Trendies Ready for Ultimate Wearable: “Chip Implanted in Their Skin Used for Payments”

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 141 comments

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    The Mark of the Beast is more almost here than ever before.

    As SHTF has previously noted, the likelihood of a forced RFID implant under the guise of a martial law pandemic emergency might be a little too obvious, as far as future tyranny goes.

    Before it comes to that, it seems plenty of people will be voluntarily subjecting themselves to cattle-like status, by jumping at the chance to ditch the inconvenience of a wallet and get a “smarter” payment system that can be embedded under their skin.

    Via the Business Insider:

    A mind-boggling 25% of Australians say they are at least “slightly interested” at the prospect of having a chip implanted in their skin that could be used for payments, new research has found.

    The research by credit card company Visa and the University of Technology Sydney found Australians are open to the prospect of paying for items using wearable tech including smart watches, rings, glasses and even a connected car.


    “New technology like tokenisation makes it possible to turn any device into a secure vehicle for commerce. We’re already seeing smartphone payments take off in Australia.

    Things are about to get creepier. The significance of the “mind-boggling 25% of Australians” is that the number is growing into a sizable portion of the population. They are ready to accept it.

    If that continues, polls might soon show that 60% and 80% of the population are interested in these devices, and that a 25% or 33% of them are already using them.

    Whereas firms like VeriChip met fierce resistance in introducing implantable RFID chips in the wake of 9/11, the furious trend to buy smart technology is making biometrics and data tracking seem passive and benign – even in the face of Edward Snowden’s revelations about mass surveillance through a partnership between the government and private industry.

    To make matters more conspiratorial, this poll linking the popularity of wearables, implants and digital payments coincides with numerous calls in the financial sector to ban cash and force people to use electronic currency in order to make the enforcement of certain economic policies easier (and to enrich banks with deposit fees, transaction fees and fines, of course).

    SHTF reported:

    The Federal Reserve bank and its owners, the largest banks on Wall Street, want badly to be able to charge you interest for the privilege of depositing your funds. The problem is getting you to stand for it.

    [T]hey can bring interest rates to zero, but reducing them further below that is fraught with problems, the biggest of which is cash in the economy.

    Cash therefore gives people an easy and effective way of avoiding negative nominal rates.


    Abolish currency.

    Tax currency.

    But of course… there are definitely some drawbacks to a cashless system.

    Switching exclusively to electronic payments may create new security and operational risks.

    Abolishing currency would inevitably be associated with a loss of privacy and create risks of excessive intrusion by the government.

    Nevertheless, it is coming down the pipe – and privacy (and the protections of the 4th Amendment), as we have learned well, doesn’t mean much to those controlling the system.

    Will forced RFID implants on a cashless control grid inside an electronic prison planet really be our future?

    There are many who will draw a firm red line against it, who will even die before they take it.

    But there are others who will line up for it the same way they have lined up for any other release of the latest techno gadget.

    As with any other new technology, acceptance by the masses depends upon the early adopters, who typically pay premium prices to get consumer electronic systems before they become the standard, or before most people on the block have them. These are the trendies, who help decide the fate of dualing formats like BetaMax and VHS, HD DVD or BluRay, or iPhone or Android, and set the tone for consumer attitudes, closely monitored by the system.

    For something ominous and apocalyptic like the RFID chip – and the soon-to-be dominate consumer field of smart tech and wearables – it is important for the system to gauge what the public will accept, and just how many care about the implications for privacy, etc. compared with all those willing to embrace the conveniences at any social cost.

    Will you stand for it?

    “And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.…” -Revelation 13:16-17


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      1. These not-so-Einsteinian types would get a 666 tattooed on their forehead if Eric Schmidt at Google told them it was “groovy.”

        • 25% of Aussi’s are idiota. They already gave up thwir rigjts for gun ownership. So the helpless sheep pile in line for their daily dose of chips and dip stick. Bendover crocodile dundee.

          • Actually, the REAL Crocodile Dundee died defending himself when they came for his firearms; the media claim is that he started the fight, which was coincidentally after the confiscation began…

            Most Americans will roll over for the chip; just tell them their cable will get cut off, and they won’t get any more junk food 😛

            • Yep. That’s what happened. The interesting thing is most of the guns he had were simple single shot bolt guns or shotguns. Weapons considered at the moment in the US as being “Safe”

          • While I agree 25% (if not more!) of our fellow legal(?) citizens are morons, I am deeply suspicious of ANY survey or poll. Big brother is simply trying to manipulate opinion to justify their evil plans.

        • For everyone bashing me and calling me troll, how much information do YOU provide to this site? None.

        • Green bank, WVa.

          All wireless technology is illegal because the space radiotelescope is there.

          • I suppose you just found out about that. The rest of us have known about it for years.

            BTW, it’s not “the” radio telescope, it’s “a” radio telescope. There are more than one. It’s not even the biggest, although it used to be.

        • I recommend you look at a product called Blackphone, if you want a smartphone with maximum privacy.

          • Interesting.

          • Get with the times Acid. In today’s World, there is no such thing as privacy. Anything and everything is hackable, if a product advertises “complete privacy”, it’s only a matter of time before someone or somebody proves it wrong. BTW, where’s the loaf of bread and milk at?

            • ABID, get him get him!

              • Some of my best friends are trolls!

          • Acid, I won’t speak for anyone else, but I in particular have provided more information on this site in the 3 years I’ve been here than you’ve probably learned in your whole pathetic life. You’re a fine one to talk so go f#$% yourself.

            • Oh Bravefart, what a sad clown you are.
              The only info you give out here is what ammo to use to more effectively kill people. Well, that… and you cuss and threaten people from behind a distant keyboard- what a pathetic coward. Three years of your pitiful crap on this site!
              Get a life, asshole.

            • Hahahahaha, yeah not so much. Lets make nice now old man.

              • Acid, pot calling the kettle black.

        • So does ‘slightly interested’ in the poll mean folks approve of the idea or perhaps just want to hear more about it?

          I don’t like the idea one bit but would listen to more about it.

        • Ban mini skirts with a width greater than their length, and joga or spandex pants over size 6.

