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    Kamala Harris To The United Nations: “We Must Prepare For” The Next Pandemic

    Mac Slavo
    April 27th, 2021
    Comments (16)

    Vice president Kamala Harris recently told the United Nations that “we must prepare for the next one” when speaking of the COVID-19 hoax. Harris is asking the rulers to make sure they know another one is coming.

    Is the next one the dreaded vaccine-induced COVID-21? Will they blame it on a variant? Will this one actually do damage and kill people? It’s hard to say.  But if we’ve learned anything from this past year, it’s that they desire control over all of us, and until they get it or are ignored out of power, we will be subjected to their sinister plans for world domination.

    What they have up their sleeves, is anyone’s guess. But remember, Bill Gates laughed and joked that the “second pandemic” will get people’s attention.

    The “Second Wave” Is Here As Expected, Bill Gates Says This One Will Get Our Attention

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

    Harris’ second virtual address to a U.N. body since her inauguration, will come as the United States makes progress on vaccinating the public and much of the world struggles to acquire vaccines, according to a report by The Denver Post.  “At the same time that the world works to get through this pandemic, we also know that we must prepare for the next,” Harris will say, according to excerpts of the speech obtained by The Associated Press. The speech will be co-hosted by U.N. permanent representatives of Argentina, Japan, Norway, and South Africa.

    Fauci Flip Flops Again: Now Masks Aren’t Needed Outdoors

    We had all better be as prepared as possible.  They have plans and we won’t know just how diabolical those plans for our enslavement are until they are rolled out. Additionally, another member of the ruling class, Biden’s ambassador to the U.N., Linda Thomas-Greenfield, is also scheduled to deliver remarks at Monday’s virtual event and intends to call on nations to “build the pandemic preparedness architecture for the future.”

    “The takeaway from this past year is clear: The world barely withstood this pandemic,” Thomas-Greenfield says in excerpts of her prepared remarks. “We must be ready for the next.”

    The world barely withstood the pandemic? Look around. If your TV is off, do you even see any real-world evidence that there even was a pandemic? Most people have said no.  They can change the common cold or the flu to COVID but we are figuring it out.  As we figure it out, however, they could pull something off that is far more destructive than lies.

    MSM Admits: Flu Has Disappeared!

    Prepare for anything as best you can. Continue to use your own discernment and critical thinking skills as we go forward. It is hard to say what they have planned next, but something is in the works.



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: April 27th, 2021

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      1. Truth Brigade says:

        What she really meant to say was we must prepare for the next “plandemic”.

      2. loudmouth says:

        “The world barely withstood this pandemic”.Yeah, covid casualties were dropping like flies. I’m sure we’ve all seen the piles of dead bodies in the streets everywhere.🙄

      3. As you very accurately mentioned, we had better be ready for anything because the diabolical psychos behind this already have their next bull💩 lined up. These evil bastards never rest!

      4. Frank Thoughts says:

        How did I know the Covid was overhyped flu? When I noticed the police and ambulance were not wearing masks and it was cool for blacks to congregate and agitate for BLM.

        Yes, if you are old and/or immune compromised then Covid is bad. But for most people it is nothing more than the sniffles.

      5. Uh-Uh says:

        Honestly, if it was not for all the mask wearing sheep –
        would anyone here even remotely have any idea that we were all in the middle of the worst “health crisis” in the history of civilization?

      6. Listen says:

        Between creepy Joe and Her Ass- this country is circling the drain at a record pace.
        Can you hear the flush?

      7. “We must prepare for the next pandemic?” I have no time to prepare for the next
        pandemic- I’m still very busy getting through this one.
        I’ve been looking for that covid 19 and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.🤣

      8. Christian Soldier says:

        Must Watch
        UNSUSTAINABLE – The UN’s Agenda for World Domination (Full Movie)

        America is careening toward total tribal war at 120 miles per hour
        with the Devil in the driver’s seat. But yet let me say the devil is a dog on a leash
        and the Lord God holds the leash…and the devil can only do what the Lord God allows him to do.

        Our once God fearing nation is now a nation of sodomites and heathens…until the church repents and calls upon the name of the Lord will see this escalate into the unknown….Psalm 79

        Buckle up for the ride is going to get really rough from here on out….read Psalm 9:17

      9. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Yes. There is definitely a lobal pandemic of diseased minds, hearts, souls, backbones, and guts, all rotting from within.

        Psychopathy has gone viral!

