Roll Up Your Sleeves! Get Your Fourth COVID Shot!

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Headline News | 32 comments

Because the first three shots aren’t effective at preventing COVID-19 infection, the ruling class insists a fourth shot will be needed by fall. Many countries are or already have started injecting their populations with a fourth shot.

In the United States, some leading public health officials say they are “very carefully” monitoring if or when fourth doses might be needed. Israel was the first nation to roll out fourth doses, announcing in December that adults 60 and older, medical workers, and people with suppressed immune systems were eligible to receive the extra shot if at least four months have passed since their third dose. And their vaccine agenda has failed miserably. So logically, the rulers elsewhere are following suit.

Israel’s Vaccination Program Is Failing: 6 Month High In New Cases

Israeli Study: Vaccines Do NOT Prevent Severe COVID-19

Israeli Study: 4th Dose Of COVID “Vaccine” Is Less Effective

We know it isn’t convenient for the slaves who continue to bow to their masters to look at all the data beyond the brainwashing propaganda coming out of their television, but it’s widely available on their own websites. Well, except the data that these shots are causing AIDS. That data needed to be removed because the slaves started to actually look at it and understand it. That’s what makes this almost hilarious.

The US Food and Drug Administration “is indeed continually looking at the emerging data on the pandemic and variants in the United States and overseas in order to evaluate the potential utility and composition of booster doses,” FDA spokesperson Alison Hunt wrote in an email to CNN on Friday.

“As more data become available about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, including the use of a booster dose, we will continue to evaluate the rapidly changing science and keep the public informed,” Hunt wrote. “Any determination that additional booster doses are needed will be based on data available to the agency.”

More Government Documents Prove COVID-19 Vaccines Are Causing AIDS

Whistleblowers: The COVID “Vaccines” Are Causing Cancers & VAIDS

“Vaccination and boosting will be critical in maintaining that downward trajectory, particularly when you’re talking about the red curve of severe disease leading to hospitalization,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases the U.S.’s head medical tyrant said during a White House Covid-19 Task Force briefing Wednesday. The “potential future requirement” for an additional boost or a fourth shot of the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna mRNA vaccines or a third dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine “is being very carefully monitored in real-time,” Fauci said. “And recommendations, if needed, will be updated according to the data as it evolves.”

The CDC has no recommendation of fourth doses of coronavirus vaccine for the general public, but the agency updated its guidelines in October to note that certain people who are moderately or severely immunocompromised may receive a fourth dose of the Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines.

“For the immunocompetent people, a single booster shot continues to provide high levels of protection against severe disease caused by Omicron,” Fauci said Wednesday. “This should not be confused with the fact that for many immunocompromised people, already a second booster shot — namely a fourth dose of an mRNA — is recommended because of what we know about their poor response to the initial regimen.”

What else is causing people to be immunocompromised?

Ruling Classes Cease Publishing Their Own Data Because It Shows “Vaccines” Are Resulting in AIDS

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    1. Daniel Andrews

      Better idea. lets go to war and end covid overnight. having a shortage of tanks, bombs, and planes wont fly.

    2. Anonymous

      Wonder what the real purpose of the shots is?

      I doubt it’s anything being discussed now by either its supporters or opponents.

    3. Marcy

      No thanks. Not interested.

      • Mr. Darwin

        No shit. You’re Not smart.

      • Agreed

        @Marcy, good for you! ?

    4. Thanks

      You hit it right on the head
      with your question at the end
      of this article. Thank you.

    5. Endless

      One shot, two shot
      three shot four,
      gotta gotta
      gotta get more.

    6. Idea?

      I’d love to give these
      psychos four shots!!!!

    7. Spider25

      Will the sheeple line up for their 5th and 6th boosters with a extra mRNA flu vax to go I wonder? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.
      I’m almost 45 and worked the entire pandemic in public and haven’t had as much as a covid sniffle. I’m finished with big pharma as I have had nothing but bad reactions to there gout and arthritis drugs. Supplements have cured my ills and I will not comply with an experimental shot of any kind!

