Pro-Vaxxers Are “Concerned” The Some Won’t Take The Vaccine

by | May 6, 2021 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    In what has to be the most illogical thought process known to mankind, over half of Americans are “concerned” that some others are refusing to take the vaccine. Vaccine believers are so into this new religion that they are overly concerned about what others do, or do not do.

    The main question no pro-vaccine advocate can answer, is if your vaccine works (and that’s why you go it right?) then why does someone else have to be vaccinated? Are you saying it doesn’t work? Probably, because Fauci even said it doesn’t work. Probably because it’s not a vaccine anyway. That’s evidenced by the rulers constantly telling people it won’t stop you from getting COVID, it’ll “lessen the symptoms.” And even then, if you believe it works to do that, why not just let the people who won’t get it suffer and we can compare down the road which ones made the right choice during this gigantic medical experiment of all of humanity?

    In a new poll, it has become all too obvious that humans are willing to suspend their logical and critical thinking in exchange for blind obedience to their master.

    New polling shows just how many Americans are willing to suspend critical thinking in exchange for obedient submission. Three times more concerned with people in their areas not getting vaccinated against Covid-19 than they are with the availability or distribution of the jabs.

    After Running Out Of People Willing To Take The COVID Shot, Baltimore Resorts To Shaming

    The main concern among Americans appears to be vaccine hesitancy from their fellow citizens. While over half of American adults have received at least one dose of a vaccine, 55% of those surveyed said they are concerned about people in their local areas choosing not to get vaccinated. Among that group, 28% are “very” worried and 27% aremoderately” worried. Another 16% said they are “not too” worried, while 30% are not concerned. -RT

    It still is confusing how the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated if vaccines work. The whole point is to create an immune response so when the virus is introduced, there will be no illness. If that’s the whole idea behind vaccines, why anyone would care is beyond logic. No “authority” or doctor has ever been able to come up with an explanation as to why this phenomenon of thought that goes: “my vaccine won’t work unless you get a vaccine that doesn’t work too.”

    Critical thinking and discernment are going to be skills that are rare in the coming years. Hone them, and refuse to give up your free will. Ask the questions others refuse to ask because we could see something coming as the ruling class runs out of people willing to take this jab.

    New Poll: U.S. Is Running Out Of Adults “Willing To Be Vaccinated”

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    “Now we’re going to have to bring the vaccine to people who are less eager,” Biden said Tuesday. “So we also know that there are millions of Americans who just need a little bit of encouragement to get the shot.”

    Who knows what that “encouragement” will look like. Personally, I expect it to look like tyrannical totalitarian enslavement.


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      1. This is getting fun.

      2. What pro vaxxers should be worried about is their own cognitive dissonance regarding pharmaceuticals. They live in a fantasy world where the huge sprawling bureaucracies built around the pharma industry are all sainted and would never do anything like what they actually are doing. Even as they die from the vaccine, they can’t see reality..

        • Lets remember that thes “jabs” are for emergency use”. They are not vaccines YET! Other vaccines have gone through long protocal testing and deemed safe. Those “anti vaxxers” may be the ones left to gury the bodies. Lets hope not.

      3. My neighbors, my coworkers, my friends, my family and relatives, those who attend the church I go to, and others are not asking if I have received or will receive the “vaccine”. They’re not “concerned” (which is really a euphemism certain entities are using that demand my vaccination). They’re not shaming anyone into receiving the “vaccine”. They are not pro or anti vaxxers, they see it only as a personal decision and leave it at that. None of them are trying to exert their will on me.
        Only State affiliated entities are trying to exert the will of the State on me by showing “concern”, or deploying a variety of tactics to influence everyone to be “vaccinated”; this fact alone is very telling.
        Euphemisms are a tool of State propagandists. What the State really means when it says the rest of us only need a little “encouragement” to be “vaccinated” is they will coerce you to do so.
        I keep saying it; the State presents a greater threat to your liberty, your freedoms, your rights, your privacy, your life, and your self-determination than all other enemies combined our country ever had.

