Shanghai COVID “Outbreak” Worsens Under Lockdown

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    The “authorities” are having a difficult time keeping ahold of the narrative, as the COVID-19 “outbreak” in Shanghai worsens. In spite of the totalitarian lockdowns, the cases of COVID-19 continue to rise.

    According to a report by ZeroHedge, the entire city of roughly 26 million faces what’s already shaping up to be the most punishing lockdown in China since the original three-month Wuhan lockdown nightmare. Nikkei reports that Beijing has found itself in an incredibly difficult position and its attempts to keep a grip on the official narrative are slipping.  On Sunday, Shanghai counted 9,006 mainly asymptomatic infections, more than two-thirds of the national tally.

    While the entire city has been locked down for less than a week, many individual residential compounds have been locked down for much longer – some since mid-March.

    Economists the world over are bracing for the worst as they increasingly expect the Shanghai lockdown to lop an entire percentage point or more, off of China’s Gros Domestic Product growth.

    The reason the situation in Shanghai presents such a difficult conundrum is that backing down from its lockdown in Shanghai would mean admitting that the “Zero COVID” approach (and authoritarian lockdowns) have been abject failures. The rulers are going to risk letting the slaves know that this isn’t about a cold, but it’s about total control, obedience, and compliance with their rulers.

    Continuing with the heavy-handed lockdown risks spurring even more unrest, which is something the Chinese Communist Party has bent over backward to avoid. For the CCP, it’s an impossible dilemma. They are losing control of people in China, a country where the government has an abundance of control over its slaves.

    Already, social media has been flooded with reports of locals dying from neglect as hospital resources have been stretched thin (and not from COVID; it’s other ailments that are killing people now).

    Shanghai has even resorted to sending in the military and a contingent of medical workers as locals accuse the government of violating its mythological social contract to put the people’s interests first. As if any government cares to ever put people’s interests first. Government is power, and it is slavery. Masters care about their property only until it ceases serving them. The sooner people figure this out and start disobeying and abolishing the last “acceptable” form of slavery on this planet, the better.



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      1. Same thing that happened here when lockdowns were tried as a means to squelch the infections.

        There is no evidence anywhere that I know of that show lockdowns do anything to stop the virus and its spread. Quite a bit of comparative evidence from places all over the world that they don’t.

        Everywhere lockdowns have been tried they fail, yet we -we, the whole world- continue to use them.

        Why (the real reason)?

      2. So now they are calling starvation COVID. Coming to a town or city near you very soon. They haven’t gotten enough mileage out of this manufactured crisis yet.

      3. Death jab 2.0. Weapons of mass murder. As long as the slaves drop dead, the entitled (the self identifying specials) will be twerping in the gutters. Thankfully they will not be reproducing.

      4. How do you worsen a covid outbreak?
        Lock people together indoors in small spaces.
        Keep them from the outdoors where they would get exercise and sunshine increasing their vitamin D and boosting their immune system.

        • Another way to squash the immune system is to encourage alcohol consumption and excess carbage. The sheep can scarf down Pizza and beer and watch Dizzney.

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