The “Second Wave” Is Here As Expected, Bill Gates Says This One Will Get Our Attention

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Bill Gates is truly sadistic.  After saying we had “pandemic one” and will have “pandemic two,” he says the “next time” will get attention.  Right after he says it, he and Melinda Gates smile in glee at the carnage they are about to unleash on the rest of us.

    These two humans are insane sociopaths. Watch the interview below with Forbes and the Gates. They have no compassion or a fundamental understanding of what it means to be human. Now that states are locking down again, as we’ve been warning based on the media’s fear-mongering, the second wave has arrived.

    Watch Melinda Gates laugh as she talks about ebola arrived in Lagos, a populous state like it’s hilarious that people are going to get sick and die. “You know, we’ll have to prepare for the next one,” Gates says. “That, you know, I’d say is, ah, will get attention this time.”

    Gates also says he hopes the United States will “step up” when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine.  It will be mandatory. And it will cause damages to an untold number of people. Melinda Gates even begins by admitting the World Health Organization isn’t perfect, but we should all submit to their rule over our bodies and allow them to control our minds and so whatever they want.

    The one positive thing is the dislike to like ratio on this video on YouTube. Far more people are disgusted with these people than not. Perhaps there is hope for humanity after all. Hey Gates: We do not consent. We will not comply.

    The Gates also talk about the vaccine with glee.  They know exactly what kind of terror they plan to unleash on the rest of us.

    Robert Kennedy Jr.: “Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Now The 3rd Leading Cause of DEATH” In

    Bill Gates ADMITS The Problem With A Vaccine Is Convincing People To Get It

    The big problem, as admitted by Gates himself, is convincing people to get vaccinated with all the information out there proving vaccines are neither safe nor are they effective. This is why we predict the vaccine will NOT be voluntary. It will be mandated by law, if not federally, state-wide.

    No one is coming to save us. We need to save ourselves, by standing together and uniting and disobeying the orders to get vaccinated. It’s up to us how much tyranny we are willing to accept. If you give up body autonomy, you have submitted that someone else owns your body and what can be put in it. Wake up, stand up, and do not comply.

    Yet “this time” if it’s designed to “get our attention,” we may need to be concerned about the powers that shouldn’t be concocting a real problem that is actually going to hurt or kill people. If the first scamdemic didn’t scare people, and the second one will get our attention, and we know the Gates are psychopaths, it bears hypothesizing that they might actually harm people to panic the masses enough to force their agenda through.



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      1. There are a lot of things required by Government, so what. I have no intention to take the new or any old vaccines. Some times you must stand and consequences be damned

      2. Is only because our Government are irresponsible, Bill Gate suppose not to be allow. By now he should have been arrested, our Government and leaders are pretending Christian’s, if they are good Christian’s they would have known the different between man of God from satanic agents…….

      3. My business has seen a huge downturn since the “second wave” Hospital ER rooms continue to be reported as PACKED while they are in realiy IF you were to visit one are complete empty wastelands. A neighbor was recently laid off from his nursing job citing lack of patients.

        That said what next? Give up my hard earned credit rating? Spend my remaining cash?

      4. Willy boy can smoke my helmet….

      5. You always condem these world problems solver because your comprehension is far below their level. Yielding to their advice will help the world rather than calling them names. They are phylosophers of our generation.

      6. And don’t forget who spread the Coronavirus to create the second wave: BLM. Why would a black-run organisation spread a disease that has hurt black people badly (because of their genetics, poor overall health – diabetes etc.)? Why do black people kill each other every day? In a word: ignorance. Just 10% of the black community read and the vast majority get their information either through TV or social media. Reading is well known to be a trigger for high level thinking: an ability to hold two contradictory thoughts, to see the bigger picture, to undertake analysis. But if you have most of your population unable to do this, then they are prey to easy manipulation.

        And they were told that it was white people that were harming them, despite the fact the Covid-19 pandemic was coming from China and the lockdowns and shut downs were ordered by an African who runs the WHO.

      7. We have to start labeling them for what they are:


        If they say that we are conspiracy theorists, say no, we are victims of covid conspirators, and it’s always the same with those involved in conspiracies, relying on former Conspirator in Chief Bill Clinton, that admitted that he raped so many women, by relying on his nuts and sluts defense. So if they weren’t virgins, they were sluts, and if they were virgins, they were nuts, according to Clinton.

        Andrea Iravani

        • Also, those involved in a conspiracy typically deny that they are involved in a conspiracy. Disallow them feeling comfortable and free to commit this conspiracy aginst everyone! Tell them that they exhibit typical behavior of someone involved in a conspiracy. We must interrogate them, until they give up!

          Andrea Iravani

      8. The second wave is a result of protesters and looters packing the streets. But not one politician will admit it. They are blaming it on memorial day gatherings.. which is bs.

      9. This most likely cause of this second wave is all the “protesting” and riots. But no one is talking about that..

        This 1st one didn’t do enough damage to make people bow down to NWO so we released annew, mor deadly strain?

      11. You need to think clearly about the second wave of Covid and what is causing it. And be logical and evidence-based.

        1) The vast majority of white people have been under lockdown and obeyed the lockdown. In some white European countries, the military was literally outside the front door making sure people stayed in their homes.

        2) The first wave carriers of Covid were Chinese citizens who flew out of Wuhan and spread it around the world. Remember all those Chinese people walking around with masks on in December, January and February? Those were the virus ‘bombs’ spreading it around.

        3) At first, blacks and Muslims openly proclaimed on social media they were immune to the virus and called it a ‘boomer remover’. Muslims routinely flouted the lockdown and attended mosques and family gatherings. Blacks also had street parties and BBQs etc.

        4) The people who suffered the most from Covid are predominately old white people in nursing homes. Those old white people were NOT demonstrating in the streets about George Floyd spreading the virus around.

        5) When the BLM demonstrations and riots began, that was black people out and about spreading the virus around. That is the cause of the second wave.

      12. Gates is as full of shit as the day is long. The public has gotten fed up with their first wave so now they’re going to try to resurrect their position of control by rolling out a second wave. Thinking about it reminds me of the saying that only a fool makes the same mistake twice (which is a loose paraphrase of Proverbs 26:9-12).

      13. Mr. Gates and Melinda it is time for you to come back home from where you came! HELL! WE have a reward for you here …. an eternity of burning!

      14. I didn’t see but one comment at this YouTube so I wonder if all but the one in Latin have been removed. I left the following & wonder how long it will remain there:
        “No mention of how individuals can be healthy including having a strong immune system. All questions & responses would have viewers think that they have NO ability to be healthy & avoid serious illness from this current coronavirus without subjecting themselves to a vaccine that will have serious side effects as all do.
        “The environment – air, soil & oceans – contain numerous viruses, bacteria, fungi & other microbes that have been part of the surroundings in which humans & their immune systems have evolved. The vast majority of those who have (truly) died from this current cornoavirus have had poor immune systems as a result of serious underlying health conditions. Preventing those serious underlying health conditions is the way to ensure a mild at most result of becoming “infected” with this or any virus. But of course, that would make vaccines far less desirable by the vast majority of people & likely not something the Gates or pharmaceutical companies really want to see happen. So the health information from them will continue to be very limited…..”
        ———–end of comment made at YouTube interview ————-
        Good Health does not appear to be the interest of Bill & Melinda Gates – except their own I assume – but rather promotion of the belief that vaccines are absolutely necessary for humans to survive AND the fear that death will occur if their vaccines are not accepted.

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