Scientist Warns The Ruling Class Of Next Pandemic “Deadlier” Than COVID

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Headline News

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    Another pandemic that’s deadlier than the empty hospitals and the euthanizations needed to make the fearful masses believe there was a pandemic? Of course, any real pandemic is going to be worse than that.

    NHS Doctor: Staff Ordered To Let Patients Die/“Euthanize” Them To Inflate COVID Death Count

    Professor Mark Woolhouse said the coronavirus outbreak was potentially nowhere near as bad as it could have been. The epidemiologist told the COVID Inquiry the United Kingdom made a mistake in preparing only for an influenza pandemic rather than hedging bets across a multitude of different outbreaks, including coronavirus.

    According to a report by The Daily Mail, Woolhouse, who is a member of the Scientific Pandemic Infections group on Modelling (SPI-M) which advised the ruling class on its medical tyranny procedures during the pandemic, said he did not want to cast himself as a “doom-monger.” Nonetheless, he still warned the next outbreak could be far worse than the nonexistent COVID-19 scam.

    He told the inquiry in London: “I hope this doesn’t sound too shocking, but on the scale of potential pandemics, COVID was not at the top and it was possibly quite far from the top. It may be that next time — and there will be a next time, I don’t know when it may be quite some time in the future — we will be dealing with a virus that is much more deadly, and is also much more transmissible, in which case actually the things we did to control Covid wouldn’t work anyway. I am not sitting here as a doom-monger saying this is going to happen soon, but I am confident enough to tell Government that this is something you should be concerned about, you should be prepared for. The next pandemic could be far more difficult to handle than Covid was, and we all saw the damage that that pandemic caused.”

    Research Funded By Fauci And Gates Could See Bird Flu Become The Next Deadly Pandemic

    Woolhouse suggested the correct strategy was to “hedge your bets” by the ruling class making plans for several different outcomes. He suggests all tyrants, local and otherwise be on the same totalitarian page from the slave masters’ book.

    Directors of Public Health, who take the lead on major health issues affecting local populations, said they only found out about the tyrannical medical “guidance” during the early stages of the scam demic by “looking at the television or reading the papers.” That’s how most humans had to figure out there was a “pandemic” too because nothing else out of the ordinary was going on.

    Ruling Class: We Are Not Ready For The Next Pandemic


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