They Are Telling Us The Plan: A Future Virus “More Deadly” Than COVID Is Coming

by | May 25, 2021 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    Remember when Bill and Melinda Gates laughed and sneered that the “next pandemic” will get people’s attention? Well, now the World Health Organization is saying the same thing. Kamala Harris is already gearing up for another one too.

    Bill Gates Warning: “We’ll Have a Deadlier Pandemic”

    Kamala Harris To The United Nations: “We Must Prepare For” The Next Pandemic

    A virus even more transmissible and fatal than Covid-19 (which is pretty easy considering Covid’s death rate is about equal to that of the common cold) will lead the world into the next pandemic, the director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said, noting the “evolutionary certainty” of such an occurrence.

    Could that “evolutionary certainty” have anything to do with the mass “vaccination” programs being rolled out worldwide? Just a coincidence? You decide.

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

    Just what do these rulers have planned for the rest of us? Do they have some sort of a “pandemic” designed to actually do damage this time? And still, it all comes back to the “vaccines.”

    But the WHO chief stressed that the world remains “in a fragile situation” and cautioned against any nation assuming it is “out of the woods, no matter its [Covid] vaccination rate.” The efficacy of the world’s current crop of Covid-19 vaccines does not appear to be undermined by emerging variants of the virus, such as the strain first detected in India, Ghebreyesus said. But he did warn variants are “changing constantly” and that any future strains could “render our tools ineffective and drag us back to square one.”

    Somehow, it looks like they are “readying” the population to begin to accept a surge of deaths.  Whether it’s from black, white, or yellow fungus, the “vaccine” or anything else they have decided, matters little.  They appear to be telling us that we will need to actually see the horrifying results of their tyrannical takeover to make sure we remain enslaved and obedient.

    Too many of the slaves have figured out COVID was a scam. What’s next is anyone’s guess. Stay alert and prepared. Continue to use critical thinking and ask questions. Discernment and logic will be useful skills in the coming year.


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      1. First, we will be told of the potential 2021-2022 flu season lethality. Then, back to masks and mass vaccinations and school closures and some businesses. After two rounds of virus overreaction, the majority-sheep population will succumb to any public mandate.

        • When will the dikless men of America grow some balls and fight back? instead of innocuous typing on forums as if they are little but an office secretarial pool? 2nd Amendment never used for its purpose, which is to take out the perps. Rothschild, Inc and the cabal run free to mass slaughter while passive pussies do NOTHING

          • Gotcha, not many real men alive today. Few patriots of fighting age anymore. Everyone must protect their community/family the military has sold out and been gelded and won’t spt patriots. Sorry mess.

          • How about leading the charge…keyboard toughie!

      2. When the ones who took the gene therapy start to die en masse in the fall – “the next deadly pandemic” prophecy of these psychos will come to pass as all deaths will of course be attributed to some new virus, “covid strain” or to some other deadly cause.
        They will of course never admit that the jab was behind the deaths.

        • It will be blamed on us anti-vaxxxxxers, then they will make the Vaxxxxx mandatory…….. many deaths are coming for the ones who got the Vaxxxx.

          • I fear you are right

        • I agree but where do we get our info that fall is when it could happen.

      3. The side effects of being sensitized to CV-19 are rumored to be hemorrhagic, and the airports are rumored to be prepping for Ebola, in spite of allowing passengers from hot zones, for years.

        • covid-19,never been proven in Koch.Rivers Postulated,isolated(CDC),etc,but been proven,to be a communist platform,call: critical intelligence,for massive depopulation and the rest horrible slavery,that never been done before, Currently destroying small and medium businesses,so the elites,can buy them for literally free,also vaxxing ,to dead

          • In it’s simplest possible iteration, COVAX, will look like the awaited, more-deadly virus.

            Healthy cells grow a foreign protein signature.

            Sensitized cells overreact to any common antigen.

          • In it’s simplest possible iteration, COVAX, will look like the awaited, more-deadly virus.

            Healthy cells grow a foreign protein signature.

            Sensitized cells overreact to any common antigen.

            • Well said, there was No deadly covid19 virus. They had to create one, with a mRNA ‘vaccine’, now they do have a deadly human virus, covax, spread everywhere, so it can not be stopped. Why is Trump promoting this ? They have countered his counter strategy !

      4. Will the new more lethal virus be injected into willing and compliant citizens?

      5. You can’t say the Chinese bio-warfare teams lack a sense of humour: black people are getting their mouths shut by the Rona “Houston man was left with a MASSIVE ‘Covid tongue’ that made it impossible for him to speak or eat after being put on a ventilator to survive the virus”

        In India it is whipping through China’s enemy like a bad vindaloo.

