COVID-19 Jabs Have “Real-World” Immunity of MINUS 73%, Meaning People Are LOSING IMMUNITY

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    A recent report on the latest United Kingdom Health Security Agency data shows that in the “real-world,” these COVID-19 shots have an effectiveness of -73%. That means people are losing immunity, and a massive amount, which could lead to horrific illnesses their bodies won’t be able to fight off.

    Pfizer claims their “vaccine” which isn’t a vaccine, has a 95% effectiveness rating. To show how they arrived at the number, please click here. Remember, that in order to boost this number, Pfizer has to ignore potential infections in the “vaccinated.”

    So, for a disease that hasn’t been proven to exist, hasn’t been isolated, one that the ruling class has admitted is a common cold or the flu relabeled as COVID-19, has an almost 100% survival rate (like the common cold), the entire whole of humanity needs shots to prevent.

    In order to calculate the “real world” effectiveness of the shots, The Expose UK used the same calculation Pfizer did in their trials. Pfizer had an equal amount of people who had been vaccinated and had not been vaccinated in the ongoing clinical trial in order to calculate the effectiveness of their vaccine, so in order to calculate the real-world effectiveness all we have to do is perform the same calculation using the rates per 100,000 numbers supplied by the UK Health Security Agency, which are as follows:

    The effectiveness of all available vaccines combined is as low as minus-128% within the 40-49 age group, and as high as +13% in the 18-29 age group, which has dropped from an effectiveness of +21% in the previous weeks published data. This is the only age group other than under 18’s that the vaccines are currently showing to have a positive effectiveness.

    If these shots are deconstructing the immune systems of the recipients to this degree, we could be looking at a very brutal upcoming winter with sicknesses and illnesses as their bodies will be unable to fight off any pathogens. This is just more evidence that these shots are giving humans AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.)

    Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    This proves that the Covid-19 vaccines are making people more susceptible to catching Covid-19 (which is the common cold or the flu), rather than preventing cases of Covid-19 by the claimed 95%. Coupled with the fact that the effectiveness of the vaccines has now surpassed the minus-100% barrier in everyone between the age of 40 and 69, suggests that it has completely decimated their immune systems, as a whole, which previously released data has already shown.

    Stay prepared and alert.  Use discernment and critical thinking. Research and learn, because we know there is plenty the mainstream media cannot be bothered to tell us while in the back pockets of Pfizer and the ruling class.



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      1. At which point, in a list of thousands of factoids, have we established that they can’t keep their story straight.

      2. I thought it had to be kept at Kelvin or something really cold. What happened to that?

        • The same instructions for handling are still on Moderna’s site.

      3. Seems people who chose
        to take these “vaccines”
        are losing all around.
        Losing their minds in choosing to take an experimental “vaccine”, now losing their immunity, and in the end most likely losing
        their very lives.?

      4. LOL

        It’s funny when people who don’t understand science try to interpret scientific publications.

        • Welcome to the Internet world.

          • Ding, ding. Honk, honk.

      5. Boys, The powers that be have pissed down our back and told us it is raining. I hope most of you have not gotten the Jab. The Forth Turning is here. May Almighty God bless us all. I will see you on the battle field. You will know it is on when they try to take our black rifles.

      6. Gonna be a dark winter! But hey, at least traffic will be better 🙂

      7. They are losing immunity because they are acquiring AIDS/HIV from the mRNA “vaccine.” Now they are zeroing in to maim cripple and kill the 5-11 year old children and destroy their immune system. It’s just another day in Clown World.

      8. So if the Pfizer vaccine is fake / is creating a -73% decrease in immunity … does that mean the US and UK will have a massive death wave of Covid-19 deaths this winter for anyone who got the shot ?

        Just wondering if my friends and coworkers who all took the required Covid shot in order to keep their jobs are all going to die !?

        My old ex gf Sarah and our daughter that she has custody of Katie both got the shot too – they are in Chicago and it was required for Katie to go to high school , and Sarah works at a dance studio and they required her to get it

        My other ex Gf Yelena was also required to get it because she is a nurse and works on a Covid unit – and she already had Covid! She has custody of my second daughter Ani out in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Kalifornia out near Fresno , Yelena is a hard core Commie so of course she took the shot and then she made our 12 year old daughter take the shot …. God I hate myself for all those DWIs back a few years ago, stripped me of all must custody rights, sent my girls to live with their fucking communist mother

        Look. Okay I am not like a scientist or whatever and not a doctor. I work in oil and gas ok. And yeah mostly in Texas and Oklahoma where Americans are really free

        And ok ok my current girlfriend Claire is a bit on the young side – yeah ok fine like high school young – goddamn it – she signed up to babysit my youngest daughter Brooke last summer after Brooke’s baby mama got busted for parole violations again after yet another failed drug test (surprise fucking surprise!) Brookes mom Shannon looks like the poster girl for why Meth is bad yall , she’s 5ft 7 and barely 90 pounds soaking wet , she chain smokes two packs a day and smells like a combination ashtray and medicine cabinet – and shocker – I somehow still held custody of my youngest daughter when she got sent back to jail – thank god

        They made her get the Covid shot in jail!

