U.S. Gas Prices Reach New Record High Of $4.67 Per Gallon

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 21 comments

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    The cost of gasoline in the United States continues to skyrocket.  It has now reached a new all-time high of $4.67 per gallon.

    According to AAA, that leaves gas prices up by 48 cents in the past month alone. It now costs 32% more to fill up your tank than on the day before Russia invaded Ukraine.

    Seven states now average $5 or higher, with Illinois becoming the latest to join that unpopular club, according to AAA. New York and Arizona are just pennies away from the $5 threshold. The average in California now stands at $6.19 a gallon. According to a report by CNN, no states have an average of $4.15 or lower, with George coming in at the lowest at $4.16.

    Gasoline and diesel prices continue to surge higher as inflation takes a stronghold of the economy at large. All of the minor and ineffective strategies of the ruling class have failed to bring down the cost of fuel and coupled with the rising prices of food (if any can even be found), Americans are looking at a dire situation by autumn of this year.

    The national average for regular gas is now 44 cents higher than on the day President Joe Biden announced the largest-ever release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in late March.

    Budget for the increase in prices. Carpool if you can and limit trips out. Saving as much as possible will allow you to put more resources toward some preps. If fuel runs out and food cannot be delivered, you will be better off being as self-sustaining as possible at your own home.

    3 Tips: How To Start A Self-Sustaining Homestead

    Being able to provide for yourself and having the right preparations leaves you with a sense of peace. Step away from fear and stop playing the games of the ruling class and global elitists. Once you are sufficiently prepared, the fear will diminish.

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    The goal looks like it could be to use food as a weapon. Knowing that it’s easy to prepare.

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      1. Where do you think those SPR releases are going?

        To back up the EU in their Russian oil embargo?

        That is the story being told to the American public. However, the oil embargo has not even started yet. Yet the SPR crude continues to be exported. What is going on?

        Here’s the real story. The SPR oil is being sent to Rotterdam, one of the largest refining complexes in the world. The SPR oil is refined into diesel, gas, etc., and sent into Europe and on to Ukraine to support the Ukronazis…not to replace embargoed Russian oil (the embargo has not happened yet).

        The US is being hollowed out by a corrupt DC government that needs to cover past graft and wrongdoings in Ukraine. And this applies to both sides of the aisle. Recall the 2016 video of McCain and Graham in Kiev telling the Azov commanders that the US will back them with all the equipment and aid they need to fight the Russians. So it’s not just the corrupt Heinzs and Kerrys and Bidens involved here. It’s the whole swamp.

      2. on Trumps last day in office I filled all my vehicles and implements for $1.70 gallon

        • Yep, then the Commies stole the US 2020 Election to unleash hell on the global planet. You will own nothing and deal with it. I paid $4.07 Yesterday in Central N FL. I remember as a kid .38 cents a gallon, and .50 cents a gallon while in Highschool late 70’s. Diesel used to be way cheaper than regular gas, but the predators figured out that Diesel is more important to move products, so they target the truckers profits.

          So as we face Blackouts form the grid this summer Biden wants to move cars on the electric grid. Gee, its already over burdened. We are lead by psychopaths.

      3. the democrats never thought they would get away with all they’ve done, but guess what!

      4. Gas was 4.80 here today. But I buy chevron gas not low budget gas. Everything runs great with it. I also use the best mobil1 synthetic oil. I use synthetic oil in everything. You see, spending a little extra to do things right saves you a lot of money in the end. My wife calls me a piano builder but it is just common sense. My shit doesn’t fk up like a lot of others and lasts way longer. Like the moron that built the stuff around here. Spent a lot of money and labor then built it like an idiot. For a few bux more he could have made it to last (but he was a cheapo walmart shopper). Why would you buy a nice new motorcycle, lawnmower, car, chainsaw, etc., and then use the cheapest shit to run it? Don’t treat your walmart gas and use the cheapest walmart oil. You have to be a complete arsehole! You do know that synthetic oil lasts 10K miles right? So thats 3 regular oil changes. Boy howdy but you thought you saved money but being an idiot you spent 2.5 times as much (not including filters and labor) and fed your motor the shittiest stuff there is. Good job Butch, pat yourself on the back. While your at it nail your place back together and use the cheapest walmart paint. Gawd people are sooo stupid, I hate it!


        That’s all folks……….

        • Mr. Darwin is a walmartian I’m sure of it. Probably only has a bicycle and lives with his mom and has the IQ of a potato.

        • the only difference between expensive gas and cheap gas are the additives.

          I don’t need big oil telling me what additives to use and overcharging out the ass for additives that are readily available for those not too lazy to do a little research.

          SHELL AND CHEVRON are for chick’s and dandy boys.

          • For the price difference of buying gas with the additives in it and buying additives that you add yourself it is cheaper to just buy gas with it already in it. Pull the heads off an engine that used chevron and one that used cheapo gas. There’s all the research you need dandy boy….

      5. Ok a few more things… Fix-a-flat is garbage. It used to be good but now naaah. Use slime in your tires! The last 3 times I used fix a flat the shit just sprayed all over and hardly any went in the tire. Get a 12 volt compressor and a 16 oz bottle of slime. I have it in all my tires and they always hold pressure great! Trailers, cars, etc. It stops all slow leaks and punctures. I have used gallons of it in all my stuff and flats are in the past.

