Violent Antifa Accounts Don’t Violate Twitter’s Rules: Conservatives Banned And Censored

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    A source has told Breitbart News that Antifa accounts on Twitter don’t violate the social media giant’s rules, all while conservatives are being systematically censored and banned from the platform. Although this should come as a surprise to no one, every single person should be concerned that big tech companies are choosing political sides rather than allowing free speech.

    Twitter does not currently believe accounts expressing support for the violent extremist “Antifa” movement, including the account linked to last week’s brutal assault on journalist Andy Ngo, are in violation of its terms of service according to a person familiar with the situation.

    Antifa Violence: Group Plans “Acid Attack” at DC Free Speech Rally

    According to the source, Twitter believes that the “Rose City Antifa” account, the official Twitter presence of the Portland-based mob behind the attack on Ngo, is not currently in violation of the platform’s terms of service. Breitbart pointed out that this seems to be at odds with Twitter’s rules in a section titled “violent extremist groups” which reads, “Groups included in this policy will be those that identify as such or engage in activity — both on and off the platform — that promotes violence.”

    The source noted that investigations are ongoing and that law enforcement has not yet confirmed who is responsible for the attack. However, that doesn’t change the fact that participants in the Antifa mob were captured on camera assaulting Ngo, who was put in the hospital and sustained a brain hemorrhage as a result of the attack.

    The activities of Antifa have been formally classified as “domestic terrorist violence” by the Department of Homeland Security. Members of the violent far-left movement plotted an acid attack against a pro-Trump event two years ago, while another member of the group was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after attacking a peaceful Trump supporter with a metal bike lock in the same year.

    If Twitter is going to make these kinds of rules, they should treat all users equally, but it is quite obvious conservatives are being punished for non-violent posts as vile groups like Antifa enjoy widespread support in Silicone Valley.

    According to Twitter’s rules, groups that engage in violent extremism both online and offline will be banned from the platform. Yet Rose City Antifa, along with numerous other Antifa-supporting accounts is given free rein on the site.

    One account, according to its owner, belongs to an employee of the company. Twitter user “euprax1a” claims to be an employee at Twitter Seattle, as well as a “neurodivergent queer” and a supporter of Antifa. The account is followed by Twitter Open, an official company account, and was at one point followed by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

    Far Left Watch, a group that monitors left-wing extremism, has also revealed how Twitter ignored its reports of Antifa accounts that were engaged in doxing (revealing hitherto private information) of ICE agents. -Breitbart News

    What is even more alarming is that Twitter is still trying to claim they don’t have a political bias. Their methods of censorship and silencing of dissent prove otherwise.  Twitter has a communistic bias. They are obviously trying to manipulate thought and alter opinions to help their agenda. But how far will go? That’s the real, and truly terrifying question.



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      1. I can’t be banned from something I NEVER joined. No social media for me ever. I don’t do business with anyone who practices censorship.

        • This is social media, here, courtesy of Amazon.

        • I’m banned here. You seldom see my comments.

          I say stuff like, “Arrest and LOCK UP ANTIFA.”
          ARREST Rioters, Looters, Burners, killers of Police.
          ARREST them ALL. Lock them up. Don’t tolerate violent murdering fools.

          Arrest and Lock up those like George Soros that finance violence.,

          No I don’t care about those that commit violent criminal acts.
          Their lives don’t matter. Rioters burners looters and killers DESERVE anything that comes their direction.
          I care less about anything they protest.
          I just want them Locked up.

          Black Rifles Matter. Black rifles Stop Looters, Rioters, Burners, Police killers, flash mob thieves. Black Rifles are the cure for ANTIFA violence looting and burning.

          Black Rifles are the cure for drug cartels over running our border.
          * Free Press Matters.
          * Free Speech Matters.
          * Protect whistleblowers. Full Pardon.
          * STOP the Tech Monoploy censorship. Break up the control freak tech monopoly.

          Comments like this CENSORED!

        • “I don’t do business with anyone who practices censorship”

          Sure you do – you just don’t know it..

          • Stuart, you’ll have to prove that to me.