      2. Getting a Waffen SS perm tatoo was also fashionable….err… make that “groovy and outta sight” at one time, too

        • TEST, the terms ‘groovy’ and ‘outta sight’ were what I used to hear as a teenager. Please don’t remind me of how old I am. [JUST KIDDING]

      3. A chip for all the sheeple, get yours now!!!

        • I’m glad you said trendies Mac,
          because the last thing I and many
          others like me will ever be doing
          is main lining the government drug
          fest they call PC society trendies.

          • Mac’s article makes a reference to aussies and trendies.

            The fact is, there has been a chip implant trend in up-scale adult hotels/bathhouses/athletic clubs, in Spain for years.

            Upon check in you can get chipped, and then run around naked all week and wave your meat at the scanner when you pay. They claim the convenience of never having to carry a means of payment, and never worrying about losing it in the hot tub orgy, is well worth it.

            Walk down to the pre-evening festivity in your birthday suit, get a pre-usage anal douche and enema (to eliminate the horror of having an intense activity accident- wouldn’t want to put a damper on the sodomizing), and then jump right in the middle of the bath house orgy.

            I wonder if they have such luxuries at Barry’s Bath House in Chicago. Rahm E would know.

            • H’mm, sounds like a place Acid Etch would thoroughly enjoy.
              “hey son, hop on a plane to Spain and don’t come back”

              • Bingo!

        • Thanks Mac for including the verse from the Book of Revelations.

          Good stuff for folks who are honestly curious about the Triune God’s Holy Word.

        • I’ve thought of this before: wouldn’t it be horrible if there came a time that in order to get food, we had to have some kind of chip/RFID mark on our arms– like in that movie..??! Of course, I would not allow anyone to implant a chip– I don’t trust the “Authorities” whatsoever!! but what if that were the only way we could get food??! I still wouldn’t do it– not an implanted chip. But a mark like in that movie?? scarey thought!

          • You lost all credibility quoting the out of date and obsolete Bible. Hardly a source noteworthy. Try the magic 8 ball, it ususally say yes.

            • Ah yes… you remind me of the French philosopher Voltaire (1694-1778) who “said that the Bible would be a forgotten book within a hundred years,”

              After Voltaire died, for nearly 100 years, his homestead was used as the book depository for the French Bible Society. They sold Bibles out of his house! It’s now a museum. People have forgotten Voltaire. Nobody forgets the Bible.

              And of course, out of intellectual honesty, the man who is primarily responsible for establishing what constitutes the rule of evidence, Dr. Simon Greenleaf out of Harvard Univ. in the 1800s, was Jewish… but challenged to disprove the resurrection. He ended up becoming a Christian, and writing The Testimony of the Evangelists.

              Question is, do YOU have the same intellectual honesty to even review the data? I’ll bet you have never even read the New Testament, right?

              • I hate you, your god, your bible, and everyone else. Any god who would create anything is evil; since material reality is only a vector for suffering of all kinds. The problem is life. The problem is god. The answer is Nothingness.

                Show me one thing your god has done that hasn’t resulted in something terrible happening somewhere else down the line. You can’t. You can only think that he is good since you are too attatched to life.

                Let go. The only Good thing, is Nothing; the only sweet sound, Silence.


                • ST, the only thing sounding sweet is you and other trolls becoming silent, so go f#$% yourself!

                  • ST,

                    I am so sorry for you. What a miserable existence!

                    Everyone, everything, has its place and usefulness, even poor Gollum played an important role in the great scheme of things. You may yet be a useful idiot if you don’t take your own advice and silence yourself. You are in the place where The Lord Buddha was before he gained enlightenment, unfortunately, he did not have the Bible to learn from, no one to teach him, that life can be abundant and blissful, and there can be an end to the endless cycle of suffering other than Nirvana. We call it heaven. We see glimpses of it when we experience “heaven on earth” from time to time.

                    May you find the Truth and be set free of the cloud of darkness and helplessness and hopelessness that you live in.

                    Here today and gone tomorrow,

                    Gone With The Wind

                • Nothingness becomes you, Soulless. Make it permanent, please. And soon, you’re wasting valuable natural resources. The oxygen you breathe could be used to grow pond scum, a far more useful life form.

              • As with Simon Greenleaf, the blinders will come off the true descendants of the house of Judah, when the two sticks/houses, are united as one again, in the Millennium.

                Our Father used Ezekiel to tell us of this event in the future.
                That event is almost here.

            • What one world kingdom do you think the nwo is?

            • You’re comparing the bible to a magic 8 ball???? Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Yep, you’re living proof that the average IQ has decreased significantly in the last 100 years.

          • Bad news, Anon: a tat can easily contain a micro or even nano transmitter(s) nowadays. Likely they’ll make the tat invisible except under a bright UV light, too. It wouldn’t matter, though. The REAL trouble would come from the chip – and maybe “chips”, plural. I have no doubt there’ll be a way to activate some of the nanotech (which can join up in the body into micro-sized devices instead of just nano-sized) and likely turn off your heart, parts of your brain or whatever. For that matter, I’d swear that a lot of people in the U.S. ALREADY have chunks of brain matter in non-functioning mode…

          • if that happens Anonymous that is the time we break away from people like this and join with local farmers and anyone who wants out of this system and we start our own free lives here in the USA and we protect and defend our own community from our own corrupt people. The day we all come together its all over for them. Might be for us too but we will give them a very hard time. We have to reason with our enemy and go directly after the people that are responsible for this.

            • Clint, I will have bugged out to the BOL before it reaches that point.

            • That sounds good on paper, Clint; but you can bet TPTB have already figured that into the equation.

              If, and when, it comes down to that, the farms will be already isolated and guarded by them. They,TPTB, and their service personnel/militry/LE, will eat first.

              If they get their wish, and the country is divided into eleven mega city zones, they want have any problem in controlling the 70 million, or less, that they say is their population max for the nwo- USSAG.

              Personally, I don’t see God letting it come to that. I also see “one of the heads” of the beast system, that receives the “deadly wound”, as modern day babylon, USSAG, and more specifically….NY City, where the head of the UN/Beast System is located. That puts things on hold for a while until the king of the beast system arrives, as Antichrist, and deceives the whole world into believing his One World System is the only way.