    8. Woogie

      Only the Absoute Stupid would get this shot. That includes some of my family members if they live long enough to get a fourth one.

    9. Mr. Darwin


      Bob Enyart – Denver pastor and RW radio host, DEAD from Covid. This piece of shit made fun of AIDS victims as well.
      ? Caleb Wallace – Anti-vax, anti-mask rally organizer, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Phil Valentine – RW radio host, anti-vax and anti-mask Covid denier, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Dick Farrell – RW radio host, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Robert David Steele – QAnon sh!thead, anti-vaxxer, and former Federal Spook, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Marc Bernier – RW radio host, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Irvin Baxter – preacher who said sex out of wedlock causes coronavirus, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Pressley Stutts – Republican “leader” who fought against vaccinations, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Veronica Wolski – QAnon sh!thead and Ivermectin lover, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Gregg Prentice – Florida “election integrity” official who railed against Covid mandates, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Dusty and Tristan Graham – Anti-vax “Alabama Picker” couple who made numerous social media posts and videos decrying vaccines and dismissing the virus, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Bishop Gerald Glenn – Evangelical nutjob who said “god is bigger than Covid”, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Marcus Lamb – Anti-vax televangelist (aka, jesus grifter), DEAD from Covid.
      ? Doug Ericksen – Republican state senator who led efforts to oppose Washington State’s Covid-19 emergency orders and vaccine mandates, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Maurizio Buratti – Grease monkey, frequent radio talkshow caller, and Self-proclaimed “Plague Spreader”, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Kelly Ernby – Orange County (CA) Deputy District Attorney who opposed vaccine mandates and spoke out against them at a Turning Point USA rally in December, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Doug Kuzma – Anti-mask, anti-vax, Covid conspiracy nutjob podcaster, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Bogdanoff Twins – Freaky looking monsters and Nobel Prize thieves, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Kelly Canon – Anti-vax idiot who contracted Covid from at an anti-vax symposium, DEAD from Covid
      ? Cirsten Weldon – QAnon sh!thead who said, “Only idiots get vaccinated”, DEAD from Covid
      ? Hana Horka – Un-vaxxed Czech singer who got Covid on purpose, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Meat Loaf – Terrible “rockstar” who rallied against max mandates, DEAD from Covid.
      ? Robert LaMay – Washington State Trooper who quit the force over Gov. Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandate, DEAD from Covid.

      Keep’em comin’, y’all!


      • Anonymous

        Dead from covid or dead from something else and had covid too?

        Those stats are not available for examination, almost like they’re deliberately hidden from the public, you should ask yourself why.

        That’s science.

        • Exactly!!!

          @Anonymous, you are
          absolutely correct. The stats
          are coming from the liars behind
          the scam in the first place.

          • Mr. Darwin

            Dynamite drop-in, shithead! I hope Covid kills you as well…soon.

            Let’s Go Covid!

      • Spider25

        Hey Vaxtard lemming, isn’t it time for you to line up for your 4th booster big pharma shill? BTW in case you missed the memo the mRNA shots do not stop or prevent the spread!
        So if the shots have no dead Covid in them and do not prevent the disease or the spread, then WTF do the shots do moron?
        Don’t even tell me the BS line that mRNA lessens symptoms either. There is zero proof and the list of possible side effects big scama is looking for is literally 9 pages long comma after comma but safe and effective yeah right! Gotta love the Covid squirrel Russia Russia Russia though vaxtard!