      4. I took the vaccine only shut my son and daughter in law up, they both work in the health industry. If I hadn’t taken it, maybe then i might have been to be with my wife of 48 years a lot sooner. She passed away of terminal brain cancer 4 years ago.

        • Sorry about your wife Alfie, really am. But we’re all aware now that you’ve let us all know several times you only took the jab so that your son and daughter-in-law would shut up. Thanks for telling us.

      5. In nature, jackals pack together to take down weakened lions. It reminds me of the video whereby in California the sherriff’s department forcibly injected mentally impaired people with the poison concoctions. Apologies if mentally impaired is not the politically correct term.

        • @Lions, that’s o.k. With everything as fucked up as it is – I have no idea what the “politically correct” term for anything is anymore either. Let’s just say that saying anything to anybody about anything can get you in trouble.?

      6. What business is it of theirs whether you, I, or anyone else got the jab? Really goes to show how much faith they have in their vaccine(which isn’t a vaccine anyway) protecting and keeping them “safe”.?

      7. The logic of the vaccinated is so stupid. If I see someone jump off a building to their death – it does not mean I’m going to follow suit. If they got vaccinated, they should not be worrying about the rest of us. What they really should be concerned with is what was in that nightmare that was injected into them.

      8. uh oh…vacksers got a new religion. They’re full of shit.

        Join the rest of em:

        Taoism: shit happens
        Hinduism: this shit happened before
        Islam: if shit happens, take a hostage
        Buddhism: when shit happens, is it really shit?
        7th Day Adventist: shit happens on Saturday
        Protestant: shit won’t happen if I work harder
        Catholicism: if shit happens, I deserve it
        Jehovah’s Witness: knock, knock, “shit happens”
        Judaism: shit only happens to me…6 garillion times
        Hare Krishna: shit happens…rama rama ding dong
        Atheism: no shit
        Teevee Evangalism: send me more shit
        Rastafarianism: smoke more shit

        • @JRS, thanks for the laughs. That ?was funny.

        • Vaxxers: Inject this bat shit without asking. (Skip to transhumanism.)

      9. What are they concerned about if their own vaccines work? They just can’t stand that we won’t virtue signal with them.


      11. I will take the vaccine when the companies can be held liable for any damages the vaccines cause. That is not the case right now as the government has granted them immunity from all liability connected to these covid vaccines. If the vaccines are so safe and effective, why would they do that?

        • James…and to add to that. When it is a vaccine and not a gene therapy.

          • @Wojo, bingo! Your comment was right on the money!

        • When the companies can be held liable for any damages the vaccines cause, I’m not editing my germline for any reason.

      12. If your on the fence about getting the shot, I think it’s an easy decision to say no, is it worth the risk?
        Vares reports over 4,000 deaths from the vax alone.

        Why is big pharma exempt from damages if something bad happens to you?
        Maybe because they are expecting some bad outcomes from there experiments. I’m not a labrat!

        I’m gonna trust my immune system that God gave me, I take D3, C and other supplements everyday. I also have some inflammatory disseases and the risk out ways the reward! Haven’t had a cold in two years as well!

        • @Anonymous, you are exactly right! You have an immune system for a reason. Speaking of colds, I can’t even remember the last time I had a cold. I won’t be taking this so called “vaccine” either. We need to trust our immune system to protect us – not some experimental crap.

        • All vaccines come with a warning and a probable outcome of the kinds of reactions, disabilities and deaths expected from the vaccine. This is nothing new. NO LIABILITY is new. It is also wrong, these people are getting RICH off the US taxpayers, and should have to pay for the harm their vaccines cause.

          • @James, you are exactly right.
            Having no recourse if something happens to you if you get the jab is why I’ll never be taking this crap. The no liability thing should cause anyone even remotely thinking of getting the so called “vaccine” to seriously rethink their decision.

      13. My Wife who is a R.N. with thirty years experience tells me that we wont get the vaccine because the animals they tested it on and received the second shot all died after being exposed to the Virus because the vaccine made their immune systems react harshly and attacked the animals organs as a virus and killed every one of them.

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