Politicians Warn: Vaccines Can Be FORCED On People

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    Politicians are now coming right out and saying they believe they have some kind of right to force a vaccine on you. They fully believe that all they need is a law (words on paper) that they wrote themselves to violate your basic human rights.

    Anthony Sabatini, a Republican state representative, has already warned Floridians that under the current law, Governor Ron DeSantis or any future governor of Florida could violate “personal liberties” (basic human rights we were all born with) by forcing people to quarantine or forcing them to receive a vaccine. He also claimed he was going to file legislation to repeal the state law that could force people to get vaccinated during a public health emergency, according to Newsweek. 

    “Right now in Florida, under the public health emergency statute chapter 381, they can literally take you, test you, quarantine you, but also force you to take a vaccine. They can restrain you and force you to do that,” he said. “The powers have not been used yet, but they’ve been on the books for over 25 years and it’s important that Floridians know that this power can’t be exercised by government because it’s just too much an invasion of their personal liberties.”

    The law has never been used, and DeSantis has already stated that he would not force any Floridian to get a COVID-19 vaccine when one is made available.  “The state will not mandate that Floridians take these vaccines – that’s going to be the choice of each and every Floridian,” DeSantis said on November 19. Yet, never forget that politicians lie. They will do anything to maintain a grip on power.

    This law actually doesn’t have to be repealed even.  Everyone simply needs to disobey the orders to get vaccinated. If we all stand together against this, no one has power over anyone else, and that’s every human being’s birthright: to be free.

    In August, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, said that the U.S. would likely never mandate a vaccine for the general public. And they may not. Even worse, they won’t have to. If they don’t mandate the vaccine, there will be punishments for refusing it and your life will be much less convenient than if you just bow to the ruling class and obey. Sadly, most Americans will choose convenient slavery over difficult freedom.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    Recent polls suggest only 58 percent of adults would be willing to get vaccinated, but that number will likely rise when they begin issuing punishments to those who are not complying. While they probably won’t force anyone, they will make it hard to get a job, buy groceries, and could tie vaccine compliance to welfare or universal basic income. Meaning you must comply, or your finances will be cut off.

    Richie From Boston: “The Darkest Winter” Is Here

    We should not ever believe any politician when they say they won’t make this mandatory.  Here’s what that means: take the vaccine, and you will be a slave. Don’t take the vaccine, and we’ll make your life hell. What great choices…



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      1. Interesting………..

      2. I think this is still America? Maybe not!
        If Politicians who work for us use gestapo tactics then the people need to rise up and use whatever means at heir disposal to bring down these tyrants. Tar and feather – guillotine etc

      3. As you have stated :no one has power over anyone else.Agree with you completely It is absolutely our birthright to be free.Just imagine the results of trying to force this toxic vaccine on people! These ego maniacs/tyrants seem to want a war on their hands,and,that is exactly what they’ll have if they even attempt to coerce/force this Vax on people.Humanity can only be pushed so far.These bastards had better think long and hard about what they are plotting.If they come up on the wrong person trying to force a shot in them-the vaccinators themselves may be the ones ending up with a shot and I am not talking about a vaccine!? Of course, if they don’t physically force you to get the toxic DNA altering vaccine,they will just make each of our lives more of a living hell.As bad as things are now with the lockdowns and so forth,just imagine how they’ll ramp up their evil tactics to coerce you into getting the “beneficial” vaccine.Not being able to buy food,not being able to work,(for anyone still lucky enough to have a job),no travel at all,no visits to loved ones,taking your kids away,probably not even allowing you to drive unless you have proof of having taken the vaccine.These bastards will make all our lives even worse than the nightmares we’ve lived in 2020 – as if that’s even possible considering how unbelievably horrific this year has been so far.Make no mistake,there is NOTHING good about this vaccine.At DavidIcke.com I recently heard an interview he did with a woman named Celeste Solum and I hope my fellow commenters seek it out. If true,this vaccine will be a thing of absolute nightmares.If you take this vaccine,you will be irreversibly damaged from the inside out until there is nothing of you left. I recommend you guys seek out and listen to that interview. It is definitely an eye opener. I believe it’s called “the tests are tagging you” or something like that and it is available on DavidIcke.com. Thank you guys for the article and for being one of the very few working on our behalf.

      4. ?Would you trust a vaccine after a virus was created to exterminate humanity?? Robert F. Kennedy Jr

      5. Saw a map one time that shows the country divided into 9 sections. Ruled by the cartel of Chinese owned goveners. The people are too lazy to care, or this pig poop would be over.

      6. wake up…. if you already go to work and pay taxes, you are already a slave….

