3 Tips: How To Start A Self-Sustaining Homestead

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    It is possible to be completely self-sustaining.  After all, our ancestors had this perfected over 100 years ago.  With all the tyranny in the world right now, being free and owning yourself is truly a revolutionary act.

    If you’re looking for a homestead that provides the means or funds to feed your animals and your family and can take care of the running and maintenance costs and anything else that may come around too, you have a lot of decisions to make and work to do! But the freedom you will gain will be incredible!

    Not depending on anyone but yourself is the best way to eliminate tyranny.  People all over the planet are awakening to the tyranny that’s been forced upon us, but one thing you can do is remove yourself from it. While creating a homestead may feel overwhelming at first, hopeful these five tips will help you at least get started!

    1. Don’t Waste Anything – most things, including the packaging, can be reused or composted. Thinking of ways to have little waste will also help your bottom line. Make “waste not, want not” your mantra. If you have more eggs than you can eat, try selling some or boiling them to feed to other animals.  Don’t just throw anything away.
    2. Turn What You Can Into An Income Stream – Be Survival explained this well using an example:

    Let’s say a 50 lb bag of chicken feed in your area costs $14.

    You raise 5 laying hens that eat a 50 lb bag of feed once a month and provide 2 dozen eggs every week. Your family eats all two dozen eggs every week. The cost of the feed is the price you have paid for having fresh eggs on demand, a $3.50 loss every week.

    Now let’s say you make an investment into a flock of 20 laying hens that eat a 50 lb bag of feed per week and provide 8 dozen eggs every week. Your family eats two dozen eggs a week. You sell 6 dozen eggs per week for $3.00 per dozen, making you $18 per week in egg money. This covers the $14 cost of the 50 lb bag of feed plus $4 profit in your pocket.

    In the future, you make a one-time investment in extra fencing and a little wood so your hens can now free range most of the day. This cuts your feed costs in half. Now you’re profiting an additional $7 every week, for a total $11 profit every week for something that used to cost you $3.50 every week. –Be Survival

    3.  Grow Whatever You Can, Indoors and Outdoors – we don’t all live in a tropical paradise where fresh fruits and vegetables can be grown year-round.  But this shouldn’t stop you! I know plenty of people who use greenhouses to extend their growing season, save and preserve their crops for winter eating, and even have small indoor gardens during the winter months.

    Preparedness: How To Begin “Square Foot” Gardening

    You will need to figure out how you can grow fresh produce all the time. As mentioned above, nothing should be wasted.  If you have extra, consider bartering or selling what you cannot eat, store, or feed to animals.

    Learn to save your seeds so you have a constant supply of seeds to plant at all times, meaning you will have food when you need it.

    4 Reasons To Choose Heirloom Seeds For Your Garden




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      1. Grow your own or starve. 8 meat packing plants just closed. Pork will be hard to get. Massive back ups and interruptions in supply chain is whip sawing back and forth. Grow your own, its a hedge on food production. I just built a 4 Bay Rabbit Hutch cage out of free wooden pallets. Get your innovation on. I’m starting out with 1 buck and 3 females and breed them again and again, for meat. Will need to build 3 times more cages to house all of them. And then it is a meat and nice cash flow. Rabbit is good meat, lean, and they are stealthy quiet to raise. A good meat source for city dwellers for meat production. I am in the country so raccoons are the biggest threat. And I can also build a Rabbit tractor to supplement their diets with law grass. “Innovate or evaporate.”

        • I’ve been thinking a lot about getting some rabbits to, good eating and reproduce quickly.

        • Rabbits are a great idea for cooler climates… not so good in hotter areas. Bucks go sterile in hot weather, reducing your breeding ability during those times. That also means you are feeding all of your rabbits for being non-productive. Granted, the bucks recover sterility when it cools off again, but still, non-productive the rest of the year. One thing, you didn’t mention rabbit fur. Learn tanning and you will have rabbit fur products for use and sale.

          Rabbits “past their prime” are excellent ground up and made into sausage! It’s best to add a bit of pork fat as rabbits are very lean. I like mine with sage!

          If you raise rabbits on the ground, they will get worms, fleas and ear mites. I’ve been told to never eat rabbit kidneys (don’t recall why. I was 14 when I heard it and I’m 68 now). I don’t eat liver, but would not recommend rabbit liver of those raised on the ground – liver flukes.

      2. So the president was pilloried up and down for his remarks about using disinfectant as covid treatment. I myself got a good chuckle from them.

