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Cash on Lockdown: Bankers “Want Badly to Charge YOU Interest for Depositing YOUR Funds”

Mac Slavo
April 30th, 2015
Comments (102)


Cash is quickly becoming a liability.

SHTF has been closely following the recent calls from Wall Street to ban cash and implement a system that would force everyone to operate on the grid, even as interest rates have hit negative and customers are actually charged for keeping money in the bank.

For most observers, negative interest rates signals a bizarre and unsustainable economic landscape, but for those calling the shots, the negative rates are a necessary by-products of capital injections by the Federal Reserve over the course of its quantitative easing operations.

The biggest problem with these negative rates – besides the fact that they defy logic and send the wrong signals to investors – is that there is every reason to withdraw cash and stash it, rather than be charged to keep deposits in the bank.

But that’s exactly what the system wants to FORCE you to do. Money Metals Exchange explains it well:

The Federal Reserve bank and its owners, the largest banks on Wall Street, want badly to be able to charge you interest for the privilege of depositing your funds. The problem is getting you to stand for it.

Depositors already complain vigorously about zero percent returns on checking and savings accounts. If they must start actually paying the bank to hold funds on deposit, many will opt to simply withdraw the cash and stuff it under their mattress or into a safe deposit box. That simply won’t do.

The Goal Is to Force You to Deposit Cash and Charge You Interest

As author Clint Siegner notes, the problem is preventing cash from swiftly evacuating banks, where fees can no longer be assessed. Government institutions and banks are now setting policies to keep people from running on the banks and operating outside their controlled system:

[The Swiss National Bank] is encouraging retail banks to be “restrictive” with regards to cash withdrawals. And it is berating actors such as the pension fund for trying to circumvent negative interest rates. Apparently no one should be questioning the wisdom behind the policy! But the bluster isn’t hiding the fact that bankers stand upon shaky legal ground. The potential for a run on the banks remains.

The desired solution, as you see below, is in forcing compliance with new bank fees by criminalizing cash, restricting its use for certain payments and above certain amounts, as well as creating policies banning the storage of cash, gold and silver coins in safety deposit boxes and other storage vehicles.

These are all topics that SHTF has covered recently:
Expert Says “Banning Cash” The Only Solution to Negative Interest Market Problems

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Says Banks Should Charge for Cash

Banned: Chase Bank Says You Can No Longer Store Cash or Precious Metals In Your Safe Deposit Box

Recently, Citigroup economist William Buiter called to “abolish or tax cash,” blaming it for interfering with the effectiveness of negative interest rates:

When economic conditions worsen… they can bring interest rates to zero, but reducing them further below that is fraught with problems, the biggest of which is cash in the economy.

As SHTF noted, Jamie Dimon, head of JPMorgan Chase, called on banks to charge for outmoded payments like cash and checks in his recent letter to investors, signalling a climate centered around digital currency… and with it, control:

Moreover, JPMorgan and other big banks are expanding their policies of charging customers to hold deposits, validate funds and make transactions – charges that JPMorgan sees as the “true cost of moving money.”

With new measures for cybersecurity, fraud protection and payment verification in mind, JPMorgan is slated to tack on new processing fees and add costs for all transactions, and especially ‘outmoded’ payments like cash and checks and the loafing “free riders” who use them:

Dimon stated:

For example, it costs retailers 50-70 basis points to use cash (due to preventing fraud and providing security, etc.). And retailers often will pay 1% to an intermediary to guarantee that a check is good. A guaranteed check essentially is the same as a debit card transaction for which they want to pay 0%. For some competitors, free riding is the only thing that makes their competition possible. Having said that, we need to acknowledge our own flaws. We need to build a real-time system that properly charges participants for usage, allows for good customer service, and minimizes fraud and bad behavior.

For the bankers and power brokers in charge, the digital market has all the advantages for profit and control. Their need to phase out cash goes hand-in-hand with their desire to force customers to pay more for less.

The ground market where cash is frequently used by ordinary people where transactions are not tightly controlled and monitored goes against the aims of not only Wall Street, but the larger system of population control.

