“Mutant Strain”: 3rd Lockdown Is Possible In France As “UK Variant” of COVID-19 Spreads

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    The ruling classes of the world will not stop. The French people are now being threatened with yet another lockdown (this would be their third) if the “mutant strain” of the COVID-19 viral scamdemic continues. The ruling class is claiming the new variant is responsible for 40% of new cases around France.

    The rulers do say that is possible to avoid “re-confinement,” albeit with threats to comply and follow their orders now so they won’t be forced to be more tyrannical. Does anyone still not see what’s going on here? A handful of people are claiming the right to own and command others as their slaves.  We have got to wake up, people.

    “Containment is not a choice of ease and safety, it is a choice of necessity when the epidemic situation escapes us. And that is not the case,” Health Minister Olivier Veran told France Info on Tuesday morning.  “It is possible that we will never be re-confined… I hope that we can as soon as possible give freedoms to the French,” Veran added.

    Give freedoms? These people think they own us and get to decide when we can be free. This is the exact thing we all need to wake up to. We were free because we were born free, not because some government official declares it. It’s time to realize it. No one can make a rightful master and no one can make a rightful slave.

    Caroline Gutsmuth, the director of a Biogroup laboratory in Paris, told BFMTV that the more contagious variant currently accounts for 37.7 percent of positive cases in Ile-de-France and is on course to become the most prevalent strain. “Unfortunately, this is the evolution that had been predicted by several people. At the beginning of March, I think that it will be the majority strain in France. It grows very quickly,” Gutsmuth noted.

    Scientists have warned that the mutated coronavirus strain is on average 56 percent more contagious than the original version, but it does not appear to impact the efficacy of the vaccines in use.  These new “mutant strains” will likely be the newest propaganda to push fear in the mainstream media, as people tire of the lies and manipulation.

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

    Prepare: COVID-19 Cases Are Dropping Dramatically

    As the cases drop and the vaccines continue to cause irreversible damage and harm to those who have taken them, the propaganda outlets will have to come up with new ways to panic the public into their own enslavement.

    The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free



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      1. Like you said, “give freedoms” as if our freedoms were given to us by them.The opposite is in fact true.Our freedoms were taken by them.It is so insidious the way they take away rights little by little so the masses do not notice right away.When they say they want to “contain” the “virus” they really mean they want to contain/control the people.This bogus “virus” is just the pretext.More people need to be waking up because these assholes are pretty much telling us “You are our slaves and must conform to anything we say” If people don’t resist and fight this tyrannical bullshit soon,there won’t be anything left to fight for.Never give in

      2. What is at play here has played out in the past, it was called national socialism back then, remember Hitler, Mussolini, the racial laws, remember Stalin and the gulag archipelago?

        Same thing is happening here, usually when the hang over is over a lot of human capital has been wasted, this form of “Mind Pandemics” can take decades to play out…

        You can lookup the details and evolution of such mental disease here, I am sure you will find it inspiring: https://thetorahfoundation.org/mind-pandemics/

        • @Anonymous,that is exactly what it is ONE BIG FAT LIE!!!!

      3. You can’t fix stupid.

        If the first lockdown worked, then why the need for a second, or a third? If it didn’t work, why do it again and again?

        The definition of an idiot on display – or that of a criminal Cabal with hidden agendas.

      4. UK goverment makes it up as they go along..with deaths after they had the vaccine..got to blame it on another fictious variant.. zzzzzx

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