Jim Willie: Dollar Destruction “Will Send Shock Waves Throughout The U.S.”

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting, Headline News | 60 comments

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    The entire house of cards is crumbling, and the empire is more desperate than ever to hold it together.

    Jim Willie of GoldenJackass.com tells the X22 Report that the dollar will soon be refused in international trade, and the loss of the dollar’s status will trigger massive shock waves throughout the U.S. and around the globe.

    This isn’t just the same old warning about the someday-coming apocalypse. This is stuff that is really happening around the world. Geopolitical events, narcotrafficking and megabank money laundering are all reaching tipping points; the banks are insolvent, and their operators are readying the collapse.

    The day will come soon when things will never look the same again. The U.S. we have all known is dying, and the American people will be left in shambles, as desperate to survive as Venezuelans are today.

    This is a powerful and eye-opening interview:

    Our economic future has never been more bleak. These are serious times indeed.

    Let us pray for protection, and prepare everything we’ve got.

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      1. These people forget one thing:

        Yes the dollar is crap, but it is still the best crap out there.

        Every other countries currency is even shittier than the US.

        • But… Other countries, especially China, are hoarding gold. Once other currencies are better than the $$, it will happen fast.

          • On Jim Willie: He needs to check his meds. The dollar is not dying and will only be replaced in world trade by Pole Shift, nuclear war, or Yellowstone blowing.

            It is backed by the most powerful military industrial complex ever assembled. 🙂

            On Gold N China: First, when comparing POTENTIAL gold backed currencies, compare ounces of gold per capita and to the amount of a specific currency WITHIN circulation within that country.

            China is currently the largest gold producer, but the USA does not subsidize its gold miners with direct payment for production like China does.

            In a financial crisis precipitated by the Chinese, much of the gold exported to China from the West would stop flowing, production would be purchased by the government, and new production encouraged. It is estimated that only 1/3 of all gold in the USA has been discovered, and even less than that has been mined.

            Stake your claims now !!! 🙂

          • I don’t know about other countries, nor if Knox still has out Gold: But the US public seems to be hoarding 500 tons of Silver a month. So somebody here won’t be broke

            • Yup…
              Up to about 20 lbs.
              ‘course, my brass, lead, and copper are a little short, gotta rectify that…
              What’s more valuable than any of these metals?
              Seeds and the land to plant them in.
              My BIL, said, “Well, if the shit hits the fan, we’ll just come to see you…”
              I says; “I wouldn’t if I were you, ’cause I’ll put you to work.”
              He laughs, and replies “In the sun? Ha ha, you’re the only one who’s qualified for mexican work.”
              I smile, “Then only us mexicans will be eating.”
              He got mad, “You’re not gonna feed your family?”
              “Nope, not unless you’re a mexican.”

      2. yup
        the dollar IS crap

        but who is gonna put their money into the yuan or ruble ???

        it’s got to go somewhere
        so you make the least worst choice

        • Have you heard about the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) that China is about to join to become a major global currency player? Read up and learn why the dollar is about to play second fiddle to the SDR, as soon as this September:


          • False. (1) By its own by-laws DEFINITIONs, the SDR is specifically NOT a CURRENCY. (2) The USA still has COMPLETE voting control of the IMF and can veto any proposed changes to the organization.

            Fear porn.

            Worse, the USA can withdraw its military protection from those nations who do not comply with FED wishes. In other words, to coin a phrase:

            The game is RIGGED. And RIGGED in our favor. 🙂

      3. As my grandpa used to say “Beans, Bullets & Blankets will get you through a lot of hard times”

        • I watched “Grapes of Wrath” yesterday.

          Sometimes it is good to get a refresher on how shitty things could be.

      4. The dollar isn’t crap. It T.P. Looks like time to get some more silver and gold.

        • Yep, Back up the truck on these PM dips to secure your wealth and future. Every dip is an opportunity.


      5. Sorry, but Willie’s been spouting this line for going on 10 years now. As Mark Twain said “if a man goes around with a prophecy gun and keeps on blastin’ away, by and by he’s bound to hit somethin’.”

