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US INTEL: North Korea Is Prepping For Another Missile Test

Mac Slavo
July 20th, 2017
Comments (42)


With the success of the last missile test, North Korea is continuing the ramping up their weapons system. Their last hugely successful ICBM test showed they have the capability to strike Alaska.

United States intelligence is now saying the rogue North Korean regime is getting ready to launch yet another missile test. The frequency of these tests show a continued thumbing of Kim Jong Un’s nose in Donald Trump’s direction, and they increase the already heightened tensions between the two countries. U.S. intelligence is also suggesting that North Korea is making preparations for the test which could happen in about two weeks, according to CNN.

Earlier this week, Gen. Paul Selva, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he is “reasonably confident in the ability of our intelligence community to monitor the testing but not the deployment of these missile systems.” Since that isn’t comforting, all hope lies in Kim Jong Un suddenly deciding he no longer enjoys his hobby of war and provocation. “Kim Jong Un and his forces are very good at camouflage, concealment, and deception,” Selva told the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this week.

He added that Pyongyang has not yet shown “capacity to strike the United States with any degree of accuracy or reasonable confidence of success.” But that statement doesn’t appear to be factual. North Korea, on July 4 of this year, successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time, and experts agree that it had the capability of hitting the US.

 Experts agree, and say that if the missile had been fired on a normal trajectory instead of at a high altitude, it would have reached about 6,000 kilometers, which is enough to put Alaska within range. –SHTFPlan

Alaska is not considered “mainland United States,” but US land is within the range of a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile. It does seem like there’s been a long period of time since Kim Jong-Un launched another missile test, but with the success of the last one, he may be more feverishly preparing for the next one.

US satellites have detected new imagery and satellite-based radar emissions indicating North Korea may be testing components and missile control facilities for another ICBM or intermediate launch, officials say.  The US is watching in particular for further testing of North Korean radars and communications that could be used in a launch. The next test launch would be the first since North Korea successfully launched an ICBM on July 4. -CNN

These developments are obviously a concern since North Korea’s tyrant has said he intends to eventually have a nuclear weapon that can hit mainland United States. Pyongyang has long maintained the ability to legitimately threaten the United States with a nuclear attack is the only way to protect itself against any attempts at regime change.

But Defense Secretary James Mattis has long warned against letting the North Korean situation get to the point of a US military strike and has strongly and publicly advocated for a diplomatic solution led by the State Department.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: July 20th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Concerned-Citizen! says:

    We have got to do something. There is NO way we can sit back and allow the crazy Fat-Boy to build a Nuke that can hit the heart of America. It will be hard, bloody and ugly but we have got to bomb the living hell out of them.

  2. ArmageddonProof says:

    I’ve always found it ironic we go after groups like isis and even boko Haram. Yet, North Korea has been allowed to function with little intervention for over fifty years.

  3. Reader1 says:

    Even if he could hit Alaska, so what? The population is primarily trees, bears, and backwoods hicks and the camera crews that film them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Back woods hicks ? LMAO . You’ll be the first to go in a collapse w that line of thinking .

    • Whowekidding says:

      Let’s say the boys in my machine shop have just learned to make a firearm.
      Do you think it will take them long to make automatic weapons if that’s their goal?
      Once the genie is out of the bag, its impossible to get back in.

    • I'm your huckleberry says:

      That shows what you know about Alaska. We have one of the most educated populations in America. There are over 300,000 people in Anchorage alone. We have military bases with nukes, stealth fighters, anti ballistic missile capability, research facilities, the pipeline, etc., and you call us “hicks”? I think everyone can see who the real hick is.

  4. Rebel Son says:

    As usual too many want to take this State owned propaganda and give it a life
    Fat Boy ain’t blowing his nose any more than he’s blowing up America
    Get real
    If he did that , life for him and his entire country would be over
    Besides , do you really think Russia Or China is going to allow a middle fly over their country on its way to the USA?

    Too much coolaide in yer dam beer

    Trust me
    He’s not the threat , the threat is already here and flourishing quite well in DC

  5. Reader1 says:

    I don’t see North Korea as a real threat to us.
    I think our government sees them as a great way to scare us into relying on them for our protection.
    They’ve been scaring us about North Korea for decades, but for all the scare stories, the NORKs have so far failed to deliver on their promised invasion of the ROK.

    If you do some youtubing, you can find a few very recent documentaries showing what’s actually happening in North Korea.

    Essentially, North Korea is starting to fall apart. Starvation, prison camps, public executions, torture, oppressive police and military forces are starting to fail before the corrosive effect of ROK and Western Culture smuggled across the border via illicit laptops, cell phones, DVDs, and thumb drives. Even their border guards are involved in the cross-border smuggling trade, allowing North Koreans to actually SEE what is happening in the outside world. They’re also smuggling secret videos out of the country, allowing us to see the decrepit cities, hungry people, orphans, abusive, scrawny cops, and the growing illicit private enterprises, such as illegal markets and private taxis. These secret videos also show common NORKs ignoring the rules and mocking the authorities.