        Thing is, his remarks may be based on fact. I actually think he was referring to a solution called MMS. Qanon followers are big promoters of it. It is chlorine dioxide, a type of bleach. It’s use is said to be discovered by Jim Humble years ago as a cure for malaria among many other pathogens. Humble has a website where he describes personally using it to cure many ailments.

        Thing is, he doesn’t sell the stuff (although others do). He even tells you how to make your own solution on his site. So, unlike the CBD and SilverSol hacks, he isn’t in it for the money.

        Trump…the stable genius…

      3. Scientists in the US are paying labs in China to conduct dangerous research. Research that was banned in the US. Gain of function research. They create a new virus hoping to be able to create a vaccine for the disease they just created. Hoping to make billions of dollars in the process. Hoping the virus doesn’t escape the lab. Hoping the virus doesn’t wipe out all of humanity. Or do they even care if it wipes us out? Sooner or later, sooner or later. There’s no place to hide.

      4. Uhm yeah no don’t be greedy though $3.50 fro eggs omfg Bible prophecy come true with that amount.
        $1.00 per dozen is better, or if you have an 18 pack sell that for $2.00 or so…
        Love of one another is the Second Commandment not bilk each other. OR use usury as well.
        We ever regain any kind of God-fearing society at this coronavirus crap lets not fuck each other up in the process.
        A good Society who only has God as their king and not a man or men will only prevail Through honest charity and not the love of the dollar.
        Exousia is the word used in Romans 13 and it’s unlawfully
        been translated as power, but it meant Liberty.
        As in declare liberty throughout the land. Not declare
        tyranny of men ruling men throughout the land.
        good article somewhat, but worthless if you live in a fricking
        trailer court and your evil landlord uses usury off your back
        Don’t oppress or vex one another. This is what God said.
        We get back to where we can all work for ourselves without
        Govt oppression then a barter system will have to come
        back at some point, and bring back the General store
        where we can sell some eggs for a decent price in
        exchange for some flour or wheat or something.
        No more FDA crap or Govt anyhows…
        Our idolatry of worshipping men in place of God has done this.
        Not china.

      5. The call of the homestead is loud and clear these days. People will have to scale a steep learning curve if they want to become self-sustaining after a couple generations of living on the grid.

        The first tip I’d have for starters is to find good sources of information on the matter. Congratulations! By visiting this website, starters have already found a good source of information.

        The second tip is that now is the time to get seeds in the ground. Time is of the essence. Seeds are cheap. Go ahead and get seeds in the ground. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Just take a couple minutes and toss some out there. Then learn more about gardening and plant more seeds in the next few weeks.

        You’ll have to rediscover yourself, learn, and adapt. This will take time. You can spend the rest of your life adapting to self-sustaining lifestyle and still have more to learn. Enjoy the process.

        Learn about the poisonous plants and animals in your area. Some threats will surprise you. Venomous baby snakes are more dangerous than adults. Angels of Death mushrooms look edible. Ticks, brown recluse spiders and black widows can cause severe health problems.

        Then keep learning.

      6. Oxford proves Elizabeth Holmes right and medical mafia vampires wrong, which was obvious since glucose testing is done with a drop of blood! Sabatoged and hated by Wall Street, shut down by the courts, and two Jewish companies, one in California, and one in Canada hi-jack her technology, now used by Oxford, and all glucose tests before! 

        The second leading export from Wisconsin to Canada is medical samples! Sick of going to a doctor that draws 40 barrels of blood every time! We are not specimens! 


      7. One also will need to make decisions as to what one will do when those too lazy to work come climbing to take your production, or when the “state” declares an “emergency” and institutes “fairness”. Yes, Under NDAA, FEMA “owns” all the food production, both food and equipment. Two sets of decisions: the first time, and another after enough people have experienced it.

      8. What Internet does NOT tell you. Chickens are VERY Expensive. Things add up to expensive FAST.
        So many Initial Costs. So very Much Money $$. Have a look:
        – Birds, (IF you can find them now. Good luck)
        – Feed (Starter 20% seems to work well)
        – Container to store bagged feed, (rodent/vermin, protection.)
        – Feeder. (This you can improvise)
        – Waterer (This you can improvise)
        – Bedding. (Ongoing cost)
        – Heat Lamp (cheap ones just suck. Damn china junk.)
        – Thermometer (IMPORTANT)
        – InfraRed bulbs. (Don’t use “white light” type bulbs, will peck out feathers)
        – Chicken Wire (Getting hard to find in plandemic hoax. Not cheap)
        – T-Posts (Not cheap.)
        – Tie wire
        – Tools required to build coop. (Yes you can use a hand saw. But a good circular saw makes job easy.)
        – Chicken Housing (Research and build BEFORE chickens – arrive. Although NO ONE does this First. Do yourself BIg favor, You Should.)
        NOTE: These building materials if purchased are insanely expensive. To build even “simple coop” is Very Expensive$$. IF new materials used, and you want it to look “nice”.