              Then and only then, does the Rev 13:16,17 come into play for the USSAG. If my calculations and the interpretations are correct, his/Satan’s role as Antichrist is about up by then, and True Christians will be supernaturally protected for those final days when he sits in the Holy Place claiming to be God/Jesus Christ.

              Remember this my Christian friends, “he comes in peacefully and prosperously”, and if his total time here has been shortened to the “five month period”, (which i believe), he will not turn bad until near the end. He can’t pull off being Jesus Christ, returned as Messiah, if he immediately comes back and demands everyone take a mark and start worshiping him. True Christians know that belief and worship, is a “free will” part of Christianity. If it is forced, then it is not genuine love. God doesn’t want it if it ain’t real. Satan doesn’t care.

              Think about it.

              • 667 … neighbor of the Beast.

              • The idea of being “supernaturally protected” sounds sexy and wonderful, but I truly doubt that God will pull our asses out of the fire that we built. I think we’ll have to do it ourselves, the idea of “free will” attests to the idea of “non-intervention.”

                IMO, we’ll need to CHOOSE our destiny, and while God won’t interfere, he will probably cheer us on if we make the right choices.

                I just don’t see those old testament ideas coming into play today. When Jesus came along, we entered the new testament era. We don’t sacrifice lambs on altars or offer such burnt offerings anymore either.


                • @six….
                  You forgot Armageddon is GOD’S war. Not mans. It is in the book of Revelations.
                  God WILL finish it. He designed this earth to stay forever,to be inhabited. He will not let man nor satan destroy it. That is in several scriptures. But most religions do not teach that.


                  The return of Christ will be as when he left…No one saw him, invisable. ( i forget what scripture that was. ) So he will be coming back the same way. But we will know about armageddon. Jesus will be the one bringing destruction to the evil ones. When God says it is time. Everyone will know. There will be no doubt.

                  • @ Lynne,

                    I hope you are not a rider on the “rapture train”, that follows as false doctrine that has it’s origins from a couple greedy preachers and a crazed woman around 1830.

                    That invisible return you refer to is not in my Bible, to the contrary, it states……

                    Rev 1:7
                    Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

                    @ sixpack,

                    Well, you may be one that feels the fire of the end times, if your prayers have fallen on deaf ears.

                    My Saviour says He will never forsake me and that He will walk through the fires “with” me.

                    Sounds like you may need some asbestos bloomers for your walk.

                    • ooh ahhh ahhh haaaaaaaaaa :-&

              • Daniel 12:7 He rules for a time times and a half time.
                Revelation 13:5 he continues for 42 months..

                Time-year Times-2years and half time-half year which is also 42 months 1260 days.

                So the antichrist Only contiues for the first half of the 7 year from Daniel 9:24-27.

                The Prince (of the romans who destroyed the temple and city in 70ad where romans and it is their prince (a roman) who will make the 7 year covenant with many…..and He will continue for 1260 at the taking of jerusalem (Rev 12:14- where the isrealites flee to safety for what? The second half of the 7 years) remember they are told to flee in Matt 24 mark 13 and luke 21 when they see the city surround (this is the breaking of the agreement at 3.5 yrs and they flee to the wilderness where petra is for one and they are protected (Rev 12:16-17 and at Daniel 11:41.

                Daniel 11:41-45 the He in 41 is western backed antichrist and we see Gog which is islamic states after the AC’s armys in 42 and 43 and then china from the east and russia from the north trouble him(44) and so he parks his armys where? Right where Armageddon takes place to wait for the battle..
                Then we see all whose names are in the book of life 12:1-2 awaken to life while the others are awaken to shame…..

                Daniel 11:41 thru 12:1-2 can be seem at Rev 14:13-20…

                But of course before all that we need the 10 kings for 10 kingdoms who give their power to the Antichrist (Rev 17:12-13) (See the club of romes 10 kings for 10 kingdoms and also the UN (one world everything) has world divided into 10 regions and were just waiting to go from over 100 world leaders to 10…… americans are standing in the way….

                • Yep, I see where you are coming from.

                  Although, the ten kings spoken of in Rev 17:12, are not earthly kings. These ten are Satan’s Generals, and they come with him when he returns to earth, for his “hour” of temptation.

                  Before this event, there are ten kings, maybe not even visible to the naked eye/or on the surface, that has power under the taller horn/the United nations(possibly a cover for the Illuminati Rulers that are the fake Joosters).

                  Dan 8:3
                  Then I lifted up mine eyes, and saw, and, behold, there stood before the river a ram which had two horns: and the two horns were high; but one was higher than the other, and the higher came up last.

                  The stronger of the kings is the one behind the demise of the other two kings/horns, of Media/Syria, and Persia/Iran.

                  Dan 8:20
                  The ram which thou sawest having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia.

                  Thus Iran and Syria will fall in the latter days. Syria is broken and Damascus is in part already fulfillment of Isaiah. Isa 17:1
                  The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

                  To further solidify this, we look at….Zec 1:19
                  And I said unto the angel that talked with me, What be these? And he answered me, These are the horns which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem.

                  The third horn, which is rooted out/subdued, is probably the the government, leader of America/USA, not the peoples/house of Israel (as a founding majority). Clues are more prevalent in this verse…

                  Dan 7:20
                  And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.

                  Who “appears” stronger, more stout, and speaks many great things on the world stage? The Obominable One.
                  One may arise that is taller, looking more dominating, talking big things on the world stage; but i don’t see him in the picture as of now.

                  Very important point! “Man” has taught that Antichrist will be a flesh man that walks the earth today. That is not what our Father in Heaven has taught. He teaches that it will be Satan convincing the world that he is Messiah, sent by the Divine One.

                  “Man” has also taught that the Antichrist will bring a reign of terror for seven years and that time is called the Great Tribulation.

                  Our Heavenly Father teaches that the time of Jacob’s troubles/tribulation, will be for a period of seven years, from the Old Testament/Daniel. Satan was to be returned to earth, in the “middle of the week”, to fulfill the remaining 3 & 1/2 years. After His Son, Jesus Christ came in the Flesh as Emanuel (God with us), He saw the need to shorten the time allotted to Satan, because of the weakness of the flesh, etc. “For the elect’s sake….”. In Rev. we are given a clue as to how much that allottment of time is….Rev 9:10
                  And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months(these are the fallen angels and their demonic counterparts).

