“There Will Be a More Volatile Crisis”: JPMorgan Chief Signals Coming Financial Tsunami

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 125 comments

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    Earth shaking words from a giant on Wall Street.

    The insiders know the next collapse is coming. What form it takes may remain a surprise to account holders and investors who are not on guard.

    But JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon is positioning his firm to pick up the pieces after it hits.

    A loud warning from a person who may be considered a de facto spokesman for the insiders who prevail on Wall Street, Dimon’s comments are more than just precautionary and foreboding – they spell out the mechanism with which the big banks and the technocratic controllers will seize and concentrate power during the next crisis.

    Problem-reaction-solution… and the new rules of the game.

    Another crisis event is coming in the financial markets. That much is clear.

    How bad it will be depends upon how well you withstand the new rules of engagement.

    Dimon writes in his April 8, 2015 shareholder letter:

    Some things never change — there will be another crisis, and its impact will be felt by the financial market.

    The trigger to the next crisis will not be the same as the trigger to the last one – but there will be another crisis. Triggering events could be geopolitical (the 1973 Middle East crisis), a recession where the Fed rapidly increases interest rates (the 1980-1982 recession), a commodities price collapse (oil in the late 1980s), the commercial real estate crisis (in the early 1990s), the Asian crisis (in 1997), so-called “bubbles” (the 2000 Internet bubble and the 2008 mortgage/housing bubble), etc. While the past crises had different roots (you could spend a lot of time arguing the degree to which geopolitical, economic or purely financial factors caused each crisis), they generally had a strong effect across the financial markets

    Dimon, the consummate insider who held a board position on the powerful New York branch of the Federal Reserve during and after the near-collapse, thinks his institution will do far better than last time, hinting at some observations and scenarios war-gamed by his firm’s research consultants that could be triggered by geopolitical and currency flashpoints

    Regarding the Eurozone, we must be prepared for a potential exit by Greece. We continually stress test our company for possible repercussions resulting from such an event (even though, in our opinion, after the initial turmoil, it is quite possible that it would prompt greater structural reform efforts by countries that remain).

    The recent volatility of oil, dropping to historic lows and setting in new tensions in global affairs and finance, while destroying jobs, may be enough to set it off. The full effects of pump prices and economic warfare via oil prices aimed at the economies of Russia, Iran and other potentially hostile nations is still very much in motion, and clearly a tinderbox.

    Also regarding geopolitical crises, one of our firm’s great thinkers, Michael Cembalest, reviewed all of the major geopolitical crises going back to the Korean War, which included multiple crises involving the Soviet Union and countries in the Middle East, among others. Only one of these events derailed global financial markets: the 1973 war in the Middle East that resulted in an oil embargo, caused oil prices to quadruple and put much of the world into recession. We stress test frequently virtually every country and all credit, market and interest rate exposures; and we analyze not only the primary effects but the secondary and tertiary consequences. And we stress test for extreme moves – like the one you recently saw around oil prices. Rest assured, we extensively manage our risks. (p. 16)

    Whatever the cause of the crisis, the weight of historically unprecedented market interventions by central banks and changing technology and practices is creating ruptures in the structure of society that have the potential to explode during the next turn of events, directly threatening personal wealth.

    The aftermath of the 2008 crisis has slowly crippled average Americans, sharpening the decline of the middle class, creating fierce new waves of poverty and evaporating hopes for new opportunities and stable jobs. Its effects have been blunted by government “reform” to pacify the masses and media coverage to bolster optimism, and a psychologically healing band-aid was placed over the wounds.

    In the meantime, the entire playing field has been changed. Consumers and little guy institution stand to be engulfed in the aftermath of the next crisis. Problem-reaction-solution is a game the bankers know well, and have a crafted strategy for, just as a coach holds a playbook.

    These “reaction” transactions of the next financial crisis will be intensified by the new financial terrain:

    • automated, rapid via computers, algorithms, big data;

    • “shallow markets” and threatened with “illiquidity”;

    • positioned to charge for deposits and transactions while less likely to lend and returning little or no interest;

    • vulnerable to cyber theft and subject to account freezes;

    • market “depth” limited by gravity of actions of big fish in the pond – big banks, Federal Reserve bond purchases, derivatives moved by enormous players and rapid computerized trades; dark pools of billionaires steering big deals from the shadows;

    Dimon’s JPMorgan Chase has hired the tech necessary to follow completely the actions of the entire financial spectrum – right down to individual accounts, while “leveraging” data with 3rd party companies using it for their own purposes and adding on a layer of complexity to purchaser, depositor, customer data profiles.

    According to Dimon, the likely mass movements of capital and desperate players when the next run on the market sets in are fairly predictable.

    Good collateral will dry up; credit will be slow to extend and tough to come by; there may not be enough treasuries to soak up bad assets – and most pointedly, banks may not even accept deposits.

