North Korea Hit By Mysterious Intestinal Disease

by | Jun 18, 2022 | Headline News

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    A new disease has been reported by North Korea. The country claims they are experiencing an outbreak of a mysterious “intestinal epidemic.”

    State media outlets have not disclosed the name of the intestinal disease but say North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has sent medicines to combat an “acute enteric epidemic” in the western province of South Hwanghae. Enteric diseases are often acquired by consuming contaminated food or water but can also spread from person to person. They cause symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, or cramps and can be deadly if left untreated, according to a report by Voice of America News. 

    Ex-Free Mason Details What’s Coming: If He’s Right, Things Are Going To Get BRUTAL!

    With monkeypox and the Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever both slowly spreading, this all looks like it could be a part of the plan we were told about a long time ago.

    An ex-free mason has discussed the probability of a “pandemic” being spread in the water supply.

    Jeremy says that’s to discuss this horrific “pandemic” (NOT COVID-19) which he says will be done through the contamination of the water supply. “I don’t know what it is…it’s something probably they made and they’re gonna put it in the water in cities first,” he says. “The statistics were 60-70% of the people that come in contact with  it through shower or whatever, it’s gonna be fatal or have long-lasting effects.” He added that knowing the freemasons’ agenda, he wouldn’t be surprised if it made everyone sterile. This is what those FEMA coffins were for. 

    They will cut the water supply then, and you won’t be able to shower, so they will take you somewhere, and in order to take a shower, you’ll have to take their vaccine first. When people see dead bodies to the degree that we will, there will be no more resistance to a vaccine. People are going to want water, and they will have to et the vaccine in order to et it. They want to track and monitor everyone they can, and that’s what Donald Trump’s vaccine is for. “They have planned this from day one!”

    He then goes on to explain that this election will be nothing like we’ve ever witnessed. All elections will be altered or stopped because of the “water virus” and the blame will be on the left for putting it in the water. They will then heavily clamp down on people and cut their power off and let them starve.  -SHTFPlan

    Unfortunately, we’ve already seen the destruction of the food supply, so if nothing is available, including water, what would people do to get a little food or a shower?

    Major COVID Allegations: Snake Venom, Genocide, Water Contamination

    The extent of the intestinal outbreak is still not clear. State media reported Thursday that authorities have ordered all suspected cases to be quarantined. On Friday, they said quarantine facilities were being set up nationwide.


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