New Approach To Lockdowns: Shanghai Begins Locking Down Half The City At A Time

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    China has decided lockdowns are still the way to go as most other countries in the world plan to just live with the coronavirus, as has been done with the flu and common cold for decades. But Shanghai has started a new lockdown protocol, in which the city locks down 10 million people at a time to try to “slow the spread” of the coronavirus.

    China continues to deploy “snap” lockdowns as it tries to eliminate the transmission of COVID-19 within its borders.  Starting Monday, around 11 million residents in the eastern half of Shanghai will be banned from going out for four days as mass testing kicks off. The staggered lockdown will then move to the other half of the city, which has about 14 million residents, beginning Friday, according to a report by CNN Business. 

    “China should be able to contain the virus in the next few weeks, as lockdown is effective,” said Larry Hu of Macquarie Capital. “But Covid does pose substantial growth risk in the rest of this year, as lockdown is very costly,” Hu added.  Economists say the continued assistance on lockdowns threatens China’s economic growth, as well as the global supply chain.

    Outside China, the mainstream media’s big question is whether manufacturing and shipping will be affected, adding to the strain that’s already on global supply chains and further boosting prices. Shanghai’s main ports are operating normally, according to state media. And during a lockdown in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen earlier this month, manufacturers shifted operations to other parts of their network to limit the impact of the temporary rules.

    China Resorts To Lockdowns Once Again As Omicron “Rages”

    “The impact on manufacturing activities will likely be manageable, especially if such lockdowns are short and sporadic,” economists at Bank of America said in a recent research note.

    “The impact on manufacturing activities will likely be manageable, especially if such lockdowns are short and sporadic,” economists at Bank of America said in a recent research note.

    With inflation already soaring and shelves emptying quickly at grocery stores across the country, it is important to prepare for the possibility that food will either be unavailable or unaffordable.



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      1. The virus is nowhere near as dangerous as was made out to be -if it’s actually dangerous you don’t have to inflate numbers, it’s self evident- so I fail to understand what all this hubbub if really about and why.

        One thing I’m pretty sure of, it isn’t really about the disease or the vaccines, or even establishing authoritarian control, it’s about something else.

        And where the intentions originate? Not something easy to specifically identify so you can actually point to it and have everyone recognize it as such.

        • @Anonymous:

          recently read this:
          Just a reminder..
          A genuinely deadly
          pandemic doesn’t
          require 24/7 advertising
          to remind you it exists.
          Real pandemics don’t need
          advertising campaigns and
          endless propaganda…

      2. Oh come on! This will never
        work. We all know covid is
        very smart & will know which
        half is open & which is not
        & then ravage accordingly.
        Common sense people!

      3. If this “virus” is so very
        contagious and infectious,
        then why don’t we ever hear
        any reports of the ones who
        are performing these mass
        testings becoming infected
        themselves ?

      4. Locking people down has shown to kill the most people. You need sunlight and fresh air for your immune system. Depression suicide and lack of ‘other” medical care kills too. John Hopkins showed that, yet government persist in lunacy.

        On Thursday, February 3, American Experiment reported on a new study by economists at Johns Hopkins University that finds the body of empirical evidence shows lockdowns had “little to no effect on COVID-19 mortality.”

        They reference one study showing voluntary behavior is 10 times as important as mandated behavior.

        ” This includes forcing asymptomatic contagious people to isolate with family, as noted earlier. They also point out that lockdowns can restrict people from meeting in safer, outdoor spaces.

        • Last I checked into it, there was no actual evidence for asymptomatic transmission, it had merely been assumed to explain the number of cases they couldn’t trace to contact with someone who was symptomatic early on in the outbreak.

          Science in action.

          Anyone know if they have proven it yet?

        • You nailed it: it has nothing to do with stopping the virus spreading or ‘protecting human health’.

          As you rightly point out, we need fresh air, exercise and good nutrition and mental well-being to be healthy. Locking somebody down destroys all of that.

          This is a program of control and extermination.

      5. Something of Interest that we may be headed for.

        WW1 Started 7 – 28 – 1914
        7 + 28 + 19+14 = 68

        WW2 Started 9 – 1 – 1939
        9 + 1 + 19 +39 = 68

        Ukraine War
        Started 2 – 24 – 2022
        2 + 24 + 20 + 22 = 68

        Read Psalm 68 1,2,3, and the meaning of the number 68

      6. More manufactured hysteria (bullshit). Not falling for it again. Lockdown was for 3 months here. They’ll close the schools again and pay me overtime to maintain the servers. I saved so much money and made so much money. I figure my COVID excess was at least $14,000. No fuel costs. Work from home. Get paid my regular salary plus $25 for ACTUALLY working.

        Whatever makes you happy, stupid government. They are attempting to destroy society but it will never work becase we don’t believe them anymore.


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