Prepare: COVID-19 Cases Are Dropping Dramatically

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    New cases of COVID-19 nationally are dropping and quickly. In order to keep this scam going, the ruling class will either have to invent a new enemy to panic the public or enhance the danger of the one they’ve already created.

    The biggest concern when cases go down is what the rulers will do to us next in order to push their agenda.

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

    Just under 87,000 cases were recorded in the U.S. on Feb. 7. The last time John Hopkins recorded less than 100,000 daily cases was on Nov. 2.

    Deaths are also down, according to data kept by The New York Times. It recorded 1,301 deaths on Sunday, compared to 4,101 deaths on Jan. 27 and 4,406 on Jan. 12.  The Hill

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. has administered over 41 million doses of the vaccine with more than 9 million people receiving both doses of the vaccines.

    There will likely be an excuse to panic the public further.  This isn’t over and the ruling class will ensure their slave state is rolled out into permanence.  That could mean a “new strain” or “mutant variant” could actually be devastating unlike to hoax that is COVID-19.

    We have to wake up and realize there are a lot of possibilities in the immediate future and the importance of discernment will be necessary during the rest of this year. We all know we are being played like a grand piano, and almost everything the mainstream media reports on is false propaganda designed to manufacture compliance to the state.  We all need to wake up and realize that the government is slavery and once we get there, discernment becomes incredibly easy.

    Everything being done right now is to manufacture consent to the enslavement of humanity agenda.  That means, there’s a reason the mainstream media is reporting on “low COVID-19 cases and deaths” and “mutant strains” at the same time.

    Pay attention, stay alert, and make sure you have a plan.



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      1. Not only are the cases dropping,but,schools in some places have scheduled dates to reopen.Also some businesses in certain states will be reopening.Of course,the timing of this isn’t suspicious at all. I mean Creepy Joe gets in there and so many things are changing. It truly is a miracle.? May God bless Creepy Joe and Her Ass.?Our Saviours

      2. Now is the time to be at our highest alert.As you said,this is not over.With the cases dropping, we must be prepared for the next round of fear tactics.The tyrants/psychos are probably already working on their next event/virus to engulf the sheep in fear yet again.Stay alert folks.As we all know – evil never rests.

      3. Possible new scare tactics
        Alien Invasion.
        False Flag/s.
        Asteroid Impact.
        Killer Birds.
        Toxic Farts.
        Bill Gates Breath.
        War With Everyone.
        English Flu. (like Spanish Flu but easier to understand)
        Mutated Killer Snow.
        Planet X, Y and Z.
        Honest Msm Reporting. (better scratch this one because that would truly terrify people TOO SHOCKING !!!?

      4. Of course,the secret to any good old-fashioned panic inducing fear and hysteria – mutation,mutation,mutation

      5. Read this somewhere and thought you guys might like it.
        Q.What’s the difference between a prostitute and a mainstream media pundit?
        A.One gets paid handfuls of cash to do humiliating and degrading things which tear apart the fabric of our society and the other earns an honest living as a sex worker.

      6. biden has been a jackass all his life now he fooled 80+ million of you shitheads or fake ballots get ready for the ride of you lives if you can hang if not you will cease to exist and then they take it on the road worldwide. hint: this has all been planned both and all sides

      7. If you live in a coastal community of a region known for catastrophic seismic activity and tsunamisif you feel the earth move you get to high ground you dont wait for an official to tell you what to do.

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