    And many will suffer, panic and turn to the arms of JPMorgan Chase and its peers, and into the safe harbor of treasuries and government-backed instruments and institutions. The central banks and the obscured insider syndicate hold all the cards and remain in control of the solution.

    Many things will be different — for example, there will be far more risk residing in the central clearinghouses, and non-bank competitors will have become bigger lenders in the marketplace. Clearinghouses will be the repository of far more risk than they were in the last crisis because more derivatives will be cleared in central clearinghouses. It is important to remember that clearinghouses consolidate – but don’t necessarily eliminate – risk.

    There already is far less liquidity in the general marketplace: why this is important to issuers and investors. […] For issuers, it reduces their cost of issuance, and for investors, it reduces their cost when they buy or sell. Liquidity can be even more important in a stressed time because investors need to sell quickly, and without liquidity, prices can gap, fear can grow and illiquidity can quickly spread – even in supposedly the most liquid markets.


    Market depth is far lower than it was, and we believe that is a precursor of liquidity. For example, the market depth of 10-year Treasuries (defined as the average size of the best three bids and offers) today is $125 million, down from $500 million at its peak in 2007. The likely explanation for the lower depth in almost all bond markets is that inventories of market-makers’ positions are dramatically lower than in the past. For instance, the total inventory of Treasuries readily avail – able to market-makers today is $1.7 trillion, down from $2.7 trillion at its peak in 2007. Meanwhile, the Treasury market is $12.5 trillion; it was $4.4 trillion in 2007.

    The determination of markets around Federal Reserve policy is critical. “Hints” of the Fed slowing its bond purchases caused such an “unprecedented” and significant disturbance in the market, that statisticians claimed it was a once-in-3-billion-years event:

    Recent activity in the Treasury markets and the currency markets is a warning shot across the bow.

    Treasury markets were quite turbulent in the spring and summer of 2013, when the Fed hinted that it soon would slow its asset purchases. Then on one day, October 15, 2014, Treasury securities moved 40 basis points, statistically 7 to 8 standard deviations – an unprecedented move – an event that is supposed to happen only once in every 3 billion years or so (the Treasury market has only been around for 200 years or so – of course, this should make you question statistics to begin with). Some currencies recently have had similar large moves. Importantly, Treasuries and major country currencies are considered the most standardized and liquid financial instruments in the world.

    Dimon notes many factors that are different from the 2008 era and which will determine the outcome of emergencies to come.


    Today, banks are starting to charge customers for deposits, a reflection on the insane effects of negative interest rates.

    Tomorrow, when the next crisis hits, megabanks like JPMorgan Chase may not accept deposits at all, according to Jamie Dimon’s assessment:

    And now, a thought exercise of what might be different in the next crisis

    In a crisis, weak banks lose deposits, while strong banks usually gain them. In 2008, JPMorgan Chase’s deposits went up more than $100 billion. It is unlikely that we would want to accept new deposits the next time around because they would be considered non-operating deposits (short term in nature) and would require valuable capital under both the supplementary leverage ratio and G-SIB.

    In a crisis, everyone rushes into Treasuries to protect themselves. In the last crisis, many investors sold risky assets and added more than $2 trillion to their ownership of Treasuries (by buying Treasuries or government money market funds). This will be even more true in the next crisis. But it seems to us that there is a greatly reduced supply of Treasuries to go around – in effect, there may be a shortage of all forms of good collateral.


    It is my belief that in a crisis environment, non-bank lenders will not continue rolling over loans or extending new credit except at exorbitant prices that take advantage of the crisis situation.


    The markets in general could be more volatile — this could lead to a more rapid reduction of valuations

    Moreover, JPMorgan and other big banks are expanding their policies of charging customers to hold deposits, validate funds and make transactions – charges that JPMorgan sees as the “true cost of moving money.”

    With new measures for cybersecurity, fraud protection and payment verification in mind, JPMorgan is slated to tack on new processing fees and add costs for all transactions, and especially ‘outmoded’ payments like cash and checks and the loafing “free riders” who use them:

    For example, it costs retailers 50-70 basis points to use cash (due to preventing fraud and providing security, etc.). And retailers often will pay 1% to an intermediary to guarantee that a check is good. A guaranteed check essentially is the same as a debit card transaction for which they want to pay 0%. For some competitors, free riding is the only thing that makes their competition possible. Having said that, we need to acknowledge our own flaws. We need to build a real-time system that properly charges participants for usage, allows for good customer service, and minimizes fraud and bad behavior.

    Technology is changing your access to financial markets, loans and ultimately your own money.

    The gravity will tend towards the big banking institutions – that much Dimon is assured of – and the data firms who give it “leveraged power” through technological monitoring and authorization systems. Transactions that are approved and controlled through this system will be speedy and secure; others will be slower, marginalized and perhaps even prohibitory:

    Big, fast data. We continue to leverage the data generated across JPMorgan Chase, as well as data that we purchase to create intelligent solutions that support our internal activities and allow us to provide value and insights to our clients. For example, we are monitoring our credit card and treasury services transactions to catch fraudulent activities before they impact our clients, we are helping our clients mitigate costs by optimizing the collateral they post in support of derivatives contracts, and we are highlighting insights to our merchant acquiring and co-brand partners.


