Ex-Free Mason Details What’s Coming: If He’s Right, Things Are Going To Get BRUTAL!

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    An ex-free mason has come forward in the past in spite of threats to warn the public what’s being planned against them. “Jeremy” goes into detail about the brutal remainder of 2020 and if he’s being truthful, we have a rough road up ahead.

    First, take anything a freemason says with a grain of salt. They are not above lying to push an agenda. However, that is not the overall tone of this audio. While listening to this ex-free mason, who has been threatened and harassed for coming forward in the past to warn us of things such as the manufactured riots, he sounds like he has a genuine concern for humanity. Please use your own discernment and employ critical thinking skills.

    Tony from aminutetomidnite the YouTube channel has been in contact with “Jeremy” a 32 degree former freemason, who has been trying to warn the public about what’s coming. “Jeremy” is in hiding after receiving threats for telling Tony what he knows.

    *Trigger warning: if you are still a member of the Trump cult, and plan on voting this fall, this audio will trigger you. If you want the truth (what most of us have been trying to tell you) listen with an open mind. If you are not ready to break free from the indoctrination and cognitive dissonance when it comes to the left vs. right paradigm illusion, just avoid listening to this.

    As Tony said in the intro: “The things planned for the rest of the year are not good.” This is “heavy” information.

    “The Western nations are definitely falling and going into a lockdown like we’ve never seen,” he says. Jeremy begins by explaining that the riots that were manufactured by the elites have not been nearly as violent as they need them to be. The left is not being nearly as destructive as they need to be to incite a response from the right that would fling the country into civil war (my word, not Jeremy’s, it seemed to be implied.) A lot is ettin ready to happen, and it will involve police and the death of a lot of black Americans.  Take note, he actually says, those on the right will be just as much the “useful idiots” as those on the left when it comes to the reaction to this manufactured “event.”

    Because this hasn’t worked, and we are already supposed to be killing each other (pushing their agenda forward on our own) there’s a more sinister plan in the works.

    *If you are reliant on city water, please make preparations to alter that NOW!

    The freemason meetings have been so full of people lately, and Jeremy says that’s to discuss this horrific “pandemic” (NOT COVID-19) which he says will be done through the contamination of the water supply. “I don’t know what it is…it’s something probably they made and they’re gonna put it in the water in cities first,” he says. “The statistics were 60-70% of the people that come in contact with  it through shower or whatever, it’s gonna be fatal or have long-lasting effects.” He added that knowing the freemasons’ agenda, he wouldn’t be surprised if it made everyone sterile. This is what those FEMA coffins were for. 

    They will cut the water supply then, and you won’t be able to shower, so they will take you somewhere, and in order to take a shower, you’ll have to take their vaccine first. When people see dead bodies to the degree that we will, there will be no more resistance to a vaccine. People are going to want water, and they will have to et the vaccine in order to et it. They want to track and monitor everyone they can, and that’s what Donald Trump’s vaccine is for. “They have planned this from day one!”

    CDC: Get Ready For Your Vaccine By November 1

    He then goes on to explain that this election will be nothing like we’ve ever witnessed. All elections will be altered or stopped because of the “water virus” and the blame will be on the left for putting it in the water. They will then heavily clamp down on people and cut their power off and let them starve. After the election debacle, comes something incredibly disturbing.

    They will use a “natural event” and manufacture it with some kind of a “nuke” so be aware of anything they try to pass off it doesn’t make sense.

    Normalcy won’t be lasting for much longer, “you can take that to the bank,” Jeremey added. “Trump, he’s in there. He will be president until whatever they’re planning to do and whatever he is with them planning to do in this removal of him.” Basically, it’s all an act and Trump is in on it. “It is staged!” He adds, “people who lay down and worship this ‘right’ system of government, they’re just as bad! People who are relying on Trump to fix this, or any man…” he says. Stop relying on the government. They are in on it. All of them.

    I have said this from the beginning and people don’t like it, but it’s time to start owning and ruling yourself. Stop giving power over your life to others. Wake up now! You will soon be out of time!