        • Sorry, but all of these people are documenting a collapse that dopes like you erroneously believe is a light switch.

          That you don’t get that makes you look…well, like a moron.

        • Correct, Old Gringo !

          Add to the fact that he makes money spouting his crap. Maybe he needs to find a “new voice”.

          • Your us dollars soon be worth zero and useless…

            I have Tons of gold and silver due to this fact..

            Therefore you need send me soon worthless us dollars and I will send you back valued gold or silver!

            Hmmmmmm… I smell a rat.

        • I think a day of reckoning is coming soon. When bho first entered the White House, the federal govmnt was 10.6 trillion dollars in debt. Since then, an average of 1.1 trillion dollars a year has been added to the national debt. We are now 19.4 trillion in debt, and we still have about five more months to go with the biggest spender in history of The People’s tax dollars.

        • Old Gringo: I read the same lines in several newsletters/books in the late 70’s. That other countries would not accept our dollars and to get gold and silver, food storage,etc. Decades later they are saying the same thing. Some of these old newsletter/book writers are now in the cemetery. One living is Howard Riff in his mid-80’s, and old guy Don McIlvany and son David still active.

      6. They just released the shooting footage by the cops in Chicago

        The apes will burn the city down tonight

        • I was thinking of starting a tourism business.

          Instead of being storm chasers or tornado chasers it would be riot chasers.

          They have black thugs all around the country rush to the riots to be agitators and aggressors, so why not have whites do the same thing, but in stead of agitators they could be spectators. Driving around in an armored car watch all the rioting and looting, maybe getting to do some vigilante enforcement. Sounds like fun.

          • John, if you’re looking for partners, I’m in.

        • Let that shithole burn

          • Menzo

            Lots of shit holes going to burn. Who cares?

            • Too bad we can’t get all the scum politicians, Islamic savages, scum illegals, the free shit army,etc. into one place and drop a big enough hydrogen bomb to completely vaporize the lot of them. Then we can all sing comb by ya and drink some beer.

              • That’s not very Christian of you. God would not condone an act such as what you describe. I’m sure somewhere in that line up of people, there is a good portion of Christians that resides within those groups that you want to destroy.

                • FTW: Yes and its why near end of rev book is it? Where it speaks of a city called babylon and destruction of it etc it also tells folks “Therefore my People Come OUT of her”!

                  “lest ye be partakers of that cities sins and also of the soon to come Wrath when God pours it Out!”

                  Its the same as when the tweleve and 70 others were told to go out to other cities and nations to spread the gospel. They was told to Leave at once and not remain for dinner nor to sleep the nite there in any such places that reject the gospels or rejct You folk telling it.

                  Reason given was “For I promiced you to take care of all your needs etc and to not take money nor backpack nor weapon/sword….and I shall provide for you…UNLESS You refuse to obey that command to leave at once and shake off sandel dust of that bad town…For then if you remain I will be Unable to protect you further.”

                  Paraphrased of course but close to Orig.

                  So it would seem that yes there are some things the Lord cannot do eh?…As in yes He Can do all he wishes to do…However due to He gave everyone free will, such events as you refuse to exit a bad city or place and folks there wish to harm You, He cannot intervene and keep Their free will intact at same time.

                  So Obey or you Lose!…Aka Get the fuck OUT! of such zones and places with zero good to offer nor to retain any longer…After God turns it into a parking lot may be good time to return?

          • Just read the article in the chichago newspaper website. It said, “In 2015, the department revised its use-of-force policy to prohibit firing on a moving vehicle if it was the only threat against the officer or others.”

            So police can no longer shoot at a vehicle that is going to run people down?

            So if a Nice France terror attack happens in Chicago, I guess the police are prohibited from stopping it.

          • Menzo: Yuup, and certain other cities also (dee-troit, etc).

      7. The Russians, Chinese and India have stockpiled massive tons of gold. Where’s ours? If someone else starts up a gold backed currency, then every ones money is really crap.

      8. Gaddafi had about 145 tons of gold. He was about to start a gold backed North African Currency. The French said no way Jose. The rest is history. Hey, where’s his gold now?

        • We took it of course………

        • Certainly not in the New York Federal Reserve.