        My suggestion is to scrounge materials. This still costs you. Time-Gas, but can save you HUNDREDS of dollars. Garage sales. Use Repurposed items you already have. You must scrounge building materials/hardware to make building coop cost effective practical. That is why I HIGHLY suggest doing this Before arrival of chicks.) Our coop built from ALL scrounged hardware-used materials-repurposed things. I did Invest in good new t-posts and over priced wire.

        Biggest Cost: TIME. Chicks require tending and attention. If you don’t keep the temperature correct-clean feeder-IMPORTANT: clean water (good luck with that one), protection from family pets, clean bedding, IF you don’t attend to these ALWAYS without fail. The chicks DIE. DEAD. No second chance if you mess up. Especially with heat/temperature when they are young. Mess up on temp and DEAD chicks. People learn this one the hard way. No one will listen.

        TIME: your woman/children will likely be Useless caring for the birds, after the new wears off. If not cared for properly when young, Chicks will DIE. It is YOUR fault. Attention span of women and children is short. ALL the duties WILL fall upon YOU. Many times a day the chicks must be checked on. Water-Feed-TEMPERATURE-no family pets having chicken dinner.

        Not trying to be a downer on chicken keeping. Internet articles gloss over reality EXPENSE costs-Time cost.

        I believe EVERYONE that has backyard should have Chickens-Garden. Repeat: But articles like this shtfplan/etc. on internet chicken keeping do NOT give full picture. Chickens require TIME-Money-Care-Attention to detail. Things modern people lack. Especially the time required initially. REALITY: No you will NOT “save” money by having chickens, during normal times. But you do have food security.
        – Expense
        – Time
        – Attention to Details of initial care
        – Tied down, travel considerations due to upkeep
        – Family will likely be useless once the new wears off. Up keep is yet another chore/multiple times per day duty.
        – It takes a while before you get eggs

        Is it worth it? Yes. Food security. Self sufficient. Maybe a very few dollars earned, but always a good trade item. Or just as a thank you to a neighbor gift of eggs.

        Yes chickens are worth it for our family. If you like to eat. If your family likes to eat. Get chickens. Understand value is in eggs not meat. Meat birds require too many +rooster, for most city dwellers to keep. Mainly Due to pain in the backside, communist control freak, so called “authorities”. But an egg flock of hens are easy to have under the radar.

        Most Important. You MUST have-Remain, on good terms with neighbors to avoid problems. I have always found that giving close neighbors free eggs keeps Johnny trigger happy Lawman/HOA away.

        Why keep flock? Peace of mind. In any “bug out” the chickens will be FIRST on board. I’ll leave most everything else. “Eggs a day keep hunger away.” Anyone traveling the third world learns this. (Fishing gear, rifle/ammo, big pan, chainsaw/axe/machete, tarp, paracord, chickens. You won’t likely starve.)

        Peace of mind makes it worth keeping chickens.
        Start your backyard flock NOW. Today. While you can. Don’t wait. Good luck with your flock.

        • Thanks. Good post.

          I raised backyard layers for quite a few years. A couple years ago a tree came down square on the chicken house and took it out. I never got more hens. It’s true chickens are not money makers. It got to the point where I could feed/free range them, sell extra eggs, and break even (with our eggs free) in warm weather. I built a compost inside the fence and they ate from that, too. So feed cost was cheap. BUT, over winter was another story. I got a scythe and cut grasses, etc for winter feed and they continued to eat compost scraps, but I still had to buy some feed. Maybe if I would have culled them back to just a couple hens and a rooster to overwinter, I could have done it. So, self sustainable chickens are hard unless you have a farm or live in southern areas.

          The Amish let their chickens run the barnyard/barn in winter and they pick at the silage for food, so that is probably the only way to have truly sustainable flocks.

        • To add to above reply. The reason I kept a rooster or two is to get fertilized eggs to keep the flock going. I used an incubator to hatch them. Also, I traded fertile eggs with the Amish to keep the genetic pool from getting polluted down the line.

        • I’ve raised chickens for years. They are not overly difficult. And I would argue that they are not that expensive. In fact, they are probably the cheapest for quality protein. A hen provides much more food through eggs than butchering a bird.
          Cute comment about the women and kids not taking care of them. Not true in my home.