                  Now, the 42 months may be relevant for other tribulation factors concerning Antichrist, but Christ says He “shortened those days”. If the earth speeds up in rotation during the 42 months, and it is compacted into five months, that will work as well.

                  Anyways, the “Great” Tribulation does “not” happen until the very end and it is the tribulation of God’s wrath against all demons and workers of iniquity that have taken the “mark”, and have been following Satan, and his antichrist system. I repeat…
                  the Great Tribulation is not poured out upon true Christians and believers; they are supernaturally protected through the Great Tribulation period, because God is not mad at them.

                  Another Important fact! In relation to the total world populations, there are very few “true” Christians. Each of us, now, and through all remaining days of this age, have “two” guardian angels to help us with protections and the ability to “walk on serpents”/have power over demonic spirits and people. We that walk with that faith, are supernaturally protected from all that is, and all that is to come.

                  That, you can depend on!

          • Anon,
            Interesting thought….
            I looked up some stats on US food insecurity. Interesting to note that 1 in 6 Americans are considered in that category.


            I suspect that if pressed to use an implant to eat, lots of these folk would submit.
            Sad at face value, but motivating to this community in that future events directed through the value of food may not impact those who are prepared.
            Pavlov’s dog anyone?

        • Eppe, no RFID chips for Braveheart, EVER! But potato chips, corn chips, tortilla chips, etc. with the right kind of dip is a different story.

          • I was thinkin fish n chips

            • Kulafarmer, I could go for fish n chips as well.

        • Yep, I pass on the chip. Select the next village idiot for that. There are plenty to choose from.

          • Hit the local “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant in, and you’ll find a whole mass of them thar “village idiots” Kfilly!

      4. Not gonna happen. Not to my family. They can suck it.

      5. its all about control

        • Its all about the bass…bout the bass…bout the bass
          No treble

          • I think we need more cowbell.

      6. How to increase the likelihood of causing Cancer.

      7. I tell my unsaved friends all the time – after millions of people suddenly vanish and the government tells you that you must accept the mark – whatever you do, do not take the mark. Accept Jesus as your savior! Yes, if the Antichrist’s minions catch you, they’ll behead you – but remember, your eternity is at stake.

        Revelation 14 – 9) And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, 10) The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: 11) And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

        • Thanks, Harrison. This says what is most important

        • Many a mindless and spineless sheep will bow to scriptures cause they have zero control of their own destiny. Grow a pair sheep.

          • WWTI,

            Man proposes, but God disposes. I too have come to the conclusion that there is no greater insight and wisdom than that which comes from the Bible, the greatest preppers manual ever written. The scoffer can scoff and mock all he wants but it makes no difference in the great scheme of things. Those who mock God do so at their own peril! You are created in God’s image and are of considerable value, much more than any of us know. Do not ever underestimate the power of God’s word. Just a word to the wise. God loves you and so do I.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • LIAR! no one is valuable and your god only wants adulation from dead soldiers who used to be starving babies.

              I mock at my own peril and dare that bearded fool to do something about it. I spit in his face for having the nerve to dare create me. We both never wanted any of this; only he’s one that loves the suffering of others. So here I am; and until Jesus gets off his throne and comes to take me out, I’ll mock, scoff and insult.

            • I seldom comment on things religious but organized Religion feeds the apathy and the only law left to us is scoff. It doesn’t matter how full the offering bowl is. Prayers will not chelate the heavy metals of fission. So was it God who cracked open the man made gates of Hell in Japan? Or was it tectonic forces. It was “In God We Trust” that built the reactors on the coastline in the most seismically active area on Earth in the first place. With the chromosomal damage about to accrue we will soon witness the laws of Mendelism, not a Lord’s. Trust that the never controlled corrupted greed of Man will always arise and never be disappointed again. Now pass that bowl. St Peter rampages with his gates thrown open. Divine border security, for your safety.

              • Grandpa,

                Please do not misunderstand me: I have studied genetics, I have studied molecular/cell/micro biology, I have studied human and comparative anatomy, I have studied physiology and and biochemistry, I have studied pathology and psychology, I consider myself an amature astronomer and a naturalist and everytime I think about these things I can’t help but wonder in amazement how intricate and beautifully man and nature were made. The information stored in your genes (in one little cell) as a living, vibrant, active source of information and factory has yet to be duplicated by ‘Science’.

                The more I learn, the more I realize how little we really know about the human body or of nature and the Universe. Sure, everyday we are adding to our store of knowledge by leaps and bounds and with the help of modern computers, we are able to bring a lot of this information together and make some coherent sense, but we have barely scratched the surface.

                Please do not compare organized religion with the Bible or with God. The Bible does say that the effectual prayers of a righteous man availeth much. I am a believer in prayer, and Grandpa, you and everyone who visits this site will be in my prayers. The time is coming soon when we will need all the help we can get. It has been prophesied that: But, for Divine intervention, man may destroy/annihilate himself and this world completely. Going forward, we need all the help we can get.

                God did not write “In God We Trust” on our money, man did. Jesus once famously said, “Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar’s; and unto God that which belongs to God”. Mendel discribed the working of genes, he did not create genes. I agree with you that greed, covetousness and pride constantly rise up against God and against our fellow man and nature and must be controlled and expunged by each individual.

                Talking about St. Peter, have you been watching that new series on ABC called “A.D.”? The episodes that I have been able to watch were very interesting and insightful. We tend to look back at these fait accompli stories through lenses colored by two thousand years of history and culture making it difficult to truly comprehend what it must have been like in the early Church. Culture and conditions have changed but it seems the base nature in humanity has not changed that much. But, for the Grace of God…there go I!

                As a people, we are instructed to humble ourselves and seek the face of God, and seek his grace and mercy. May God bless and keep you, yours and our land and all who visit this site and read these humble words.

                Yours humbly from the swamplands of the Atchafalaya,

                Louisiana Eagle

                • Thanks, I seek no debate. Watch out for them gators.

                  • Grandpa,

                    Them gators are ignored at our own peril. Them are cold steely eyes they have. I was shocked to see how really infested our swamplands were with gators when we saw hundreds of little orange beads just above the water as we headed for our duck blind in the dark and foggy wee hours of the morning. It was a magical moment. Literally thousands of fish were jumping out of the water rereflecting a splash of quick silver from the beam of our light. One big old red fish even plopped right into our boat! I’ve never been gator hunting but they are good eating.