          It’s missing, just like Germany’s gold.

        • Tripoly’s Stolen Gold was rehypothicated to the caves of California, along with the 911 Twin Towers Missing Gold.

          Yep there’s Gold in them there hills. Go Git it!!


        • Gadaffi also discovered a Vast huge fresh water resivoir underground and his city sat on top of it. He started the worlds biggest ever fresh water well project and was either laying undergrouod pipes for it or was soon going to do so. To Supply plenty fresh water to at least 2/3rd of all of africa!…Which would change the whole game plan of africa forever!

          Enough fresh water for africans and for tons of Farms to grow food to feed em all etc and raise cattle ranches etc too.

          Them TPTB folk cannot have that! Africas vast valued resources wont be able to be gotten for a cheep song or simply Taken by force if most african folks has water all they need right?

          Whats them Trillionaire jewdeo banksters and all of their acomplice shaboz goy polititions like klintons and bushes to do other than assainate another nationa leader in such a case eh?

          How can such shabozz goys or banksters sleep nites knowing they passed up trillions more net worth when they already possess 98% worlds cash wealth value correct?

          in their warped greedy Master Race minds, they need/want it ALL! To OWN and Control entire planet Earth includeing Humans as their goy slaves and serfs…Goyim, thats You folk!

          • Dear dumb guy; why not try some old style math. lets just suppose the land under Libya is the most hollow dirt in the world. Half empty space. and lets assume all of the country has straight sides like a swimming pool. Forget doing 2/3 of Africa just do an area 5 times the size of Libya. The Sahara Desert, of which Libya is part, with an evaporation rate of about 10-15 ft per year you are going to need close to a thickness of 50=75 feet of water per year. (10-15X5) X2 because the hollow land is only 1/2 water. So to do this your water table is going to drop only 100 to 150 ft per year. Forget the unbelievable energy requirements. If the water STARTED AT SURFACE IN 10 YEARS IT’S 1000-1500 FT BELOW. at that depth your recoverable water will drop by at least half and will start dropping twice as fast. Now all these numbers are wrong because I don’t care enough to bother to get good ones; but your comment is insane.

      9. in other news

        Prince of the ’28 pages’: Indirect 9/11 link to Saudi royal revealed

        h ttp://www.cnn.com/2016/08/05/politics/28-pages-saudi-prince-bandar-9-11/index.html

      10. Old Gringo – It’s true Willie has been saying this for a long time and so have many astute analysis. But as Gerald Celente says – who knew they would introduce QE – money printing – devaluation AND when has there ever been Negative Interest Rates.
        When you’re able to print paper you can prop up the Ponzi scheme until it blows up and we’re almost there.
        Paper currency throughout history has always gone to it’s intrinsic value – ZERO and the US dollar is no different.
        Sound money- Gold & Silver has retained it’s value for thousand’s of years. A ounce of gold would buy a man a good suit in 1930’s and today an ounce of gold can still buy a man a good suit!!!!
        96 Million Americans unemployed
        50 Million on Food Stamps
        120 Trillion in unfunded liabilities

        Believe Jim Willie or not but remember……

        Venezuela ignored reality, the consequences…….. you’ve seen in the above headline.

        • But also Never prior in history has such a vast entity as fed reserve existed up untill recent times. This changes it all.

          All of these astute Analcysts aka hemorides, were telling Us all that when usa debt reached One trillion, back when it was around $400-Billion usa national debt, that it will have to crash as Unsustainable.

          They again repeated it after gw’s huge war debts massed big…and again repeated same once hobammys First term ammased yet greater debts…and again repeated same when hobammys 2nd term was half way done and usa debt was double of GW’s debt totals.

          So what Majik number is too much debt? Soon it will reach an even $20 Trillion usa debt right…And will continue on and on and on for as long as them fed resv banksters wish to keep it going it shall keep going.

          What if said banksters simply announce to entire worlds peoples and national leaders that…”We decided to relieve all of your nations debts and go back to zero debt owed for all worlds nations as long as they all agree to keep Our global bankers systems intact?”