    Moreover, Silicon Valley is moving into Wall Street to use big data in making big changes in traditional banking practices. Loans and other instruments can be approved and move faster, while start up tech firms gain the position of underwriting loans with data-based practices and steering the development of the new system. Dimon writes: Silicon Valley is coming. There are hundreds of startups with a lot of brains and money working on various alternatives to traditional banking. The ones you read about most are in the lending business, whereby the firms can lend to individuals and small businesses very quickly and – these entities believe – effectively by using Big Data to enhance credit underwriting. They are very good at reducing the “pain points” in that they can make loans in minutes, which might take banks weeks.

    Tech firms are admittedly steering this brave new system of banking.

    As for the unspoken levels of funny business that invariably go on during crisis of all types – in finance, in wars and in social upheavals – Dimon naturally says very little.

    What is not said in these shareholder letters is that the agreements, under the table and above board, between Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the political circles of Washington and the various levers maintaining the status quo is that the tidal wave of corruption and criminality that triggered and consumed the 2008 Financial Crisis has been swept under the rug; the reforms have set it in, the bad players have been scolded and punished, and the game will go on.

    Nothing will ever be done to hold into account the real offenses which led up to a near-total economic disaster last time. None dare call the looting, fleecing and confiscation of wealth for what it is. Not inside the system.

    Throughout Dimon’s 39-page letter from April 8, he repeatedly admits that his bank never had an unprofitable quarter during the actual 2008-2009 crisis. Through the typical corporate gloating and positive spin for share holders, Dimon underscores the fact that the banking interests that he represents are admittedly stronger than ever after more than six years, and better equipped to “manage” the reactions of the next crisis, which he has admitted is sure to come.

    The new system of banking – reformed from the all but the worst problems of the last crisis – retains power over its own affairs, and knows the ropes, rules and regs as only a participant in building that system could.

    In the new world, in order to improve the consistency of controls, regulators have demanded that most risk and control functions be centralized, including Risk, Compliance, Finance, Oversight & Control, Audit and Legal. In doing this, we have given huge amounts of additional authority to functions at our corporate headquarters.

    The possibility of “rigging markets” and manipulating economic events not only remains in the hands of the largest banking corporations, but it is stronger than ever with a firm partnership between Silicon Valley and Wall Street that is directing the course of events.

    Stand by for rough seas.


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      1. Will we ever get out of this???

        • we gotta get out of this place
          if it’s the last thing we EVER do
          we gotta get out of this place
          girl there’s a better life for me and you….who WAS it sang that song that was sooo prophetic(the doors?), so many years ago?….and a little off the subject, but who wrote that book….
          GOLD: unsafe at any price?

          • Animals sang it…
            ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCPjnuwdKkw

            • I no longer laugh at Grandma’s egg
              money put away in the cookie jar.

              • I do the same thing that my grandfather did to weather the bad times in the 20’s and 30’s.
                Im a Machinist. So I invest my money in tools, equipment and materials necessary to keep me going when things are slow. I even have a list of products to make like mason jar lid dies and razor grinders, meat grinders. spinning spindles, so on and so forth. Many of them are things my grandfather made and had a booming business.

                • Hello Joe.

                  Have set aside Tap and die sets in Metric and Standard. Plenty of various size drill bits. Couple of sets of easy outs. Square and swirl type.

                  Removal and replacement of broken studs and bolts or to chase threads will be a plus. Wish I could put together a small machine shop.

                  Being able to fabricate with steel. Arc and gas weld.
                  I’m a Kid in a candy store I tell you.

                  • I have a 1955 Pipe fitter and pipe welder’s handbook I got at the Flea Market. By Thomas W. Frankland.

                    Lots of good info.

                    • JPMorgan – THE BIGGEST BANKSTER OF THEM ALL, Signals Coming Financial Tsunami…wonderful.

                  • Interesting that you mention you collect metric too, slingshot.

                    The metric system sums up our whole country. We are so far behind the rest of the world in so many things. Burma, Liberia and the United States are the only three countries left who still use standard units of measure instead of metric. Of those 3 countries, ones a Military Dictatorship, ones a war torn country under UN control because they can’t stop killing each other because of ethnic intolerance. And the third country is a Police State where crime and corruption are endemic in the political elite.

                    • Give ’em an inch and they’ll take 1.6093 kilometres. No to globalist metrication agenda.

                    • Cede

                      Once it was straight slot and Phillips heads. Now it has torgue tips, allen heads, square tips to get the job done. Then those special tools that the manufacturer has so you have to take it to him to fix.

                    • I own those “special tools”, and I fix it myself. They’re not really expensive, you just have to know what you’re looking for.

