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    Tyrants Urge The “Vaccinated” To Get Their 3rd COVID Shot

    Mac Slavo
    November 10th, 2021
    Comments (15)

    The medical tyrants who think they own us all and can tell us what we have to put in our bodies are now demanding that those who have already been fully “vaccinated” for COVID get a third shot. National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins is advising fully vaccinated Americans to get their Covid booster shots to prevent breakthrough cases over the holidays.

    Colorado Sees A Massive Rise In Breakthrough Infections

    Because people who have gotten two shots keep coming down with the common cold, the rulers are demanding a third shot.

    What Is the True Vaccine Breakthrough Rate? The CDC Doesn’t Want You to Know

    Collins claims that breakthrough infections are “relatively uncommon,” however, several Israeli researchers found higher rates of infection across all age groups among individuals who received their second dose in mid-January than those who completed their shots in February and March. That means the “immunity” is “waning” over time like they tell us, and we’ll need endless shots for the rest of our lives, or it means something more sinister:

    Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    COVID-19 Jabs Have “Real-World” Immunity of MINUS 73%, Meaning People Are LOSING IMMUNITY

    The real-world data that the mainstream media refuses to report on does not look good. They won’t be able to hide it much longer, however, with the totalitarian mandates going into effect on January 4th in the United States.

    “The association between the rate of confirmed infections and the period of vaccination provides a measure of waning immunity,” the Israeli report, published October 27, said. “Without waning of immunity, one would expect to see no differences in infection rates among persons vaccinated at different times.”

    One would expect, that if this is a vaccine, immunity would be lifelong. Meaning it’s not a vaccine and those “crazy conspiracy theorists” are looking less and less crazy by the day.

    WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website

    The changing of definitions, and force, coercion, propaganda, lies, tyranny, and manipulation by the ruling class are having the effect of more people standing up and refusing to go along with this New World Order agenda. Stand together. We outnumber our masters millions to one. It’s time to realize it and stop acting like slaves. They’ll push us as hard as we allow it.

    No human has the moral authority to write anything on paper and demand others comply with it or have force and violence committed against them for not. Those who do use force only keep the rulers in power. It’s time to realize what’s going on and stop acting like the slaves they think we are once and for all. Treat others how you want to be treated and we can make this world a better and free place.



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: November 10th, 2021

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      1. Anonymous says:

        Brings to mind the old sayings “third time’s the charm” and “try, try, try again”.

        But when the third shot doesn’t work either, which I am predicting it won’t, what will the next step to be taken be? A fourth shot?

      2. Anonymous says:

        Self disclosure: I did ‘not” go trick or treating or attend a Halloween party.

      3. hmm... says:

        We should also take serious note of the fact that this entire “vaccination” program violates every single point of the Nuremberg Code. The atrocities committed by Nazi Germany were never to be repeated again. But here we are, and this time it’s not just limited to a small area of Europe. This time it’s worldwide genocide.🤔

      4. Folks please get the 3rd clot shot and don’t forget to get a plot

      5. Indeed says:

        Some people have said that
        they have been vaccinating
        people for almost a year and
        that we still don’t see tons of
        people dropping dead from the jab. Along the same lines,
        I would counter with:
        This alleged “pandemic” has
        been raging “out of control”
        for almost TWO years and we also still don’t see tons
        of people dropping dead in
        the streets from conjob 19.
        Makes you wonder why
        that is – don’t it?????

      6. Genius says:

        Maybe build a crematorium and make big bux! Maybe I could hire you to run the front end loader!

      7. Caligula boots says:

        Sic Semper Tyrannis!

      8. RickE. says:

        Just wait until they ramp up the children vax program! I wonder how Fauci and the rest of the tyrants will explain away young children dying of heart attacks and strokes? Blame the unvaxxed??
        Their narratives will have to change considerably! They’re still denying most of the side effects of the clot shot, but that will change when it’s children that are dropping dead!

      9. CA Rebel says:

        The “virus “and the “vaccine “came from the same lab. Created by the same cartel. How can this not be a weapon of mass destruction.

      10. Anonymous says:

        Asked an ex friend how many jabs he plans on taking? A look of confusion on his face! Said they plan on taking the flu shot.

      11. Marcy says:

        The rich have nothing better to do in their boring lives but harass the rest of us.