    • Reader1 says:

      The NORK regime is losing its grip on the people and they can see their days are numbered. According to Kim Jong Un’s personal chef, who spent many years with him before returning to Japan, Un believes he needs to emulate the PRC’s managed economic reforms. Un recognizes his nation must change, but he needs to maintain his party control at the same time.

      If USSR is any indication, liberalizing a totalitarian regime is fraught with peril. Un could easily end up dead, like Ceausceau when Romania fell, or merely like Gorbachev, who was consigned to the dustbin of history when Yeltsin pushed him out.

      If Un is serious about reforms, it might make sense for him to purge his generals, as he did, in order to put more power in the Party. It might also make sense to him to pursue a militaristic and provocative stance towards the West (even if it makes no sense to us)in order to keep the wider world out of North Korea.

      If you look into Un, he is not the same “man” his dad and granddad were. He’s more Western, for one (educated in Switzerland), and he’s not a Soviet puppet. He’s also woefully inadequate for the job he received after Kim Jong Il’s unexpected death and was not properly groomed for the role. I don’t think Un is insane and I suspect his primary interests are maintaining his power and maintaining his nation.

      Ultimately, I believe North Korea is doomed. They’re a totalitarian Stalinist-style regime with an extractive economy that only rewards the tiny elite at the top. Even if they are successful implementing market reforms, they’ll likely lose control of the people and either return to violent repression or see their government toppled in revolution and chaos. With all these problems, I don’t think they’re really intent on a war with us when their primary foe is their own population.

  6. grandee says:

    in case of worst case–try this on the hottest SHTF days


    • oops says:

      I squarely place blame on the crap bag the foreign GOV Officials for the squalor in these countries. This UN Globalists I gotta pay more taxes for world distribution is BS! No telling how much we already send there.

      I guess the plastic companies sponsor this! With the 3rd world population booming no need for coal, oil, or nuclear energies. The UN approves.

      Crafty folks but piss poor statement for their gov.

    • Archivist says:

      Compressing air raises its temperature. That’s why a tire pump gets hot, and canned air gets cold when you let some out to lower the pressure.

      All that happens in restricting air flow is that the speed increases. That moves more air past your skin at that point, evaporating more sweat, and cooling.

      It’s not compressing the air; it’s increasing the velocity.

  7. aljamo says:

    I read somewhere that the US carpet bombed North Korea in that “war”. Don’t really know exactly how that war began, the domino theory BS I’m guessing. That nation does what China dictates they do. The US should get out of NK, more waste poured down the MIC rathole, just like the Vietnam debacle. IMO, it’s all a farce doomed to destroy the American peoples freedom and economy. What a waste of humanities potential by warmongering psychopaths.

  8. aljamo says:

    On another note, the grand confiscating poobahs running this skull and crossbones sinking ship have declared civil asset forfeiture legal even in states that have curbed the abusive theft from private citizens traveling this nations roadways. Private travel now hyper subjected to piracy by law enforcement. Trumps injustice department concurs.

  9. North Korea is not a threat to the US. With all of the trillions spent on defense here in the US, and we don’t have THE top of the line missile defense system on the planet? Or is this nonsense just a ploy by the Military Industrial Complex to get more money from the taxpayers? If a nuke was to hit the US from NK, every CEO in the defense industry should be put against the wall and shot.

  10. I'm your huckleberry says:

    Sir Porksalot is pushing it. If he “tests” a missile the wrong way (like by aiming it at the USA), he may find out he crossed the Trumpster’s invisible “red line.”

  11. ” according to CNN.”

    Sorry lost interest in the entire article right after those disgusting 3 words.

  12. crappenstix says:

    “Problem” does not seem to be going away.

  13. Anonymous says:

    considering the horrible things we did to the Korean people during the Korean war, (see Paul Craig Roberts website about this)– it seems only natural they are afraid of us and want to do everything possible to prevent another attack by the US on their land… all so very sad because we, the people are not responsible for the horrible things done by the US government. 🙁

    • Rebel Son says:

      yeah we are, we keep “voting” them in.. and dont take them out when they fuck up

    • And how much of the “horrible things done by the US government” do you remember first hand? Is this just more “fake news”? Have you even talked to anyone in Korea? How do you know if, in fact, the “horrible things” were actually done by the US and not by their own people from the North. Have you ever been in combat to know what kinds of things happen? Do you believe EVERYTHING you hear or read? Have you even checked out the other side of the coin?

  14. Tspat says:

    Hold on, just about to post…..YAWN. My apologies. Was just contemplating N Korea hitting us. Fell asleep mid-sentence. What do humans look like when heated to the melting temperature of the sun? Good luck with bunkers when you need ice skates to go from point A to B

  15. TommyD says:

    not worried at all about NK. Am more worried of the US starting another War for Israel with Iran and Syria.

  16. What is Trump waiting for?? Kim’s laughing at him…

  17. “Their last hugely successful ICBM test showed they have the capability to strike Alaska.”

    Sorry, you are writing nonsense and just furthering Pentagon propaganda.

    Russia’s defence ministry told us at the time in no uncertain words that they know the missile tested and it was a medium range one (IRBM).

  18. Anonymous says:

    ..Since the U.S. Government is supplying their puppet, North Korea, with the stuff–to use on Americans who have wised up to what’s being done to them?