                    • The main reason we are not Metric in this country, from an engineer’s viewpoint (mine) is that the USA holds a vast amount of scientific and engineering data on things like strengths of materials, chemistry, metallurgy, tribology (friction and lubrication), thermodynamics, aerodynamics, and-and-and, which were all generated in the inch system. Much of this data simply does not exist in the metric system anywhere in the world. (Only Germany comes even close.) Trying to engineer buildings, batteries or bulldozers in metric requires converting all of it. I for one am happy to let the Chinese and Japanese do all that work.

                    • Which of those countries you described is the US? They all fit the bill….

                • I do something very similar, small motor repair and tool sharpening and service, amazing how many folks do not know how to do basic service on their small tools like weed eaters mowers and such, but these things will be needed no matter what happens and some one needs to fix them, might as well be me.
                  Good luck and stay well

                  • Mac, you are so right. I do all sorts of small repairs for myself from sharpening my own mower to installing my own garbage disposal. As the eldest, Dad taught me a great many things; didn’t matter that I’m a girl. I’d much rather bake or sew but I have done whatever needed doing to survive. Doing my own repairs has given me much pride in home ownership as well as saved me countless dollars.

              • This Grandma’s “egg” money is from making cotton dish cloths and cotton market bags (instead of plastic) and believe me that money no matter how small has saved our butt more times then I can count. yea for Grandma’s egg money.

                • Interesting that in my rural area quite a few grannies still earn their egg money by selling……eggs! I buy them. Nothing like store-bought eggs that are often a month or two old. Just don’t try to peel ’em after hardboiling!

          • The Animals are the original artist of that song.

          • I think it was the Animals that sang that.

          • “In a hundred years, this all won’t matter”

            -Jimmy Buffett

          • butt

            Remember Jim Morrison s book ?


        • No one gets out of here alive

        • Eppe asks: “Will we ever get out of this???”

          Answer: Yes, if you prep spiritually. Which means repenting of your sins and completely and genuinely trusting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

          With regards to the question about America’s accelerating moral and political and cultural and social and financial decay, the answer is No. Not without a lot of pain, violence, upheaval, turmoil, and chaos.

          Armageddon and apocalypse has been foretold and prophesied.

          Trust that you’re part of the elect that can partake of the New Jerusalem.


          • Amen!

        • Fat ass parents with fat children should have their kids taken away from them. They should be fined and imprisoned for child abuse. Disgusting fucking fat roles and double chins hanging off them. Nobody should ever hire a fat ass for an important job. You should never even speak to a fucking fat ass unless your job requires it. Fat people should be relegated to an enclave like a fucking leper colony. Switch to organic food you fat asses. Go outside and do some hiking.

          Fat shaming is good.

          • Rolls, not roles. fat rolls

        • Colleges are not doing enough to indoctrinate students to the bisexual agenda.

          Every fucking picture the university puts out has several races of people working together.

          They should be showing gay couples, lesbians, threesomes, orgies, etc.

          People should be encouraged to experiment with their genitals without fear of mockery by the fucking sheeple.

          • Hey Acid, you forgot to include PAEDOPHILIA on that list, or is the unthinkable slyly included in the “etc?”

          • Nice one acid ass. No one cares of your ramblings. We all know it is for attention only. I have known several people like you over the years. Your parents should have worked with you a little more and spent some time with you. Good luck.

          • AE:

            Don’t you have a teevee? What the colleges lack (according to you) the MSM is making up in spades. Kids don’t need to go to college to be brainwashed in evil; the TV has them from birth.

            You also should look around for a ‘new age’ church. You will be in your ‘comfort zone’ there. They are teaching the same BS you are spouting here.

          • Call 1-800-bite-me for a recorded message beau Brummell!

          • I cant believe, your suggesting your ill thoughts of gay thinking,

        • Another crisis event is coming… blah blah blah.

          Been reading this for years. Really getting tired of the same old story.

          • the NEW bama….same as the Ol’bama,…. clueless.

            • No, he knows exactly what he is doing. He is a Marxist. He studies Sol Lewinsky as did Hilary Clinton our next democratic canidate.

      2. Oh swell! Jamie Dimon has the situation well in hand, and Chase is “getting ready” to pick up the pieces.
        Dimon and his FedReserve pals are a huge PART of the coming financial tsunami.
        I’m so glad that Jamie is at the helm of Chase….glad he has so much in common with the Captain of the Titanic, who had a pretty similar attitude about HIS “ship”.

        Yes, Eppe, we will eventually get “out” of “this”. It will be painful and difficult, but we will get out/over this coming crap.IF, we choose to be prepared.

      3. and this is where stocking up food comes into play. 10$ a payday goes a long ways. Just my humble opinion

        • An army runs on it’s stomach. Food is the key item, every other tangible item will be available. Food is the limiting factor. Stock deep and wide. cepn.us
          The Christian Emergency Preparedness Network.

          Our focus is on networking. Now is the time to network with those who have eye’s to see. Check out our site, and promote the message in your sphere’s of influence.

