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MSM “Second Wave” Propaganda Intensifies: They Are Attempting Mind Control

Mac Slavo
June 22nd, 2020
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They will not let it go. The mainstream media and the ruling class puppets are pushing the “second wave” propaganda intensely right now.  They are conditioning the minds of the masses to accept another round of house arrest to get you used to the “new normal” which will be your enslavement to the New World Order.

This will not end and there’s no gray area anymore. There will be a New World Order. It’s up to you which side you are on. If you continue to fight for the system they set up to rule, control and steal from you, make no mistake, your enslavement will be imminent. But there is still time to leave their system and exit the Matrix.

The Establishment Doesn’t Fear Trump, And It Doesn’t Fear Bernie. It Fears You

The mechanism which ensures the perpetuation of the same policies from administration to administration used to be referred to by analysts as the “deep state”, back before Trump and his supporters hijacked that term and began using it to essentially mean something like “Democrats and anyone who doesn’t like Trump”. Originally the term deep state referred not to one political party, nor to some shadowy cabal of Illuminati or Satanists or reptilians, but to the simple and undeniable fact that unelected power structures exist and tend to influence America’s official elected government. It wasn’t a conspiracy theory, it was a concept used in political analysis to describe how US government agencies and plutocrats form loose alliances with each other and with official Washington to influence government policy and behavior.

It is inevitable that such a permanent second government would exist in the current iteration of the United States if you think about it. It’s impossible to have a globe-spanning empire of the sort America now has without long-term plans spanning years or decades for securing control of world resources, undermining rivals, securing more compliant allies, and ensuring military and economic hegemony. If the US were a normal nation which simply minded its own affairs, a permanent government wouldn’t be necessary. But because it isn’t, one is. -Cailtlin Johnstone, Activist Post

Be aware of this obvious propaganda.  Once you step outside the system, you can see everything more clearly as the veil gets lifted. The truth is, Trump is helping push the New World Order forward. He has passed stimulus bills that anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see transferred wealth to the top .1% while impoverishing those in the bottom 80%. “Well, he’s just crashing a system to bring in a new one!” Yep. That’s exactly right. A new digital, cashless, currency, that is wholly centralized in the hands of the same people who run it now -the establishment elitist bankers.

 The result of the 2020 election isn’t going to change a whole hell of a lot.

This might be a bit offensive to both Trump supporters and Sanders supporters, but it’s true.

Whenever I point out that the current administration has been advancing many longstanding agendas of the CIA and neoconservative war pigs–agendas like military expansionism, imprisoning Assange, regime change interventionism in Iran and Venezuela, and reigniting the Cold War–his supporters always come in saying “If he’s working for the establishment how come the establishment is working so hard to get rid of him, huh?”

Well, for starters, they’re not. Nobody who can count Senate seats believes Trump will be removed from office in the current impeachment sideshow, and everyone who understood Russiagate knew it was going to dead-end at nothing. If they really wanted Trump gone they wouldn’t be pussyfooting around with a bunch of kayfabe combat that they know will never hurt him. Obviously he wasn’t the preferred 2016 choice of certain factions within the establishment, but there are mechanisms in place to ensure that the empire can tick right along with a less-than-ideal president in the White House. -Cailtlin Johnstone, Activist Post

It really shouldn’t be difficult to figure it out anymore, but nonetheless, there will still be those who call me names for pointing out the simple fact that Donald Trump is now a member of the ruling class that is working diligently with the New World Order to enslave the people. I’ll be called a commie, when I’m anything but, simply because I won’t bow to nor will I accept any ruler, even Trump.

The cold hard truth many still ignore is that IF Trump posed any kind of a threat to the elitists, he wouldn’t have even been allowed to win the election in the first place. Another piece of logic that continues to escape the minds of the enslaved still stuck in the left/right paradigm, is this: Trump can’t and will not be allowed by the elites to use the same system set up by the elites to take down the elites.  That’s not how this works once reasoning and logic are applied.  Trump is a tool used to give people the illusion of choice in the system. You have no choice. The only choice is to leave the system and stop participating in your own mental enslavement.