Buiter, the proponent of abolishing cash, acknowledges but dismisses the importance of these drawbacks and unfair intrusions into our daily lives, stating:

Abolishing currency would inevitably be associated with a loss of privacy and create risks of excessive intrusion by the government.

Switching exclusively to electronic payments may create new security and operational risks.

As Money Metals Exchange explained, these policies are not established to create prosperity for the most people possible in a reformed market – they are simply there to “herd” the masses into schemes by the central planners, who hold the ultimate power:

If depositors’ response to negative interest rates is predictable, so is the reaction from central planners. Effective herding is all about limiting the escape routes for members of the herd.

Eliminating physical cash may well be a longer-term project, but it is not something the Fed can likely implement any time soon. In the meantime, there are other ways to prevent depositors from making their escape.

For starters, officials can criminalize the use of cash above certain amounts


Banks can also implement new policies of their own.  […] The bank will no longer accept cash from customers who want to use it to make mortgage payments, pay credit card balances or to cover their automobile loan.

Chase also rolled out new restrictions on what can be put into safe deposit boxes [the agreement] states, “You agree not to store any cash or coins other than those found to have a collectible value.

As digital control replace free exchange of currency, the economy reaches the point of total control and only restrictive, subservient activities are allowed.

Nothing has been fixed since the 2008 economic crisis… it is only freedom and the ability to restrict the takeover that has moved forward.

President Trump is Breaking Down the Neck of the Federal Reserve!

He wants zero rates and QE4!

You must prepare for the financial reset

We are running out of time

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: April 30th, 2015
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. kfilly says:

    The stupid little sheeple will fall for this too, and they will think it’s a great thing because the government is protecting them from the evil terrorists.

    • Rodster says:

      “As Money Metals Exchange explained, these policies are not established to create prosperity for the most people possible in a reformed market – they are simply there to “herd” the masses into schemes by the central planners, who hold the ultimate power”

      This sums it up nicely. It also shows the desperation of Central Banks around the world and that we are closing in on the end game of this phucked up Ponzi Scheme known as fractional reserve banking. The bigger question is, what will replace it. The IMF SDR.

      • OutWest says:

        Well, when they change the guarantee on the
        federal reserve note that says “this note is
        legal tender for all debts, public and private”
        we will know the balloon has gone up.

        • Paranoid says:

          Exactly what I was thinking, be very interesting when they tell me I cannot pay my bank with cash. That will be the day no longer have a Bank. They seem to forget the First thing the Pilgrims did when they landed was not start a bank.

          • durangokidd says:

            “The Goal Is to Force You to Deposit Cash and Charge You Interest.”

            The ultimate scam. The Mafia is probably looking at each other and asking themselves one burning question:

            “Why didn’t we think of that?” 🙁

            These efforts beginning the discussion of charging average depositors for holding their cash are trial balloons designed to condition the populace to accept fees for digital banking.

            In truth digital banking is not secure and will not be secure until quantum computing is a reality. That reality is not too far distant, but it is not here yet.

            These conversations begin that process for implementation at a later date. Understand however, that currently, small depositors SUBSIDIZE large depositors like Hedge Funds and Money Managers.

            Americans have been debating abortion and euthanasia for 50 years. Now we have abortion upon request and Obola Care with death panels; while the PTB fill us with GMO poison. Forced digital banking via quantum computing will be upon us in five years; or less.

            Until Americans engage the PTB through a grass roots political activism, the NWO will continue to shove their Agenda down our throats.

            Engage!!! 🙂

            • yourmotherwaswrong says:

              durangokidd says:

              “The ultimate scam. The Mafia is probably looking at each other and asking themselves one burning question:”

              “Why didn’t we think of that?”

              Mafia: a type of organized crime syndicate whose primary activities are protection racketeering, the arbitration of disputes between criminals, and the organizing and oversight of agreements and transactions. Secondary activities may be practiced such as drug-trafficking, loan sharking and fraud.”

