North Korea Just Threatened The US With Nuclear War

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 87 comments

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    With tensions rising and the North Korean regime unwilling to cease missile tests, the leader of the rogue nation is now officially threatening the United States with World War 3.

    Not to be outdone in the warmonger arena, Kim Jong-Un is showing he has no desire to achieve world peace. Kim Jong-Un is promising a preemptive strike on the mainland US if he feels threatened. Before the beginning of 2017, the only thing afraid of Kim Jong-Un was a cupcake. But the dictator has been making sure his threats stick in the sides of the politicians in Washington.

    The threat was in response to comments from CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who said last week that the Trump administration needed to find a way to separate Kim from his growing nuclear stockpile. “As for the regime, I am hopeful we will find a way to separate that regime from this system,” Pompeo said. “The North Korean people I’m sure are lovely people and would love to see him go.” But Kim Jong-Un didn’t really like those comments much, so the chubby dictator issued his own threat in return.


    The DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) legally stipulates that if the supreme dignity (Kim Jong-Un) of the DPRK is threatened, it must preemptively annihilate those countries and entities that are directly or indirectly involved in it, by mobilizing all kinds of strike means including the nuclear ones. Should the US dare to show even the slightest sign of attempt to remove our supreme leadership, we will strike a merciless blow at the heart of the US with our powerful nuclear hammer, honed and hardened over time,” the foreign ministry spokesman added. Although that may seem funny to some, North Korea’s volatile dictator, coupled with a nuclear program in its infancy is a recipe for disaster.

    US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley warned lawmakers last month that the North Korea’s missile program may be advancing ahead of previous estimates that put Kim’s unpredictable regime three to five years away from achieving its ambition of being able to deliver a nuclear weapon to the US. –CNN

    This situation could quickly turn for the worse in the coming months and years.


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      1. Trash talking

      2. NK is the 8th grader showing off to his friends and taunting the senior who is a starting varsity linebacker.

        If the US cannot swat a NK ICBM out of the sky in its Asia to North America travel I want a refund on our military budget. This nit whit learns from every test flight. Shoot down his missiles once they leave NK airspace and are over the Pacific, close the classroom.

        • Well said Kevin, I agree.

          Plus Trump needs to get the hell off Twitter. He has pissed of this psycho maniac with inane tweets that aren’t making a bad situation any better.

          • Meh, let him Tweet and troll the Media, it’s about the only way he can get his points out.

          • Marie, I see your comparison.Trumps last tweet ( following yet another missile test) directed at Lil Kim was asking if this guy has anything better to do with his life. Lil Kim threatened to reduce the USA into a pile of ash. Lil Kim has also threatened a preemptive nuclear strike on the US. If only Trump would stop those thermonuclear tweets, peace would finally be achieved… Seriously Marie, please do something that resembles research on the subject of North Korea. The “it’s Trumps fault” narrative doesn’t work here. – Hale

          • Replying to him just gives him credibility to his people.

        • So according to Niki the North Koreans may be further along in their development of ICBM’s and the US needs to do something to stop further development. Is her opinion based on intelligence provided by the self serving CIA who would like to expand their influence over US policy while getting a bigger budget? I keep remembering Colin Powell pointing to a picture of a “mobile missile launcher” and explaining why the US needed to go to war against Iraq. I sat there looking at the picture BEFORE he said anything thinking that it was nothing but a fuel tanker hauling fuel, perhaps to the Iraq version of a convenience store. Powell was sold a load of garbage just like Niki has been sold a load of garbage. We get to pay for another war.

          • A deranged dictator with a big ego, a nuclear bomb and wanting to “prove himself” can be a danger to others.

            Apparently, officials in Hawaii are making preparations.
            The state of Hawaii has released official guidelines on surviving a potential nuclear attack.


            Public meetings of the “Hawaiian Hazard Awareness and Resilience Program” are being held around the state informing citizens about getting prepared for the potential of an attack. Citizens are told that an official response could take a while, and to plan to be completely on their own for up to a month.