        If you have a tire that has separated from the rim (no seal) spray a dab of starting fluid on opposite sides of the tire (inside the tire) then hold a lighter to it and it will blow the tire back to sealed (DO NOT USE TOO MUCH IT JUST TAKE a bit) .

        Check the water level in your car battery. Most of them have caps that is the outside of the whole structure. Use a screwdriver or paint can opener to get the caps off. Use DISTILLED water ONLY. Don’t get any dirt etc. in the cells. A turkey baster works well for adding water. Get the water level to about 1.5 inches to 1 inch from the top. The top cause of car battery failure is low electrolyte (water is below the cells).

        Change your fuel filters! It isn’t expensive and will save you a breakdown/problem later. Most all people never think of this. I have had stuff happen to me before on the highway and was wtf? 30 mph was all I could do and stay off the gas. Made it to a town and the filter was the problem, it took a while of checking to figure it out too.

        Ok now I’m done lol 😛

        • Put the bottle down.

          • Why? Do you want some? I will share! 😀

        • Agreed that fix-a-flat is a pretty poor product now.

          As for an emergency tire inflator the Harbor Freight 12 volt compressor is surprisingly good (the car one, not the little cheap bicycle one which isn’t meant for larger tires), it’s as good or better than anything you will get for anywhere near the price.

          Lack of water refill kills a high percentage of batteries, it’s something most people never think about or check. A battery charger with a reconditioning cycle can extend your battery life way past what you’d expect if done regularly (like maybe double of more the warranty period). Waiting till things are starting to fail before doing maintenance is common but is not proper maintenance.

        • some fuel filters are in the tank smart guy

          • So? Don’t change it then if it’s too much trouble for you. All of my filters are external.

      6. Be a hero, file a zero.

        We are indoctrinated from birth to hustle for more cash, the better paying job, status. But the reality for most people is that their job sucks and they never achieve any real wealth.

        What are they doing wrong? Well, as Donald Trump observed in the 1980s, in an economy completely based on debt, the best thing to do is to ‘file a zero’ when you file your taxes. Have no income, pay no taxes.

        But how do you do that? Well, you need to set up money-losing businesses. And keep in mind: you can get very rich running a money losing business. Sounds like it doesn’t make sense, right? But that is how most rich people these days get rich. They get rich by getting poor – on paper.

        The simple fact is this: the more you have income, the more you are making it easier for the IRS to come and take that income. In short, you are working for the IRS, who in turn work for the government and the politicians. It becomes a hamster wheel that you never leave until you die. Why do that?

        Why not work for you and only you? Smash the hamster wheel and instead make everyone work for you. Here is an example: Jim has a money losing lawn care business. He hires hard-working Mehican dudes for a decent wage and they do a great job. The business has a sterling reputation in the area. But Jim’s business never makes a profit. Year after year, its ‘loses’ mount up. Jim keeps buying a stake in nearby lawn care and garden centres. And thus he never has any money left over to call ‘profit’, which is taxable. But Jim does now have a controlling stake in all his rivals.

        That’s just a small example of how this works. There are infinite ways to skin this cat, but you get the idea. You get rich and powerful by looking poor and like a failure.

      7. Some are wards of the state. They collect social security and use medicare. But that doesn’t mean they’re broke.

        Some are skinflints. They fix everything they can, and always have. They used to buy automotive manuals to fix vehicles, until the computers took over all the functions. Today, the internet can explain almost any repair from washing machines, to lawn and garden equipment, to furnaces, to house repairs. Learn now before it goes away.

        They hate to give money to overpriced repairmen. Family grumbles that they have deep pockets and short arms.

      8. To add to Anonymous and Geniuses fix-a-flat comment, buy a plug kit and some extra plugs to fix punctures. You can fix nail or screw punctures in car tires without taking them off. Just air it up and feel for the leak or pour water on it and look for bubbles. Then plug it and fill with air. This also works good on wheelbarrow tires or yard tractors and carts.

        If the tire on your wheelbarrow gets dry rotted buy a tube…cheaper than a tire. Also get a tube patch kit. I don’t buy new wheelbarrows; I pick up ones that people get rid of because a handle broke or the tire won’t hold air, and they don’t want to put the effort in to fix it. I have three wheelbarrows now…one for the wife, one for the son and one for the grandson.

        • Fix-a-Flat works pretty good for finding the leaks, just fill the tire with it and look for where it is spraying out then use the plug kit.

          I’ve used plug kits to fix tires for many decades, never had one fail for the life of the tire. Fixed a few holes that required to plugs, they work pretty well on about anything but sidewall punctures. I prefer the cord type ones to the rubber plugs (if they’re still used).

        • For my wheelbarrows I use solid tires. They are cheap at harbor freight. And yes a plug kit is a must. I have used “slime” to fix flats in tires with tubes too. I have a spare battery desulphator I put on my batteries for a few weeks at a time. Along with a pwm trickle charger. Thanks for reminding me, I need to move it to the rhino lol.

          • I bought one and sure enough they work but slowly. One can find online articles why a battery destroys itself, and how someone can restore a battery using a battery desulphator or some say battery pulse charger. I have already restored a discarded battery to basically new condition. Some might want to get one that will shut off if sensing overheating, over charging, a short circuit, or reverse polarity, however all are unlikely. I’m working on my second free car battery right now. I can clean them up, hook them up, and just check on them once in a while until ready to use.

      9. Darwin the DarTard thinks he’s helping the Ukraine by being fleeced at the pump by our scumbag monopoly standard oil revisited oil companies!

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