Richie From Boston: “The Darkest Winter” Is Here

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    Richie from Boston, now deleted from YouTube and given a Google ban, says this upcoming trucker strike, coupled with the new lockdown restrictions could be the battering ram the brings in the “darkest winter” we have been repeatedly promised. If you add in election chaos, this could explode.

    We are reaching a breaking point. Everything is coming together right now.  Please consider supporting Richie in light of his censorship.  Visit him on Bitchute and at his website by clicking on these links. Listen to what this vaccine is by watching the video below.

    Anything that comes against the agenda of the elitists is going to be censored, fact-checked, and deemed fake news or misinformation. This video also shows information about the depopulation agenda as well. Is the vaccine linked to depopulation? That’s for you to decide.

    The “darkest winter” however, is shaping up to be a reality.

    Joe Biden Warns: A “Dark Winter” Is Ahead

    Secret Models of “The Darkest Winter”

    Those Who Planned The Enslavement of Mankind Warn Of “A Dark Winter” For Us

    The COVID-19 “Dark Winter” PsyOp: Question Everything…

    This vaccine will be distributed by the military.  If you still think it will be “voluntary” you don’t understand the meaning of that word.  There will be punishments, force, and coercion used in conjunction with impoverishment and the promises of a pittance of universal basic income to take it. If you take it, you will lose all your freedom. If you don’t take it, you will lose all your freedom.  That’s not in any way voluntary.

    This vaccine will be coming soon. The lockdowns are also coming. All of this is a part of the plan. “This is all coming to a shuttering crescendo and right after Thanksgiving is when [the vaccine] takes effect,” Richie says.

    The vaccine is close. Time is up. You will have to make the decision to take it or be punished for not taking it soon.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY


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      1. It is my belief that these illegal, draconian, fraudulent measures are not about the vaccines, but about the election in this instance. They are terrorists. They won’t come right out and say in plain English that they want to initiate a second lock down and illegalization of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas if Trump does not concede the election because it wold be totally illegal for them to come right out and say that in plain English in addition to the fact that everyone would totally despise them if they said that. They are terrorists. Terrorists do not live by the same set of principles that normal people live by. They are getting more outrageous with each passing day. Their crimes are growing in size and frequency. Their brazenness is growing in the same proprtion. This is their new normal. They are narcisstic psychopaths that have suffered narcisstic injury for being exposed as thieves, frauds, and charlatans, and they are expressing narcisstic rage in a passive agressive form. Indeed it is agressive that they are resorting to the measures that they are, but it is passive agressive in the sense that they are attempting to displace the rage that they feel onto everyone else, attempting to induce rage through extreme tyranny that everyone knows is total tyranny, deliberately psy-opped as concern over everyone’s health and well being in a tyranny that destroys health and well being. The tragedy is that an entire generation will be forced to somehow attempt to live in this evil society, and their parents are forced between choosing to tell them that the government, healthcare, and education industry are evil psychopathic terrorists, or that other people are able to contaminate them with a deadly virus that could kill their families. That is child abuse in an extreme form. It is evil beyond comprehension. It is inexcuseable. 

        Psychopathic terrorists are running the country and much of the world. It was a global conspiracy even among governments that despise eachother. They all agreed ro these unnecessary measures that depended on scientific fraud with the exceptions of Sweden, Belarus, and Nicargua. The measures occured in capitalist, socialist, communist, and theocratic governments and economic models. It is tyranny. Tyranny does not discriminate among economic models or forms of governance. Corruption is the problem. Their solution to corruption is tyranny and authoritarianism for the obvious reasons of their own self serving survival. The corruption is systemic. It includes governments, militaries, health care, corporations, the financial sector, the media, and even clergy. There is no way for people to survive in a healthy manner under such conditions. There is no way to raise a well adjusted child under such conditions. It simply is not possible.

        Trump was equally guilty for allowing it to occur to use as a fall guy for the failing economy that started prior to covid. It has been going on for ages, growing more unstable with each day. This time, the collapse stared with the repo market break down followed by the oil market break down, but the discrepencies between what reported numbers are refelecting, and what market prices are reflecting is gigantic Everything Bubbles everyone has known this for at least six years. Trump did not want to deflate the bubbles during his first term. Trump even said prior to being elected that the stock market was in a bubble. They just keep trying to kick the bubble down the road.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Partaking of the nanites is like Communion for Borg NPC’s.