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      1. Since the powers that be have decided that sex and race are social constructs that are to be determined by the individual, I have concluded that wealth and title are also social constructs that can be determined by the individual.

        So I have decided to be a billionaire with a PhD. in every field.

        Andrea Iravani

        • Hopefully your not printing your money now- LOL…

      2. Fogeddaboutit!

        Count me out!

        I realize that the holocaust deniers in the Hitler Revival movement do not believe that people were extreminated in showers by Nazis, but even the deniers argument that it was not deliberate extermination proves that it was, since they admit that Zyklon B was used in the showers. They say that it was for delousing. Zyklon B is a pesticide known as hydrogen cyanide.

        The Hitler revivalists can take their chances if they want to. I sure as hell won’t!

        Andrea Iravani

        • The showers were real showers, as the officials at Dachau admitted publicly. Zyklon B was a de-lousing agent. 250,000 to 300,000 died max, and most died of disease or starvation, as the latter was caused by our bombing of the transportation system. Hitler said he was fighting a pack of freemasons…..Roosy and Churchy were masons…..the communists were supported by the lodges, gentile and talmudic. Hollywood has snickered at the “Holoucast” movement in film, such as “The French Connection,” “The Hill,” and even “Schindler’s List.” See the video, “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” and you’ll understand Hitler a little bit better.

          • Get a grip on history Guns N Rosaries. Your revisionist history doesn’t work as long as folks like me that talked to my uncles that served in WWII are around. Your comment is wrong, “most died of disease or starvation, as the latter was caused by OUR bombing of the transportation system”. One uncle was involved in freeing the “stick people” that had not yet been exterminated. Officers that spoke German shared the experience of those that had been incarcerated. Consider the huge numbers of people killed in WWII. My uncle spent almost 4 years in the European war theater. Huge numbers of people were killed due to a callous disregard for life – the nature of WAR. Those that capture the perceived enemy become responsible for them. Another uncle spent time on the Bataan Death March. Are you going to state that, that event did NOT happen. Lots of awful things happened. That’s why we try to avoid WAR. Semper Fidelis.

            • The Jews’ own records showed that there were more Jews alive at the end of the war than at its beginning. How could that have happened if six million of them had been killed? The stick people at the end were suffering from malnutrition and disease, just as the Germans themselves were suffering by then. Ike, Churchill, and Stalin all hated Germans and their policies killed millions of Germans after the war.

              • Anonymous, have you ever considered the idea that many folks would DENY their heritage prior to NAZI incarceration in an effort to save their families. I have two examples in my heritage: 1) the Native American heritage was not mentioned outside the family as they lived and farmed in an area where life was harder if you were known to be American Indian, (2) survival of my Anabaptist Swiss ancestors required tight lips as the dominant religion in Europe, at that time in history, was exterminating those with different beliefs. Floating up the Rhine River to Rotterdam and sailing on a ship (cork) to Pennsylvania in 1729 was no picnic

            • He lives in me….

            • Besides knowing several American WW2 veterans, I had the privilege to also know a former Russian soldier, a Polish soldier, and an old man who was drafted from the Hitler Youth into the German army.
              I was able to speak at length to these men and ask about their experiences, and I always made it a point to ask about concentration camps and the Holocaust.
              The elderly man who became most agitated at my question concerning the reality of the Holocaust, was the former German soldier. He began shouting and started crying saying that, “anyone who denied the Holocaust was a brainwashed, damned fool and an idiot.”
              Seventy five years after the end of World War 2, we seem to have a large number of brainwashed damned fools and idiots.

          • Air is about 21% Oxygen. Humans need Oxygen for life. CONFINED SPACES allow human scum to displace Oxygen with darn-near any other gas & kill fellow humans. Regardless of the lethality of Zyklon-B the dirty deed could be accomplished.

            As a Heinz-57 American with ancestry from Switzerland, Cherokee Nation, France, Norway, Germany, and others; I’m proud to be an AMERICAN. I like speaking English and I’m real happy I didn’t have to learn Japanese or German.