            • You are doing it by using this website. By using the computer you are putting money in Micrsoft’s pocket as well as a dozen other companies that work against your interests.

              • Stuart, whoa. By that logic simply using electricity is proof we support whatever the electric company supports. Specifically how is this website censoring TDR?

                • Couch potatoes will hate me, for saying this, but don’t be dependent for electricity.

        • “DR”
          You are correct.. All the same they have a set of rules applied to them and we have a set of rules applied to us.

          One day we will play cowboys and Antifa. I can’t wait for that day.
          P.S. came within $1,000.00 of having land in Tenn. DAMN!!@!

          • Sarge, yes that day will come soon enough. Don’t give up on the land; it will still happen for you.

          • Sgt. Dale, we been tryin for over 8 months to get a place way down in the hollers of southern middle TN. But these prepper havens are snatched up the same day they hit the market.

            Our small town America we live in now is experiencing a building boom. Builders are cramming as many homes into the smallest of properties.

            We are headed out for a camping trip next week to see two more properties. Hoping they will still be available when we get there.

            • “G”
              Two years plus for us now. But GOOD LUCK!!!


        • Then do not use Bbartbart news – They are a big on censorship.
          I was ban for nothing – Just did not like what I SAID – No profanity???

      2. Thanks Mac. This article tells me a lot about “Twitter”. I’ve never used it and I won’t waste my time in the future on such an obviously biased (to the leftist-antiAmerican side) platform.

      3. Ever notice that these antifa gooks are a buncha weird looking mutts?
        Dont use twitter, dont care
        Dont use FB, DONT CARE!
        Dont do social media, DONT CARE!!
        Some day soon these turds bill will come due and it will be open season.
        Kill em all and let God sort it out.

        • Don’t use hate speech; together we can do so much.

          hate speech — weird looking mutts
          newspeak — intersectional

          hate speech — retarded fag
          newspeak — neurodivergent queer

          hate speech — communistic bias
          newspeak — public private partnership

          • Clown, we don’t follow any of that PC crap at this site.

            • 😉

          • I temper my speech for no one.

        • Nailbanger, damn right. Antifa will get their clocks cleaned out. that day is coming sooner than anyone thinks.

          • DR,
            You got that right. It’s not coming, it’s already here.

        • Nail,
          I feel much the same way.
          However there is another concern
          this post kind of mentioned,
          Cops are being told to “stand down”
          against Antifa. So even if the
          FB, and Tweets point them to trouble,
          they won’t do anything about
          it, in Democrat run places.
          BTW this site is sort of a “social” site.
          Too bad we don’t have private messaging.
          like 2ahawaii does.

          • I had a hard time with that 2A website,
            A bunch of cops on there and chicken shit people saying not to talk about this or that,
            I had a simple question about militia formation. Those folks are all tunning scared,
            Honestly, at this pount i could care less what happens, i will just stay the hell out of the way,

          • Any cop that stands around while innocent citizens are being attacked & beaten, well, they deserve to then HANG!! When is enough, enough? My God. All the patriots and all of their Billy bad a$$ talk and no one does didley, sad & super pathetic. I have ZERO faith in this place anymore and America will FAIL – there is no doubt about it.

      4. If Libertarian Conservatives are censored to the point of banishment for a level of political discussion that doesn’t advocate violence and Twitter allows the Socialist Antifa to advocate violence why can’t Twitter be sued by a recipient of said violent Antifa actions? Twitter is admitting through actions that they can and do censor content. They pick and choose which is intent; standing behind first amendment protections is moot using the often catch phrase, “You can’t yell fire in a movie theatre”. If said person in the theater was provided a bull horn from another to spread this message wouldn’t they be aiding and abetting?

        • That is the question, isn’t it. Social media has long claimed they are simply a platform and thus exempt from accountability. Now with their open and admitted censorship, that exemption is getting quite thin. I believe the Congress will regulate them eventually. The permanent answer my be through the trial lawyers. (which would be sweet irony)

        • Re. Twitter. Their site, their rules. Conservatives are free to ‘vote with their feet’ not use it. Why would they want to use it and support it anyways? Conservatives are also free to create their own version of Twitter.
          I advocate secession. Am I advocating violence against the left? Should I be censored? I think not.