            • KY Mom, thanks for helping to keep us informed. We should not really listen to what is said, but what people/nations DO. Actions always speak louder than words.

            • KY mom,
              The organic prepper site was interesting.
              Like everything in Hawaii the “Hawaiian
              Hazard Awareness and Resilience Program”,
              is a joke. Many of us on the other islands
              are pretty well prepared for everything,
              because we have to be. We are just one ILWU
              strike from being out of toilet paper. Most the
              states population is located in Honolulu, they
              can’t afford, and don’t have the space
              to stash away a months worth of
              supplies, so they will be in a world
              of hurt.

              • relik,

                At least Hawaii is making a public effort to encourage people to be prepared.

                Unfortunately, most of the population on the U.S. mainland lives in urban areas. City apartments don’t have the space to store a lot of food either.

                Here is a common method folks use who don’t have a lot of space, but want to add more food storage.

                Increase and utilize your under bed storage.
                Purchase some heavy duty bed risers and a bed-skirt. Most bed risers are adjustable and you can add 3, 5 or 8 inches of height. You can store ALOT of canned goods and other items under the bed.


                Remove the box springs and use boxes of #10 food as the frame of the bed. (If you do this, label your boxes (#1) and make a chart of what food is in what box.) Cover the bed with a bed-skirt and you can’t even see the storage.

                • thanks mom, you’re a TREASURE!

        • Kevin2, agreed. While the fat boy is a bully, he’s a bully with nukes so no one can afford to ignore him.

          • By “fat boy” and “bully with nukes,” are we talking about North Korea or the U.S. Government? I keep getting confused.

        • exactly, and I’m pretty sure we can do that too

      3. Tensions have been building up for years with NK for a myriad of reasons, but I wish Trump would stay off Twitter instead of egging egghead on. That’s just making things worse, certainly not better. NK leader is a psychopath, you don’t mess with those people. I don’t know why Trump antagonized him weeks ago with a bunch of tweets that would make any psychopath in power explode, especially given they already hate us. Why make bad worse. Trump needs to get off Twitter and stay off. Or maybe at this point its too late.

        • Marie in Upstate, I think Trump/the US is provoking NK on purpose in order to see what China does or does not do. We are provoking both China and Russia by threatening their respective proxies.

          We need to ask ourselves for what reason are we provoking them?

          • “We need to ask ourselves for what reason are we provoking them?”

            Business as usual and nothing less.

            Money maker for the Military Industrial Complex, Population Control, and full control/compliance over another country when it is all said and done.

            Three things that the Globalist love to implement Worldwide.

            • Maybe. But I think it is to test them to see if they are really with the program (i.e. if we are really one big family, then you don’t still need these proxies/buffer states).

              We are all one big happy family aren’t we? This is a NWO, right?!?!

              It looks like China and Russia are a little reluctant to go along with the program. People are rightly reluctant to give up Nationalism for this world without borders and identity.

        • Marie, please give specific tweets that Trump supposedly posted. I call Bullshit. I wonder what you’d say if Lil Kim nuked LA or any other city in the Nation. I’m sure you’d ask why Trump didn’t stop it.

          • Exactly right.

      4. sticks and stones……

      5. The CIA needs to be defunded and disbanded permanently. They provoke conflicts and Wars across the Globe so their MICM – Military Industrial Complex Mafia Handlers can keep the money train flowing. Its just one big perpetual war fraud for profit scam. And US Tax payers are funding this Global Chaos. How about the US mind their own business and get the heck away from N Koreas Shores, and stop poking N Korea.

        • Yours are words of wisdom and not the words of presstitutes on MSM or Zionist politicians than run America. Mind your own business. What a novel idea! America should try that for once.

        • The CIA is outside of the chain of command operating with a flak budget on its classified programs which coincidently are the dangerous ones. Congress doesn’t know and therefore cannot approve what they’re doing. Even the President has to take their word having zero checks and balances to fall back upon. Someone, some group controls them and by default us. They’re rogue.

