Bill Gates Warning: “We’ll Have a Deadlier Pandemic”

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 29 comments

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    Straight from the mouth of the person who is all in for depopulation and stands to make billions of dollars rolling out a vaccine, Bill Gates, comes a warning. He’s letting us know the plans for the future: “We’ll have a deadlier pandemic.”

    Microsoft founder Bill Gates on Saturday said that Covid-19 medication and future vaccines should be distributed to people who need them the most and not to “the highest bidder.” That means he’s suggesting the vaccine be given to those who cannot afford to buy it. And you should trust Gates, after all, he’s been funding depopulation for decades. “We need leaders to make these hard decisions about distributing based on equity, not just on market-driven factors,” Gates said during a remote Covid-19 conference hosted by the International AIDS Society, according to a report by CNBC. 

    But, many in the ruling class are concerned that a good number of people won’t comply with the order to get vaccinated, whether it’s made mandatory or not, and regardless of the cost, i.e, even if it’s free, people won’t be lining up to get a Bill Gates “Operation Warp Speed” vaccine anytime soon.

    FDA Commissioner Shares Bill Gates’ Concern: People Might Reject The Coronavirus Vaccine

    The World Health Organization said that 21 candidate vaccines are currently in clinical trials being tested on human volunteers, three of which are in the third phase of those trials. This vaccine could be available sooner than winter, although Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to allude to something else taking place in winter as well. 

    Those Who Planned The Enslavement of Mankind Warn Of “A Dark Winter” For Us

    The COVID-19 “Dark Winter” PsyOp: Question Everything…

    This video has a disastrous like to dislike ratio, which is good news. It means, by and large, people are not on board with agenda and the ruling class and elitists will face at least some pushback against this global totalitarian takeover.

    “If we just let drugs and vaccines go to the highest bidder, instead of to the people and the places where they are most needed, we’ll have a longer, more unjust deadlier pandemic,” Gates said.  That sure sounds like code for depopulation of the those he deems “undesirable” to share the earth with.

    If you know anything about Bill Gates and have two brain cells to rub together, this should throw up a gigantic red flag.  They choose these words on purpose.

    “Global cooperation, a resolve to invent the tools and get them out where they’re needed most is critical,” Gates said. “When we have those things, nations, institutions, and advocates working together on this collective response, we do see remarkable impact.”

    Take note specifically of the words Gates has chosen to use.  This whole scamdemic is about the New World Order, where the .001%, the elites of the elites and ruling class rule over the rest of the population.  Gates alludes to it several times: “collective” “global cooperation” “unjust deadlier pandemic” “most needed”. This is foreshadowing at best, and depopulation at worst.


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      1. Bill, we do have you room ready in hell for you. What you should do before you come back home is take your own medicine …. several times and show how safe it is!

      2. “dr.” gates can’t even keep a PC free of a virus and now he’s going to solve the problem for everyone. why do people listen to this shill for big pharm?

      3. The Cure For Coronavirus Is To Stop Being Gullible. Because Covid-19 is FAKE !

        C = 3, v = 22 , 322 = Skull & Bones


        TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

        • Lady friend is nurse.
          She had chicom flu. Brought it home to her family, They got it.
          All are now recovered and doing well.

          Yes there is a ChiCom CCP that is a plandemic economic/political weapon released.
          Yes some people will die. Some will do just fine. Some will get symptoms. Some will not. Just like every other flu.

          You are in a psyop. Plandemic for economic gain by the super rich and TOTAL Destruction for middle class.

          AntiAmerican US Media/Politicians want you Controlled, Broke, Fearful, Compliant.
          Do your best to be NONE of those.
          Do Not Obey. Resist. Stand. Push Back.

          The media-politicians-and china ccp made this media brainwash plandemic and INTENTIONAL economic disaster.

          • I’m a nurse. You are correct. Overall this is a nursing home disease. A common cold. 99% are fine. We are being manipulated. Mandatory vaccines, cryptocurrency, control.

        • I have not yet seen any big, refrigerator truck deliveries, by the light of day, and do not consider myself a fearmongerer.