      9. PS-(Yes wise guy keyboard warriors will discount everything said here. Arm chair internet “experts” that live in Mom’s basement, mooch off girlfriends/family, have nacho cheese on their ragged dirty smelly worn out t-shirts, ALWAYS have “better ideas” and are experts in their own feeble limited minds. Because they read/watched something “on internet”)

        Guess what? Media regurgitation does not make you expert at anything.

        Everything I say. I have done or do. Why I’m expert? I have made EVERY possible mistake, foul up, screw up, mess up, bone head move, Failure, that ANY human can/has made. I have screwed up BIGtime. That is why I am a True expert at most anything I speak. Because I have Already made biggest mistakes humanly possible without fail FUBAR.

        Fail and Learn. Cheaper to learn from others mistakes that you don’t have to make yourself.
        “Idiots ALWAYS think they are smart.
        Most Smart people understand that they “themselves” are often idiots. Realistic perspective of limitations.”

        I only read about this Game Plan. Good idea? I am NOT expert:
        1. “Open America”
        2. “Do NOT stay home and get broke.”
        3. Go to work. Ignore TV/Internet media. Ignore politicians “orders/laws”.
        4. “Resist/ Do Not Obey TYRANTS”
        5. “NON-Compliance to ALL Tyrants.”
        6. DO NOT OBEY.
        7. Don’t Allow Fear to Destroy Your Freedom.

        Have courage. Be of good cheer. Long Live our Republc.

        • Brain wash tv, fucking DP.

      10. Check this out! Yatzee is going to blame the United States for them stealing the Jordan Valley and West Bank! 

        Spineless chicken shit bullshitting cowards! 

        Fuck you Yatzees! Take responsibility for your own crimes for once in your lives you pathetic spineless psychopaths!

        It is not up to Trump to agree to it, since it is not his land! Are you a bunch of God damn retards, or do you just play them on the internets?!


      11. Thomas Massie for president.

        He has a really awesome 35 minute documentary how he built his own luxury home, runs his own water and electricity, has his own food supply. Water recapture, self sustainability, everything the environmentalists want without they tyrannical side effects or need for large corporations. His wood stove zero emission heating system is to die for. Where can I get one of those? The real world skills this individual has is remarkable. One of the most inspirational people of our time. Suggested watch.

        Living off the grid with Thomas Massie.


        I’m befriending squirrels. I imagine they will fit nicely on a kabob stick over the grill. If things continue to go south, chickens it is. Keeping the dog fat just in case. It turns out it’s a lot easier to buy seeds, than to actually grow with them. My new focus is how to turn fallen cottonwood branches and leaves into paper mash and hence, toilet paper. That’s the real world skill I need right now, how to convert a tree into toilet paper. OMG, this sucks! Government idiots.

        Thomas Jefferson: There are no evils inherit in government. It’s evils exist only in it’s abuses.

      12. I have chickens, a garden, a bee-hive, and maple trees. None of this was easy. I have been working on my garden for 10 years to perfect it and make it productive. Some years are better than others. I have a high water table and clay loam soil, so I have had to build raised beds, and I use discarded tires for other beds. I compost garden waste and chicken bedding to augment the soil, and I have to add new top soil every year along with fertilizer.

        The four chickens provide an average of three eggs per day, and one of my wife’s friends buys a dozen per week for $3.00 (her offer), so the chickens are essentially free. I built a solid coop and outdoor run a few years ago, which keeps critters and hawks from attacking. They are let out into the yard for a few hours to scratch when we are around to discourage predators.

        The bees provide about 35 pounds of honey each year (about 25 pints) which we use and we sell about half of it for $10.00 a pint. We tap our maple trees every spring and collect about 40 gallons of sap which becomes 8 pints of syrup…

        • I should add that none of this was a slam-dunk. It takes time and work to improve and iron out the kinks. Contrary to what that idiot Bloomberg said, farming and growing food is A LOT MORE than just sticking a seed into the ground and watering it and then eating the result. It requires constant thought, reading, working, and planning. The best time to start something like this is yesterday, or the day before that. The next best time is TODAY!

      13. You can’t avoid tyranny by doing this. The Ukraine found this out in the 1930’s. Very self sustaining people Stalin just sent in troops and stole all their grains and food so millions starved to death. Same plan is being effected now. Tyranny can only be prevented, waiting too long doesn’t work. Guns didn’t work against MSM exaggerated vir us.

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