      6. Well writer of this article you must have been under a rock for the last few years. This little shit has been threating war since his daddy died and his daddy threaten to war for years and his grandpa actually did start a war so your telling us something that’s been going on more than 50 years

      7. If any country states they are going to nuke us or anyone for that matter, well, that individual/country needs to be “dealt with” period!! Enough is enough with that FAT BOY Gook – stick with raping cats and dogs gator-bait fruit loop pudgy.

      8. If N. Korea attacks us, I suggest we respond by sending Dennis Rodman over, permanently, to N.K as retaliation. And if we REALLLY want to be mean and aggressive, throw in the Kartrashians, Lady Kaka, Miley Cysleaze and Mahdoona. That’ll teach em!

        • And Rev. Bieber too.

      9. Very poor story. Everybody is throwing around estimates of NK’s capability but nobody knows for sure.

        What is sure is that Trump is trying very hard to escalate the situation. It appears this asshat is looking for the next war-flavor-of-the-month. Hopefully, Washington will pay the price.

        The world will not be a safe place until Washington is restrained or destroyed — just like any other rogue, rabid animal.

        • Neville Chamberlain couldn’t have said it better, David. War is always bad; but there are occasions when appeasement is just hoping the crocodile eats you last. People on this site know I am a big advocate of non-violence; however, e.g., I would have certainly fought in WWII (not WWI or Spanish American War)

      10. Ding Dong is boxing himself into a corner…..

      11. Look at North Korea! Look at North Korea! But don’t look at what your government has done to your country and your people, Mr. and Mrs. America. If North Korea had done to us what our government has done to us, we would have nuked ’em already. Washington must be destroyed if we are to survive. If it’s not too late.

        • Ding Ding Ding!!!!!!
          We have a winner!
          Thats exactly it, a distraction

      12. It only takes possessing nuclear weapons. ICBMs orient the US population into a false sense of security.

        If terrorists can fly into the Twin Towers in airlines then why can’t rogue states employ Nucs via planes, fishing boats, or anything else?

        Remember, the FBI had indicators leading to the 9 11 attacks and their “lawyers” were to arrogant and limited in thinking to do anything about it.



      13. while yer watching this freak show , your own government is Fking you up the a$$!!!


        • Rebel son, tell us something we don’t already know.
          What a maroon.

          • you’d be surprised how many dont get it .. and it was really a rhetorical statement here on this site

            Moron ( you do know what rhetorical means, right?)

            are you a liberal? because usually thats who resorts to name calling when they dont like something someone said… that and 2 year olds and kids that still live in mommys basement .. so which one are you?

            • Rebel, no liberal. Modified hybrid libertarian.
              Who resorted to name calling?
              I agree with what you said,
              just resent calling all here idiots. And the pretty disgusting tone of the comment.

              And was attempting a little humor with the Bugs Bunny maroon play on words.
              Let’s drop it, we’re on the same side. Really.

      14. It’s reminding me so much of Bill Clinton and his warnings of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.
        How much of what the fat cockroach says is real?
        Sure looks like there will be war.
        I don’t think Trump will give him wheat and corn like Billy Clinton did.

        • You, sir, are incorrect. It was Bush 2 and the WMD’s

          • Darkwing, I know what you’re saying. What I mean is that Bill Clinton warned of WMD’s so many times through his last term, but did nothing.
            I know it was Bush 2 that started it, but Billy was being told to warn us well in advance.

      15. If Kim Jong-Un wants to nuke the U.S. then let him. Bring it. The CIA, the NSA, MSM, “can’t die soon enough” John McCain, and all the rest of the Deep State which currently is the U.S. government, egged this sh*t hole of a country on. The U.S. government is the real despot, war-monger and crazed dictator here. When the “MADE IN CHINA” ICBM debris is sorted out, that’s when the truth will come out. And that’s when the world will see what a chicken sh*t outfit the U.S. government is — again.

        • Bingo, well said.

        • Thats where im at on the subject as well, bring it on, we need a good smack in the face to knock some sense into the dumbasses that are running the circus and the spectators lining up to cheer on the clowns

          • You, and those like you, are a special kind of stupid. Bring it on, really?!?! You actually want the U.S. to get nuked to put the goverment in it’s place? What about the innocent lives that will be lost, not to mention the effects from the EMP from the nuclear device? If we do get hit I hope your family dies from the slow, lingering effects of the fallout and not quickly in the initial blast.
            What a fucking moron!