        Are you fucking kidding me!

        People have no rights in this country!

        But anyways look I needed a baby sitter

        And Claire was available

        And she was cute

        So I said yeah

        But now I learn her mom (also a MILF) made her get to Covid shots too

        So now

        Literally every single woman who has been in my
        Life in the last 16 years has had this fucking trash whore vaccine !!

        Aaron Rodgers isn’t a dummy !!

        You think they pay him millions of dollars to be stupid!!?

        SO NOW WHAT?


        • Status November 2021: Getting the Big Picture WW3 started when Wuhan released the COVID19 virus October 2019. China owns the Federal Reserve and all this nonsense is to keep us Serfs busy and stressed. (URL: A control feature. Call it Social Chaos. The CCP (Communist Chinese Party) now owns the Federal Government, controls all media, and the economy. Most all news is theatrics to shape your thinking into the narrative to cause mental stress. Republican or Democrat does not matter as they are all slaves to their masters. Takeover is imminent and when Biden term is over, it will be obvious that China is in charge and calling the shots. Your vote is irrelevant and if you protest too much and you will be marginalized. By 2030 all cash will disappear as everyone will have a credit card with a new currency. The vast majority of Americans will be dead and hundreds of millions of Chinese will occupy homes in what was America.

        • WOW..
          Nuff said.

      9. NO, WRONG.
        People have been jabbed for a year now. Where are all the mass deaths? This is just more bunk junk fear porn.
        Even those jabbed six months ago should have now zero immune system and should be dying of literally everything. But they are not.
        This “immune drop” story only came out in 2021, but the jabs were given in 2020.
        The mass deaths should be here by now. Instead all we see are the same people who were already sick in 2020 but were shunned from medical care, and now are so much sicker that they’re dying.
        That’s not from jabs, it’s from the lockdowns.
        This post, like most on this blog, is just more fear porn for clicks. Which makes it sickening, disgusting, and part of the problem.
        Please only post facts, not claims. The jabs are so bad we only need speak the truth about them. We need no clickbait garbage to prove the jabs are toxic.

        • Claims are facts in the world of politics.

        • I, too, have some skepticism…particularly of anything linked to SHTF (if for no other reason to guard against deliberate attempts to discredit the website by submitting bogus news), but for a “vaccine” pushed onto the public without 5 year long term study data to ensure we know what are the potential long term risks, I suspect the concern is over who gets the negative consequences. One or two doses may harm some, others may need 3, 4 or even 5 for it to manifest. As I understand the concerns with the mRNA version, who gets the bad outcomes is a gamble that depends on how the injection interacts with the body…which is a very individual factor. There’s no way to know for any given person.

          That said, I took the Johnson & Johnson one, and I WILL NOT get a booster. It was formulated on a more traditional modality for vaccination, so if felt there was less overall risk compared to mRNA which is completely unproven. With how the media, FDA, CDC, etc. are pushing the mRNA versions and only grudgingly admitting you could go with J&J or Novavax, that puts me on high alert. It might just be that American politicians are heavily invested in Pfizer, but I’m too cynical to believe it is just that.

        • You are right. Unfortunately some people are very ill informed about vaccines and how they work.

          I felt fantastic after the first shot and even better after the second. I even could feel my system getting stronger.

          People also do not understand how you vaccinate a population and why. It isn’t just to protect the individual but to drive down the harm a virus causes in the population as whole. We have dozens of vaccines in our lifetimes.

          The more vaccines and the more exposures you have that do not overwhelm your immune system, the stronger it gets. Think of it like doing push ups. Sure you can get in the ring with Mike Tyson but he will probably wipe the floor with you. But, do some heavy duty training, bulk up and you can fight your corner. Vaccines are like that.

      10. Welp, looks like things are definitely heading for a cleaner, more DEPOPULATED World doesn’t it?
        Frankly, if the vaccines can just get rid of ALL the stupid-shits on Earth I’ll be happy…let it come. After that I’ve got some seriously prime locations in British Columbia I’ll be heading for…when there’s not enough people to enforce the current bullshit vaccine mandates at the border – since virtually every Canadian has received the vax mandatorily – sans a tiny minority.
        Bring it on, PLEASE…I can hardly wait.


      11. On every sign:

        A fake pandemic

        from a fake virus,

        diagnosed by a fake test

        using fake statistics

        of a fake viral death rate

        from a fake doctor pushing

        a fake treatment

        with a fake vaccine

        with a fake safety profile

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