                    You and yours are in my thoughts prayers,

                    Louisiana Eagle

          • WWTI

            There is so much talk about religion I can be a Preacher or a Rabbi.

            On the Bible. Was there not a Religious Convention that decided what they were going to allow in the Bible? Is there not missing information from the Bible.

            Well what’s up with that? Holding back information. A religious conspiracy. Privileged information to be held back and used by only a few to influence.

            Pretty soon we will have, “Pope on a Rope” soap as an advertisement on the side bars.

            • Slingshot my friend,

              Please don’t become jaded because some books were left out of the canonized KJV.

              God is still on the Throne and He made sure there was enough left in, after the translations, to where we could live by it.

              I agree with you, much was left out but it is available for reading with a little research.
              I also agree with you, that some was mis-translated, and has caused some confusion. It was up to the preachers and theology teachers to research and correct those mis-interpretations.
              They have not done so and therefore there is more confusion and much left to be sorted out.

              Maybe God allowed it, to see who was searching for truth, and who was just using the bible and religion for personal gain.
              God is the Master and we are the students/servants.

              It will all come out in the wash very soon.

              Have Peace.

              • PWTW

                There you have it. Man’s interpretation of what was written and Man’s interpretation of what should be read by everyone. To me withholding information is a form of lying.

                Religion always has a problem. If the world wanted to find Noa’s Ark on
                Ararat. A world expedition could go up in find it. There have been pictures of it from 1917.
                If the Ark of the Covenant is in Ethiopia in a small church. Then unveil it. The Stone Tablets of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, Manna, and the rod of Arron.

                But they can’t do that. Might upset the apple cart.
                Oh Ye of little Faith, am I. Hmmmmmm. I’m tired of the religious bullshit.
                Now you have me talking religion.
                Not throwing stones at you. Just telling you my side of the story.

                Don’t get me started on the Pope.

        • The only rapture there will be, will be for the tares, not the wheat….doesn’t sound like a rapture I would want to be a apart of.

      8. “There are many who will draw a firm red line against it, who will even die before they take it.”

        That describes me. Sorry big gov my soul is spoken for.

      9. I have thought for a while now, that anytime you go under during surgery, an RFID implant could be emplaced. You wouldn’t know without being “scanned”. Approximately 2^80 or 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 unique addresses could be assigned. We may already have implants, just waiting to be assigned some label.

      10. Harrison, I do the exact same thing

      11. If it came to that– if it was that bad– then that is the time to declare war on them– “off with their heads”!!

      12. I will NEVER take the Mark!
        Total Control over the population, you dare stand up to the New World Order, that RFID chip releases a little poison and “No More Problem”. Pure Evil.

      13. Well, Tex, It’s very unlikely that would happen to me because I don’t believe in doctors.

        As a matter of fact, very few people know where I live. Of all my relatives, only ONE person has my address…I don’t carry those little grocery store RFID things and my landlord doesn’t believer in red tape either. I am sincerely yours, ANONYMOUS! 🙂 (Poor as hell, but

        • My stupid friend Non Prepper was telling me about this beer fest. He says you pay one price then get a wrist chip and you can drink all you want. I said, so when the cops pull you over for a DUI they can search how many beers you had. Drink on F~n idiots.

      14. My lady is an mri tech. She said that the hospital makes her ask if anyone has any implantable chips or drug pumps before she can run the tests. She said the magnetic field will rip the implant out through the skin. I had an mri on my arm after my fatboy a dog running across the street. Anyway the magnetics are so strong it heated up certain pigments in my tattoos. I guess you could go to a penrad imaging place and be scanned for implants that might have been installed during a past surgery. They could turn it off if you felt pain from a moving chip.

        • good info. thanks!

        • “the name of the beast or the number of his name”. I can see a “number of my name” as an SSN or even a binary representation of your name. But what is “the name of the beast”? Is that like if you have “Welfare Momma” tatted on your head then you get free lunch and free bus rides? Or what?

          • Best guess so far on what his name will be is:

            jewboy-King of the Khazars, fraudulent “imposters” as Christ calls em in Rev 2:9 and 3:9…I rekon Khazar King of the Synogouge of Satan (see John 8:44 info on their true father) would also work.

            In their protocols of elders of zion they state that once they rebuild their 3rd temple In Jeruselem, they are going to Seat their “Despotic Ruler/King” and convince the worlds goyim peoples that he is the only true rightfull global OWO King since He is a direct decendant of the orig ancient king david.

            Then he shall rule over all worlds goys with a “Rod of Iron” fierce despotic ruler…of course it shall all be 100% super duper swell for those of their jew tribe…

            But then again, on some/many points or issues None are More duped into falshood beliefs, especially of whom and what the tribes membership really are/is…Than the members themselves!

            Just one small example but one well known of by most all folk everywheres..Is that 99.99999% of international jewry actually convinced selves, along with many duped goys, that the ONLY reason they been Booted from EVERY nation/city/locale, added up to now at least 109 Nations since aprox 70A.D era…Has ALWAYS been due to the entire tribe has always been 100% totally innocent Victims! and ergo it has Always been ALL other Goys of said 109 nations whos at fault 100% for said mass boot outs.

            Or said another way…Jews=100% all always innocent of all possible wrongs period…While Goys in every nation globally are no more than pure evil Nazis hiding behind every tree or bush, awaiting the big chance to…POUNCE! on one or more 100% always innocent victim jews.

            Now, they believe that, therefore you should also…Otherwise You are a vile antisemitic evil NAZI!

            Don’t believe it?…Go ask Shlomo he never lies or swindles.

            And aprox 15 Million Mammon worshippers globally cried out…”OY VEY!”

        • Good idea, unless they come up with a chip that has no metal in it.

      15. it’s a foreign body inserted into your body, bypassing your bodies immune systems 3 protective layers.

        this will cause health problems longterm.

        this will not end well for those who take the mark of the nwo zog beast.

      16. “When men cease to believe in God, they don’t believe in nothing, but anything.”