          • “m”ark. An army “MARCHES” on “its” stomach.

          • WHEN THE MOBS COME TO YOU………remember, you were warned. desparate people do desparate deeds.


          • Mark, thanks for the info. I don’t want to be a lone “wolf” just haven’t found any like-minded individuals to join in with. I’ll check this info out. Might be what I need.

        • I dug out some of my dehydrated cherries and had cherry pancakes this morning…yum yum.

          • Six:

            Two days ago I cooked up a large sack of frozen marionberries, put them in cheese cloth and squeezed the juice through (to get rid of the seeds) and canned up marionberry syrup for my pancakes.

            Wish I lived where the picking is free in Oregon….

            • Oh, yumm! I’ve still got some wild berries in my freezer. I gotta find me a recipe for making that syrup…

              • Six:

                Just make sure the recipe you use does NOT call for karo syrup. It masks the flavor as well as it is terrible for us.

                In another subject you ask for help with canning. Lots of great canning info at LDS sites. Make sure that you follow all directives of whether you can use water bath or if you should use a pressure cooker.

                My family canned going generations back….anything that had a meat product in it was pressure canned, period. Also some vegetables must be pressure canned.

                There is mega info from home extension agencies at your fingertips also.

                • Thanks POG.

      4. Control out of chaos: It’s planned and controlled toward world order. That would be their order not ours. Of course their already planning on how to come out of this on top, evil bastards.

        The states are broke, the country is broke and they are hiking state fees & taxes and anything they can get their grimy little hands on. This will lead to the chaos that will effect every nook and cranny of our life’s earnings.

        I hope they realize if the people go down we’re taking them with us.

        • you forgot about the broke CITIES, and COUNTIES….now we’re ALL broke,….and BROKEN!

          • If a bank doesn’t accept deposits, how then can it be considered a bank?

            The Wiki explanation for bank (which we all know has been said to be tainted by government interference) is a tad disturbing: “A bank is a financial intermediary and money creator that creates money by lending money to a borrower, thereby creating a corresponding deposit on the bank’s balance sheet…”

            A money creator? That’s puts “banks” in a very interesting category, now doesn’t it.

      5. Expect the banks and financial firms to suffer massive losses. Their wholly owned government will not let this stand, so . . .

        The FDIC will sharply reduce the insured deposit amount, and ‘bail-ins’ will commence – where the banks steal your deposits and use them to cover the bank’s gambling losses and pay their executhieves and board of directors massive bonuses for being so very clever.

        Your pension fund will collapse, but so will almost everyone elses’, so you’ll have company in misery.

        The Free Shit Army’s EBT cards will stop working.

        People will start to f*cking lose it. Which brings us to all that hardware DHS has been stockpiling and prepositioning for more than a decade.

        In a decade or two, Rawles will probably be able to re-release his Patriots series, with a few changes, as a documentary.

        • That’s a good one, documentary…….. lol, sad but likely true.

        • “executhieves” I LIKE THAT.

        • Wonder what will happen when they have all the money? Guess they will fight each other.

      6. It won’t be long before social security and veterans benefit checks that are direct deposited will be at risk from greedy bankers. The bank card they gave me initially expired and I had to pay 5 dollars for another one. That was 5 dollars I needed for something else.

        • Aljamo,
          Hey your handle does it have anything to do with a place in New Mexico ? locals there use that as a short for Alamogordo.just curious.


        * it is time freedom loving american preppers and patriots created their own national credit unions. 1 in every state.

        * that are secure simple old fashioned banks, catering to the the basic banking needs of the common american citizen.


        • Sounds interesting

          • i propose first we all create a patriotic prepper investment ‘social club’ that provides a debit card credit service to all members.

            then once the social club holdings reach 5 million dollars , the social club becomes a religious organization and now offers not only a debit card service , but a credit card as well and small short term individual loans.

            it’s religion is based on individual self preparedness education and community group survival.

            the whole basis of the religion is productive peaceful harmony with the environment as a community in all things even finances.

            once the societies holdings reach 20 million it forms a holdings investment house. which is the bank.

            at which point it invests globally and excepts global members.

            this will circumvent the ziojew controlled banking regulation that rule over zog amerika.

            • the point of origin should be wyoming.

              • I don’t care what else they do, as long as they get banks out of the gambling business. Banks operate on other people’s money, and I was always taught that you don’t make bets with money that isn’t yours.

        • Chartering will present a problem. Control is absolute.

          • i understand that. which is why i think we should follow the social club to organized community religion to investment house path, as the church of Scientology did.

            you can also be added for a fee to an outside chartered bank as a subsidiary. thereby bypassing the need to filed for one to begin with.

            they key is for the organization to develop enough reserve wealth to support the banks birth pangs.

      8. ” Rest assured, we extensively manage our risks.”
        HAHAHA , Go back to sleep , silly investor.