Robert Kiyosaki: What The Elites Don’t Want You To Know

As the second wave propaganda continues to intensify to put the masses into a fear-based panic and get them to look away from the ruling class and the banksters who are tightening the chains as I type this. They know they need compliance because they know they can’t enslave your body, but once they have your mind, it’s simple. They need you to believe your vote matters and the system is legitimate. All I’m asking is to remove that compliance and become self-reliant.  No system is necessary. We are free and we don’t need permission to live free from anyone.

People around the globe are beginning to realize what an unnecessary evil government has always been.SHTFPlan editor, January 2020

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: June 22nd, 2020
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

    Caitlin Johnstone is an evil narcisstic psychopathic fraud that opportunistically took advantage of Julian Assange being in prison and her narcisstic psychopathic cohorts hacked into Julian Assange’s twitter account and started sending tweets to Assange’s followers linking their own websites asking for donations to themselves to Assange twitter followers.

    Johnstone wrote an entire book of lies on Astrology. She is an evil wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Talk is cheap. Actions matter. Caitlin Johnstone’s actions are in complete contradiction to her rhetoric.

    Andrea Iravani

  2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

    Caitlin Johnstone is an evil narcisstic psychopathic fraud that opportunistically took advantage of Julian Assange being in prison and her narcisstic psychopathic cohorts hacked into Julian Assange’s twitter account and started sending tweets to Assange’s followers linking their own websites asking for donations to themselves to Assange twitter followers.

    Johnstone wrote an entire book of lies on Astrology. She is an evil wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Talk is cheap. Actions matter. Caitlin Johnstone’s actions are in complete contradiction to her rhetoric. 

    Any person that is not a narcisstic psychopath finds the predatious behavior of Caitlin Johnstone and her evil cohorts of  hacking into Assange’s personal twitter account disgusting as hell, when it is done so to promote themselves and seeking donations to themselves while Assange was sent to prison is so disgusting that it makes me want to puke!

    It is that psychopathic mindset of people like Caitlin Johnstone that believe that their lives are more important than their victims, and that they have no problem at all violating the human rights of others as a cannibalstic survival tactic.

    Caitlin Johnstone is a danger to others.

    Andrea Iravani

  3. Bill says:

    Tearing down statues and monuments, looting and burning down businesses, and occupying city streets may make people feel good for a while, but it won’t change a g*dd*m thing. This country has spent some 30 trillion dollars on social programs since 1965, and look what we got for it. The MSM and “civil rights” organizations, and other disseminators of “information” are misleading the public. It’s less about equality, prosperity, and freedom, and more about the goals of the nameless and faceless leaders of the recent rioting and protesting that want to establish Marxism for the masses, with oligarchy “elites” in control.
    The absolute most powerful thing working middle class people can do is to unite as a whole, and go on massive and unrelenting national campaigns of protest. No not campaigns, but rampages, and I mean be altogether implacable.
    Couple that with a nationwide movement of opting out of doing business with the banking systems and corporations.
    Then, there must be national but peaceful non-compliance. Don’t go to work, radically reduce shopping to absolute essentials, do not pay rents or mortgages (don’t worry, with so many not paying they would not take your house), same for vehicles, withdraw all funds from banks, and do not use credit cards. It might cause some temporary pain for the middle class (bartering could offset some pain) but if they stayed the course they would have an overwhelming crushing victory.
    The foundation of the nation would be shaken. Martial law would go into effect. Sure they could put us all in camps and facilities, but if so many were rounded up they would still fail to achieve control. Who would be left to make the country function.
    Another helpful measure for the cause would be for our young men and women to stop going into the military. All military personal today are not fighting to preserve our freedoms at home. They are in reality fighting wars for the oil companies, major corporations, the Mil. Ind. Comp., and doing Israel’s dirty work. Don’t be deluded otherwise, Read about General Smedley Butler, and what he said about our wars.
    It’s not as hard as many believe to effect big change, it only requires a popular will and effort.

  4. This site is a gatekeeper, no freedom of speech allowed. What is the sense of telling people what is going on if you can’t name them?

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