          On one, main street, in Region IX, it looks like the crematorium is having a big, dark, gray fire. 7/14/20 9-9:30am pst (Through the chimney.)

          Flowers open on the fence. A dog greets me, on my return home. I look forward to a good dinner and can honestly say I am in sturdy, physical condition. If you are contrite, check yourself, twice, and be glad it’s not you in the grease trap, in the driveway.

          There is a literal truck and suction hose, for that, and it seems like they haven’t kept up with demand.

        • The truth is out there….

      4. Bill Gates, Soros, Rotheschilds, Rockefellar, and their “foundations” ARE THE PROBLEM. They are the Enemy. Bill Gates is pro-Genocide. Do you accept a biochip tracking vaccine from someone like Gates that says, “the Earth has too many people.”? No thanks.
        There was a necklace that Melinda Gates wore that reportedly was occult tailsman. The Super Rich are often enamoured with occult messaging. Watch for the hollywood types satanic hand signs. Their occult messaging is in your face.

        There is Occult influence on the current Plandemic ChiCom CCP biowarfare that was released. ChiCom virus is also cover for 5g deaths. The Demon Beast System is here.

        When all that matters is being Taken.
        1. Do you take a knee?
        2. Or do you fight?
        3. Or grab a lawnchair, 12 pack, and watch the clown circus unfold?
        What will you fight for?
        1. Liberty
        2. Freedom
        3. Justice
        4. Respect for inalienable rights.
        Rights NOT given by government. Rights given by God.
        * The right to gather freely as free men to worship God in the house of God.
        * The right to gather freely together as human beings.
        * The right to move about freely.
        * The right to earn a living for our family.
        * The right to breath the air without a “mask of occult submission”. (Never Submit to Beast System.)
        * The right to Not be forced to vaccine.
        * The right to Not be forced biochip tracking.
        * The right to Not be showered from towers and satellites with 5g radiation. (ChiCom CCP bioweapon could be cover for 5g deaths.)
        If Anyone or Anything infringes on ANY of those Rights.
        You have a Right to defend yourself. To defend your family.

        Question: Who are the most Adept/Successful at Breaking the law and engaging in Criminal Activity?
        Answer: Politicians/Police and their masters the Masonic Judges/Masonic Bankers. The Occult is Real. Bankers/Judges/Politicians, many of them are deep into the Masonic/Satanic Occult. They have a plan for You. It is evil. It is Death.

        “When Policeman break the law. There is no Law. Only the Fight for survival.” — Billy Jack
        Defending American way of life is best option for a, God, Family, America Loving Patriot.

        From times past, Every Marine is a Rifleman FIRST. No matter your other duties/training. First as a Marine you are expected/trained to be a Rifleman. Every Marine can shoot, or they don’t make it out of boot camp.

        As an American citizen. Your FIRST duty should be to become a Rifleman first. Then whatever your other duties/training/job.

        “The only thing required for Evil to win, is that Good men/women do nothing.” So DO Something.
        Start Here. Take Action/Train/Gain useful Skills. Go to:
        YouTube dot com:
        * Video Title Search:”USAMU Basic Rifleman’s Course Part 1″
        United States Army Marksmanship Unit Training course
        It’s good work from US Army. It will get you started. Complete the USAMU Rifleman course.

        Then find: AppleSeedProject:
        * web: appleseedinfo dot org

        Next: National Shooting Sports Foundation
        * web: WhereToShoot dot org

        * Next: “Stop the Bleed course”
        YouTube channels: PrepMedic, and/or SkinnyMedic
        * Also get into top physical condition.
        Now you are at least a harder target. Exercise Matters.
        * Grow a garden. Learn to can food. Buy a freezer and fill it. Food for 90 days, minimum. More is better. Water stored up. Ammo. Ammo. More Ammo. Medical supplies.

        Now Most Important. Take a knee. Pray to Jesus Christ the son of God, to guide you, protect your family, and to show you your life path. Put on the Armour of God so as you are not decieved by the occult Beast System. Be calm in the storm. Be frosty cool, no matter the circumstances. May God of Jesus be with you, guide you, protect you, give you comfort, give you peace.