          Think 99% worlds peoles and 100% worlds nation leadsers will say No to that offer?…And if they wanted to do so they also could end all Personal home and car debts etc even credit card debts too…Then simply begin anew as if it was 1913 all over again!

          Stranger things has happend in the world before correct?

          Why would they who now Own about 98% entire cash wealth of worlds total cash value wish for Their vast fortunes to disapper overnite along with Our wealth in a real global or usa crash event?

          Metals are always vallued in mostly us dollars so nobody yet knows What new value gold or silver would get valued with if us dollars cease to have value or cease to exist.

          And good luck convinceing a gas station attendant at cashier station how Your junk silver quarter is really worth $6 dollars of gasoline! They will tell you “hey buddy look it states value of .25 Cents here on the face of coin…You still get 25 cents worth Gasoline pal.

          Now what?! Trade carrots for gas…maybe?

          I think all of the too many Fiction shtf scenario books written and most if not all of the Analcysts are promoteing a mostly fictional scenario of what ifs.

          of Course stuff can go wrong or bad it always has prior at some point or place…Yet it always has made a big comeback too after…and if we are the generation to actually See biblical end of the age events or armageddon occure in Our time?

          Then nothing will help you other than Gods ways and even for That we all must die first to achieve it.

          I sure wish I never listened to all these analcysts to not invest in any stock market stuff or shares…Because if I would have invested over past ten yrs or so I now would have several Million us dollars at least.

          Celente should give a huge Rebate back to all that paid $300 per year for his quartly emag upates infos.

          For That much price per his asstute infos He Should have seen it comming, all the stuff he admits to Now have seen comming eh!

          Theres a sucker born each Minute that circus guy owner said…He was correct. Most such analcysts like celente et al has made vast fortunes off of so many folks so far. And most if not all they touted so far has been wrong info. Everybody can be correct 100% if they stay at it so long untill something real occures.

          but whens too Long to further trust them so much?

      11. People will be faced with a choice one of these days to either take the mark to be able to buy and sell or not. Once you take it you can’t go back. Never was being able to barter mentioned. That’s the oldest form of buying and selling. God is good.

        • your god aint good at all.dumbass.

          • Well I guess you get to burn in hell know it all. Let me guess. You’re a fucking fag? Scum muslim? Combination of the two?

            • Menzo.

              You too? Not the “You’re going to burn in hell”, statement.

      12. The U.S. empire is going the very same path as all other empires in the world. For anyone interested in history, the similarity between the Roman Empire and the U.s. nowadays is truly striking.

      13. God is good and good to you if you try to follow his laws and ask for forgiveness of his son when you fall short

        • I fall short and ask every day.

          • Me too,bro…

      14. But when you turn from him you receive wrath

      15. Been hearing this talk forever and haven’t heard the bugler play taps for the dollar yet.

      16. The World is looking frightful , but here it so delightful. And since I don’t care you know. CATI if you can.

      17. The World is looking frightful , but here it so delightful. And since I don’t care you know. CATI if you can.

      18. Good video, most people don’t understand that when a country loses it’s reserve status it takes time for it to happen.

        History is infallible, and teaches us that all reserve currencies have a beginning, plateau, and decline.

        Fiat currencies that are not backed against a hard asset are destined to have their values go to zero. There is no other direction.

        A 90% silver quarter has virtually the exact same purchasing power today as it did when it was in circulation. It could basically buy you a gallon of gas, as it can today.

        The banks are not stupid, this is a controlled ‘milking’ of the American people. They will simply continue to slowly extract every last bit of value from the dollar.

        A paper currencies decline is slow enough that 99.9% of the population doesn’t even notice it.

        A new mustang built with the current cutting edge technology in 1965 had a base price of approximately $2,400. A 2016 mustang’s base price is approximately $24,145. If you track new car values from the early 1900’s to now, when the US decoupled from gold in 1971, there has been a massive and sustained inflation of prices. Housing and food can also be tracked this way. Inflation equals a devaluation of the dollars we hold in our pockets.

        In 1965 gold was $35 an ounce vs. that exact same ounce today? You can clearly see a massive reduction in purchasing power of today’s ‘dollars’.