        • You, anti-American leftists, are all the same. If you think America is so bad then please MOVE. I suggest Venezuela which I hear is paradise on Earth.

      16. The ‘US’ government is more of a threat to your freedom, liberty, wealth and well-being than NK.

      17. We, the American give not its people directly, threaten several countries a year in the same manner Kim has done. We do it all the time! I can say without a doubt that the majority of my fellow Americans are absolutely brainwashed. Has something to do with all the prescription drugs aND fluoride calcification of our pineal glands. Most Sony do not have the intellectual capacity to think clearly and use critical thinking

      18. Are these the same intelligence groups that said there “were” weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They were wrong then maybe they are wrong now.

        • WMDs were used in Iraq to kill many Kurds. Sadaam Husein had plenty of warning by the world community that an inspection was coming so he hid, transferred, or destroyed the evidence. Please don’t buy the MSM storyline that there were no WMDs. The main stream media is for propaganda that supports their agenda.

      19. Was thinking about some of this while laid up sorry with a stomach virus this past week. Even Woodpile Report included a link to a story about this.

        The great Roman empire went down (after internal corruption) with the little guys from the north. The Goths.

        The great ‘sun never set on’ the British Empire went down by the little guys in the new world. The farmers of America.

        The great Russian Bear went down in flames in Afghanistan by the little desert dweller.

        The greatest military power in the world, the U.S. of A. went down in Vietnam at the hands of the rice paddy daddy. (I care deeply about the soldiers of that era. This is not an indictment against you. Your hands were tied by D.C.)

        Then again in Afghanistan, Iraq and it will happen in Syria and anywhere else we try to put boots on the ground.

        Seems all the great powers of the world over time are taken down by the little guy.

        We were the little guys once upon a time, 240 yrs ago.

        Prep your souls. We’ll go down, too. Some little guy from somewhere….

        • They just want us to fund their conquest for them, dont give a rip what we think, we are just little people to them, they use their hired and appointed thugs to keep us in line,
          Time for people to wake the hell up

      20. For the United States and most of the world, the Korean War has ended but not for North and South Korea. The war they have with the United States enables them to avoid looking at their current situation. They have their population believing that the US would attack and kill all of them. Kim Jong Un is making that a reality.

      21. Remember Trump gave foreigners 30 days to leave NK last week. With talk of using neutron bombs. Will Trump back down?

      22. We have so many sell outs and traitors, and people of a totally different cultures. How long will this be the ( United ) states? There will be third world states? Muslem states? Latino states? Chocolate states? Puerto Rican states? Chinese states? With Korean Japan sections? White states? Cristian states? Jewish states? That’s 8. And they need a special permit to leave.

      23. Who cares.. Bring it you slant eyed fatass fag boy….

      24. Go stand in a corner with your dunce caps on Pompeo and Jung- Un you stinking brainless puppets. Perpetual wars with no end in sight. So fake you don’t need decoder glasses to read it. A warm-up to the attack on Iran for the expanding greater middle east.

      25. Im sure we are overdue for some moron to say this is all Russia’s fault……There is always one poster who is so mired in his brainwashing to say it….Wait for it…

      26. Why dose Home Depot, and Lowes have such huge parking lots? ?. Perfect Disaster distribution sites? People camping, waiting? Water? Not being prepped is going to suck?

        • Because they do get a lot of business that requires contractors and home owners to bring trailers with them…..

        • How about customer parking? I don’t know about yours, but the one here has a full lot of customers, especially on Saturdays and the first nice days of spring and fall.

          • I’ve hardly seen any full. But I’ve always lived away from the big cities.

      27. Who needs nuclear weapons when you have cell phones, the entertainment industry, money and welfare?

        The greatest joke to man kind is that in order to give up a right, you have to do something wrong. Think about that.