        And it is taking out the social security eater class who would only be a cash drain on a future China-run US.

        Giggles all around.

      6. It is typical that humans are smart enough to do gain of function research but not smart enough to know they should not do it.

      7. Guess they are getting impatient – can’t wait for the long term effects of the current vaccines to do their work.
        This vaccines also deeply disappointed as far as there lethalness
        They also can’t wait for a much more lethal mutant to form.

        What’s an elite to do??
        Well we Know ebola is 50-60% lethal lets modify it so it is easily transmittable – wall-a presto
        This time we don’t have that Trump guy too fast track a cure.
        We have sleepy Joe

        • Its VERY important to understand EPSTEIN GUILTY Trump’s ROLE in this so you dont make the SAME MISTAKES or support him as he MAKES MORE! CASES NOT DEATHS! EVENT 201 proves this was all a PLANNED FARCE! Understand that Epstein GUILTY Trumpy is a deep state FAKE like all others before him and gave Gates GAVI group a BILLION to FORCE a DNA ALTERING NOT-a-vaccine on YOU using the MILITARY in a ‘powerful way’ Gates controlled and funded Fauci AND Birx and they ALL should be EXECUTED. Trump PARTIED WITH Clintons, Gates and EPSTEIN and AS A DEMOCRAT!

        • Time to shed the planet of the idiots – moronic stupid sheep. Get em outta here. Bury or burn their dumb arses and be done

          Take the Vax and jump in your coffin

          Bye Bye

          • We all will die eventually but I think your handle is a dik move on your part.

        • We haven’t seen the full effects of the covax yet. The next ‘pandemic’ will be the timed destruction of those who have lined up for the kill shot. All to be blamed on some mysterious virus or anti vaxxers or some other such nonsense. All fully supported by corrupt governments and their useless bureaucracies. Only a global effort can save us, coordinated by WHO else. Another quackzine is needed.

      8. Of course they are planning something more deadly. As more and more people wake up and see the truth they need more turmoil to continue their destruction of America. I have friends in one of the largest police departments in the US and they tell me that there are a lot of people coming into our country that have many diseases especially Ebola. They are told not to discuss it with anybody including their spouse under threat of loosing there job. I do believe from my extensive research regarding the COVID vaccine that people will be more susceptible to infection and disease after receiving the jab. I’m not a anti vaccine person at all and I’m not stupid either. Why is it so important for every American to get vaccinated but the people coming across our borders, their not being vaccinated ? I’m being told that most of these people are in very poor health and contaminated with diseases and our government under darkness of night relocate these people all over America. Why? It’s all about control and money. If you can’t control an educated population thru fear you dispose of them. You can control an uneducated population easily. The communist and third world countries have been doing it forever. Replace the educated with the uneducated, give them enough free things todo their bidding for them and now you have slaves. I worked construction for 40 years we have a saying, chaos is progress. Everything is a means to an end and every end is a new day.

      9. Recent Headline:
        ON COVID”!!!!

      10. When people start dropping in the streets like in the “Omega Man” or “the Stand” then I will be concerned…..

        • Which is equal to you standing on train tracks, waiting for that train down the tracks to come within five feet from you before you become concerned.

          Seem brilliant or nah?

      11. Yes the next virus may be called MSTD – mass starvation to death. Of course, as the realization by tens of millions of dolts kicks in that the gubbmint and mommy can’t save me from starving to death, the ensuing rage and uproar and violence will be glorious. Regardless of what any deeply evil underworld has planned, the ability for the masses to be fed (without lakes of petroleum) is not possible. The lakes of petroleum have (in large part) been squandered by one and all. US citizens of course being the most egregious SLOTH consumers of the toxic poison. Good job. After the starvation to death induced conflagration begins, and all semblance of normalcy abates, the final insidious inexorable solution will become apparent; we will witness multiple cascading nuclear power plant failures erupting across the lands and our beautiful place will once again become like the moon. See ya there!

      12. The up coming “pandemic” is once again not a pandemic, but they will call it this (again). There will be mass death coming (globally), but the real culprit will in fact be stemming from the effects of the vaccine. They will play it off like there is a new virus, but in reality — it’s the kill shots being administered now.

        • @Anonymous, you are correct they won’t say it’s the “vaccine” killing people but of course, we know better.

      13. We have already established black people, despite the severity of the crisis, will riot at the drop of a hat (before going back to their ‘hoods to do what they normally do, collect welfare and kill each other over drug deals).

        Once the mega inflation outstrips what food stamps can buy, they will lose it and destroy the cities.