        ” We need to build a real-time system that properly charges participants for usage, allows for good customer service, and minimizes fraud and bad behavior.”
        Get yer ass ready for digital currency with surcharges .

        “In the new world, in order to improve the consistency of controls, regulators have demanded that most risk and control functions be centralized, ”

        More socialism please , lets put government in control of EVERYTHING !

        Reads like the typical prospectus .

        • Hammerhead:

          That “centralization” will be the United Nations NWO. Getting close, aren’t they?

          • I think they are. they’re certainly getting more arrogant.

      9. If you go to “Beƒore its News” and the U tude type program by Gill Broussard on Planet Nibiru, or Planet 7X. Its headline says something about planet x covering the globe. Scroll down to the White Cross and listen. Its about 2 hrs long. This planet is 7x the size of earth, and it will be on our doorstep in March of 2016. The govt. knows about this but are not going to say anything until they have no choice. Everyone then will be seeing it. This has to be why all of the two legged RATS are grabbing what they can while they can. All the money in the world is not going to save anybody. This is like a mass riot taking place and people stealing TV’s when the electricity is not working anymore. The only thing that is going to save anyone is if they know Jesus personally. I think HE will be here before Nibiru.

        • Read much in relation to this over the past several years. I have come to the conclusion: a planet of this size would be visible in the night sky as I type.

          And if not visible to the naked eye at the moment it would have to be traveling at an extreme rate of speed. The time frame for passage would be hours depending on the speed and trajectory.

          why have no armature/novice astronomers come forward to warn the world?

          All said and done does not mean it’s of the table. You just never know, just like the comet that will supposedly strike the earth in sept. 2015.

      10. Anyone read “The Harbiner” or “Mystery of The Shemitah” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn? I realize not everyone is religious, but there’s some undeniable links he put together in his book to Biblical events that make sense and give timing to said crisis. I personally have been believing this year held the key to our nation’s demise since about 2010/11. All I can say is have a few back up plans: beans, bullets, band aids, and be done by fall.

        • I just finished reading The Harbinger and only just started on the Mystery of the Shemitah. I’m not alarmed by what I’m reading because it gives a background, a reason for the things we’re seeing happening. I’m more alarmed by the fact that more people, particularly in this country, aren’t aware of what is happening around them and basically haven’t done anything that may help them when this next crisis hits. However, the next crisis may be beyond any man’s efforts. Not knowing is more frustrating than anything.

      11. JP Morgan had better pack up his pieces of crap and take the next train out of town. He caused this and we don’t want his kind in our country.

      12. This is just a controlled dialectical maneuver designed to achieve an otherwise unachievable end.

        Thesis (current system) -> Antithesis (created crisis in current system) -> Synthesis (intended new system as solution).

        The PTB that currently has reign over us (the real one, not his front men) has done this over and over and over again over the centuries in every aspect of human endeavor and behavior, and it always works.

        People see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear in place of truth so they don’t have to face it or accept responsibility for it.

        But I do think we are at the final stage of it with only a few iterations left.

        And those iterations are going to be coming one after another at so rapid a pace it will leave most people dumbfounded in their wake.

        • I think most people are dumbfounded long before that…

      13. I read this site to educate myself. I read the comments section to reinforce the fact I’m smarter than most followers of this site. Remember, April 15th approaches, get those taxes in. I need to finance my new car.

        • That you ass itch?

          • Most likely some government employed cannon fodder

      14. Judging from your writing skills you had a difficult time graduating 8th grade, so I’m sure you wouldn’t mind posting your home address.

        I think some of us would like to Recuperate some of our illicit loses.

        • Post my home address. Ok, keyboard tough guy. Yawn.

      15. The ‘real time system” that charges customers most likely will be biometric. Banks in other countries already are forcing depositors to produce an ID plus fingerprint just to do business at their branches. (Search “bank muscat”). He was also talking about the “new world” that is globally centralized. Of course you know what that is …

      16. The people on ssdi or food stamps are at the mercy of tptb because like it has been said before if you don’t possess it it’s not yours and they might not come through for you. I’m glad I come through for me every time. Once the bullets start flying everything will go down faster. Living off your taxes you sound like your part of the FSA free shit army that we all on this site are sick of. Last I knew cash assistance you didn’t get enough to get a car. Well maybe a total piece of shit that won’t pass inspection. You sound proud to be a taker. I think your on the wrong site.

      17. “Tech firms are admittedly steering this brave new system of banking.”

        Exactly. This is why the surveillance state was created. It has nothing to do with “terrorism” and everything to do with big data that follows every worldwide transaction so the bankers can front run it all.

        Facebook, Google, Twitter all track every deal and every plan made and every texted word. Corporate .gov provides the “legality” for the bankers and tech company “back doors” and the world is now their oyster.

        Ever wonder why these tech companies are valued in billions but produce absolutely nothing? They are the darlings of the corporate state because they are the conduits for all the big data. Their milktoast complaining about fourth amendment rights is just cover. They are regular guests in DC. Same as it ever was only worse.

