National Guard Has Been Deployed To 55 Hospitals To “Help” With A COVID Surge

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    The government is calling in the military to help with a “COVID surge.” The National Guard has been deployed to 55 hospitals in Massachusetts to “help” with overwhelmed hospitals.

    Woman BANNED From ALL HOSPITALS In The UK For Proving Hospitals Are EMPTY

    Likely being done to get Americans used to seeing the government’s boots on the ground in their local towns, the rulers have sent in the military. Apparently, according to mainstream media, these National Guard personnel will be assisting hospitals that have a staffing shortage. And why is there a staffing shortage? Because people continue to disobey and refuse to get injected with the experimental gene therapy shots. 

    The latest state data reported on Dec. 23 shows 91% of all medical and surgical beds and 83% of all intensive care unit beds are already full statewide.

    These measures take effect as record-breaking COVID-19 case numbers are being reported in Massachusetts.

    On Friday, more than 10,000 new COVID-19 cases were reported in the state –the highest number for a single day since the pandemic started. -Boston 25 News

    This brings back memories:

    Army’s Seattle Field Hospital Closed After 3 Days & Without Seeing A Single Patient

    Are we being lied to again? Probably. Is there an ulterior motive behind using the military to cover staffing shortages? Probably. People are waking up and figuring out what’s going on, albeit slowly. It’s taken massive tyranny to get many to realize they were born slaves and will die permanent slaves with their children in shackles forever if they don’t free their minds soon.

    Be ready for anything the best you can. No one knows what will happen. All we have is speculation. As people wake up and figure out they were born onto a slave planet, the rulers will push to keep them there and refuse to give up so easily. Stay aware of what the media is saying even though we know it’s mostly lies and straight propaganda so you are informed as to just how low they will stoop to keep you from being free.


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        • LMAO, who wrote this article? Yahoo “News”
          There’s no surge at ANY hospital, as a matter of fact, since this PLANDEMIC started, every single hospital in my town (12 of them) are EMPTY to the point that it looks like they are all closed, this whole narrative is and always was a gigantic crock of horse shit.

      1. And this is after nearly a year of readily available (and sometimes mandated) vaccines to stem the tide of infections and keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed.

        That Covid’s a really bad thing.

      2. recently read this:
        Just a reminder..
        A genuinely deadly
        pandemic doesn’t
        require 24/7 advertising
        to remind you it exists.
        Real pandemics don’t need
        advertising campaigns and
        endless propaganda…?

        • “Real pandemics don’t need
          advertising campaigns and
          endless propaganda…”

          All that’s required is the sick, dying and dead in the streets.
          And I haven’t seen anything like this (except maybe in San fr-sisco).

      3. This should be interesting.
        It’s always a good thing
        when anyone associated
        with the government
        shows up to “help”.??

        • The nine most terrifying words in the English language are:
          G…’I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’
          ~ Ronald Reagan

      4. What they are really there for is to help haul off all the dead vaxxed bodies. And to run the excavators and bulldozers to bury them all.

        • They’re pre-staging.
          When ready, the ball will drop and, presto – the military will be ready and waiting to deny / f_ck help you.
          This is all under the guise of the common flu COVID, of course.

          • Also, keep an eye on everything military, period. Lots of movement(s) lately.

            • Lots of C17s flying around JBLM lately.

              A LOT!!

            • D379-6754

              Explain please? and back it up………..
              Some of us would like to know the truth .

              • Are you sure you can handle the truth?

                It’s not what you’d quite expect.

                • “Are you sure you can handle the truth?
                  It’s not what you’d quite expect.”

                  It never is.
                  The truth, is subjective and is a choice to believe by the recipient. Your version of the truth can vary from anyone else’s.
                  Can you handle or consider someone else’s version of the truth vs yours?

              • Get Flightradar24 and use a filter (C17A) you can watch the flights yourself and come to your own conclusions. Also K35, E6, C30J, P8, C5M, E3TF, B742. There are anywhere 0 to 70 military aircraft flying over the US, Europe and Middle East at any given time. Some of these planes can haul many tons of weight. You can watch some of their flight paths and wonder what they are doing. Many will say it’s just training, but it is Geoengineering and they are dispersing weather modification chemicals. Watch flights over your own area and you will be able to watch commercial planes spray turn on and off or they can go horizon to horizon and never disperse, they will linger until your tired of watching them. You can see planes fly right over your head with no trails. This takes some time but you will get the hang of it after you watch for a while. Go to for the truth and documented factual information. If you don’t think the worlds military doesn’t use the weather as a weapon you are misinformed. Please do research and get up to speed. The Climate change, global warming scare talking points are just misdirection and lies, they have destroyed our atmosphere with Geoengineering.

              • 1033 said:
                “Explain please? and back it up………..
                Some of us would like to know the truth .”

                I could give a standard reply of “I have a degree; been in the military”, or some other authoritative title or source – but I won’t. I value anonymity. But here is some more common info below.

                The truth is subjective and yours could be different than mine or others.

                What usually happens when there a national or global economic down-turn? People loose their jobs, their livelihood, and their minds.
                But also, there are certain entities (Uncle MILty) that ‘want to help you‘. Help you in all manner of ways. Even though they might have the knowledge and experience to do so – they have no business doing so.
                When they called in the military (regular or National Guard) to ‘
                help‘ in the hospitals, take note and watch. Standing armies are not to be used domestically for anything except in defense of the country. And the National Guard should now be considered a Standing Army. While it is now an expected practice of calling the military (N.G.) for local and state emergencies, it really should not be done. It sets a president that they could be activated and used for anything (just use your imagination on that one).

                Watching (observation) is the easy part. Pay attention to the areas near you that you think warrant it. The most common are freeways, rail, and airports. But they have been known to take uncommon routes also, such as less-traveled county roads. Just be observant and watch as you travel. It only takes one military vehicle/aircraft to know that they are in the area.
                Research on the net and pay attention to the TV and radio also. Sometimes the local news will ‘advertise’ local military actions. It helps to document what was observed through a journal (with photographic evidence if possible, without drawing attention to yourself).

                Go, find, seek, question and decide. Only you can find what you are looking for. There will be others to help you along your path, but only you will be able finished the journey [to the truth].


                “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
                ~ George Orwell

                “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history.”
                ~ Aldous Huxley

                “There are no extraordinary men… just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary men are forced to deal with.”
                ~ William Halsey

            • I’ve witnessed 2 trains full of military vehicles heading west in the last 2 or 3 months here in Indy. I don’t know how many have past that I haven’t seen. Usually I may see 1 or 2 for the whole year and usually that is in the summer time and they are on a train with other cars and other freight. These lately have been a train with no other freight and are very long……But the good thing is, is that they are NOT white with a U.N. logo on them………..YET…………

      5. Probably setting up in advance for martial law in select areas.

      6. They have no skills. hospital business models are to run short all time.they are frauds.


      7. Ivermectin is much cheaper than military. Worked wonders in India. But not available for the covid infected here. Why? That’s because they want u dead.

      8. The US has over 6,000 hospitals. The 500 will make a big dent in the amount of services needed. It’s all b… s…!

      9. The Navy nurses arrived in my city and are unneeded, and on very limited hours from what I have heard.

      10. The US has just over 6,000 hospitals. Does the government think that 500 National Guard personnel is the solution?

        • … Does the government think that 500 National Guard personnel is the solution?

          No. They expect people (sheeple) to believe all the lies. And this little show is but one part of it. Military has no business this, it’s not what they really do.

          If you fall for one thing, then you’ll fall even more. “I hear there’s a sale on bridges in Texas, at the border.”

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