Millions Are Back Under Lockdown In China

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Headline News

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    China has placed millions of persons under another draconian lockdown following fresh outbreaks of COVID-19, authorities reported Tuesday. The government is persistent in its hard-line policy on containing the virus, and the tyranny continues.

    The measures affected about half of the 6 million residents of the port city of Dalian, along with an undisclosed number in Chengde and Shijiazhuang in Hebei province, both around three hours from the capital Beijing. Partial lockdowns have also been imposed on cities such as Chengdu in the southwest, Shenyang in the northeast, and Jishui in the southeast, according to a report by CBS News. 

    Such measures are mandated under China’s “zero-COVID” policy, which contrasts starkly with moves by other nations to coexist with the virus through a gradual easing of restrictions, mandating vaccinations, improved therapeutics, and voluntary isolation. China is using force. While other countries attempt to use force to get people to take the “vaccines”, China is not hiding that its tyranny goes beyond medical authoritarianism.

    Even the World Health Organization has called China’s policy unsustainable and on Monday a Chinese think-tank issued a rare public disagreement with the ruling Communist Party, saying the curbs that have shut down cities and disrupted trade, travel, and industry must change to prevent an “economic stall.”

    China on Tuesday reported 1,717 cases of local transmission, 52 of them in Liaoning province where Dalian is located. Most of the cases were reported in Sichuan province, whose capital is Chengdu, and the vast majority were asymptomatic. –CBS News

    First Shanghai, Now Beijing: China Goes on Another Lockdown Spree

    China Resorts To Lockdowns Once Again As Omicron “Rages”

    Previous lockdowns have seen tens of millions confined to their homes, sometimes for weeks. A strict lockdown in the largest city and commercial hub of Shanghai earlier this year led to protests online and in person over a lack of food and medical services.

    As the COVID hysteria drags on, many have given up that this cold virus can be eradicated. The vaccines are less than useless, except at getting the slaves to comply to their own detriment and no amount of lockdowns has been successful at getting China to a “zero COVID” scenario it wants.



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