              The mafia did “think of that!” Why do you think this “scam” is being rolled out?

              Because the bankers, aka the government, ARE the mafia!

            • Arizona says:

              DK,enjoy your train ride,you can’t talk to TRAITORS,I guess you haven’t figured that out yet…….

              • laura m. says:

                Arizona: I have tried to tell DK and everyone else incl local folks, many times that politician puppets are scum bum traitors, and never to be trusted now for decades. Political activism has failed since the 50’s when groups protested the UN, etc. now even with internet, talk radio, etc. things slide downhill. Voting is rigged electronically. Tea Party groups and other so called patriot groups are infiltrated with NWO agenda freaks or so called change agents in all patriot org. Form small cell groups with close friends or relatives for bartering and group protection. Smaller communities are better than urban areas. Don’t join any groups, org. or give them money- they produce nothing effective-never have and never will!!

            • Also , another $$$ fund for the Banksters , when they charge you for depositing , withdrawing $$$ , to be followed by checking fee for each check written , money orders , etc.
              The Cattle will be a Gold Mine of fees for the banksters !

          • what do the words “for all debts, public and private” mean?

            • When the dollar was introduced, metal was the currency. Gold, silver, copper whatever in coin form. The dollar is nothing more than an IOU that is supposed to be supported by the gold reserves of the government. Up until Nixon there were gold and silver notes too. The “For all debts public and private” Is saying that People and businesses “Must” accept it as a form of payment in lieu or real money “Gold,Silver,Copper”
              Digital currency is a corruption of the entire monetary system. Even paper currency itself is a corruption and shouldn’t be tolerated. Many instances in history should have taught us this lesson that the only real money is real money or tangible assets. There are a lot of reasons especially these days to have some sort of digital currency. However it is not something that the government should demand. The government should support the metal money and perhaps regulate private companies such as papal for digital currencies The banks should have nothing to do with it.

              • DaisyD says:

                Paper money is legal if it is properly backed by the right equivalent amount of metal within the banks volts. that’s what gives it the Value it has. Today there is nothing there. The gold has been transferred to god knows where. And because of that, the dollars paper is garbage while idiots still kill for it!!!! LOL.

            • Anonymous says:

              It means no one can legally demand anything else in payment if you choose to pay with it.

              i.e. you owe someone money or you owe taxes or the government owes you payment. Anything other than legal dollars cannot be demanded (gold or silver or other property) to pay it (that doesn’t mean your property in the appropriate dollar value cannot be seized and sold for dollars to settle the debt).

            • duwu says:

              You forgot the other important part “this note is LEGAL TENDER…” that will solve the puzzle. Notice it doesn’t say “LAWFUL MONEY.” That is because per the constitution Congress is only permitted to COIN MONEY. [Sneaky eh? Could not claim paper as MONEY nor that it is LAWFUL] That was because paper notes were known to be FIAT currency and the founding fathers tried to put a stop to them by having MONEY that is at least worth the value of the metal. Government didn’t like this restriction because it could never grow big enough–so it figured out a way around the restriction courtesy of FDR when he outlawed the holding of gold. The word tender is primarily a verb: I can TENDER you a pencil and claim its worth whatever you will accept. Something LEGAL is prima-facie of something lawful. You can cross all the T’s and dot the I’s to convict someone legally of a crime, but if they didn’t do the crime, it isn’t a lawful conviction. A NOTE is simply a promise to pay and the federal reserve declares the notes to have no value. In essence you trade promises to pay–like passing around a check made out to cash…but for which nobody cashes it. Is it ILLEGAL? Few things voluntary are illegal eh? What government did cleverly was what it ALWAYS does: Cut off the other paths for freedom so you’re forced to choose the path it plans for you. Where is the note LEGAL TENDER? On government owned territory because its laws of that territory described LEGAL TENDER precisely. For everywhere else, its just a voluntary means of exchange. Much like someone having Australian dollars over here…trade if you wish.

          • Great Replier says:

            “……………the First thing the Pilgrims did when they landed was not start a bank”.

