Fabian Society, Eugenicists, Universal Healthcare, Fascisim, Socialism, Public Private Partnerships, 
      ( aka  Old Fashioned Nazi and Mussolini Style Socialist Fascist Authoratarian Dictatorships Currently Practiced in China, You Will Suddenly Be Woke, and Realize That Those Movements Are All Pushed and Funded by the Same People and Institutions! 

      They are control freaks that have absolutely zero self control! They have bestowed such measures upon themselves as to assume command and control of every thing on earth, including everything alive, in the IoT, Internet of Things, with the goal of connecting one trillion things to the internet. They have micro-chipped pets, birds, fish, and people, because the birds cannot be trusted to fly freely, they might get in the way of drones ar planes, fish cannot be trusted to swim, they might drown, and dogs cannot be trusted, because they might bite when illegal entry black bag jobs are done, people cannot be trusted by them because the individuals that are doing these things are hyper-paranoid, and because they have decided to monetize everything and everyone on earth. The control freak psychopaths are incapable of self control which is proven by the way that they live their lives –  a life committed to being evil, stupid, stubborn, and wrong, a strategy obviously guaranteed to lose, to everyone except themselves. They are also using brain raping technology on people. All of this sounds like a cold blooded, pre-meditated, sadistically evil, environmental apocalypse to me, and the largest waste of electricity in world history!

      Calls by intellectually dishonest people are still insisting that these problems are the consequences of a capitalist economy. Hitler would agree. It is easily disproven, because socialist Venezuela, Iran, China, and Cuba are all on board with the scamdemic.

      Socialism and communism are incapable of changing evil oppressive, predatory, psychopathic, serial criminals into humanitarians and honorable members of society. 

      They will be the same individuals doing none of the work, reaping all of the rewards, and causing all of the suffering in whichever economic system that they happen to be in. 

      This is just the most lame excuse in existence to remove all 
      blame from the guilty parties in America.

      I am ceratain that greedy uber rich multi-billionaire socialists Elon Musk and George Sorros really appreciate that you are claiming that capitalism is the problem that causes war and human rights abuses.

      The Nazis were actually the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which were both socialist and fascist. Volkswagon was owned by the German government, which is just one example of the failed logical fallacies.

      They would not become humanitarians if America transistioned towards socialism. They are psychopaths. Corruption is the problem. The psychopaths will say or do anything to try to evade accountability for their barbaric crimes against humanity. 

      The socialists walked off with all of the future gains, and charged everyone else.

      CLC poll identifies political corruption as biggest problem – The … › big-picture › political-co…
      Nov 18, 2019 · More voters see “corruption in our political system” as the country’s most pressing problem than any of …
      Poll: American Voters Want to Tackle Corruption › daily › 9078-poll-amer…
      Jan 4, 2019 · Cleaning up corruption in American politics was the top priority for a large majority of voters in key …
      Poll: Voters list a corrupt political establishment as a ‘big problem … › what-americas-thinking › 4…
      Voters view a corrupt political establishment as a bigger problem than both healthcare and gun violence, according to a …
      Voters Rate Political Corruption as America’s Biggest Crisis … › 2019/04/25
      Apr 25, 2019 · Fifty-three percent of voters believe political corruption is a crisis in the United States, while another …
      Most U.S. citizens believe their government, legislators and courts … › World
      Sep 9, 2020 · Strikingly, both Democrats and Republicans share this opinion. Seventy-three percent of the U.S. citizens …
      Corruption | Gallup Topic – Gallup Poll › topic › corruption

      Andrea Iravani

    10. Rastus says:

      Well Golly! Dem crispi cremes is so good I mightin jes get vaceptanaited to get me a free do enut.

    11. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      I received a voice mail at 1:54 pm today from a person whose name I will not reveal but had the initials AF and area code 312, but the caller ID gave the last name initial S stating that he believes that the whole species should be eliminated and that he thinks that nukes are approaching. I called the number back and did not leave a VM since the VM message did not give a name and was not sure if this call was spoofed to the 312 number. This is just to let the person know that I did receive the voice mail. I was only inyerested in having something published. I am unwilling to take risks on strangers. 

      Andrea Iravani

    12. Talon says:

      Seriously? i don’t doubt a stampede of moronic people would mow down each other, to take a potentially harmful jab, in a exchange for jelly fillied crispy creme donut.🙄

    13. Looks like they’ve got every angle covered:
      If the vax doesn’t kill you, the donut will.

    14. Rock Roller says:

      A free donut to take a debilitating vaccine with horrible side effects? Sounds like a great trade off…Pfffft.

    15. Missouri says:

      This I absolutely horrifying to see people taken advantage of like this. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been hurt or even died as a result of these so called vaccines. And all of us are all being hurt by the incompetence and greed of big government and the big corporations that run it.

      I’ve completed the first issue of Steve’s Underground Newsletter which is a review of a four week supply of emergency food I bought from My Patriot Supply. Spoiler alert – I’m pretty happy with my purchase. Below is the intro:

      “About 13 years ago I started storing up food. I started in fairly small amounts. An extra bag of rice here and an extra bag of beans there and I also piled up on canned foods as I went. This all has worked out pretty well. Typically, I will consume, replace and add even more as I go.

      Somewhere back in time many years ago I was introduced to packaged survival food. I cashed in on a special whereby I received 24 hours worth of survival food. I wasn’t especially impressed and preferred my canned goods, rice and beans strategy mentioned above.

      Lately though I’ve decided to revisit the packaged survival food idea. In our current times, the notion of storing food that has a shelf life of up to 25 years seems like a good idea….”

      My underground newsletter is sent by email twice a week at the subscriber cost of only one dollar per month. In it I cover survival, preparedness, product reviews, current events and much more. It’s entirely interactive in that I try to answer all my emails. To sign up send an email to [email protected] to get instructions on how to subscribe.

      Prepare and stay well,

    16. Anonymous says:

      Thanks Mac. Text me.

    17. hmm... says:

      I wonder if they are only giving you the donut as a parting gift because they know you’re on your way out
      anyway since you already took the vaccine?☺️

    18. Bluesky says:

      I wouldn’t cross the street for a Krispy Kreme 🍩 much less take a covid ☠️ shot 🥃 which isn’t a vaccine

    19. Carol says:

      Oh wow, a doughnut for a vaccination! What corporate person came up with that delusional idea? Do they really think people are that stupid?

    20. LMAO. Oh joy! A free donut. I think Krispy Kreme is soft in the head.

    21. Darth Skippy says:

      I think, it would be healthiest, if people had a direct knowledge of where all the commodities inside of the donut literally came from, if they fried-up the best tasting batch, and put the calories toward hard labor or exercise. Rather than, omf(!) — a sugar treat. Think of it as a self renewable form of energy.

      In spite of common knowledge, water can be obtained, independently, through dozens of means. (You will need some eventually.) All of the ancient soil amendments, agricultural methods, and yes, the sun, still works.

      If you’re at the top of the class, you will also know how to make highimpactflix’ broccoli taste good — like real, human food.

    22. Darkwing says:

      “Make America Fat Again”. Get a free donuts, buy more donuts, cup of coffee, great marketing

    23. Good says:

      Recent Headline:
      New Jersey Atilis Gym offers free gym memberships to the non vaccinated.
      Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Krispy Kreme!!!😂