Shanghai Lockdown Extended: Prepare For Panic Buying & More COVID Tyranny

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Drone footage is showing the streets of Shanghai China desolate and almost apocalyptic as the ruling class masters extended the slaves’ home prison sentences to keep them from getting a cold. All 26 million residents are now being forced to lockdown after earlier panic buying wiped the shelves of food and other necessities.

    The United States has followed China’s lead before when it comes to totalitarian medical tyranny. Should the ruling class here get the idea that the people of the U.S. will comply with abject slavery, they will try it. Not long after, expect to face a central bank digital currency as a means to ensure that slavery remains permanent.

    The Endgame: Central Bank Digital Currency

    Sadly, this has been the plan all along. Panic the masses about getting a cold, force inject them to test their obedience and compliance to their masters, and then make sure they can’t say “no” to the digital dollar.

    Shanghai is just the beginning of yet another push toward total domination of the human race. The city has “failed” to suppress the incredibly mild omicron outbreak. CCP officials tried the zero-COVID policy by locking down the entire city, upending daily life, and shuttering business operations in the financial hub. The military and thousands of healthcare workers have been called in for mass testing.

    The city also tried a “staggered” lockdown but resorted back to a total lockdown.  The interconnectedness of Shanghai and the global economy is a deep one that may suggest more supply chain turmoil is ahead and could exacerbate the risk of stagflation for Western economies, especially if those Western economies are staring down the barrel of another lockdown as well.

    New Approach To Lockdowns: Shanghai Begins Locking Down Half The City At A Time

    The best, and really the only thing we can do is continue to make sure we have extra food on hand, as that’s getting more and more difficult by the day.


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      1. Common sense thrown
        out the window over
        the common cold. smh

      2. Couldn’t happen here, we’re a democracy not a communist dictatorship.

        And we have guns.

      3. Notice how we were forced into taking these vaccines, now there’s war’s happening? I gues the world’s tyrants don’t want us fighting back. And again, God does nothing about this. No wonder so many people have lost faith.

        • God is not Harry Potter’s magic wand, and trying to use him that way will always result in failure.

          If that’s what your faith is built on, no wonder it is lost.

          Instead of trying to get God on your side to avoid the hardships of life that are prophesied, try getting yourself on his side and seek out his will for you in these times so that you can carry it out and not be among those who will simply be told “I never knew you” when the final judgment arrives.

          That’s when you will know a peace that surpasses understanding, given by him, instead of the confusion and turmoil given out by the world.

        • Who’s being forced? Nobody I know. People lose faith in religions but natural law is always and forever there. Religion is just one BS promise after another. There is no hell, don’t worry about it. You may be reincarnated as a worm or a niqqer but you will be around forever. If your a good soul maybe you can go to a planet with intelligent life!

          • You know this how?

        • A flea complaining about the mode of transportation.

      4. Jay Bhattacharya, PhD, MD, out of Stanford Univ Medical School, said in October 2020 Imprimus that kids in that cohort were two to three times more likely to die of regular, seasonal influenza than Covid. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as of January 26, 2022, in its Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) that just 770 children aged 17 and under had died in two years, between 2020 and 2022, from COVID-19 — 0.00023369% of the U.S. population

      5. Dr. Makary at Johns Hopkins University with other scientists teamed up with the non-profit FAIR Health group to look at the insurance data of 48,000 children diagnosed with Covid between April 2020 and Aug. 2020. Not ONE of the children who died were free of pre-existing medical conditions such as cancer (see also here). And this is true in Germany, too, where a massive study late fall showed ZERO – there’s that word again – deaths from Covid among healthy German kids, as reported by Alex Berenson here, Dec. 2, 2021, or here at LifeSite News. Or see a the details in a late 2021 German study (collating evidence from three sources 1) a national seroprevalence study (the SARSCoV-2 KIDS study), 2) the German statutory notification system and 3) a nationwide registry on children and adolescents hospitalized with either SARS-CoV-2 or Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome (PIMS-TS)) reported that there were zero (0) deaths in children 5 to 18 years old across the period of study. Ditto in Sweden – Swedish data by Ludvigsson reported on the 1,951,905 children in Sweden (as of December 31, 2020) who were 1 to 16 years of age who attended school with largely no lockdowns or masks. They found zero (0) deaths. “Despite Sweden’s having kept schools and preschools open, we found a low incidence of severe Covid-19 among schoolchildren and children of preschool age during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.” If you include kids with serious morbidities, there were six deaths. In Germany, out of a total population of 80 million, around 10 million school age kids. Even serious illness was extremely rare, 1 in 50,000. See Dr. Paul Elias Alexander’s SWEDEN AND GERMANY: NO DEATHS IN CHILDREN DUE TO COVID for more reading

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