      28. GOP lawmakers blocked medical cannabis legislation allowing veterans access to medical cannabis in states medical use is already law. Ain’t that a fine howdy do! Just how much money do these so called “representatives” rake in from big pharma payoffs? The best government for the corrupt giant interests money can buy.

        • Kind of explains why 20-percent of the homeless here in the Good-ole-U.S. of A are veterans.

      29. You wait. The first country to nuke the United States of America will be the U.S. Government. These bozos get away with everything. It will be JFK, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, 9/11, WMD and “I did not sleep with that Russian,” all over again.

        • Seriously? How did all “you people” get the idea that our own government would nuke us? I have worked for the government before and there is no way they could get away with it. Too many people know what is going on and they WILL NOT keep their mouths shut. Get real.

      30. Just look at FedGov Inc in Venezuela now. Threatening regime change, directing how the country should evolve, protecting the Venezuelan Constitution. The hypocrisy is beyond words. We will do unto you but you cannot do the same unto us. I fell off my chair laughing when I read the stated reason they were moving on Venezuela was to protect the Venezuelan Constitution. The deep state sure knows how to play us. Just read all the warmongering comments and keep on marching as to war. The hubris war driven by greed. The same reasons for all the wars, just ask a banker, he is the one over there tip toeing past the gallows. When all else fails they take us to war. And it fails because they rig the economy in their favor. There is little left to steal and when it is all gone the shooting will come. And when it does remember one of the premier rules of shooting. That one must correctly identify their target. Do it for the lost middle class of a country that was never allowed to be.

      31. I only have three words.

        BRING IT BEOTCH!!!!


        • I thought your favorite three words were “drop your pants”?

      32. What resource will this war be over? Rare earths? I saw studies from 5 years ago or so that said North Korea had some of the richest deposits of rare earth minerals in the world. Currently sold to China.

        I think this could be about rare earths needed for the military and all electronics. Also, will put more military bases on Russia and China borders.

        Seems that discussions are ongoing now for Afghanistan minerals. Trillions of tons of valuable lithium, cobalt, etc. are at stake. More US troops to be sent to assure supply of poppies and rare earths are available at
        discount prices for the Empire.

        Whenever you hear this website or MSM use the word “regime” about another government, it means that that government is targeted for replacement. Look for what resources are available to be taken to benefit multi-national corporations.

        Venezuela is another. They have the largest deposits of heavy oil in the world. Thus their regime is targeted for replacement. “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” gives the history of DC backed regime change.

        The new Russian sanctions are not about “election meddling”. They are targeting Nord Stream pipeline. The DC thugs want the EU gas business instead of Russia. US gas cannot compete with Russian gas in price so they want to rig the market. Free market my ass. That’s just political rhetoric and the .gov does not believe in it.

        Wars are about control of resources.

        • World military spending totaled more than $1.6 trillion in 2015. It is too bad the critical path was not chosen. There are more than enough resources if they divided them equally. But it seems some animals are more equal than others. The eternal struggle never solved, only renewed. The tree of Liberty died because of root causes.

      33. Judges not upholding the Constitution.

        Noahide law hiding behind Shiite Law is becoming the law of the land.

        It has been signed by Congressman and Senators on both sides, democrat and republican.
        Minimum fine $250,000 & up to 20years in prison (tortured).
        That’s what you get for saying anything about Is real hell (that beacon of democracy in the M.E.)

        Then there’s the anti-boycott law
        Minimum 1 Million & 50 years.

        These laws are Is real hell throwing down the gauntlet. They are telling Americans, let this pass and your slavery is your own fault. Now, fight our wars or you are a traitor to us, Is real hell.
        What penalty, firing squad? If you’re lucky.

        Bundy got 37years plus another sentence. No chance for parole. Non-violence rewarded by a life sentence. I don’t think Americans did enough for Bundy. Badly planned but brave action to resist an enemy. “History will tear to shatters this decision”. Bundy will be remembered as an American hero resisting a government under foreign control. God Bless Bundy.



        • B from CA, it’s a real tragedy. I weep for the Constitution and the Rule of Law. When people our age go all will be lost. They won’t remember what freedom is or how to secure it.