      3. November 01 is ALL SOULS DAY. Get the shot and lose your soul to Satan.
        Please pray for the faithfully departed; your relatives and friends that have gone before you. Stay strong and get close to Christ.
        That date was purposely chosen for the laughter of the sic souls still burning in hell in hopes that you join them.

      4. More cheery news. Guess I’ll be bathing and drinking at a remote spring I know about. If all this eventually comes to pass, well, God bless all of you and good luck ! And die with your boots on, go out fighting. To be captured and herded into a camp would be a fate much worse than death.

        • RR- most people don’t have a spring nearby, but several of us have wells or a rainwater collection system (I have both).
          I have to view this article with a slight bit of suspicion. The article states it is a “water virus” in parentheses, what ever that means (chemical, biological -bacteriological or viral?). It is improbable there is an agent that can be added to large water systems in tiny undetectable amounts, yet be sufficient to cause death or sterility to vast numbers of people from even only showering.
          The “insider” may be sincere, but maybe he is only being used. What does the author of this article and his “insider” say if/when this scenario does not happen? I would be more inclined to believe this could be merely part of a disinformation campaign designed to smoke out and identify preppers, non-conformists, critics, pro-rights people, anti-vaxxers, 2nd Amend. advocates, oath-keepers (you get the picture), and other people and entities of like-minded people.

          • Bill, I agree and thanks for your insightful comment. If they did poison the water, it would probably be bottled water?? I’m trying to buy a small place at the moment,it’s a nice little piece of land in the forest in a tiny town I’ve been renting it and already have a huge garden. If the deal goes through the first thing I’ll do is drill my own well and get off city water. And set up a rain cache with a cistern to water the garden. I used to have a place with it’s own well, and that was a great feeling to have your own reliable water supply ! And no water bill.

      5. Mark Twain roasts the stereotype of the Indian as the ‘noble savage’:
        “…his hunting suit consists wholly of the half of a horse blanket brought over in the Pinta or the Mayflower, and frayed out and fringed by inveterate use. He is not rich enough to possess a belt; he never owned a moccasin or wore a shoe in his life; and truly he is nothing but a poor, filthy, naked scurvy vagabond, whom to exterminate were a charity to the Creator’s worthier insects and reptiles which he oppresses. Still, when contact with the white man has given to the Noble Son of the Forest certain cloudy impressions of civilization, and aspirations after a nobler life, he presently appears in public with one boot on and one shoe–shirtless, and wearing ripped and patched and buttonless pants which he holds up with his left hand–his execrable rabbit-skin robe flowing from his shoulder–an old hoop-skirt on, outside of it–a necklace of battered sardine-boxes and oyster-cans reposing on his bare breast–a venerable flint-lock musket in his right hand–a weather-beaten stove-pipe hat on, canted “gallusly” to starboard, and the lid off and hanging by a thread or two; and when he thus appears, and waits patiently around a saloon till he gets a chance to strike a “swell” attitude before a looking-glass, he is a good, fair, desirable subject for extermination if ever there was one.”

        This is how I think of the masons, their aprons, bare chests and rolled up pant leg, adorning themselves with so many symbols and baubles, borrowed from high civilizations, and Shanghai-ing their useful idiots from beer halls.

        Walrus and the Carpenter from Alice in Wonderland:
        (The oysters were curious, too.)

        This sort-of vague discussion all works, if you follow the spurious Albert Pike and Duduman predictions, and Wormwood (making the water bitter), and the fall of Babylon, are the first couple of events of the Tribulation period.

        “We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm…”

        Describing Mystery Babylon, in terms of the youngest and greatest, queen of all nations, military hammer of the Earth:

        Dimitru Duduman on Prophecy Club, says that America is Mystery Babylon, so burns.

        Every year (on some Judaized feast say) America is supposed to go down, and the East Bloc is supposed to kick us, while we’re down.

        If we are to interpret so much witchy talk as a secular science — say, in the sense of the Tomorrowland movie — pessimism and optimism are forces of nature, palpable and manipulable. The purpose of predictive programming is to cause a manifestation according to the (occultists’) law of magnetism (aka Oprah-ism)

        Through their corny leakers, “they” are repeatedly sowing these ideas into the public consciousness, as though it is a foregone conclusion. “They” act as though “they” are in total control of world events — even in control of cosmic catastrophe — just because it is discussed in some putative think tank or drunk tank.