      14. All of a sudden, from out of nowhere, we are faced with the “evolutionary certainty” of virus pandemics.

        The lapdog MSM will trumpet “only global governance and (witches brew) vaccines can save us.”

        And you can bet the farm they have created a custom-designed series of viruses, for which they will have been gifted immunity. They plan to kick back, have cocktails, and watch global depopulation rage across the planet.

        They may have immunity from their engineered pandemics, but they still have a weakness for hot lead.

      15. @GrimFandango, you made some great comments.?

      16. Well said, there was No deadly covid19 virus. They had to create one, with a mRNA ‘vaccine’, now they do have a deadly human virus, spread everywhere, so it can not be stopped. Why is Trump promoting this ? They have countered his counter strategy !

      17. Now is the time to get them first. Get those canaries in the coal mines and send their bosses a message they would be next pronto…

      18. Couple of things. The fatality rate of the common cold on the US is only 0.1%. The COVID-19 fatality rate is 3%+. There are a billion annual cases of the common cold in the US. If the fatality rate of the common cold was the same as COVID-19, that would be 3,000,000+ common cold deaths annually.
        Which there is not. COVID-19 has killed 650,000 Americans in the last year. That is more than all American military servicemen that were killed in all of WWII fighting the Nazis and the Japanese! That is a significant number!! Way more than the 24,000 to 62,000 annual influenza deaths.

        • And if you take the so called vaccine, you too can be a death statistic.

      19. I will only be as obedient as my bullets can’t discharge. At some point my friends, we must understand we are at war with a sick, very sick socialistic Democratic majority in congress.

        We must name the Devil for what it is. Socialism does not and has never worked because the Devil does not understand our animal natures any more than humans do, but does have the capacity to manipulate human thought to bring them into his service.


        Satan is manipulating our leaders and is the reason they all sound like they’re nuts instead of rational beings !

      20. My crazy sister-in-law and her husband just got the shot because they want to go on a cruize. How dumb is that?

      21. The survival rate for COVID 19 is 99.7%. So it has a fatality rate of 3/10th of one percent. Not 3 % as you said. Thus at your number of 1% dying of common cold is higher than 3/10ths of a percent of cv 19. Also, the common cold and even pneumonia deaths and other causes of death such as motorcycle accidents were lumped into the cv 19 category as part of the scam so as to make cv 19 look more deadly than it is. Year over year there was not any big difference in the death rate. 2020 was pretty the same as 2019 which was pretty much the same as 2018, which was pretty much the same as 2017 and so on and so forth going all the way back to 2009.

      22. the Mortality rate for the United States is 1.8%. Considering flu, pneumonia and other causes of death have disappeared it makes sense that year over death rates have not changed very much. The chart reflects that the curve has flattened since December of 2020. The mortality rate peaked in May of 2020 and has been in a steady downward trajectory ever since. The downward trajectory bottomed in December of 2020 at about 1.8%. Thus it bottomed before, or at about, the exact same time the poison injections arrived for public mutilation of themselves. Since the public began mutilating themselves with the aid and advice of their doctors by receiving the poison mRNA injections it appears the rate of death has not gone down whatsoever. If we see the death rate spike in the future or this fall it means the mRNA vaccines were a complete failure. Most especially it would seem they are an abysmal failure and outrageously dangerous if the death rate spikes above the previous year. Looking at the chart it appears there was no reason for anyone to take the vaccines for fear of death from cv19. It appears the death rate bottomed before the poison mRNA injection stuff ever got to market. It’s possible that cv19 is a seasonal infection similar to a common cold but if the mRNA trash works the death rate will not go up again. But again, we will see what happens in the fall. If the death rate from cv19 goes down year over year then it was likely on its way out anyway. If the death rate goes up in any amount whatsoever it means the mRNA poison injections are just trashy poison. Certainly, if the poison trash is safe and effective the overall death rate will never go back up on account of cv19. Again, by all appearances the death rate bottomed before the poison injections were even available. Nothing has changed since that time with regard to the death rate.

      23. Perhaps as we are literally being attacked by those in the White House, House & possibly the RINOS, Americans need to form groups to neutralize the enemy?? Just a thought

      24. some facts that have not changed since 2019 outbreak
        • It’s a bioweapon not a naturally occurring virus – gain of function confirmed
        • It’s a gene modifying cell therapy not a vaccine – first time used on humans
        • It’s only approved an experimental authorization; it’s not FDA approved
        • It’s unproven read as potentially unsafe since over 4,000 Americans have died after getting the jab
        • It’s not effective since Pfizer and Moderna claim it’s not stopping transmission
        Be Warned / Be Educated / Be Calm

      25. The globalists are trying to murder the rest of us like they keep doing, to the aboriginal peoples.

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