          • We can only hope that appeals will correct this travesty. If not, it is a command to action. Burleson cooked his own goose but the Bundy’s have been railroaded by a kangaroo court plain and simple. I already reminisce about what freedom was like, we secure it by taking the Bundy’s back. But we have already let too many of these slip by, perhaps too many.

            • I forgot to say that Judge Navarro was appointed by Harry Reid, see how they run?

        • trump should pardon bundy

      34. Yawn………………

      35. Yawn……………

        • X says f$%k you and hrc

      36. I’m LMAO at some of these comments. The one common theme on this site now seems to be the same as right before we were attacked on Dec 7th 1941 . NK has nukes. They have (or will very shortly) have the ability to deliver nukes via ICBM’S. They have, or will shortly an EMP nuke that would be worse then any single nuke strike BY FAR. Now IF the star wars program had been built, and IF the US actually had a “proven” anti-ICBM system to down nukes with ANY reliability, there would be nothing to worry about. NOTHING. But, we DON’T have an ICBM missile defense system in place. So keep thinking that lil dictator isn’t a threat. That’s what their counting on……

      37. Kevin2,I applaud your post.I think of all the military waste I saw when I was in…..We’re supposed to have all this supersecret shit hidden away somewhere,but we don’t shoot down a missile from a third tier nation. Go figure.

      38. Not taking up for the insane fat boy, BUT PUT YOURSELF IN HIS SHOES. The worlds largest military has you surrounded, with 3 aircraft carrier groups of your shores, its Bellicose President is making statements about the possible need for a decapitating strike against your countries leadership. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is saying publicly that America needs to prepare itself for a devastating War agianst you in the near future. The US state department just ordered all citizens to leave your country immediately. What conclusions would you draw, what would your response be. Would you state that you are prepared to use all weapons at your. disposal to defend yourself. Would you say you are prepared to use the ONLY weapon in your aresenal that has a chance of possibly averting the coming attack.
        I think a huge game of nuclear chicken is being played here. I question why if the US is actually planning to attack they would be making such public statements alerting the enemy to our intentions. Wouldn’t the prudent course be to position your forces without comment and strike with surprise on your side if striking is actually your intention. I don’t know what in the way of weapons NK has, I’m not sure ANYBODY does for sure. I do know that if we attack and the NK has nukes they will probably use them, I would if in a similar position. The trouble with playing chicken is if somebody doesn’t blink a head on collision ensues. IMO we would lose much more than we gain by war with NK, at least if conditions remain as they are now. Little Kim may be insane but his current level of rhetoric is understandable given the cards we are currently dealing him

      39. Seriously., Mac Slavo? I mean… seriously?

        At the end of your article, you’re quoting CNN (Communist News Network) as a credible source? Already, senior military commanders in the US are admitting that Korea has the ability RIGHT NOW to nuke parts of the US. And CNN reckons it’s “… three to five years away…” ??? CNN, in turn, quotes that insipid hack, Nikki Haley. Now, who do you think we the readers will believe? The US military leadership or CNN?

      40. Ok another way to look at this thing with NK.
        If I run into a bully and can’t talk my way around him/her and nothing I say will make them think twice or change their mind, then I have no choice but to engage.
        When I do this I attack their weak ego, enrage them, make them see red. When I have achieved this level of infuriating them, they have become unbalanced, reckless. Yes they are raging, but just what I want them to do, when they charge they are off balance and not thinking. I on the other hand, have an increased heart rate, huge uptick in adrenalin and still under control. I don’t come in swing haymakers, I engage with deliberate, highly focused attacks that destroy body parts, knees, elbows, eyes, jaws etc.
        Maybe the POTUSA is smarter than the average bear. Seems to me he has posted a lot of stuff that has everyone’s tongue wagging, but, in a few days, weeks or a month,, guess what,,, it turns out to be true. Not 100% but he has a better batting average than most.
        Maybe he is egging the mentally unstable one to act before he is actually ready, we stomp them and put them back in place, thus averting a true disaster.
        Just something to think about.

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