        We preppers are supposedly structuring our lives around these FEMA pastors of the state money church, or around someone whose foaf is a devil worshipper. Do people with high, higher, highest living standards really care to hear so much dark talk. Where everything is so big, beautiful, and rich — think of Belshazzar’s feast, where wine is being drunk from the vessels of the temple. Before the literal hand was writing on that wall. Were the arrogant, decadent, and tyrants getting paranoid? Find somewhere unsullied by BLM or their cucks. What do the beautiful people really talk about. (I bet, their dealer, menu, tailor, decorator, and salon.)

        You, reader, are the conspiracy. Make a unique, catchy figure of speech. Give “them” ideas. It shows up in “their” media broadcasts, where you have generated ad-revenue, where you have written, and where you have called-in, with your tips. When you go Gault, in other words, radio-silent, oppressive systems of govt and culty in-groups suffer a brain drain. They go anemic and wilt for a lack of ideas — your ideas, readers.

      6. Can you cut this type of garbage? Seriously, it’s beneath whatever dignity this site has left.

        • Bingo wormdirt…ain’t happening.

      7. Interesting story. If I can verify it in the transcription of the golden plates I found in the ack yard, I will take immediate action.

      8. note to self: stock up a LOT of beer.

      9. This isn’t the first time I’ve read or heard dire predictions. No doubt TPTB have some vile schemes and plans up their sleeve, but contaminating the nation’s water supplies is just a bit untenable. I’ve read off and on for years about massive foreign army invasions, giant meteor strikes, depletion of oil, EMPs, and on and on.
        Over the years, those making all these claims always had two things in common; they always had information given to them by an “insider”, and that the stated calamities were always about to occur in an imminent manner.
        This is another article where we’ll see if the author and his “source” is credible. Meanwhile, all smart people should still be prepping anyway for more likely scenarios such as possible wide-spread social upheaval, financial/dollar collapse, and shortages of all manner of goods and grocery items for civilian populations.

      10. You are responsible for your safety and family. Trust in the Master and Commander Iesous!

      11. HaHaHaHa…It says TIN foil in the instructions for your hat…NOT aluminum foil.

        Re-do your hat immediately.

      12. He is saying pretty much everything I’ve been saying. Whether or not there will be water contamination remains to be seen……but the scenario, whatever it is, must be convincing, especially to the desperate.

        • Mystery Babylon is the counter church that claims to be Catholic. America is probably the desert of Revelation 12.

      13. The only ex-32 degree masons are now 33rd degree masons! This is a crisis actor / troll to push the fear agenda. Just don’t comply with this tyranny. They can’t arrest us all!

        • I thought they only told you the big secrets whenever you reached 33rd degree? I guess he’s a day late and a dollar short.

      14. I thought they only told you the big secrets whenever you reached 33rd degree? Looks like he’s a day late and a dollar short.

      15. I thought they only tell you the big secrets whenever you reached 33rd degree? Looks like he’s a day late and a degree short if you know what I mean.

      16. Ive been hearing this Doom & gloom Bullshit for most of my life. Remember in school when they had us get under our desk tuck our head between our legs and kiss our ass goodby. Because the Russians where gonna nuke us. Then al gores glowbull warming and the tipping point bullshit. Its all bullshit. So far none of it has ever happened like they predicted. Now the Power Grid going down is Plausable. And if the grid went down and remained down. We wouldn’t be able to recreate a 1800,s lifestyle. Nope it would be stone age. So if you prep for a stone age existence and something less or even nothing happens that’s a good thing!

      17. It’s not about Trump. It never was. All people had to do was unite behind his message. One of draining the swamp, America first, etc. Instead America let it become left vs right and America allowed itself to be divided. Trump can be anything. A prophet or a manufactured crisis himself. Doesn’t matter. We had a chance to truly change our government and our country. We didn’t. Americans are to blame. And this site has really exposed itself with this one. Worse than any China is burning millions of bodies due to Covid BS on the internet.

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