        – Attributed to GK Chesterton

      17. I received my new mastercard in the mail the other day, noticed it had an rfid chip in it. Almost cancelled the account, but dug it out instead. Probably would have been better to send 50,000 volts through it…

        • 10 seconds or less in a microwave will fry that RFID Chip. Once you start seeing/hearing a spark show, you have left it in too long.

          • My old visa didn’t expire for 18 months. I received a new one a couple weeks ago. Not really paying attention to the card I activated it, pulled the paper tag off and only then saw the gold chip. I tried to use my old card that was supposed to be good for another 18 months but it was invalid. My question is if I micro this thing for 10 seconds (or less) will the card still function? Help, please.

        • I’m due for a new card in the fall. Thanks for the reminder to look for the chip and destroy it.

        • RFID chips are the way all the credit cards are going, they have been doing it in Europe for years, to stop credit card fraud. Soon your credit card will not work without them.

        • I no longer use credit cards.

      18. As societies throughout the world become more corrupt with laws being passed to support the growing corruption, people become more deceived and blinded to the severity of God and his will. God has the final say on all things.

        In regard to the “let’s have fun” trendy setters, they better think twice before taking the mark of the beast because God has made it clear that anyone who does will be condemning themselves to hell. Anyone who takes the mark will not be able to repent afterwards.

        9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

        10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

        11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. (Revelation 14:9-11)

        • Country Song words of wisdom!

          “Mamma don’t let yer babies grow up to be Coal Burners”

      19. This is one of my lines in the sand, all of them drawn on my property. If you try and chip or vaccinate me or my family, if you try and take food, water or firearms from me or my family you will be met with maximum resistance, gov stooge, local goon, criminal or the whole us frackin army.
        Regardless of what BS excuse they try and use, there is no man who has the right or authority to force their will upon another. To die as a free man means you lived as one..

        • Long, long ago when I was young I remember hearing people say that about a Social Security number.

          (the reason the law forbids it use as an ID number)

          So how many people do you know that don’t have an SS number? For real, not someone claiming to have relinquished it (which can’t be done).

      20. You already have the mark of the beast. It’s legal name you use but it’s not your property.
        Try buying or selling anything without it…

        • That website is full of bogus information. For example, there is a video that says “all” birth certificates in the US have serial numbers. That is absolutely false. My birth certificate does not have any kind of serial number whatsoever. I have looked at the birth records of countless counties in a number of states, and not a single birth certificate has any kind of serial number.

          The video also quotes some language that it says is always printed at the bottom of all birth certificates. Mine doesn’t have any language at all. All it has at the bottom is the name of the local print shop that printed the blank forms.

          The example birth certificate image on the site supposedly had elements that are supposed to be present on all birth certificates regardless of country. Most of those elements are absent from my birth certificate. There is no image of a crown. There are no boxes. The same is true of all the thousands of birth certificates I have looked at in my work as a genealogist.

          I didn’t watch all the videos or read all the text, but one of the supposed indicators of our being property is that our name is printed in all caps. My birth certificate is not in all caps. It is in initial caps. Most of the original birth certificates I have seen are not even typed (pre-1960s). They are handwritten.

          Therefore, the entire premise of the website is a lie.

          I wish people would quit falling for some of these outlandish lies without even checking them out personally.

      21. Doomer porn? Hardly. The famed Harvard scholar Kenneth Rogoff just published his paper “Costs and benefits to phasing out paper currency” a year ago. I believe he collaborated with an IMF flunky, but I forget who. Paper is at Washington’s blog also discusses this at

        I believe Sweden and Denmark are, or are on the way, to cashless society. Hitler has EVERYTHING he wsnted in Europe now – socialism/fascism, totalitarianism, oligarachy, big government, you name it

      22. “The research by credit card company Visa and the University of Technology Sydney found Australians are open to the prospect of paying for items using wearable tech including smart watches, rings, glasses and even a connected car.”

        I don’t understand how we can jump from this, to the conclusion that these people would want a chip shoved under their skin. The jump between smart watches and a surgically embedded chip is a bit overzealous, to say the least.

        As for the “connected car”, they already exist. I know of someone with a new car that he can answer his cell phone with, using the dash controls and car speakers. It has built-in GPS, etc. I asked him if he’d want a chip implanted under his skin and he told me not no, but HELL NO.

        Willingness to accept new DEVICES, is a whole lot different than accepting the implanting of chips in us.

        I think we have enough going on to panic over, that we don’t need this extent of fearmongering. This premise (without more) is a stretch, to say the least.

        • I hear ya six,
          But i fear its not fear mongering, they have been pushing this one for awhile now, we have maistream news reporting daily how cashless is new new thing, they have been pushing chipping nearly 20 years.. Im sorry but whenever i hear the thats fear mongering argument my alert level rises exponentially.. I mean seriously, at what point is it ok to get upset for real. If it was only abhout a chip, ok the argument falls short, but its the final phase of the total information matrix,

          • And grand it i dont think they would attempt a door to door chipping, but they could use commerce, medical care, welfare etc. To force the majority into it. Natural disaster, hell fema already has been testing rfid bracelets for fema vacationers. I feel this to be a bigger threat than gun conviscation, russian invasion, jade helm or any of that crap, chips and biometrics are the end of freedom ,IMHO

            • SS,
              My pets have already been chipped.
              Louisiana Eagle.

              • Eagle,
                yeah I hear ya, but as far as i am concerned ( although i think dogs are self aware) they are property… ) Yea yea i know…. Lol but someone is not going to use the chip in your dog to control him. A chip in a person can map out everything about them.
                Put rfid readers in cell phones and wifi hotspots, cable routers, possibilities are limitless.
                Never chipped my dogs, but had a champion weight puller i tatooed my dl number

        • How about NO house, no car, no job, no food, no bank account, no money (seized by gov’t), no rights, no freedom and locked in a prison for breaking the NEW WORLD ORDER one world laws. How many are willing to give it ALL up. HELL NO with words, but when it comes down to life or death we shall see who will say NO.

      23. First off, the Mark might also be a tattoo or stamp, so just be aware that it might come in different forms.

        The fact of the Mark, first told to us in the Book of Revelation, implies or suggests an economic collapse or where money/cash is outlawed.

        Second, the Mark is an RFID chip and as such it will disable your free will and control you with voices!