        “…whoever does not believe stands condemned already…”
        — from John 3:18

        Tell me they can be saved from themselves, the predestined and damned. They will accept it for the same reason that other animals migrate together; they were made for it.

        Coarse language will not tickle your ears:

        If you don’t like this, make me a better man. Please share even one, non-fictional example of some statist, personality cultist, who you have successfully deprogrammed.

      3. RfB’s movie is called “Utopia” on Amazon Prime.

        All newish stuff, online, is researched, predictive programming, propaganda, full of miscegenation and blasphemy. I do not directly pay for any services, nor do I recommend them.

      4. Information brokers have endangered our lives and property. This article exposes the Islamic praying app. If you are not Muslim and do not use that app, do not delude yourself into believing that this does not pertain to you and those that you care about. It is merely one example. The surveillance state has destroyed my life and a lot of my property as well, to the point that I cannot leave my home without it being broken into with things stolen and vandalized, or even do yard work for that matter. A terrorist network has infiltrated my neighborhood. They are also spies, that let me know that they are spying on me through gas lighting techniques of repeating things that I have said or done in my home that they would be oblivious to if they were not spying on me. One neighbor placed lights that they atole from my home in their window and constantly removed and replaced them. Another neighbor hung curtains in her kitchen that were stolen from my basement. These acts constitute false imprisonment and illegal enslavement. The only criteria necessary for false imprisonment is that the knowledge that the victims life and or property have been endangered by the psychopaths commmitting the crimes. The Grafton government and police department are co-conspirators in this. When I told officer Alfonso that someone kept breaking in and stealing and vandalizing, and that I was being stalked, he asked, “What makes you think that you are so special that someone would steal from you?” He also refused to check the surveillance cameras at the end of the street and lied and said that the Grafton police do not have access to the camera footage, only the state, which is a lie, because the media reported that they were installed for the Grafton police. A villlage employee told me that if I do not feel safe that I should move, denying equal protection under the law to me. They are terrorists and psychopaths. Apparently the private contractor surveillance state and information broker industry is highly competitive. So competetive in fact that they had to resort to the controlled demolition of the World Trade Towers and faked Pentagon plane strike, as well as the covid health scare scamdemic as excuses to continue to spy on people and extract trillions of dollars from businesses and governments by illegally spying on us and selling our data to mentally incompetent frauds and 
        thieves. These are lazy assed low life thugs that really do not deserve anything other than prison. If they are incapable of survivng without violating our rights and property and without committing those felonies, they really are not entitled to survive. We should not have to sacrifice our lives for the benefit of parasitic serial criminal terrorist psychopaths so that they can continue to live their lives. They do not produce anything at all. They do not produce intelligence. They steal other people’s intelligence and fraudulently pass it off as their own, which is theft. They are without question the biggest lazy assed retards on earth! If you have any doubt, ask yourselves why it is that everything that they do totally fails. If you don’t know that, then you are probably just a God damned fucking spy aka CROOK! Everything that you have done and suggested has backfired and blown up in your faces! Why in the hell do people pay you?!  You are never correct!!! 

        Andrea Iravani

        The worthless hacking retard hacked my comment again. It is another one of America’s overstock of retarded low life hacking jack asses, and is part of the reason that America is destined to be a shit hole country full of losers for the next few generations at least! Any God Damned fucking animal can destroy something! All rats, mice, termites are capable of destroying things, which is what the God damned fucking retard that keeps hacking has same mental equivalent of.

      5. If their actions have no justification, their lives have no justification. All of this is based on scientific fraud to cover for financial and political fraud and cannot be justified in any context, legal, moral, intellectual, or spiritual. They are willing destroy all of society for self serving parasitic purposes. There is no justification for it at all. They are terrorists, point blank. These also happen to be some of the highest degree of disciplinarians that hand out prison sentences and disciplinary action to others with the flip of a switch. 

        No justice no peace! Prosecute and imprison the psychopathic terrorist thugs! It is not possible to co-exist with them any more than it is possible to co-exist with flesh eating bacteria. They have refused to abide by the boundaries and limits placed on them in the Constitution!  the Supreme Law Of The Land! 

        They have destroyed the world! 

        They demand respect but have acted in the most unrespectable manner possible! They are not entirled to respect! They are entitled to condemnation and prison for a decades long crime spree against humanity! Wake up, Grow Up, and face the consequences that your actions have earned! Welcome to reality! Welcome to the real world!

        Andrea Iravani

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