Woman BANNED From ALL HOSPITALS In The UK For Proving Hospitals Are EMPTY

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    We are slowly getting a feel for what medical tyranny’s dystopia is. A woman in the United Kingdom has now been banned from every hospital after she proved those hospitals are empty and devoid of the COVID-19 patients the ruling class continues to use as an excuse to terrorize and enslave the public.

    Thirty-year-old Hannah Dean has repeatedly filmed and shared videos of what she called “empty wards” at hospitals across the UK.  The mainstream media continues to demonize people who buck the official narrative and refuse to be enslaved by others.

    On Saturday, Dean entered the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, roaming it for about 10 minutes before getting caught by a nurse and being kicked out. The following day, she visited Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.  Dean shared her videos on social media and with others after proving the hospitals are not being overrun by people “dying of COVID-19,” according to RT.

    No one is allowed to question the official narrative of the government and their propaganda campaign designed to enslave and control us.

    Dean will be “allowed” to use a hospital if she has an emergency.

    UK Woman Arrested For Proving The Ruling Class’s Official Narrative WRONG

    This isn’t the first time a woman in the UK has taken to proving the masters wrong either.

    A woman from the United Kingdom has been arrested after she blew the ruling class’s official narrative out of the water. The 46-year-old used a camera to film the inside of an EMPTY hospital after weeks of the media reporting that “tier 5 lockdown” is needed as the hospitals are overrun with COVID patients. 

    These lies about this scamdemic won’t stop and the totalitarian New World Order rollout will continue until people wake up to the reality of what’s being done.  This has never been about health; it has always been about control. Now, a woman has been arrested for proving the ruling class and its lapdog media continue to lie to us to stoke the fear needed for our permanent enslavement.

    In spite of the media’s lies, public data shows that hospitals are indeed emptier than at this time last year, with beds being at 89% occupancy compared to 95% occupancy in December 2019. In regions across the country, critical care occupancy rates are also lower than the 3-year average, according to a report by ZeroHedge. -SHTFPlan

    There is an effort to silence any and all dissent, and those who want the abolition of the last form of modern slavery (government) are being demonized for wanting humanity to be free.

    Slavery was never abolished, it was only extended to include all the colors. – Charles Bukowski


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      1. “A Time For Choosing”

        ht tps://youtu.be/qXBswFfh6AY

      2. Gee,it’s not like these hospitals are hiding something – is it? With the sheer number of videos that show empty hospitals all over the world – how can there possibly still be anyone who buys the “official” story? Hospitals are not “overwhelmed,but,in fact are underwhelmed which should make anyone realize that this entire “pandemic” storyline is just a big pile of shit that was built on lies!!!?

        • So, every nurse, Dr, orderly, admin staff member, cleaner, patient in every country is lying to us?..Sad to be an idiot…….

      3. How come we don’t hear the constant sounds of ambulances en route to hospitals with covid sufferers? Why haven’t I seen even one person dropping dead in the street? Why don’t we hear or see any of this if we are supposedly in the middle of a “pandemic”??

      4. Been to our local hospital down here in Texas and the place is as quiet as a mouse. The local news media continues to whip up or inflame the issue that hospital’s are over capacity etc. It is such a scam and a fraud put on to the local community to incite fear! This is a gigantic lie people! Wake up, throw off the masks!

      5. It really makes you think.

        If the hospitals are empty, why are medical professionals and the media going along with this fake pandemic? I guess we knew the mockingbird media was propaganda a long time ago but this conduct from the medical community blows my mind. Do *any* of these medical types have integrity? Are they all “pod people” (psychopaths)??

        Two doctors are pressuring my elderly parents to get the covid genetic injection. They are telling my parents that all the info on the ‘net is lies and disinfo. I gave my father several pages of links to videos about vaccine injuries and deaths but the smooth talking doctors have him on the fence. Sheesh. This sucks.

        • @Jesse,don’t give up.All you can do is give them the information.We live in a world where the ones who are supposed to help us (the doctors) have completely sold out.I know it’s hard but do anything you can to prevent them from getting that poisonous crap.I wish you the very best of luck.

      6. It appears that telling the truth/recording the truth is now a crime in this Bizarro World we now live in and that is exactly what the psychos behind all this want.We are in for a long fight guys so please hang in there folks.

      7. “abattoir
        abattoir (noun) · abattoirs (plural noun)

        a slaughterhouse.
        slaughterhouse · butchery · knacker’s yard · shambles · butcher-row

        early 19th century: from French, from abattre ‘to fell’.”

        *She can’t go to a doctor, but it wouldn’t be an actual doctor.

      8. Yes, there is covid out there and people do become ill from it, and unfortunately some pass away from it. But I was wondering the same. If this “pandemic” is so virulent and so massively pervasive, why don’t I see ambulances frenetically going about continuously taking people to hospitals. Why haven’t I seen anyone get sick while out in public? I’ve visited a few people over the past year that were in a hospital (none of them were there for covid), I saw more empty rooms than occupied ones, and it was quiet. The emergency room during my visits only had a few people quietly sitting in there while an occasional hospital worker passed through, there seemed to be no extra special precautions in place other than wearing masks. I have spoken to friends in a variety of places across the US, they tell me the same thing. However, on national news channels all we hear is that the hospitals are all jammed packed with covid patients, and inside the hospitals it’s like in a war zone. I heard a news report there was one hospital with so many dead bodies from covid there was no room for them and were stacked in hallways!?!? I have a sister and a niece who are RNs, each work in a different hospital, they said they occasionally saw a covid patient come in and be admitted. But there was no chaos or crisis. My friends, the State has an agenda, their MSM is trying to sell us a narrative to further their agenda.

      9. Can we also get banned from concentration camps, by pointing out, they are not actually for emergency management?

      10. If they have nothing to hide – why ban her from the hospitals??

      11. These liars will do anything to cover up the truth and keep the false narrative going.Women such as this should be applauded for having the guts to show the truth.Wake up people – hospitals are E-M-P-T-Y!!!!!

      12. Hi everybody.Some of you will find this of interest.Approx 20 years ago a doctor told me l had a virus, then said go home and ride it out as there is nothing l can do for you.l went home took chilli powder to heat up my insides, put on a track suit and got under the bed covers after taking sleeping pills to put me to sleep.l got a bucket of water and a cloth-asked wife to keep my forehead cool.l raised my body temp and killed the virus, repeat, KILLED it.l woke up 4 hours later, bedding was saturated as l had sweated it out of my body, all symptoms (sore joints, muscles, rear teeth, ears, running nose etc) were gone, just like that.
        QUESTION, why is it that the BASTARDS in govt/medical proffession are not telling us this simple truth ?
        Art, Australia.

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