        • Because a lawsuit is a waste of time ; (((they))) own and run the courts also. You think they can control the police and issue stand down orders? Wait til you see the control in the courts.
          Theres only two things that will help – read and heed Deuteronomy 28; its talking to and about you. Then, ammo up.

      5. If a teacher says that the bad kid ruined it for everyone else (including those on the honor role being subjected to collective punishment) or, worse yet, if she makes the bad kid a hall monitor, who is to blame.

        I would argue that it’s systematic.

      6. Antifa had it’s start actually in Germany. JIHAD WATCH site is reporting that Iran has sent scouts into Europe to look for good places to do massacre terror attacks. If THERE, sure as heck HERE too.

        Stay safe, prep like your life depends on it, cause it does.

      7. It’s not just the press that are enemies of America. But also MANY Corporations have clearly revealed where they stand. There are powerful forces aligned with Globalism.

        • Justice, absolutely! Corporations may even be America’s #1 Enemy.
          Corporatism is a fancy name for fascism. It was largely the Republican Party that created that monster. Yet conservatives still cling to it.

        • The US Gov’t is Enemy #1!! Wake up people and read the writing on the wall.

      8. What exactly is going on with SHTF, first there was no articles posted or showing from the 27th until the 3rd of July and then all of a sudden they were all UP like nothing happened, and now there are only 3 or 4 comments to each article. I know it’s a holiday week but what’s up? Trekker Out

        • SHTF is a Fed honey pot. Collecting data for big brother.
          Big brother knows if you are naughty. And if you don’t think like a castrated efiminate faggot inefectual go along with social media mob NWO communist political correct propaganda.

          Naughty. Coal in your stocking. Your social credit score now reduced citizen. Because you act and think like a man.

          1984 = 2019

        • Mountain Trekker, I have to keep manually refreshing the main site page and the article to get the latest comments. I don’t know why or what has happened to the site, but refreshing the pages helps.

      9. How many ANTIFA are not even supposed to be in USA?
        Why isn’t George Soros and other financers of these terrorist arrested? Why no Border Security?

        Here is YouTube Video:
        “FULL VIDEO: Watch Texas police arrest Volodymyr Zhukovskyy months before deadly NH crash”

        This Illegal KILLED 7 marines and injured 3 more.
        One dope head foriegner ALLOWED to remain in USA.

        Hell of a thing to serve your country and survive combat and then get taken out on your motorbike by a illegal foreigner crackhead.

        In Farmers Branch Texas, a Police officer is charged with murder after shooting a Truck Thief ILLEGAL Mexican.
        What the hell is going on in USA? Have we already been taken over by foreign power? NWO Commies?
        The Farmers Branch Case is simple:
        1. Don’t Steal. Don’t be a criminal.
        2. Don’t be in country illegally
        3. When Police stop you. Pull over. Don’t reach for anything.
        4. When Police has a gun drawn on you. Stop whatever you are doing. Put your hands up. Your crime spree is over.
        5. Don’t drive around the Police in a stolen Truck while Police has drawn gun on you. Give up peacfully.

        Pretty clear case to me. So why is this Police officer charged?
        He was doing his job. A thief was Intentionally blowing past a stop.
        The Mexican Thief Deserved to be shot. I am glad he was shot. I don’t like criminals. Don’t steal. Don’t act stupid if Police do stop you. Most of the time you don’t get shot.

        “Comprendae Hombre?” But he can’t answer. Because he was a criminal, acted stupid, got shot dead. Good. Be an outlaw die like an outlaw. Mexican thief had it coming.

        Why aren’t citizens backing up the Police officer?
        Why do illegal mexican thiefs deserve to be treated as saints?
        What the hell has happened to common sense?
        What has happened to Texas? Why no push back and support for the Police officer? Can anyone tell me????

