UK Woman Arrested For Proving The Ruling Class’s Official Narrative WRONG

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    A woman from the United Kingdom has been arrested after she blew the ruling class’s official narrative out of the water. The 46-year-old used a camera to film the inside of an EMPTY hospital after weeks of the media reporting that “tier 5 lockdown” is needed as the hospitals are overrun with COVID patients. 

    These lies about this scamdemic won’t stop and the totalitarian New World Order rollout will continue until people wake up to the reality of what’s being done.  This has never been about health; it has always been about control. Now, a woman has been arrested for proving the ruling class and its lapdog media continue to lie to us to stoke the fear needed for our permanent enslavement.

    In spite of the media’s lies, public data shows that hospitals are indeed emptier than at this time last year, with beds being at 89% occupancy compared to 95% occupancy in December 2019. In regions across the country, critical care occupancy rates are also lower than the 3-year average, according to a report by ZeroHedge. 

    According to reports, a 46-year-old woman was arrested by police (at the commands of the ruling class) for filming the video. She has been charged on suspicion of a public order offense. Whose side are the police really on? That’s for you to decide.

    “The woman has been bailed to return to police on 21 January, with conditions that she cannot enter any NHS premises or the grounds of any such premises, unless in the case of an emergency or to attend a pre-arranged NHS appointment,” said a statement by Gloucestershire Police.

    Watch now, before Twitter censors and scrubs this video.

    The woman expressed shock at how quiet the hospital was, saying she expected there to be “a few more people around, there’s absolutely nobody.”

    Almost all of the emergency Nightingale hospitals that were built at a cost of £220million to handle overflow COVID patients were never used and are now being dismantled.

    New York’s COVID-19 Field Hospital Dismantled After Treating ZERO Patients

    Army’s Seattle Field Hospital Closed After 3 Days & Without Seeing A Single Patient

    Many have also questioned why nurses have had time to perform carefully rehearsed and choreographed dances for social media clout, with family members of cancer victims who have been denied treatment complaining about their insensitivity.

    Pay attention, and stay alert.  The lies will not stop. It’s up to us to read, learn, and be able to discern these falsehoods and stand for those who have suffered under the boot of tyranny.


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      1. I was injured in line of duty working for the UK health service & abandoned. August 2016 I was referred by a pain specialist to see a neuro surgeon. 16 , nearly 17 months on & seen NO ONE!

      2. She was arrested for showing the truth of this stupid pandemic nonsense.The cover-ups will of course continue as people continue exposing the truth.Since there is NO raging pandemic – there can be no packed hospitals.You mentioned how nurses can have time for these dances?My thoughts exactly. I ve also seen reports of nurses in NYC saying they have been let go because there is nothing for them to do.Some nurses who are still working said they were bored silly due to the lack of patients.You add up all these things and the reality of there being NO PANDEMIC is clear as day.We have all been lied to from the beginning about this so called “emergency pandemic”!!

      3. Good to see and hope the citizen reporter makes the case in the courts and the media. These citizen reports are what has been missing over the course of the pandemic; there should be hundreds-thousands of them. They have begun to surface with the testimony on election fraud and public hearings in the USA. And of course that recent mask-free flash mob.
        Perhaps this is one reason the hospitals are closed; along with being a test to see how much care we are willing to do without. Keeping families from their loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes is either going to result in busy courts or immunity from litigation for entire system. The infrastructure is entirely in place for socialized medicine in the USA, by another name, and now the insurance companies have a good bit of data on how much care they can deny before we object.

        • There have been many citizen reports dribbling out from citizens, doctors and nurses. A number of them are on bitchute. What this reinforces is that it is our turn to step up to the plate and do our bit.

          We need ordinary people from coast to coast to visit our hospitals and upload video of what they see. We need to compare the narrative to what is happening on the ground and especially we need to compare statistics for anomalies like the incredible shrinking number of conventional flu cases with the corresponding skyrocketing covid numbers.

          We need to shine a very bright light on those paying dollar incentives for fake covid numbers. We need to shine a very bright on those accepting incentives for producing fake covid numbers. We need to shine a very bright light on the mainstream media and mainstream social media that are aiding and abetting these fake narratives and fake numbers.

          Take no prisoners. These gutter-guzzling-swampsters surely won’t.

      4. Brave woman. As soon as someone trys to use evidence against the establishment, in one of their own courts, they usually have you sectioned under the mental health act, this bypassing all procedures.

      5. Under a Marxist, 5th Plank lending monopoly, everyone maintains the outward appearances of useful labor, but you are basically laundering subsidies, is all.

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