Krispy Kreme Is Offering A Free Donut To Those Who Show Proof Of COVID Vaccination

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Headline News | 27 comments


Krispy Kreme is joining in the mass vaccination push to get as many people injected with the experimental gene therapies as possible. The company is offering a free original glazed donut to anyone who shows their vaccination card for the rest of 2021.

So in addition to the gene therapy, people are taking, they get pumped full of sugar as a reward. Welcome to America.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

Customers can come in any day, at any time, to claim the free treat. No additional purchase is necessary. Krispy Kreme says it also plans to randomly deliver doughnuts to health care workers and volunteers at vaccination centers in the coming weeks, according to a report by Forbes. At a time when we should, allegedly, be overly concerned about our health, people are taking experimental drugs and ramping up their sugar intake.  This feels backward. Shouldn’t companies be encouraging people to eat more healthy foods like vegetables and lay off the sugar? Apparently not.  Their job appears to be to help the ruling class get as many people injected as possible.

The chain is also offering employees up to four hours of paid time off to get their own shots of the experimental gene therapies being offered by the control structure. Is this “vaccine” worth it?

The vaccine idea is so good, companies have to bribe people to get it. “Are you doing your health any good by eating a donut a day?” asks Brian of High Impact Flix and Grease Monkey Videos.

Continue to use critical thinking and make sure you stay alert to what they are telling us.  It’s been obvious from the start of this so-called “pandemic”, which is a scam, that this was never about health. This should be all the more evidence of that, but many people will brush it off as nothing.

To really boost your health, eat the best foods possible, and make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals.  It’s pretty obvious that a Krispy Kreme donut is not better for you than a head of broccoli.

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    1. Darth Skippy

      Would bleeding, Bell’s palsy, and spastic movements count as proof of Covid vaccination?

      Enjoy your donut.

    2. Yes!!!

      The prospect of free donuts should be more than enough
      to convince those who were
      on the fence about getting this wonderful gene therapy.
      I mean,come on it’s glazed?

    3. Lovely Bones

      Makes perfect sense it would be a free glazed donut as
      any sheep foolish enough to get the shot will likely have that brainwashed glazed look in their eyes.?

    4. Obvious

      Offering us that Krispy Kreme crap? Now,you KNOW they’re trying to kill us!!!

    5. Dot

      So far,we’ve had free weed,
      free doughnuts and countless other bribes.
      What could possibly be next?
      Oh, I know – how about free funeral and burial coverage
      for the inevitable results of
      the jabberwocky?????

    6. Uh-Uh

      The ingredients in those donuts are probably just as bad as the ones in the vax.
      I’d stay away from both.

    7. just me

      Q.What’s the difference between the covid vaccine and a krispy kreme doughnut?
      A.Well,one is made with some truly horrific ingredients which can do all sorts of irreparable damage
      once inside your body and the other is the vaccine.

    8. David Albers

      Maybe Krispy Kreme can give my dad one. He was in perfect health and took the Astra Zenica shot and died 8 days later from a blood clot. Read the news? Numerous countries in Europe stopping this vaccine because of this problem. Astra killed my dad.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously? i don’t doubt a stampede of moronic people would mow down each other, to take a potentially harmful jab, in a exchange for jelly fillied crispy creme donut.?

        • Darth Skippy

          I don’t doubt it.

    9. Rastus

      Well Golly! Dem crispi cremes is so good I mightin jes get vaceptanaited to get me a free do enut.

    10. Talon

      Seriously? i don’t doubt a stampede of moronic people would mow down each other, to take a potentially harmful jab, in a exchange for jelly fillied crispy creme donut.?

    11. Anonymous

      Looks like they’ve got every angle covered:
      If the vax doesn’t kill you, the donut will.

    12. Rock Roller

      A free donut to take a debilitating vaccine with horrible side effects? Sounds like a great trade off…Pfffft.

    13. Missouri

      This I absolutely horrifying to see people taken advantage of like this. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been hurt or even died as a result of these so called vaccines. And all of us are all being hurt by the incompetence and greed of big government and the big corporations that run it.

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      Prepare and stay well,

    14. Anonymous

      Thanks Mac. Text me.

    15. hmm...

      I wonder if they are only giving you the donut as a parting gift because they know you’re on your way out
      anyway since you already took the vaccine?☺️

    16. Bluesky

      I wouldn’t cross the street for a Krispy Kreme ? much less take a covid ☠️ shot ? which isn’t a vaccine

    17. Carol

      Oh wow, a doughnut for a vaccination! What corporate person came up with that delusional idea? Do they really think people are that stupid?

      • Yes they do

        @Carol,the saddest part is that these corporate pricks DO think people are in fact that stupid – well at least the sheep anyways.

    18. Lorraine Cyr

      LMAO. Oh joy! A free donut. I think Krispy Kreme is soft in the head.

    19. Darth Skippy

      I think, it would be healthiest, if people had a direct knowledge of where all the commodities inside of the donut literally came from, if they fried-up the best tasting batch, and put the calories toward hard labor or exercise. Rather than, omf(!) — a sugar treat. Think of it as a self renewable form of energy.

      In spite of common knowledge, water can be obtained, independently, through dozens of means. (You will need some eventually.) All of the ancient soil amendments, agricultural methods, and yes, the sun, still works.

      If you’re at the top of the class, you will also know how to make highimpactflix’ broccoli taste good — like real, human food.

    20. Darkwing

      “Make America Fat Again”. Get a free donuts, buy more donuts, cup of coffee, great marketing

      • Newkidontheblock

        ????????????free donuts for all the suckers. LoL

        • Newkidontheblock

          ? inside is poison. The Astra Zeneca you get blood clots, Pfizer, your skin rots with strange lesions and Moderna there’s traces of HIV. ?I need a drink. So many choices of poison to take.

    21. Good

      Recent Headline:
      New Jersey Atilis Gym offers free gym memberships to the non vaccinated.
      Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Krispy Kreme!!!?

    22. Marcy?


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