        And to the wise guys. No I am not a Police boot licker. But right is right. Wrong is wrong. If Police ared doing a proper job I support them. I vehicle is a dangerous WEAPON. The officer was in the right. Wouldn’t you have shot a thief coming at you in a vehicle used as a weapon?

        COMMENT LIKELY CENSORED–just like others that don’t follow script. No logic, reason, discussion, common sense, open converstion allowed on the net. Just Political correct idiocy.

      10. Off Topic: Actual Shelf Life For Instant Noodles

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        The Time For Top Ramen Is Now!?!? Why ramen is so valuable in prison (YouTube)?

        h ttps://

      11. Forgot links to the videos. What do you think? What would you do?
        I know what I would do. The Mexican was a thief with a vehicle as a weapon.

        Youtube: Results of illegall criminal being stupid
        – RAW VIDEOS: Moment Farmers Branch officer fatally shoots driver in suspected stolen truck
        – Farmers Branch police officer charged with murder in shooting death of Juan Moreno

        Youtube: Results of one illegal/crackhead
        – 7 Dead After Pickup Truck And Trailer Hits Motorcycles In Randolph NH
        – FULL VIDEO: Watch Texas police arrest Volodymyr Zhukovskyy months before deadly NH crash

        Arrest George Soros for financing ANTIFA !!!!!


      12. Antifa will have their heads handed to them shortly. Let them do their thing because every time something happens Trump gains more voters.

      13. I use no social media, but it is only going to grow worse. There are very few in our worthless Congress willing to speak out against this censorship. The leftist/globalist/socialist/communist democrat party and all of their allies across the spectrum of our institutions care nothing for the constitution or the Republic. They support violence against conservatives and despise anyone that does not agree with them. We are living in the death throes of the Republic. Get prepared for it, as it is only a matter of time.

        • Anyone who has or does posts to anything (such as this site), is using a form of ‘Social Media’. It is traceable and controlled.

        • Yeah they been saying”it’s coming and that it’s only a matter of time since Moses was a rag baby.

      14. It would be prudent to remember that the only reason Antifa didn’t prevail in Germany was that the NAZIs got strong enough to wipe them out. Antifa is the real deal. They are not 1960’s “peace” protesters. They have proven that they will employ violence – something their competitors have not.
        Don’t write them off lightly.

        • They are communist
          They are out numbered by a huge margin.
          That silent majority will not sit on their hands forever, most are just biding their time watching what happens.
          When things go squirly it will get real ugly real fast, i can guarant damn tee it.

          • “That silent majority will not sit on their hands forever”

            Yes they will. History shows that they will sit on their ass every damn time. From the fall of the Roman Empire through the rise of NAZI Germany. The people will sit on their complacent ass every damn time. They will this time too. Just look at the complacency over the invasion of our Southern border. 1 MILLION so far THIS YEAR! TB, Smallpox, Measles, the goddamn Plague outbreak in L.A.! Not to metion the Ebola carrying niggers from Africa (180 caught in Del Rio. TX)

            They will do nothing.

            • You can bet your life they will sit there and continue to do a big, fat NOTHING. So pathetic. All talk and ZERO Action. What a bunch of $hit talking queers my Lord. A small group of Antifa has more balls that a few states worth of so called patriots, so sad. (So called) Patriots = Nothing but $hit-talkers playing with keyboards.

          • “They are communist”

            They are funded by capitalists. Their opposition are funded by the very same capitalist source. Their job isn’t to take over the USA, their sponsors have zero desire to share their wealth. The goal is to create mayhem to such a point that the public begs the government to quell the civil disorder. This of course will “necessitate” the elimination of certain “Rights” for perceived public safety.

            The body politic is being played.

            • If they can’t convincingly create the appearances of disorder, they can still manufacture consent by using legalese. All of your neighbors (del barrio) voted for what they are doing, or it was technically constitutional, before you were born. So, you agree with this.

              • Legalese fits the existing narrative. Dred Scott 3/5th of a man was a product of the times. Antifa & The proud Boys are unwittingly molding those times at present. All of this is to frighten the body politic into accepting that which under “normal times” would be unacceptable. The “Bill Of Rights” was supposed to be etched in stone, unfortunately they were cast in unfired clay susceptible to the rain and moisture of current times reducing it to pliable clay.

