Trust The Science? CDC Considers Mask Mandate For The FULLY “VACCINATED”

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention medical tyrants are now considering face mask mandates for those who are fully “vaccinated.” According to the most recent propaganda, the “vaccine” “works”, so masks aren’t needed. What does a new mask mandate for the fully “vaccinated” mean?

That question was largely rhetorical. You can use your own critical thinking and decide for yourself. It’s just ironic that the CDC is “actively” considering making fully “vaccinated” Americans wear their ritualistic shame muzzles in public again.  Is this about health? Or is it about an outward signal of compliance?

The “Vaccine” “Works” So Well, Fauci Says You Also Need To Muzzle Up Indoors After 2 Jabs

Top health officials have reportedly been having preliminary talks about revising mask recommendations for vaccinated Americans due to a rise in cases and concerns over the more infectious Delta variant of Covid-19. According to current guidance, those vaccinated against the virus do not need to wear masks in most public spaces. –RT

Just wait. The booster shots are coming too. Soon, the two shots of the experimental gene therapy technology (and yes, it is described as “technology”) won’t be enough. Boosters for every and all variants that the rulers will invent when necessary to compel the slaves into taking more of these shots will be available, and soon.

Pfizer Requests EUA For A Third Dose Or “Booster” Of Experimental Gene Therapy

It won’t stop at masks. Until they reach a “critical mass” of people who have agreed to be injected, this scamdemic will not end.

Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

They desperately need us to take this shot.  The real question, is why? You can all but feel how desperate our masters are getting to get us holdouts jabbed. They went from offering freebies to threats in a matter of months.

The Ruling Class’s Threat: Get Vaccinated, Or Else!

Fauci and other White House officials have used the uptick in cases to continue pushing unvaccinated Americans to get inoculated. Recent polling, however, has indicated that those who have refused to be vaccinated thus far have little to no interest in changing their minds. -RT

The un”vaccinated” are also the ones far less likely to live a life in a panicked state of fear and wear a mask, to begin with. “This is an issue predominantly among the unvaccinated, which is the reason why we’re out there, practically pleading with the unvaccinated people to go out and get vaccinated,” Fauci said regarding the rise in cases around the country, adding that the US is currently moving “in the wrong direction.”

The ruling class can beg and plead all they want, but those who have not yet gotten the shot are unlikely to do so. They lost the war on vaccine hesitancy, which means brace for more sinister attempts to get that jab in more people.

Indeed.  Who is still buying this shit?

Stay prepared. This isn’t over. They will not give up their grip on power so easily. Brace for what’s coming.  I do not pretend to know what or when that is coming, but sociopaths don’t ever give up power willingly. They will go all out and try to get this shot in everyone. It’s a large piece of their agenda and we are not compliant enough.

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    1. jakartaman

      This just amplifies the absurdity of this BS
      I hope Ran Paul beat the shit out of this little demi-god

      Wake – up America – Can you not see the big picture

      BTW Ammo -up

    2. Yep

      The funniest thing here is
      aren’t the (scared of their own shadows) vaccinated sheep already wearing masks? You know, just to be
      “extra safe”?

    3. Next

      New frightening variant
      coming at ya in 3, 2, 1…..

    4. clear haze

      Personally, I try to avoid all contact with the vaccinated.
      I heard that their gullibility
      and stupidity are extremely

    5. alfie

      This is probably a silly question on my part, but when is all of this Bull s–t going to end ? Or is this going to keep going until they or whoever has the current population reduce to a smaller size for the rulers to be to handle rule the people accordingly

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