      7. I have said this before but black Women need to go first with the vaccines. They have been the most wronged and we need to make up to them after all the BLM riots.

        After them then black men, Asian men and the disabled. White men should be last after we see how the vaccines perform.

        • Fuck YOU Racist

        • You are stupid and a racist. Your race should go first for all the crimes, murdering, stealing countries land, scams, bringing down financials and stealing money all over the globe!

      8. @Frank Thoughts – Ha Ha I totally agree with you.In fact,I’m willing to give my “helpful” vaccine to someone else.I’m willing to wait and wait and wait and wait for mine because I WON’T be taking that poisonous shit.

      9. If you think about it,vaccines involve so much darkness.You have a group of dark minded people with dark intentions in some dark laboratory concocting some dark cocktail with sinister dark motives.Really makes you think about that “dark” winter they’ve been promising.?. Personally, I will take the “light”er side of things and pass on this vaccine.

      10. Firstly, we know that ‘no isolate’ of a disease called covid19 is available – strange… Corona virus has been around a long time, it’s medically insignificant. In the US a military General has been put in charge of a vaccine program? Really? Very strange days indeed. Most peculiar momma… I’ll pass on the injection – it’s not a vaccine. I’d guess it’s in fact ‘part 1’ of the pogrom. Old saying: “Its easier to kill a million, than control 10”. The next shoe to drop – fuel shortages at the pumps, a very easy thing to accomplish with tremendous bang for the buck (and excellent deniability for the perps) leading to total shutdown of supply and logistics. Ensuing chaos will overshadow the immediate and dire lack of sustenance. No sustenance, no fight. Good luck.

      11. They think the rioters tore up some stuff. You try telling a hungry hellion that he can’t go in a store or buy some fuel or whatever, then just sit back and wait on the show to begin. They think this is going to fall right into place as they enjoy the power. They best rethink the entire ordeal and brace for some renegade backlash that they will not enjoy dealing with and most likely not be prepared for this crossing of the line.

        • I sure hope you’re right but going maskless every time I go outside and observing the behavior of my fellow masked citizens has made me extremely doubtful that any but a handfull of us would rise up.

      12. I think it’s important to remember that the evildoers plotting all these things against us feed on fear. I recently heard something somewhere about how our collective consciousness can have a strong impact deflecting the evil plans of these psychopaths.The ones behind all that is currently happening seem to feed on our fear and that is why the msm/liars are running with the fear mongering 24/7. It is so much easier for the evil behind these nefarious plots to manipulate us if we are afraid. I know with everything they are throwing at us,it is not easy to maintain a positive state of mind,but,we must all try to do that because when we operate out of a position of fear – the evil ones become stronger. I say to everyone:please try to remain in a positive frame of mind and just remember that we are not as weak as the ones behind our current dilemmas would have you think we are.Stay strong.Be resilient.I wish only fortitude/strength to those who read my words on this helpful website.Thanx.?

      13. Actually (and I surprise myself for thinking this) non mandatory vacs with punishment might even be a good thing.
        All the weak willed and wimps who take the shot will be confronted with the consequences of their blind, brainwashed “short-term” decision, while the resistors will be forced to take responsibility, be creative and find alternative old fashioned (prepper type) underground ways of surviving.
        Thus it will be like sifting and culling the non-thinking, needy and dependent from those who roll up their sleeves and get on with surviving life. A human haircut if you will.
        If somehow “money and its fake power” could be nuked out of existence as well, the phony fatcat puppet celebrities and politicians would also deflate and disappear in the sunset.

      14. If I were to go to a stadium and was told that only people that are vaccinated for COVID can go inside then ponder these questions. If every one inside is vaccinated then how could I, if I were infected, infect anyone there if the vaccine is really a vaccine and they can’t get infected? How could I, if I were not infected, get infected from anyone inside the stadium if they can’t have COVID because they have been vaccinated. Unless the vaccine really doesn’t work. The only person that could get infected or infect someone else is someone who has not taken the vaccine. And if un-vaccinated persons want to take there chances and possibly get sick, well, that’s their choice. Sort of like smoking.

      15. Most if not all people will take this vaccine despite of the fears going around about it just look at the stupid people you and I have seen when we have gone shopping in supermarkets in the UK thousands shopping with masks on only and my wife without masks out of hundreds of sheeple people following the propaganda and lies about this scamdemic called covid 19 in other words the common flu which we have each and every year year in year out the people of the UK at worse people because they’ll believe anything their told and are to stupid to realize how really stupid they are the spineless and gutless idiots with no. Backbone.

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