                • Offered for general interest, only. I am not making any accusations against present company, per se —

                  h ttps://

                  Not the worse pic, but you get the idea.

                  In short, I don’t believe in these people.

          • “That silent majority will not sit on their hands forever.”
            History says that they will.
            Just sayin’

      15. Look what 19 terrorists did to us on 9/11! Now figure how many people Antifa and Hezbollah has. Just as motivated as the 9/11 crew. Prepare if/when Trump gets reelected, I fear hell will break loose.

        • I bet we see it before.
          Stay away from crowds.

      16. Imagine this: Day after Trump gets reelected teams of 2-3 men walk into airports in Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, St. Louis, and Los Angeles. They pull out semi-auto’s and start firing. Air travel shut down. Meanwhile a few semi-trucks loaded with explosives are detonated under bridges along our busy interstates. Truck traffic shut down. Railroad tracks are removed all over the country, train traffic shut down.

        While this is happening here, our bases in the Near East go under attack by Hezbollah/Hamas/Isis fighters. Our Navy in the same area is swarmed by small boats and Iranian diesel submarines.

        Maybe an EMP is launched from a hidden base in Venezuela?

        • Antifa units help create this chaos, then start to take over Government buildings all across the U.S. and Canada.

          • Lastly, a new strain of Anthrax is smuggled into the U.S. by illegals from Venezuela and spread in our major Cities.

            • “Lastly”

              The US with overwhelming public support declares martial law searching for weapons (yes yours) (2nd and 4th Amendment permanently eviscerated) then incarcerating anyone without due process thereby rendering the (5th and 6th Amendments permanently eviscerated). Once they get the Bill Of Rights sufficiently gutted the terrorist attacks will stop only occasionally resuming when the public questions the erosion of their liberities however they are largely too frightened to speak (there goes the last vestige of the 1st Amendment).

              You’re being played.

      17. A week into the second Trump Administration an army made up of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, young Radical Illegals from South of the Border, start to move westward on Washington D.C. Their goal is to remove “the Fascist” Trump from office and declare the new People’s Republic of America. It includes Mexico, Canada and the old U.S.A..

      18. I advise lets be patient. Just prep to take care of you and yours. When Trump is reelected. If they go berserk. They will begin in the big citys. All that is needed is to keep them contained in the citys. They will cull each other. all the shit skins need to be culled. Name one place where they are the majority or in power that is not a shithole. granted some are very good folks. However we cannot afford to take a chance . No half measures cull them all and let God sort them out. the same goes for those race traitors that love them. Its a war on the white race no doubt about it. Hopefully President Trump will declare Martial Law and the Troops be deployed to contain the Antifa in the citys. and the Military will have free rein to do whatever necessary to quell the mayhem.

        • Seminole one thing you haven’t thought about. Area 51 is very close to our southern border. The Military has stuff there that could wipe any invading army out in a matter of seconds. They have drones that could drop neutron bombs on the invaders. turn every living thing to jelly and not hurt the infrastructure. they have biological and chen=micals they could use. they could stop ten milling invaders without leaving Area 51. They could kill every living thing in Mexico without leaving Area 51. The USA military runs the government. and The USA military controls & protects the Petro Dollar. You think Trump Is in Charge. We are still in the middle east.

          • When does the Chinese Army in hiding in Mexico rise and join the attack?

            • Hard to tell. I’m waiting on an update from “my scientist friend”.

              • You called?

                • But you’re not HCKS…you’re Beaumont. Same state, though.