            The second thing the Pilgrims did when they landed was not start a Silicon Valley tech company.

            The third thing the Pilgrims did when they landed was not create a massive starship with FTL capabilities that could allow them to explore planets outside our solar system.

            The fourth thing……………

    • Nobama says:

      It’s time for a hanging.

    • Zero says:

      It will be a pleasure to see some of these evil men squeal like little girls in terror before they die.

    • Acid Etch says:

      The top three chicken corporations in Amerikkka as well as McDonald’s have announced they will be ceasing to give antibiotics to livestock within the next few years.

      Thank God for small victories.

    • Acid Etch says:



      Baltimore is the nearest major city to where I am now. This is what we all suspected would happen in SHTF. The system will not be there for anyone. The only method the government has of controlling things is its pigs. They are not gonna risk losing them, they will pull them back out of harm’s way. It’s just you, your wits, and whatever supplies you have. Things went from normal to riot in the span of a few hours. Don’t tell me you’re gonna bug out because you can see nobody did. They all just went to work and thought things would be fine. NORMALCY BIAS GETS YOU KILLED. You have to use those critical thinking skills that we have all tried to build on this site for the last few years.

      • Nels says:

        Love your comment, “you’re wits, and your supplies” out of context but true till the sky is blue (sunset). ‘From normal to….’ that phrase made me “think” and and want to prepare.

    • Bahhhh Black Market and Bartering here I come!!!

  2. Turnthekey says:

    What idiot would store cash or precious metals in a SDB ?

  3. Kulafarmer says:

    Got no $ anyway,
    Wont matter, anyone who does will get an involuntary hair cut.

    • eppe says:

      Where will all this lead to???

      KF, nice place you got there, you have a great view…

      • FreeSlave says:

        Face wincing. Looking down for awhile, then looks up. Don’t like where this is going. Preparing for things I don’t want to see happen. Nationwide riots. Federal martial law. Dead bodies.

        Not good.

      • Kulafarmer says:

        Thanks, it is a beautiful place, am blessed to be able to live where i do, someone certainly is looking out for me!
        Today is a really bright beautiful day, just finished my bi weekly harvest/pack and taking a break before jumping on the tractor, is hard to believe there is such crazy stuff going on in our world, am really starting to think i need to step away from my devices ignore any snd all news, and forget all this crap but is hard to ignore, sorta like a slow motion train wreck but you know your going to be in it…

      • Genius says:

        I say use bankers as medical experiments instead of rats. Rats are cuter and you don’t get attached to bankers.

        • Genius says:

          I took all my currency out of the bank to buy a sunlamp for my tomatoes in the faraday cage 🙂

          • Kulafarmer says:

            Whens it salsa time?
            Hope u planted some o them Dragons breath peppers to heat it up!

            • apache54 says:

              when i was in Kauai, i was surprised at the HOT peppers you grow over there and they liked the green chile i brought over for them as well, sure had lots of GREAT food when i would visit, sometimes i do miss all the good people i knew over there. probably will never go back at this point in time

              • Kulafarmer says:

                The little Hawaiian chili peppers are hot as hell, too hot for salsa and stuff, real good if you like hot kung pao, or chilipepper water for splashing on your food, thats how the locals use the chilis, chilipepper water, some in the saimein, some on the chopped steak and mac salad,,
                Good stuff
                Im dorta wondering if Ill ever go anywhere again, get the feeling not. But is ok,
                Cheers Apache

            • eppe says:

              KF, you have a beautiful place, the view of mountains & coastline together is righteous.
              I am jealous…
              I have seen pics, since Kula joined the email.
              Has anyone had viruses or bugs from the emails?
              Bless all here…

              • Kulafarmer says:

                Thanks Eppster, the views are definitely killer, was just such a nice day yesterday.
                Got to enjoy while we can, its going to be a hot dry summer, already stsrting, is a cooker today,

                Shouldnt have any viruses, all emails and pics are off my Iphone, but never can tell, let me know if you do, i know my PC doesnt last a day without picking something up, i just dont use it anymore.

