NHS Whistleblower Claims “We Were Ordered To Euthanize” Patients

by | Jun 24, 2023 | Headline News

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    A National Health Service whistleblower claims that healthcare workers in the United Kingdom were ordered to “euthanize” patients and call them “COVID deaths” to promote the narrative of a “deadly virus.” This was all happening as hospitals were empty and no one was sick or dying of anything out of the ordinary.

    Woman BANNED From ALL HOSPITALS In The UK For Proving Hospitals Are EMPTY

    The whistleblower also confirmed that the little care given throughout the scamdemic amounted to negligence and that the government and NHS bosses essentially instructed staff to let people die, or in some cases kill them through the “End of Life Care” program and falsely label the deaths as being due to COVID-19.

    This individual referred to as Dr. John, has worked in minor injuries and illness centers as well as in a primary care role throughout the pandemic. Dr. John claims that he has “seen this mess evolve from the very beginning of the pandemic” and that hospitals were actually extremely quiet and almost empty during the first lockdown, according to a report by The Daily Exposé.

    “I used to see an average of 20 patients per day, that dropped to 1 – 2 patients during the first lockdown. I have even witnessed an elderly lady with horrific broken bones come into the hospital three weeks after her accident as she was too scared of catching coronavirus to visit the hospital sooner. In the end, the pain overcame the fear.

    “I have also assessed people with chest pains in their homes who would not go for further assessment as they were so scared of ‘the virus’ they would rather chance a heart attack than the infection or the loneliness of going to the hospital alone.”

    NHS statistics certainly back up Dr. John’s claims.

    The CDC ADMITS: PCR Tests CANNOT Differentiate Between Coronaviruses!

    Dr. John’s claims are supported by a Care Quality Commission report that found 34% of NHS staff were pressured into placing “Do Not Resuscitate” orders on Covid patients with disabilities and learning difficulties. The policy led to people with disabilities and learning difficulties accounting for 3 in every 5 Covid deaths according to official ONS figures. –The Daily Exposé

    This fabrication was not limited to the UK either. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also admitted to lying and faking numbers to give the public the illusion that there was a deadly pandemic and everyone should be injected and fully submit to the slave state in the meantime.

    CDC Admits To LYING About COVID Deaths To Stoke Fear

    UK Government Data Shows 92% of 2022 COVID Deaths Were Among The Triple Vaccinated

    Read Dr. John’s full account here, at The Daily Exposé.


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