        This typically follows periods of decadence.

        Andrea Iravani

      10. I’m not going to worry about the next corvid, why by the time it hits again ( and only if ), I’ll probably be with my wife by that time if not sooner. She passed away of terminal brain cancer some time ago and all of these hot shot political clowns can kiss my you know what and then they can go straight to h–l for I care.

      11. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        The “Great” Retards

        The Pentagon is claiming that Russia attacked U.S. military in Syria with sonic weapons that the Pentagon claims gave troops flu like symptoms, ommitting the loud silent audio noises of sonic weapons attacks experienced by embassy employees in Cuba, referred to as Havana Syndrome, China, and other embassies. I am also a victim after illegal unconsented uninformed surgery at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee performed on me through nasal cavaties and ears implanting micro-chips, sensors, RFIDs, or microphones, since it is difficult to detect, which reulted in immedate sleep deprivation, excruciatingly loud tinnitus, a sudden inability to be able to cry, and a sudden need for eye glasses, and an immediate end to menstruation, since I am convinced that they also stole my ovums while unconscious since “medical samples” are the second largest export from Wisconsin to Canada. 

        Immediately after my first cell phone was hacked in June of 2017, someone started attacking me with silent audio. My dog also heard it, because he would stare and bark at the cell tower. At first I thought that it was a protest taking place in the industrial park or near the highway behind the cell tower. It is evidently beamed to cell towers from a satellite, because I have heard it while in another town. It is evidently frequency specific to the devices illegally implanted in me. I started researching it after finding out that others did not hear it.

        The psychopaths at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee refuse to confess that they have perpetrated these illegal sadistic experimentaion on me, on March 27, 2014, and revived me from a clinical state of death after I attempted suicide by taking a bottle of hydrocodone prescribed for an impinged shoulder and a bottle of 5 milligram valium prescribed for anxiety. Three doses of narcan and an external heart defibulator was used on me. Ascension Health now owns Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee hospital previously owned by ex Florida governor Rick Scott as part of the Columbia Group and ex WI governor Tommy Thompson and Health and Human Services director Tommy Thompson is a primary investor in Verichip which is also used by the “Humane Society” to install microchipa in pats. Thompson and Hillary Clinton thought that people should be microchipped.

        Right after my first phone was hacked in June of 2017, James Hurth that was a neurosurgeon, psychiatrist, and head of Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital Behavioral Health abruptly resigned and the CEO of WE Energies also abruptly resigned without explanation concurrently.

        I think that they are trying to see if they can control people, and also spy on people with these devices. They ask me to give posessions up, move, give up technology, none of which I have done and which I refuse to do. Since I was involved in the DNC as an events cooridinator and was a Sanders supporter and Hillary hater, I think that someone in politics or even both parties wanted to spy on me for that reason and see if they could control me with mind control. People started illegally entering my home even if I would take out the garbage or get mail. Neighbors behind and across the street from me have stolen things from my home and placed them in their windows. The military and others are experimenting on me with psy-ops. They even wear invisibility cloaks which they developed that reflect the view behind them. It is like a pliable computer screen. Now, just to get the mail, I have to place something in front of my door and walk backwards. New people moved in all around me except for on one side. It always has been a very transient neighborhoid which has turned into a hood of sadistic, white trash, serial criminal, psychopathic thugs. They used to stalk me when I would walk my dog that they killed with poison. Someone also hacked my smart meter in February of 2017, which made it read all letter ds and stary energy flew out of the light socket and laser split two coffee cups in half, one after the other. They also have fake mechanical dragon flies that fly around my yard in the summer, and fake birds that talk and asked me “Do you speak Portuguese” and said, “The Television is your biggest fear.” The psychos in invisibility cloaks would take metal objects and drag them against my metal fence at night, making loud clanging noises. They have locked my doors using directed energy magnetism beams to lock them so that it changes the lock settings so that they keys would not work. They have stolen many things and have vandalised causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage during the most vulnerable time in my life after my Mother that also lived in the neighborhood passed away and even deprived me of grieving her loss as well as the loss of my dog and the loss of my brother. They are the most vile and wretched scum conceivable that should have been aborted rather than conceived for the good of humanity. It is 
        https://www.InfraGard and which they have enlisted many in the media to participate in as well. They use Vault7 hacking tools and have hacked into my car, appliances, smart meters, lighting, heating, and cooling. They are sick as hell. They even hired a Siberian musician Einnfalt to write a song about me, Exhibit C God’s will for Andrea Iravani. I know damned well that it is not Russia that is behind this. It is the surveillance state, police state, and medical mafia. It is the MICIMATT Military Industrial Congressional Intelligence Media Academia Think Tanks. They are mentally incompetent, insane, evil, serial criminal, psychopaths. They are total losers. They are the scum of the earth that the world would be better off without! They are creating the hell that they and their descendants will be forced to live in and will end up being the victims of. 

