Big Pharma Will Not Be Responsible For COVID-19 Side Effects Caused By Vaccines

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    This should come as no surprise, but big pharmaceutical companies will not be held responsible for any damages and side effects to people who get a coronavirus vaccine. A senior executive for pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has confirmed that his company cannot face legal action for any potential side effects caused by its COVID vaccine.

    Those who will be affected adversely will have no legal recourse against the company creating the vaccines. They will not be made safe or effective, since they literally don’t have to be.

    AstraZeneca is one of 25 pharmaceutical companies worldwide already testing their COVID vaccines on humans, in preparation for injecting hundreds of millions of people. These are flush times for Britain’s largest pharmaceutical company, worth something in the order of £70 million. They have just reported bumper profits of $12.6 billion in the last six months alone.

    But despite its healthy balance sheet, AstraZeneca is unwilling to be held responsible for any potential side effects of its ‘hopeful’ vaccine candidate. In other words, the company is completely protected, or indemnified, against lawsuits from people who are injected with their vaccine and experience negative effects, regardless of how severe or long-lasting they are. –RT

    While regular everyday people are being fined for not wearing masks, big pharma can literally permanently damage or kill as many people as they want in the name of “national interest” in order to vaccinate everyone. We live in a system that is truly upside down and backward.

    Ruud Dobber, a senior AstraZeneca executive, told ReutersIn the contracts we have in place, we are asking for indemnification. For most countries, it is acceptable to take that risk on their shoulders because it is in their national interest.’’ For “national interest,” read “government interest.” Whether what is happening is good for the actual people of vaccinated countries is, to put it very mildly, an open question. A forced global vaccine with unknown contents and side effects will benefit only a few.

    The United States has already done their “job” as far as the New World Order cabal of central bankers are concerned.

    [The U.S. has] a special legal framework in which no pharmaceutical companies face lawsuits for side effects of vaccines in case of ‘public health emergencies’. This legislation, known as the PREP Act, was the product of a massive lobbying effort from the US pharmaceutical industry, and was introduced despite vigorous opposition from consumer groups. Unless the vaccine maker intentionally murders or injures you – willful misconduct – you cannot sue them. -RT

    This message should ring loud and clear to every single human on this planet: vaccine manufacturers want nothin to do with the consequences of their vaccines. But they do need you to line up to take it.



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      1. This is a heinously inept orgy of corruption and predation by the evil retards that infest and permeate all levels of American society.

        Less legitimate and professional than a Crack Jack Stand!
        If razor blades were found in cracker jacks, there would undoubtedly be hell to pay!

        Not with the psychopaths in medical mafia and the organized crime ring regualtory agencies in the Anals of American democracy! ( not a typo! )

        So sick of the god damn fucking psychopaths in this shit hole nation filled with shit for brains psychopaths!

        Hey, just make sure that the country is really safe though by making sure license plates are not expired!

        Andrea Iravani

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Backroom talks on yearly corona virus shots. Because one is never enough.

        • The snake oil glorified drug dealers are just trying to make up for their losses from decreasing opioid prescriptions and Obamacare cuts.

          It’s all about the souless pathological lying psychopaths. If you die, you die, no big whoop, but at least they get their money.

          Cindy has the sniffles. Vacation is cancelled. Lock the world down and give trillions to the psychopaths to come up with a cure, because Cindy Brady might infect the world with a deadly disease that kills all of life on earth.

          Andrea Iravani

      3. To add to Pharma not being held liable for adverse effects, Trump has a provision in the GOP stimulus bill that says corporations will not be held liable for any adverse effects should you catch the covid while working for them, whether they provided a safe working environment or not.

        This will lead to companies neglecting safety and guidelines for a safe working environment that have been provided by Trump’s virus team itself. The bosses will say “hey tough shit” if other workers are sick, and fire you if you complain or miss work because you caught the virus.

        Safe working conditions took decades to implement with management fighting tooth and nail to oppose any rules that might cost them a cent of profit to follow. Trump wants to throw these out the window. He is no friend to the working man/woman.

        The right to have your day in court is the bedrock of the republic. If you have a valid case it should be heard by a jury of you peers. Fucktards in DC want to tear it all down in the name of corporate profits.

        • This is a long standing policy that the government will not hold liable the vaccine manufacturer’s. Too much risk to develop and then have never ending lawsuits. They do their best. Did you get a flu shot or any vaccine in your life?

      4. That’s the same for any vaccine that is used, not just this one.

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