After Running Out Of People Willing To Take The COVID Shot, Baltimore Resorts To Shaming

by | May 4, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    A new ad campaign in the city of Baltimore is targeting those “hesitant” or unwilling to take the experimental gene therapy shots.  Baltimore city health bureaucrats have decided to get “creative” with their assertive measures and propaganda push for the “vaccine,” even resorting to nagging, shaming, and possibly even crossing a moral line.

    Some seem surprised that the government would “cross a moral line” yet that’s exactly what they’ve already done by intentionally mislabeling the gene therapy shots as “vaccines” so they can be used during the “state of emergency” they declared and at the same time, ensuring big pharma companies will not face any liability for the damages done (including the death) of those who take these shot.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    “Mimosas with the girls this weekend? It’s a bad idea if you haven’t been vaxxed,” says one of the recent ads posted by the city’s health department, featuring a pouting woman being lectured by a male partner. But of course, all in the name of equality, the city also released the following ad of a woman lecturing her male partner for not taking the jab.

    Other ads that were created appealed to the city’s African-American residents, as well as Spanish-speakers – who were told “no papers, no problem.”

    More than a few Baltimoreans recognized the ominous tropes from the much-panned UK ads, which seemed designed to instill fear rather than impart knowledge.

    Meanwhile, the city “has taken a proactive approach, partnering with hospitals and pharmacies to create mobile vaccine teams to vaccinate those most at risk of severe Covid-19,” ProPublica reported on Saturday. –RT

    It sure looks like half of the population may be as good as it gets for these shots, and that will diminish whatever role it is they play in the overall Great Reset to the New World Order. (Again, it’s just speculation at this point, so use your own discernment. All we know is that these shots play a part in the agenda or they wouldn’t be pushing them so hard.)

    The Baltimore City Health Department even “played fast and loose” with the separation of church and state, collaborating with Johns Hopkins University and area bishops to suggest what behaviors were permitted inside houses of worship. Basically, the ruling class will decide how, when, and where and all of the other rules for you when it comes to worshipping.

    Not only that, but as of Monday, the state of Maryland is offering its employees a $100 payment to encourage vaccination. Governor Larry Hogan announced that the government was “further encouraging state employees to get vaccinated to help keep themselves, their families, and their communities healthy and safe.”

    The program is projected to cost $5 million and will require participants to show certificates of vaccination to state government employees at the Human Resources Office – meaning one can’t simply look like a state employee, one must actually be one. -RT

    As of May 1, about 2.75 million Marylanders (about 46% of the state’s total population) have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 “vaccine”, while 2.09 million, or 35%, were considered fully vaccinated.

    The ruling class is running into problems convincing the other half of the public to just submit and take this shot. As we reported yesterday, now will come an all-out push to get as many people jabbed with this experimental gene therapy as possible so they can move on to the next step in the agenda.



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      1. Every once in awhile during the pandemic I travel around the city on public transport. Without fail when I enter the blacker neighbourhoods the fewer the people complying with the masks, or they just do dumb things (from the perspective of not trying to spread the virus) like eating a burger with their mask off.

        Add to that the unrest and rioting that must have played its part in spreading the virus (for every open-air demonstration there must have been multiple indoor planning meetings and parties etc after the demos), the virus was spread about good and thick in the poorer neighbourhoods, thus the higher death tolls.

        But, let’s ask ourselves: do we really give a crap if the older and sicker darker and more ethnic folks die in larger numbers from the Covid?

        • Injections cause infections. Look up MRNA Vaccine shedding…

      2. The injections Cause infections, and RT PCR tests are 100% MEDICAL FRAUD. Vaccinated Individuals shed the spike protein. Avoid them…like the plague. Lockdowns are a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Florida and Texas are on the right path.

      3. As you correctly mentioned,these jabs are a HUGE part of the elite’s overall sinister agenda. One positive to take away from these absurd ads is that it proves how many are not taking the DNA altering gene therapies. If so many people were taking the jabs, their would be no need for such stupid ads attempting to
        “convince” more folks to get vaccinated.?

      4. Gotta give the evil bastards props. At least, they do equal opportunity shaming ??

      5. But, how will I prove that I’ve gotten my ferret shot, so can remove my five masks.

        (right hand or forehead)

      6. Only a complete a##hole moron imbicille would be shamed into taking a self euthanizing shot from hell when the survival rate of the non existent virus is 99.9%. Get your vax if your an idiot because I for one am sick of being surrounded by idiots!

      7. Let’s see possible side side effects from gene therapy clinical experimental trial drug:
        Heart attack
        Blood clotting
        Possible prion dissease
        Bells palsy
        Why would I want to risk all these horrible possibilities when I have a better than 99 percent chance of surviving covid19 or I have likely already
        Had it and this makes your response to the shots even worse! I will live on the street and steal for food before I ever get the kill shot that has already killed more Americans than 9/11.

      8. I’ve noticed Women are becoming very sexually aggressive at me lately.

        • Amish or nappy?

      9. Mimosas with the girls this weekend? It’s a bad idea if you haven’t become a gmo with dead baby parts and tiny machines. Resistance is futile.

        Other ads that were created appealed to the city’s African-American residents, as well as Spanish-speakers – who were told No papers, no problem. Get Death jab. Do it for Michael Brown.

      10. Hey, Baltimore, you want to “shame” somebody. Start with your idiot politicians (D) that handcuff-legitimate-policing or want to get rid of the police. You want to surpass Chicago (D) in mayhem, keep voting for the same type of idiots (D).

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