        Here is proof that Lockheed Martin has installed this technology in cell towers and that they terrorize American citizens:

        Anesthesiologist John R Hall MD Austin Texas on his website, International Center Against the Abuse of Covert Technology, proves that these sick, sadistic, illegal Mengela type experimentaions have been performed on people and estimates that it was done to 300,000 Americans here:

        Proof that organized community stalking by domestic terrorists is taking place here:

        I dedicate this song to the Low Life Terrorist Scum in InfraGard, WEF, the WHO, and the MICIMATT that have perpetrated an organized serial crime spree on me, my life, my family, and my property:

        Public Image Ltd.- Low Life – YouTube

        You may recall how freaked out Hillary Clinton and the Secret Service were acting, attempting to convince people that she was being remotely controlled, with the sSecret Service reaching into their pocket and pressing a remote control device when she had the head bobbing episode, and all of her other inexplicably strange behavior and also George W. Bush’s strange behaior of just stopping mid sentence staring off into space in what appeared to be petit mal seizures or TIAs.

        Peter Koenig that was an economist dor the WHO keeps writing that  people will be able to be controlled with 5G, which I do not believe that it is possible to over ride the free will of the human brain to get someone to carry out a specific desired task, but it might interupt electrical signals in the brain and prevent people from remembering something, or could cause someone to faint, have a seizure, or a heart attack,  There is zero excuse for doing this. Aside from recreational pot smoking and drug experimentaion when I was young, and traffic violations, I did not do anything illeagl, anyone trying to claim responsibility for any behavior of mine, is doing so on fraudulent grounds. These people are domestic terrorists and thieves and international terrorists and thieves with the five eyes and WHO. Causing insomnia, anger, and stress through constant noise cannot be deemed as a legitimate form of medical treatment for anything at all. 

        I am convinced with the evidence that I have read about, witnessed, and experienced that there was a plan to convince people that everyone in governments around the world and heads of corporations were not responsible for their crimes againat humanity and treason involving 9/11 in America, as well as all that followed because they were remotely controlled Manchurian Candidates. 

        Obviously, the WHO, WEF, financials, central banks, tech companies, militaries, Verichip, and universities were conspiring with them in this after ripping everyone off and perpetrating their decades long crime spree after people added things up regarding 9/11 and realized that it was an inside job.

        Unfortunately, I and approximately 300,000 other Americans as well as people around the world, are for some reason a victim of it that has destroyed their narrative. I am glad that it destroyed the false narrative, but not that innocent lives, including my own were destroyed in the process of doing it. 

        I am not public property. Neither is my life, my history, my family, or my property. Who the fuck do you think you are?! I remind you that you are such worthless, useless, insignificant, irrelevant, incompentent, cowardly, losers that you do not even have the guts to admit what you have done to me proving that you are completely powerless, useless, worthless, irrelevant, and insignificant!  You are the scum of the earth that have earned the right to spend the rest of your lives in federal pennitentiaries where you are no longer capable of harming me, my family,  or anyone else. You are serial criminal psychopaths and your lifestyles are crimes against humanity! Do the world a favor and kill yourselves! You are fooling nobody but yourselves! 

        Andrea Iravani

      12. cranerigger says:

        Like any wannabe Tyrant, she recognizes an easy path to more CONTROL (POWER). The easy case for 25th Amendment ousting of impaired Joe is waiting for the right moment. Another planned-demic gets the job done very efficiently.

        To the very few American Citizens that voted ONCE for these folks – shame on you for bringing this chaos. To the crooks & thieves that corrupted the election – beware.

      13. Darth Skippy says:

        “If your TV is off, do you even see any real-world evidence that there even was a pandemic?”

        Only because the Communists have used it as an exigent circumstance to terrorize business.

      14. Hello fellow resistance to the satanic injection.

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        Read this, understand it, the information is very concise. And, post this link everywhere.

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        Together, we can defeat them.