            • Nels says:

              Peppers have more vitamin per weight than any citrus fruits. That’s why I grow and eat peppers.

        • Plus, there’s certain things even rats won’t do 🙂

        • eppe says:

          Genius, my girls had lab rats. One was cool. Would come to me when I called it with the clicking sound as a dog would come. It knew it was to be fed. They eat anything. Mine would drink beer with me.then Checkers would run around, clean herself, take a nap, and come back for more…
          Miss that rat…

          • buttcrackofdoom says:

            sounds like my ex wife, eppe,…just substitute the clicking sound with the sound of money coming out of the wallet….only thing is,….i DON’T miss her.

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      Its obvious banks and all lending institutions are placing capital controls on us withdrawing our money. Limits on ATM Withdraws etxh to how much cash yo u can with draw daily. Btw/ get all brand ne $100 dollar bills. No old ones.

  4. We will become a cashless society – it’s juts a matter of time. The powers that be cannot control world commerce as long as there is cash, especially more than one currency (ie. the dollar, euro, ruble, etc.)
    Thanks for a great article and keeping us informed of what’s just ahead.

    • TnAndy says:

      Sooner the better. Then the world will ‘rediscover’ why gold and silver have been cash for thousands of years.

      People, via markets, ultimately determine what currency will be used, not governments. TPTB are simply too arrogant to understand that.

  5. Kulafarmer,
    You are correct. As so many astute people have posted on this website, what good would it do to have a truckload of it, if it’s not worth anything. What you hold (food, tools, etc) will be worth more than money. That’s the sad state of our country right now – and it’s only going to get worse

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Its a tough subject for me, people wonder what the hell im doing, can grow tons of stuff, theres definitely a market if i push, and could be making buckets of money,,,
      But then i have to share 1/3 of it with Uncle slimey Sam!
      Add to that the “Where do I put it?” Part,
      So instead i self impose a moratorium on huge profits and just work towards covering expenses, folks think im just a mental looser because i never seem to have $, but Im ok with it, things are tough, but i have a feeling they will get much tougher.
      Its sad, so much potential, so much opportunity, but Ill be damned if im going to help finance this crap.
      Anyway, sorry for the rant, just had a dituation arise yesterday that left me wondering if im maybe just screwing myself, but then i need to look at the principal of my stance.
      It is what it is,,

  6. The Old Coach says:

    Banks need money to loan out. The interest in loans is how they make their profits. (Well, one way.) Now that the Fed will give them money essentially for free, why should they want to borrow it from you in small bits and pieces, with the inevitable overhead that entails? That’s how they see it. And the Fed can be trusted not to demand its’ money back when things look dicey. Unlike, say, NOW, when depositors are worried that they may never get their money out if there’s a hiccup, (i.e. bank run).

    • Mountain Trekker says:

      Yeah Coach there ain’t no way those banks can make a profit paying you .05% interest on savings and then loaning it out on Credit Cards for only 14%. Trekker Out.

      • The Old Coach says:

        Overhead, MT. Overhead. It’s been some time since, (30+ years), but I remember how the bank I used when I was in Rhode Island was talking about eliminating all human tellers and closing their retail offices. You either use an ATM or go elsewhere.

        Money taken in at retail banks just HAS to cost them more than money direct from the Fed. Rent, salaries (meager though they are), medical insurance, FICA, unemployment insurance, workman’s comp insurance, utilities, etc. etc.

        Can they make money at .05% vs. 14% ? Sure, but they make even more by eliminating overhead.

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      Rehypothification. = The selling of the same Gold many times over. Banks loan money on paper as well they don’ t have or need our cash, when they are blood brothers with the Fed Printing machine at a 1% loan rate. The entire konitary system of fiat digital currency is a scandal. Show me the gold and silver to back the phony paper up.