        What we are witnessing, is the banker elite extracting wealth from the middle class. From a human lifespan’s point of view, it is a relatively slow and tedious process, but it’s happening nonetheless.

        Over the past 35 years, the banks have used interest rates and credit to artificially expand the countries economy. We’ve pulled almost 20 trillion worth of future purchasing power into the present in order to live beyond our means.

        Many people have forgotten, that before 2008 interest rates for cars, homes etc. were far higher than today. Could the economy support 6% for a new home? No, it could not.

        After collapsing the interest rates to near zero, the bankers are running out of options. That is why many countries in the world have gone negative. It’s a way for the bankers to continue stealing wealth.

        It doesn’t matter if it’s this year, or 3 years from now, negative rates are on their way for the US.

        At the end of this mess, I envision the Chinese as coming out ahead.

        They are part of the Kings Of The East, and their economy and military will eclipse ours within the next 10 years.

        The US’s destiny is to become a regional power with a third rate style of economy.

      19. Read the all-knowing Dr. Jim Willie at goldenjackass.com!

      20. European bank stocks are crashing. Where will people transfer their money? The yuan, which is also crashing? Nope. The US dollar.

        Of course, all fiat currencies eventually become worthless. But right now, the dollar is the king on the hill.

      21. Shortly after our pm, was selected, back in Nov. This country has gone to sh$t, however,of the many new laws, and changes, that have been made, a thought came to mind, after reading this article.
        Barry came up for a visit, forget when, and shortly thereafter, what little gold, we did have, was gone (I think that it went to China, or the Sauds, but that’s just me)
        Now, our dollar is not backed by gold, but by the American Dollar. I tend to think that Barry ”advised”, this pretty boy rookie, in to making that decision, with many more to come.

      22. They have everybody buzzing about Gold backed money. While barely anybodys talking of the one main true reason for all this hage royal monetary Mess the worlds in today.

        That one main thing or issue is “USURY”..aka Intrest charged to Borrow Our already owned cash moneys.

        Hardly anybody ever talks of why shoud it by Okay to allow a small group of scam jewish banksters to Own 100% control of every nations cash moneys? And then also be okay for them to Loan Us whats already Ours and With attached usury intrest?!

        Because there is NO good real reason for it to be okay.

        Unless you are a tribe member or paid bribed shabozz goy public official that is.

        NO reason it wont work swell and last long time if we did as germans did and back us dollars with Labor hrs worked and products made here in usa like we did prior before NAFTA started the fall.

        All it takes is to have only Honest true Patriotic Citizens elected or apointed to positions of money and public Trust. Germans did it so can we.

        Only usa contains a third or more of its majority white folk population that would scream bloddy murder at the thought of we will deprive jewish banksters to scam us any longer. So I guess that bunch posses a huge problem to implement such a policy eh.

      23. Why can’t you get silver and gold coins at the bank. Why do you have to go to a private dealer? Why do you have to buy so much? Can anyone answer?


        • Good question “B”,
          My personal opinion is: the government does not want the public to think of gold and silver coins as real money. For those who might think of them as money they see the $ONE$ stamped on the Silver Eagle and the four different $$$ values on the Gold Eagles. All those stamped $$$ amounts are to give false indicators to their true values.

          The last time silver coins where available at your friendly bank was 1964. Silver coins along with Silver Certificates could be had at their face values there.
          A year later our crooked President L. B. Johnson ended silver at the banks and the rest is history.
          You will never see gold or silver money side by side with fiat FRB dollars and Treasury pretend coins in your bank.

          I believe those who regurgitate with; you can not eat gold and silver, to be a government troll or very misinformed or short sighted to the value of gold and silver coins as a part of your financial and insurance preparations.

          “B” this may not fully answer your questions asked.
          The US Govt along with the FRB want it this way.


      24. I keep wondering what would happen, if people suddenly stopped paying their taxes. The big boys do that. I am sick of financing wars, internal spy agencies, so-called health care, and WalMart for profit (food stamps and subsidized housing for its workers. I am sick of having no vacation, job insecurity, the race to the bottom, no retirement, while my tax dollars are fattening already-fat cats.

      25. Silly Me, I feel the same way.

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