        Tim McVey, the Batman movie theater shooter, and September Naval Yard shooter were all “chipped” and hence controlled and heard voices commanding them to do things they were powerless to refuse/resist.

        Third, so IF you take the Mark, you go to Hell because God’s supreme gift to all of us is Free Will and by taking the Mark you are REJECTING both God and His gift of Free Will and you are thus giving yourself over to the Evil One!

        As everyone has stated, do not take the Mark!

        – the Lone Ranger

      24. I owned a purebred Sheltie once who had been microchipped before I bought him as a pup. Cancer developed around the chip, and guess what? He died.

        • I won’t allow my pet to be chipped, therefor, I WILL NOT BE CHIPPED.

      25. The way I read Revelation the mark of the beast is voluntarily accepted, not forced upon. You have a choice, accept god (and die in his name) or accept the mark of the beast and become his slave. You are still making the choice…

      26. They already chip dogs I feel this is experimental to see if rf radiation causes cancer the dogs are the testing media for this people figure get the doggy chipped in case he is lost of stolen this justifys the chip. The veterinary office reports the findings to the health department. Dogs live with people and they may be able to communicate diseases. The chip will happen it’s just a matter of time then they will force us all to get it. They will do this through a shot of antibiotics for those that are resistant of course there will be suckers that voluntarily opt to take it. If enough want it it will be forced on everybody sooner. Just like some employers try to push only direct deposit so they can have their way then once this is the only way to get paid the bank will start charging you interest instead of paying you. You will go to the doctor or the emergency room and they will install the chip don’t say you will never go to the doctor either everybody goes sooner or later. Maybe the dentist will implant it in a tooth that has a cavity before he fills it. They will not tell us the truth no matter what and even if they decided to be truthful I still wouldn’t believe them. The satan is the master of lies.

      27. ********** IMPORTANT MERS CoV UPDATE **********

        MERS continuing to spread in S. Korea
        deaths being reported
        15 cases on Sunday,by Tuesday 25 being reported
        human to human transmission WELL established in this outbreak


        TERTIARY cases now being reported
        that is bad BAD news
        very likely that a mutation has happened
        that makes this a HELL of a lot easier to spread

        for now
        ALL eyes on South Korea

        MERS fears peak in South Korea on first 2 deaths

        ht tp://

        “This is one of the worst nosocomial debacles I can recall”

        “Maybe it’s a hazard of being in a really good healthcare system: You think you’re so good you don’t need to be better. Until you do.”

        it’ll get you EVERY time

      28. Lets see if there’s any censorship today……Rotten Bitches.

      29. People have said that the general population will resist the implants or they will be put in without your knowledge or consent. The reverse is true. They will DEMAND it to end identity theft and for the ease of use. When enough people have it the government will demand everyone use it and that is when the hard (or is it easy) choice must be made for those who recognize it.

        The problems are:

        1. Having your entire wealth and identity tied to a chip/number in a giant governmental database means they can just delete your entry and kill you through starvation if you get rebellious.

        2. The resultant police state will be beyond comprehension. Everything about you will be known by the state and they can suppress anything and force everything upon you. They want you praying to the Anti-Christ 5 times a day…well, they can enforce it. They want to tax you more…just a few lines of computer code and ta-dah.

        3. Revelations makes it clear that to accept the Mark of the Beast is to guarantee your damnation.

      30. The word Mark in the bible does Not Mean a chip. If you know about the mark of the beast from the word then also see what it says a out it and not what you see in the world…

        The word must be looked up in the Greek and it is strong’s 5480 Charagma – to scratch or etch SAME AS 5482 Charax to sharpen to a point AKIN to 1125 to grave (engrave)

        And Revelation says all who take the Mark of the image will be locked into the lake of fire (Rev 14:9-10)

        So the mark is Not to track people its to seal your fate in the LoF…..

        Also note that at Rev 12:6 on is during this time as we see the antichrist has taken the city and his 3.5 yrs is over and the devil knowing his time is short comes down to rule the other 3.5 years…. mostly under wrath…. this is why they are protected in 12:14 for 3.5 years

        First 3.5 is peace treaty which when broke leaves them to flee for last 3.5 years of course….

        Note: when the devil was first kicked out of heaven their were no people so this is Another time…..

      31. Obtw… dont be mislead to thinking the first 3.5 years wont be pure hell…. Rev 6 says the king comes (to power) with a bow…This Bow is a SASH and Not for arrows… because he comes into the fattest places on earth peaceably Daniel 11:24

        So we know he is a roman who wears a sash does Not have to fight to gain control (leaves out muslims-Gog) and he doesnt like women. Daniel 11:37..

        So you have western nations (antichrist)
        Russia and china and islam (Gog)- there are you four players
        And we see that as soon as he is king famine pestilences and war take 1/4th the worlds people…. (the elite dont make 90% sorry georgia guide stone..) we just need the 10 kings and whose in that way….. not for long sorry to say….

      32. The only man to claim to be or speak for God the Father and son and holy spirit is the pope…… the great harlot catholic church is burned by the antichrist after getting his use from her and i read that the jesuits hate the catholic church so……. you see the pope making muslims catholic brothers who believe in the same god and this is to bring them together into fold of 7 yr agreement and the pope just said he accepts a pala state with jerusalem as both captials for jews and muslims…. did you know the UN is taking up in Sept the vote for a 2 state solution and obama wont stand in its way as all pres have done before…. so you see the 7 yr agreement is around the corner but amerika has to fall for peace to be had…. we just need to get to 10 kings somehow

        economic failure for the world Not just amerikas….

        Not just coming to a movie near you!