    10. JOH

      ADHD medication boost the immune system. Looks like studies confirm that. Could cure or help those with VAIDS. Immune cells have adrenaline receptors. Could be the reason for this effect.
      Like these ones and many others:

      “The COVID-19 infection rate is nearly 50% higher among individuals with unmedicated ADHD compared to individuals without ADHD”

      “After controlling for confounding factors, the results indicated that influenza risk significantly reduced in the group of ADHD patients who were prescribed methylphenidate for 90 days and more”

    11. nagao

      vaccine mandates and cards are like sanctions put on russia by biden

      • Mr. Darwin

        DING-DING-DING!!! We have a winner! Congratulations “nagao” for having the dumbest comment of the day.

        • Anonymous

          If you’re going to call a comment dumb, you should explain why it is.

          • AcDc

            @Anonymous, don’t waste your time using logic and
            common sense with Darwin.

            • Mr. Darwin


          • Mr. Darwin

            No, nagao needs to explain what the fuck that means. Makes no sense.

            • Spider25

              Don’t worry Edwin, cause your gonna win the Darwin Award one day lemming!

    12. yre

      ADHD medication will help for VAIDS. I am told spiritually it will help strengthen the immune system. Studies seem to confirm it. Probably because the adrenaline released. Immune cells have adrenaline receptors.

      One study:

      “The COVID-19 infection rate is nearly 50% higher among individuals with unmedicated ADHD compared to individuals without ADHD”

    13. alfie

      I don’t know and I’m probably goofier than a bed bug and just as crazy ( at least according the people that I grew up with and worked with though the years ). BUT, I’ve had the three ( 3 ) shots so far, but what the Bleep is the fourth shot going to do at my age? Or the fifth covid or the sixth covid shot, or the seventh covid shot ? what the heck good is those shots at my age, I’m just waiting to be with my wife of 48 yrs again, not counting the two years we dated and were together ( we didn’t have to get married, but boy did her mother get pissed at me / us when we didn’t set the date right away ).

      • Mr. Darwin

        Well gee, alfie, thanks for the life story and for sparing us the never-ending retelling of your son’s and daugther-in-law’s obviously Sisyphusian task of trying to keep your dumb ass alive. Allow me to attempt to enlighten you. The Covid vaccine will become the same thing as the flu vaccine that most intelligent people get every year. It will probably not stop the virus completely, but it will make the symptoms milder and most likely keep you out of the hospital. However, if you’re diluted enough to really think you’re going to “see” your dead wife again in some sort of afterlife, then by all means, reject any new booster that comes along. Maybe that’ll mean one less MAGA-fascist voter come 2024. Totally worth it.

        • Teco

          Most people have no idea how vaccines actually work.
          The vaccine helps reduce the severity of the symptoms not make people totally immune from contracting covid.
          The prevailing opinion here that “they” are conspiring to reduce the population is bordering on sheer madness.

          • Beowulf

            @teco, Up untill covid a vaccine was supposed to make you immune. Break through was a failed vaccine. Now there is total BS to explain a total failure and a great many people are believing it. At least one life insurance company is seeing a 40% increase in deaths from causes other than covid. The next two or three years will be crucial in understanding what has been dine to us.

        • Beowulf

          @ Mr Darwin, You sir are an unkind Jackass. Not a man among us knows the absolute truth about the vaccine. The investor class is heading for the door as Moderna has lost at least half its stock value. You predicted what the vaccine out come will be. Now I will tell you what I think will happen. First I think Mrna is so discredited that it won’t be used again. I think the drug companies that fostered this on the people will be sued for fraud to the point of possibly going out of business. We will see who is right by Jan. 2025. The truth will win out.

          • Mr. Darwin

            Yes, we WILL see how it all plays out…or, I should say, I will see how it all plays out. Hopefully Covid will take care of you well before 1/25. Please keep on refusing the vaccine. The sooner you’re gone, the better. Adios shithead!

            Let’s Go Covid!
            Let’s Go Darwin!

            • NoVaxCidentForMe

              Ive never had a Flu shot in my life Vaxtard! Line up for your trillions of pathogenic spike proteins Dbag!

    14. Agreed

      @Beowulf, I tend to agree
      with you.

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