        You have now done what is prudent/possible, “squared away”.
        May the rest be in the Lord God’s hands. May God’s will be done. May Jesus come.

      5. If there is a “2nd wave,” it is because another virus is being disseminated into the populace. I suspect that the testing swabs are contaminated with another corona style virus, which would explain the high percentage of positive tests.

        • First chicom CCP was test for “Rate” of spread, “longevity’.
          Now they will engineer to target certain genetic groups.

          Also the China CCP/NWO globalist ,like Bill Gates, will be financing the engineering to INCREASE DEATH rate.

          Original was : Chicom bioweapon spread test along with a psyop test. Social engineering. brainwash, psyop.
          Next will be incresed deaths.

          I hope I’m wrong.

          Pay Attention:
          – Fear is a weapon.
          – Isolation is a weapon of control.
          – Media is a weapon.
          – Food is a weapon. Secure your food NOW.

        • I believe this Hoax will carry on for a few years yet, they are preparing sheeple for the next flu season to be another massive lockdown to finish off any who have managed to keep their businesses just about going, and it will core out those who have now used up all saving to try and pay for a mortgage while not being allowed to work, ( we should sue states and governors who do this, they are responsible for the losses they have inflicted for an Agenda).
          I see by this coming xmas or early spring they will turn on the 5G 60HTz frequency from all these cell towers that have been expidited whilst we were in lockdown, how deceptive is that, and then the Lying MSM will start ramping up the scare factor its another even more dangerous virus than the first ‘non’ virus, Evil GATES will be telling us on every news outlet with that evil little smirk how its gong to kill millions unless you rush to get his Genetic Modifying Vaccine to make you inhuman, and that will be the final nail in this depopulation program, its may mutate and take a few years to make people die of multiple illnesses, he doesnt care, its numbers of deaths he wants, so this will be done each and every flu season until the numbers are as this Satanic Cult demand, UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT… the first will be to hope Gates suicides himself for the shame and treachery that he is.

          • There is a story. After WW2 -While Stalin was in power. Stalin had a plan to kill jews. He wanted them dead. Stalin’s evil Plans were in place. But back in England some escaped jewish people gathered together. Gathered together with Christians. They prayed together, ” that the Lord God deliver the jews in Russia from Stalin’s evil plans” Three weeks later Stalin died. God listened.

            “Stalin suffered a major stroke on March 1, 1953, but treatment was delayed from reaching him as a direct result of his actions over the previous decades. He slowly died over the course of the next few days, apparently in agony, finally expiring on March 5th of a brain hemorrhage.”

            Beast Stalin killed 20-30 Million human beings, purges, intentionally induced famines, collectivization caused famines. You better remember that you commie worshippers.
            Communism is DEATH and Evil.

            THAT is what the globalist NWO want. That is your false narrative “new normal.”

            Better to die fighting NWO Globalist communist than to submit and die by vaccine-5g radiation-or in the coming camps. Do not allow them to take you into custody. Fight.

            They are bringing in the Beast system. This system and the number of deaths will make Stalin’s deaths look like a BoyScout’s camp outing, compared to the BILLIONS of people the Beast System will murder.
            The New World Order BEAST system is pure evil and Death.
            Do not allow their “new normal.”
            They are lieing to you.

            Say prayers while gathered in groups. Pray together, to destroy the Beast and his helpers like Gates. God is listening.