      19. We’ve got them up here in Canada now. FFS. Edmonton ,Toronto, Vancouver even Calgary. I’ve noticed a few things about these dipshits.
        1) they are all under 30
        2) the females are morbidly obese
        3) the males are frail looking
        4) they don’t have a common message.
        5) they lash out violently
        6) when confronted they cower
        7) when singled out they cry foul
        8) all middle class white kids.
        What I see is a bunch of undisciplined people unorganized and in over their heads. These kids throw bottles rocks piss balloons sucker punch people single someone out and beat them to a bloody pulp using pepper spray wearing masks.
        Never seen antifa with firearms I’ve seen the right pop off a few rounds.
        Like turning on a light the roaches run. My guess is when the real violence comes they will disband
        Can’t revel in your attention with your brains spilled out. These kids got no stomach for a real fight.
        But they won’t get that until there’s literally dozens of antifa bodies on the ground. The cops failure to act.
        Social media defending their actions
        Famous people using their platforms to incite these kids.
        These kids are being set up to fall.
        And they will. Maybe they will take up arms. There more of us then them.

        • In criminal lore and around the campfire, they get doxxed. Their parents are all well connected.

          Either, they are just affluent, yuppy, pinko’s, whose family works for the establishment, or they are plainly-identifiable crisis actors.

          People identify them, or claim to.

      20. A conservative posting on twitter is like a white guy walking into an NAACP meeting and screaming the “N” word. They don’t want you there. Why do you continually complain about twitter, facebook and googles bias when you know it exist. Go where you are welcome. Twitter, facebook and google cannot be financially successful if all conservatives leave their sites. Just do it! Stop acting like you’re insane. Doing the same thing over and over agin while expecting a different outcome is a sign of insanity. Help change the world. Help bring down twitter and the rest of the communist social network sites. Stop going to there sites. The news you gather from them is tainted at best and total BS most of the time.

      21. Well it looks like twitter is not the only one that censors comments. does it too. What is it that I said that was so offensive that Mac Slavo and friends are so offended by?

        A conservative posting on twitter is like a white guy walking into an NAACP meeting and screaming the “N” word. They don’t want you there. Why do you continually complain about twitter, facebook and googles bias when you know it exist. Go where you are welcome. Twitter, facebook and google cannot be financially successful if all conservatives leave their sites. Just do it! Stop acting like you’re insane. Doing the same thing over and over agin while expecting a different outcome is a sign of insanity. Help change the world. Help bring down twitter and the rest of the communist social network sites. Stop going to there sites. The news you gather from them is tainted at best and total BS most of the time.

        • (I was wondering why the NAACP didn’t like me, and now I know…)

          With all due respect to conscious… I mean, conscientious non-participation…

          You are suggesting boycott, as a means to defeat a too-big-to-fail, that received angel funding and bailouts, already.

          Though, I agree, talking back to their loudpseaker is not an effective strategy, so far.

      22. Well it looks like twitter is not the only one that censors comments. does it too. What is it that I said that was so offensive that Mac Slavo and friends are so offended by?

        • money, links, j/q

          Allows most cusswords.

      23. What drives me nuts with all of this crazy nonsense is that virtually NO ONE on the Right, The Patriots, seem to be doing anything about any of this garbage. America, when is enough, actually enough? Do we need the Gov’t to send in the Tanks like they did in China, 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre?? I have ZERO faith in this country anymore. . . All kinds of b.s. talk and about ZERO Action.

        • TPTB want “Out Of Chaos, Order”. The goal is to create fear in the voting population. It takes two sides to fight. Imperial Germany, fragmented post WWI with communists taking to the streets, the fearful public finds a savor; Hitler. Antifa is funded, their opposition is funded by the same sources. Soros is the bag man before the public eye but regardless he and his cohorts are not communists. They use “communists”, they fund “communists”. “Communists” are intended to be the human resource managers in the fascist, corporatist, globalist empire reducing the nation state to mere zip codes.

      24. Attention Mac. Today is July 16th. This is the most recent article to appear on my computer. This site is being shadow banned.

      Commenting Policy:

      Some comments on this web site are automatically moderated through our Spam protection systems. Please be patient if your comment isn’t immediately available. We’re not trying to censor you, the system just wants to make sure you’re not a robot posting random spam.

      This website thrives because of its community. While we support lively debates and understand that people get excited, frustrated or angry at times, we ask that the conversation remain civil. Racism, to include any religious affiliation, will not be tolerated on this site, including the disparagement of people in the comments section.