      18. If and when the crash comes JP Morgan, Chase will be burnt to the ground. The only thing he will has is ASH!
        EPPE We will get out of this place very soon I hope.

        PS: LOYT
        Get a large car, no get a motor home, because you will be living in it when you stop getting all the money you steal from us tax payers.

        • Amen Sgt. I often wonder what is in the future. We here at the ‘plan’ are so far ahead of the others…
          We all need to thank Mac for a place to vent, learn, and joke… Thanks Mac….

          Banker In Heaven

          Einstein dies and goes to heaven only to be informed that his room is not yet ready. “I hope you will not mind waiting in a dormitory. We are very sorry, but it’s the best we can do and you will have to share the room with others” he is told by the doorman.

          Einstein says that this is no problem at all and that there is no need to make such a great fuss. So the doorman leads him to the dorm. They enter and Albert is introduced to all of the present inhabitants. “See, Here is your first room mate. He has an IQ of 180!”

          ”That’s wonderful!” says Albert. “We can discuss mathematics!”

          ”And here is your second room mate. His IQ is 150!”

          ”That’s wonderful!” says Albert. “We can discuss physics!”

          ”And here is your third room mate. His IQ is 100!”

          ”That’s wonderful! We can discuss the latest plays at the theater!”

          Just then another man moves out to capture Albert’s hand and shake it. “I’m your last room mate and I’m sorry, but my IQ is only 80.”

          Albert smiles back at him and says, “So, where do you think interest rates are headed?”

          • Banking & Sex

            Q: What does sex have in common with a savings account?

            A: You lose interest once you make a withdrawal.

            • banker sex:
              “I promise I’ll let you withdraw
              after the collapse comes.”

            • my ex-wife imposed a SUBSTANTIAL penalty for early withdrawal! she put me on the GRIEF installment plan…with COMPOUND interest.

          • V2
            I agree with you 100%.
            They don’t understand when there is checks in the checking account doesn’t mean there is money in the account.

          • V2
            I agree 100%
            They think because there is checks in the check book there is money in the bank.

            • A gimme dat says “My money lasts until they bust me for writing bad checks.”

        • Trust me, Sgt, by the time those tax paid pension checks stop rolling in, the jig will have been long up for us all. To paraphrase Henry Hill in Goodfellas; “FU-Pay Me!”

        • do you think this will be when the people go after the bankers themselves ?

      19. apache54… I’m a Florida native still living here. The name I use is parts of my first, middle and last name, Alan James O.

        • aljamo,
          thanks for the reply, i live in the general area of alamogordo NM, so i thought i would see if you did as well. thanks again, stay safe my friend,

        • Alan James Obama??????

      20. It seems to me JPMorgan Chase & Co. took a bailout of $25,000,000,000 in 2008. yeah, they were prepared to scam the accountholders and the tax payers then and will do it again.

        • Yes, only this time they will not have to drive up to the treasury door…..they will simply steal your bank account.

          Just a few years ago no one would have even accepted the THOUGHT that banks could confiscate your own money. Here we are contemplating THAT theft along with the feds hijacking retirement funds.

          What will it take for Americans to say “NO MORE”?

          Or will it be that we will accept the offer of another fed freebee, a FREE vacation, only to find out we are on our way for a one way trip to a FEMA camp?

          Where oh where has the America I love disappeared to? And why?

          • Quote
            “What will it take for Americans to say “NO MORE”?

            Im coming to the conclusion that most Americans prefer to be treated like mushrooms.

            And that they really dont care.

            Personally im tired, im feeling sick, tired, just dont care what happens to everyone else, everyone i have tried to wake up who hasnt or wont, im just going to shrug and watch them flail and freak out. And that is exactly what its going to come down to.

            • Kula:

              In the “Good Book” it tells there are people who will never listen or see.

              The only thing you owe anyone is the truth. What they do with it is their choice. Beyond that it is no longer your problem and you are not expected to bail them out when their world falls in.

              There is a boundary for charity, even in the Bible. We will be fortunate to even be able to help those closest to us when the real shtf.

              Won’t even be time for “I told you so’s”.

            • Preppers can not save America. America is going to have to save itself.

              • Mean time we are portrayed as nuts,,
                I really dont get it. If a group of us was transported back to the early 1900s folks would think we were un prepared just to live,,,
                Is amazing, i hope it hits those who treat us a retards so hard they never recover.

              • slingshot. Only Jesus can save America.

                • Anon.
                  That is true but America will not be saved by him until it repents. Between me and you, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

                  Hell on Earth, I say. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

          • POG.

            “What will it take for Americans to say “NO MORE”?”

            Well POG. I am tired of fixing other people’s shit. Picking up other people’s shit. Want to see them put some skin in the game. What we should do is stop asking and just prep. Let others call out for a change.

            I read Jeremiah Johnson’s story of Katrina and another article about “Without rule of law”. Then if we make to the other side, what will we change to bring the country back. Nobody wants to discuss that, step on too many toes.