      6. Bills fake vaccine investment will fail because everyone is watching.

        • I really wish that was true, but so far the number of people scuttling about wearing a mask, some struggling to breath, and standing in queues all regulation 6 foot apart silent and compliant, and the little hitlers inside stores who seem to love the power of telling sheeple to stand back as they push you a wiped down with a dirty rag cart to shop with, and dont you dare bring your own infested shopping bag inside the store, that will set the death rate soaring in seconds…funny how only a 6 months ago we told you were a world destroyer if you didnt bring your shopping bag and used a plastic shopping bag you had to pay for from the store, now Greta must be beside herself, we can ONLY have plastic bags which the store supplies by the numbers and all for free, so what happened to the world being destroyed by plastic, this is ALL such a farce, and its embarrassing to see those who conform and give that look of self virtue signalling to any who dont want to make themselves ill by wearing a mask, as they jump back as if you are radiating death,its comical to see, and that you haven’t fallen for this One World Order of Dystopia our wonderful Philanthropists tell us we need to change our lives completely to save the world and make them even richer by your demise….. I’m sure many will rush to be first to have this biological injection, a vaccine it certainly isnt, they have not and will not be able to isiolate a virus,especially as we ALL have many corona virus in us ,its part of our make up and detox process… all very evilly clever to use the most common virus that supplies a season every year they can blow up into a major death scare, and with 5G to stop you breathing, one or two cities at a time turned off and on for a few hours will do the trick.. All so very Satanic now, and many cannot and as well as dont want to see it.

      7. Woody Allen Gates needs a head transplant.

      8. Must Shake Hands and Hug Again to Break Spell of Fauci False Alarm
        From: http://SmartestMan.Ca/fauci
        I’ll shake yours if you’ll shake mine. Time to hug again.
        When Fauci said Corona deaths are thirty times the Flu
        Would you’ve hit panic button sounding the alarm bell too?
        Had Fauci told the truth, it’s really only third as bad,
        Would you’ve hit panic button sounding the alarm so sad?
        Can’t blame the Chief Executives for sounding the alarm,
        It’s not their job to check if experts models do more harm.
        But a Chief Engineer must check the model blueprint out,
        To find out Fauci fudged the numbers. “False alarm!” I shout.
        It’s easier the simpletons into a scam to coax,
        Than to convince them that they have been taken by a hoax.
        Delay to cancel Fauci False Alarm is costing lives!
        The nation quickest back to normal’s nation that survives.
        It feels like we escaped a plague that came so very near.
        A panic justifiable; now hard to break the fear.
        Admit it’s “not so bad” to end imaginary Hell,
        We must shake hands and hug again to break pandemic spell.
        Asymtomatic is transmission with no symptoms seen,
        Not knowing who’s a threat, the answer is to quarantine.
        Social distance remedied the never knowing who,
        Would be infectious, even though they would be very few.
        But now we hear it won’t transmit without a mighty sneeze,
        Like Flu, no symptoms means no danger. Coping’s now a breeze.
        It will be tough to break the spell, get close again like yore,
        Where we share cards and sit at poker table like before.
        Fauci Apple=Oranged the data and the whole world fell for it. Not http://SmartestMan.Ca/fauci
        Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft first mentioned Fauci wasn’t comparing Apples to Apples. I too pan Fauci’s comparison of Corona Apple 3-4% (CFR Case Fatality Rate) to Flu Orange 0.1% (IFR) (Infection Fatality Rate Estimated) when he had the Flu Apple 10% CFR at hand. Can others be so dull or are we that sharp?
        Shouldn’t we feel stupid suffering a society-destroying lock-down over Fauci hyping-up less danger than a lousy Flu?

      9. finally nice to see new names on site that get it with one exception, Seth. My Ex wife and her boyfriend as well as my brother in law were covided. Lasted more than three weeks. Yes it was a CCP assault on western civilization because trump f____ed the chinese economy for good possibly.

      10. God must have tied their hands a bit, to allow us to re-prep. So……..folks, re-prep, but even harder than the 1st time.

      11. I believe this Wuhan Virus is a live exercise. For something much worse perhaps. Bill Gates does not even vaccine his own kids I have read, (not sure if it is true) but you know, if he thinks the earth is overpopulated, and reductions are needed, he should start with himself. These people are a bunch of hypocrites and think they are “above” others. Without Christ Bill the hypocrite Gates…..God will have a special pit reserved for you.

      12. I have said the same thing. I know several people who have cancer but nobody who has the virus. Interesting. The Globalists have made their move, perhaps to begin a worldwide financial collapse to bring in the Mark of the Beast or this could be a live exercise for something much worse. Who knows. Know Christ because this could be what the Bible describes as the “beginning of sorrows”.