      33. this is a repost from over on SilentCountry from goodraven

        info you need to know concerning MERS

        here’s a brief summary

        Korea has announced two deaths from MERS

        total infected = 25

        initial Korean “super spreader” had recently visited KSA. he was allowed to travel back to Korea (wasn’t screened) approx. 10 days ago – he visited 4 different clinics in Korea before being admitted and diagnosed with MERS

        *another infected patient traveled from Korea to China (he is in a hospital there – no further cases have been reported in China so far)

        most of the infected had “close contact’ with the initial patient while in the hospital = nosocomial infections

        some were caregivers

        some were patients sharing a hospital ward (not a private room)

        some of the infected were several feet away = not exactly “close” = airborne

        most at risk are people over age 50 and those with serious pre-existing conditions

        quarantined = over 700

        incubation period is from 2-14 days

        *the CFR for MERS is very high (around 50%) = about half the people who get infected with MERS die

        there is no vaccine or effective treatment

        ***two of the newer cases are believed to be tertiary infections = MERS in Korea is now spreading person to person, beyond those who had direct contact with the first patient

        this is a fairly unprecedented situation with respect to MERS

        stay tuned

        ht tp://

        • Satori,

          Thanks for the update. Without vaccines, folks will have to be very careful about contacts and going out in public. All the more incentive for prepping now. It is only a matter of time for a pandemic or two to hit the world. Aggresive hygiene may be all that we have between the virus and illness. What are we going to do when a family member is ill? I believe Tess has already covered that subject. It may be worthwhile to visit her website at w Fall and winter are the bad months and then spring and summer, but, don’t let your guard down in the summer either. Again, thanks for your post.


      34. Acid Etch doesn’t like women!

      35. If it weren’t for being Biblically a no-no, a mark is actually a great idea. No more robberies, easy to make payments, quick retrieval of kidnapped kids or the elderly with Alzheimer’s who wander off, easy to find people who may gone off the road and are stuck in their car down an embankment, etc.

        • And those are the exact reasons the government will use to get people to get chipped.

          And think how much it would speed up background checks on gun sales.

          • “And think how much it would speed up background checks on gun sales.”

            And provide for instant gun registration.

          • Everyone being chipped would also be a way to know who was in the vicinity of a crime that was committed. The way things are going downhill with crime-n-such, there will likely come a time most people will actually want to get the chip and will line up for it. It’s also a control-freaks dream–the gov’ment will know where you are, your finances, your purchases, etc.

            • Good thing the Bible warned against the mark, otherwise, it seems like a good idea and people wouldn’t know to avoid it.

      36. Going to go to Radio Shack today and buy a SH~T load of small transistors and super glue them in some of my hollow point ammo to implant my own CHIPS, if they work ok if they don’t who cares.

      37. The coward dumbed down Zombies will joyfully line up with their children they should of never had for the implants, exactly what Aaron Russo warned us about before the criminal treasonous murdering filth in our criminal insane psychopath controlled government had him murdered…..all of this treason, all of this genocide and murder, all of this robbery and theft of the Middle Class, all of the Corporate fascist control, all of this done under the banner of that vile filthy disgusting evil fascist Murican flag, and the boot licking fascist coward pussy Zombies in the shithole of collapsing Murica still wave and flay that flag representing the most evil vile disgusting criminal genocidal psychopath controlled shithole the world has ever seen.

      38. Police have in their computers the ability to type in your name, nickname, or alias and every mention of you in the social media will pop up. Everything you ever posted or anybody posted about you will pop up. The average commuters vehicle is on camera at least 64 times every day. The former East German Stasi ain’t got nothin’ on us “free Americans”.

      39. Oh, Mr. Prophet, if you’re not a criminal, you have nothing to worry about. Unless you disagree too loudly. Then you have something to worry about.

      40. I may have just found one of the reasons that the Baltic Dry Index is so low. American containerized exports are down 33.5% since 2010. Great recovery you got there Obummer!

      41. The government didn’t just start spying on us. For over 20 years they had Operation Echelon, Operation Carnivore and Omnivore. Since the beginning of the electronic age. And they’re not going away. The law is not an impediment to them. They have ways around the law. They are the law.

      42. Has Korean MERS mutated?

        ht tp://

        “Given its unusually high infection and relative fatality rates, it is likely that the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus has mutated in Korea, an infectious disease expert said Tuesday.
        “I suspect that the virus has adapted here. Spread is very unusual and the level of contagion is very high,” Insitut Pasteur Korea CEO Hakim Djaballah told The Korea Times.”

      43. What you fail to mention is WHEN you take this “mark” or RFID chip in your hand or your forehead your soul will be damned to hell for all eternity with NO way back and NO way out, to burn for ever and ever.
        Make a joke about this, but YOU will be the one who pays the ultimate price for it.

      44. OyVey! Ve knowz U no sumptink…anz ve av vaaz of vindink outsky stooopid goyimz…

      45. the mark is already here and just about every kingdom has had their “mark”.

        Mark is translated from the word charagma which they define as an “etching” or a “badge of servitude”. One is a servant to whom they obey.

        It is spiritual and is contrasted with Gods “mark”,

        Deu 6:8 And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes.

        I would suggest that many are under a “strong delusion” and already have the “mark” because they have given their allegiance over to the “kings of the earth” and participate in a welfare system that glorifies covetousness (sin). Men electing other men to exercise authority over their neighbor to provide for their welfare at their neighbors expense, this is what He was saying here;

        Mat 20:25 But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them.
        Mat 20:26 But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister;

        The welfare of the people is suppose to come from charity and the free will offerings of the people. The job of the Levites was to “administer” according to the needs of the people but they could not exercise authority over their neighbor. Now everyone is back in the bondage of Egypt because we have been slothful in caring for one another. Want your liberty then you have to set your neighbor free and take back your responsibilities. If one thinks it is ok to force their neighbor to provide for their welfare then they will remain in their bondage. The two systems are opposed. In one you get to choose how much you contribute and the other Authoritarian benefactors choose how much you contribute. One keeps folks at liberty while the other enslaves the people.

        Here are a couple of excellent articles concerning the mark of the beast;

        In His Peace
        Damon Israel

      46. Remember that while 25% of Aussies are crazy enough to do this under their skin — here in Amerika we are ALREADY playing with Apple Pay and Google Pay and others – direct from our cell phones – which for most Amerikans might as well be attached to their skin.

      47. It was prophesied that many would be deceived, and it is true. Many are non believers, worship material things, lust for money and do horrible and degrading things for money.

        In any case. When you accept the mark, it is THEN that you are damned. We are at the cusp. Be aware.

      48. I think it’s pretty obvious who will take the chip. Anyone with a hope and change bumper sticker will be forgo any analysis of the pros and cons of taking a chip since their primary concern will be coolness, trendiness, or some other such idiocy.

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