            • True story, Slingshot….

      21. “…JPMorgan is slated to tack on new processing fees and add costs for all transactions, and especially ‘outmoded’ payments like cash and checks and the loafing “free riders” who use them…”

        I will help them by keeping my cash as far away from them as possible.

        How dare they call me a loafing free rider when I use cash or checks! I get .25% on my checking account, but they loan it out at many times that. That difference is what they make off of me. It’s far from a free ride. They are lying to people too ignorant to see the truth.

        Check out ht tps://home.capitalone360.com/rates.

        Capital One “gives” you .20% on a checking account up to $50,000, but charges 11.25% for overdraft protection and 3.625% for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. If they can’t make money on guaranteed spreads like that, they need serious help.

        If the “free riding” is so burdensome, maybe someone should take up a collection to help pay for their rent, electricity, office furniture, and other costs of doing business.

        • Jamie Dimon uses a lot of projection. A favorite mental technique of sociopaths and psychopaths.

        • I wish I could even get 0.20%. My SAVINGS account at Comerica was paying me 0.05% when I closed it.

          I seem to remember that, back in the ’60s, I had to pay a fee to have a checking account. Then the law was changed so that savings banks could offer checking, and the competition caused all banks to start paying interest on checking account balances.

          Big banks actually have a reason to dislike small depositors. The overhead per $$ is much higher than simply getting money from the Fed at 0.1% to lend out.

          Retail deposits are also considered liabilities on their balance sheets. Probably with higher priority than any other source of money.

          A few million retail depositors includes some percentage of voters, who could actually vote out one or two oir ten of their paid Congressmonkeys. Yes, the ballot box does still work in this country, outside of the deep Red cities.

          • (Red as in Communist, not red as in Republican.)

      22. Just North of Tell City, IN. 15 CH-47’s where flying South (1pm) at about 1500AGL. Could be more Sh-t on the move who knows, just prepare my friends. This from a friend.

        We need all the Intel we can get.

        • Yes we do. I’m pretty isolated from the highways though, I don’t see much.

      23. ohh whoa whoa Jamie’s cryin’

        “hey here’s what’s gonna happen,
        can’t say when
        don’t blame me
        I told ya so-
        and if I keep saying it aint my fault
        often enough you are supposed to believe it…

        and by the way
        Don’t Think Of Pink Elephants

        and oh yeah-
        Answer yes or no:
        Have you stopped beating your wife?

      24. I’m wondering if yon Jamie Dimon will look at the economic collapse and say it’s just “a tempest in a teapot”?

      25. Mr. Dimon’s report didn’t say a thing most intelligent people don’t already know. He should pay close attention to 2016.

      26. Reminded of ahold 10cc song, ” Do the Wallstreet Shuffle”

      27. North Riverside, Illinois National Guard on Cermak Road, is now staffed with a dozen or more armored vehicles with turrets. Why? These are for urban disturbances. Going to be a long hot summer?

      28. Time for the bankers to pay for their greed and the suffering they have inflicted on us.

      29. In regards to planet 7X (or any other major event for that matter) – the Bible says that “in the last days, men’s hearts will fail them with fear for what’s coming on the earth”. Think about what would be so traumatic as to make a man have so much fear that his heart would just stop beating and he would literaly fall over dead! It meaans something beyond our human comprehension is coming. Eternity is a long long time – better be preparing for that more than for the few fleeting days we have left here on earth. Thank being said, I believe every responsible person should be preparing for the upcoming crisis we are going to face here.
        Mac, Thank you for a great site!

      30. I used to fabricate equipment, from the ground up. Raw material to finished product. Hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics, welding, machine shop, electrical, and carpentry. I am at home in the woods, and the one thing I worry about is other people. Look around when you are out and about. Ask yourself if those you see will live very long???

      31. Jamie Dimon. One of the biggest liars, theifs, and psychopaths Wall Street has ever produced. Take anything he writes to his marks, err excuse me share holders, with a large grain of salt.

      32. Joe,a meat grinder! Seriously,tag me back where I can get one.Y

      33. In regards to the bankers-I propose the Romanov solution: Round them up,shoot them, chop them into little pieces and burn them in a ditch

      34. This tiny post will be lost in the ocean of previous posts so it really does not matter. Anyway here it is.

        The U.S. government’s total revenue is estimated to be $3.525 trillion for Fiscal Year 2016. Takes them mere seconds to conjure that up out of thin air on a computer screen.

        So why even bother chasing taxes when the government could simply print such a trivial amount at the push of a button?

      35. I see the price of rope and gold going up and an end to zionist bankers calling all the shoots as they rape you via taxes.

        Well thats if they don’t start WWIII to try to blame it all on someone else when you find all your pension pots empty and you cannot afford a pot to piss in.

        Even a fool can see that the sums don’t add up but keep paying taxes because the government loves you 🙂 so have a nice day!

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