  7. Northern Reb says:

    Have got enough extra money to deposit!;-{
    I put most of my money into beans, band aids, bullet,
    water stuff, seeds, silver, solar and a few more important things to live on after TSHTF.
    S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

    • Braveheart says:

      NR, I only keep enough in the bank to pay a couple of bills and do some occasional prep shopping. The rest of it I keep in an old Sentry safe with the dial combination lock [private banking]. That’s all set aside for prep shopping. I keep my combination well-hidden and I’m the only one who knows it. If I have to close the account, so be it, and I’ll spend that money on preps also.

      • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin says:

        Hey Cuz just remember I’m coming by for a visit next month, and I forgot, what was that street address again. I do love that saying you always use “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” Did I mention, I’m bringing my water board.

  8. swinging richard says:

    It is easier to track spending electronically. This is about control. The banks are discouraging the use of cash.

  9. Ass hat says:

    Same scare tactics here. If this were true people would run on the banks to get all there $ out which would crash the economy you really think the banks would do anything to crash the system I don’t think so. Unless it’s all by design cause bank runs and the riots will come then Marshall law and the rest is history just like the constitution. I still say the fiat $ is the best. But of course have some preps to get by just incase. I don’t have these problems with my bank. They don’t pay much interest but charging me interest no way don’t see it happening.

  10. Johnathan Stiner says:

    I solved this dilemma by remaining poor. No money in the bank, no reverse interest!!!!

  11. 10mm says:

    Citibank buys 1 billion of Venezuela gold. http://www.dailyshepple.com

  12. Woogie says:

    Banks who charge you for deposits are FAILING banks, Period! They made bad investments, they are tremendously way to far into derivatives without assets. They became so self important and narcissistic they declared your money deposited isn’t your money so they think they can take it from you.

    There are smaller local banks that invest wisely and respect you and your hard earned money. They invest in their community and in you, not the failing socialist world.

  13. Ass hat says:

    Agreed woogie just like all dentists are not the same. Jp Morgan chase is failing and will try what they can get away with.

  14. PO'd Patriot says:

    Seems like things are coming together somewhat nicely. I won’t pay a bank to let me park my cash when they’re using it to play the wall street lottery.

  15. Old Guy says:

    the bank i use pays me 1% interest on my checking account. too many drug deals & casinos for a cashless society at this time. Even the Arkansas state commissioner of lands requires the first $100 of sales of tax parcels be paid in cash.

  16. A Christan Man says:

    Sounds like a article on here within the last 7 to 10 days, same comments even.

    Maybe I am mistaken, however I remember the comments like “who but a fool would keep his money in a SDB.

    Anyway, at least today went smoothly, plus the local gun shop had 223 ammo on special , plus 45 Cal 1.5k for just over $335.00.

    Picked up quite a bit of food to stash away with the rest, time for a trip to the BOL, this weekend.

  17. solus lupus says:


    *this is an excellent opportunity for a group of financially savvy folks to developed their own national bank!

    “A bank for the people, by the people!”

    *we can call it…

    “MyPiggyBank (.) com”

  18. Anonymous says:


    *this is an excellent opportunity for a group of financially savvy folks to developed their own national bank!

    “A bank for the people, by the people!”

    *we can call it…

    “MyPiggyBank (.) com”

    solus lupus

    *i am now being blocked from commenting on this website under ‘solus lupus’, i musta said “jew” to many times. whatsa matter mac can’t handle the truth about your own people?

  19. Southern gal says:

    I learned this the hard way. I get paid by direct deposit and decided to change banks. It took forever for my employer to agree to give me a paper check. They made it clear that I could not get another on and I must provide direct deposit info. Then I go to a new bank to set up my new account and they tell me that they will have to put a seven day hold on my pay check! That’s Crazy!

    • Killaryforpresident says:

      TPTB are trying to push everybody to direct deposit. There will be few alternatives if you work at a ‘regular’ job. For the goberment and banksters, this will end up like herding cats. Somebody will always find a way to sell things on the sly. Outlawing cash is a sign of desperation. Look at places like Italy, where cash transactions over E2500 hace been illegal for a few years now. Does ANYBODY believe that ‘illicit’ transactions have been reduced? More likely increased. The gobernment is just expending more of it’s resources playing whack-a-mole. I sell you a used car for E2000 today and the tires and rims for E1000 tomorrow.