      13. Typical Lieb Demoncrap. Never has any good news should be the tipoff of these lying ukcfers.

      14. Squared Away, they’ll line up for such because they’ll be given the ultimatum of do or die, no exceptions.

      15. Kill off the older people, won’t have to worry about cutting the pesky entitlements any longer. Notice how fast Bernie Sanders was eliminated from contending. That South Carolina primary was as rigged as any I have ever witnessed.

        • Come-on “aljamo”. From your past responses, I think you’re darned-near as old as me. My native-American, Anabaptist-Mennonite, Irish and other ancestries use to revere the old folks like me. Not so much anymore. The youthful beasts doNOT need encouragement to get rid of us. Please don’t FEED THE ANIMALS.

      16. In more-spectacular claims, is an exosome (denucleated, ordinary cell used for bio-engineering?) and corona (common cold.) They are being used as a delivery mechanism, for AIDS, Ebola, Rabies, or Black Plague.

        We test and vaccinate for the common cold, but not for the more-unusual factors.

      17. On the plus side, it does seem to be hitting those communities which have been flouting the stay-at-home orders and spreading the virus through demonstrations and visits to the mosque: ‘Third stage’ of Covid-19 pandemic to hit South Asian communities, says Blackburn’s public health director

        The head of the UN is killing the vaccine the ‘People’s Vaccine’. Sound familiar? The Chinese currency is called the RMB: ‘People’s Money’.

      18. So why on earth does Gates have any input into the public or private health decisions of Americans?? He just BOUGHT the legal authority?? He certainly has no medical authority. I have read that they have CRISPR’d reptile DNA and aborted fetal cells in that death cocktail. lord knows what kind of nanomachines as well. Might as well guinea pig people with immunity from liability and employers to force it on people.

        • 1. Bill Gates, the man who has chosen to peddle unstable software. (Free software is more stable, Linux.)
          Same Bill Gates wants to sell you vaccine.
          Understand this, “Gates can’t/won’t, build reliable software. Made his money by screwing over other companies and lying.
          Now Bill Gates wants you to put his “biochip tracker POISON vaccine” into your children.” The Beast System bio track Genocide vaccine.

          2. Elon Musk has lied and conned people with Tesla stock. Today his “Stock” house of cards and smoke and mirrors is valued more than Warren Buffetts holdings.
          WTF? Are you kidding? That same Musk that has deffective “self driving” cars that literally have bumpers fall off of them. That have burned up, while battery charging. That same guy expects you to get on his rocket ship for a one way trip to Mars. Where are you going to pull over and tie up a falling off bumper between here and Mars?

          1. Bill Gate can’t/won’t build stable software. His software is SNITCH WARE/Tracking Ware. Now he wants to biochip vaccine you.
          2. Musk can’t have enough sense to find outside talent to solve his Tesla problems. Yes those experts and engineers are readily available. But Musk insists on doing it himself. Result is reliability-quality-functionality-fitness for use PROBLEMS. Same Musk wants you to catch a one way ride to Mars on his equipment.

          * No vaccine for me or mine. Gates can’t keep my computer from crashing is Not to be trusted with family health. “I did not realize that a unreliable software, computer program background, qualified one to, “make a Nation’s or Continent of Africa’s health decisions?”
          * No one way Mars trip on Musk “Yugo-Edsel” rocket ride.
          Musk has cars bumpers fall off, his cars crash with deffective self drive, cars burn up while charging. Expects me to ride his rocket.

          Are you kidding me? What a clown world.
          1. Bill Gates I hope you are held accountable for your crimes against humanity and the people of Africa. Genocide. Bringing in the Beast biochip vaccine GENOCIDE weapon is EVIL.
          2. But I do wish Musk good luck. Hope it works. Elon Musk has wasted his wealth well. Great ideas. He just needs some engineers and Adults to help him along. But best of luck to him and you upcoming brave Mars riders. Let’s all Hope, Musk does Not go broke before his ship literally gets off the ground.

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