    • Great Replier says:

      Why in the heck would you want a paper check over a direct deposit? You like waiting on long lines to cash/deposit your paycheck? You like waiting 3-5 business days for it to clear?

      Perhaps you don’t want your employer to know where you bank? Guess what? They can go to THEIR bank and find the routing number and account number of where that check was cashed. Or perhaps you go to a check cashing place? To protect your privacy? You are paying such a huge fee there just to cash your own check that anyone who willingly does that is a moron.

      I’m literally confused as to why someone would want a paper check over direct deposit. The latter is superior to the former in literally every possible way. It’s like demanding that we ground all our airplanes in favor of wooden sailing ships, but at least there you can at least claim terrorism as an arguing point.

  20. eppe says:

    m [email protected]

    Remove the space.

    Anyone who wants to join…

    • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin says:

      eppe I’m having a real hard time, I just can’t decide whether I want to join your email site or put all my money in Solo’s bank. Think instead I’ll just go and stay at my Cuz’s house for the summer, maybe you could help me get his home address or his email address. I may just put my money in the safe at my Cuz house.

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        are you SURE mommy will let you back in the basement, once you leave home?….when i left home, mommy changed the LOCKS on me, and no matter HOW MUCH i begged and pleaded, she wouldn’t BUDGE….so here i am, living under a bridge, just another homeless kid in america…trekking to the library every day to comment on SHTFPLAN….don’t do it cuz….stay home in the basement, just as you have for the last 45 years. don’t end up homeless like ME!….MY daddy hated ME too, i think….my bath toys were a toaster, and a hair dryer….when my dad threw me out of the boat to teach me to swim, my brothers all said he wasn’t trying to teach me to SWIM….and i never really gave it much thought that when i got my drivers liscense, he threw me the keys and a bottle of jack daniels….no, cuz,….you stay right where you are…..

  21. Ass hat says:

    Souther gal my employer tried to get me to direct deposit I ripped up the paper and said no. They said eventually I will have to. No again I don’t get a check I stop working and go where I get a check again. It’s my$ I will do what I want with it and my employer doesn’t need to know what bank I use. They want the ability to go into your bank account to take$ out if they make a mistake on the payroll and pay you too much which never happens. I let the union take dues out of my check and they screwed it all up. I was better off going down to the hall and paying dues . They won’t let me opt out on this now so I gotta deal with it.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’ll get sorted out eventually friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your employer knows what bank or check cashing service you used by just checking the routing of the check.

      Eventually, everything will end up direct deposit and you will have no choice if you want to get paid, then it will move on to you having to make electronic transfers to pay for whatever you buy as well which means you pay your employees that way if you have any and use a card for all other purchases you make.

      That is not far away, maybe ten years or so or maybe less.

  22. CynicalMe says:

    I am absolutely convinced that those people in charge of banks, large government entities are nothing more than sociopathic psychopaths.

  23. messenger says:

    It’s nothing new. Up until the last half of Clinton’s second term the banks always charged us for deposits. It was called a service charge and we paid it every month. Didn’t like it then and we won’t like it now, but it is not the end of the world. thanks

  24. kaynine says:

    Went to bet on the derby today!!! cash only? no debit or credit cards taken as payment? Winning’s PAID OUT IN CASH,,,, NO QUESTIONS ASKED… There is still a bastion of freedom…For Now…

  25. Grandma says:

    This is true and happening right now.
    An account that was no fee for money to pay nursing home just charged $10.00 per month for service fee. VA just asked for money back on benefit for vet in nursing home, pay back in less than 30 days. Fee on charge card just to keep it opened, $25.00 more. Comcast is a gotch ya. Can’t get a lower plan, it will cost more with less channels and just went up $20.00 per month. Will go up $25.00 per month Jan. 2016, so customer service said.
    I’m stressed out.

    Just the beginning.