Israeli’s IGNORE Second Tyrannical Lockdown

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Israel’s second lockdown imposed by the government is being ignored by the citizenry. Eventually, people get tired of being dictated to and make the decision to live freely without fear of consequences.

    This should be a lesson for all countries who attempt a second lockdown. Israel is learning that freezing a nation in place is even more difficult the second time around and too many are flat our ignoring the dictates of government in exchange for making their own decisions, consequences be damned.

    The Washington Post reported that this lockdown has proven extremely difficult for Isreal to enforce as people are now trending toward freedom not the false sense of safety being offered by the political ruling classes. Israel’s experience could hold lessons for other governments looking to exact tyranny on their own citizenry. Let’s hope a second lockdown in the United States never coalesces, but if it does, let’s also hope the public will stand up to the tyrants attempting to shove this New World Order agenda down our throats.

    James Corbett: “The Great Reset IS The NWO!” We Are Almost Out Of Time

    After a nearly two-month national quarantine, last spring, in which Israel’s 9 million residents largely complied with orders to stay home like good little order following slaves,  autumn’s Lockdown II has proved to be far more contentious as people willingly disobey the government.

    In light of the public waking up to the fact that this virus is scam and hardly worth mentioning, becoming increasingly doubtful that the restrictions are necessary, desperate to make a living, and outraged at reports of politicians ignoring their own rules, has resulted in most people being less willing to lock themselves up since the second quarantine began September 25.

    People are using black-market tactics to remain open. They are skirting the rules and regulations in order to be able to make an income and feed their family. The police still seem to be intent on using force and violence against people who disobey. It’s funny that the police still et to keep their jobs and stay paid and feed their families as the people they terrorize and shut down suffer.

    This is tyranny. It’s actually beyond tyranny at this point. Wake up. It’s past time to stand against all of this.



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      1. YES!!! It’s about fuckin’ time the sheep woke up!You mentioned how the police keep their jobs while the people are suffering.It’s also funny/interesting how the governors/tyrants keep their jobs here in the US while the majority of us are struggling to get by and feed our families.The authors of this scripted event have no compassion or soul,but,I have to believe they will get their due sooner rather than later.They say karma is a real bitch and I hope she pays the perpetrators of this hoax a visit really soon! I truly hope these evil bastards get what’s coming to them-I really do!!!

      2. Hear, hear!


      4. Serves them right! They’ve had Palestine under lockdown for decades.
        Time to reap what you sow….

        • (*This is just sarcasm, here.) You dirty, imperialist colonizer. Indigenous Mexicans lay similar claims to your American lands, sometimes with globalist support, to the effect that you are repressing them. In my blue state, they raise their flag over the McD’s and the downtown. How is this any any different from the map, which shows what was formerly Palestine.

          Recounting the Biblical story, in which Isaac and Ishmael were ultimately brothers, I happen to be within 1 degree of separation, or else within the margin of error, for one genetic, native, Palestinian type, resembling first century, facial reconstructions.

          Every once in awhile, I see someone with very similar features, born, by chance, on either side of this political issue.

          The ‘Palestinian’ primary school children, radicalized by their terrorist cartoon characters, can tell you exactly which countries they have emigrated from, whereas, in my American highschool, everyone was deracinated and forgot where they came from.

          During one Obama administration, the entire composition of my town changed — most notably, when the school let out.

          They might just as well assume the the border states were ill-gotten and the boundaries under dispute.

      5. The people will learn who the real enemy is.

      6. … Well, its not like the Israelis are new to the problem of oppression. Its just the part where its their own police and power elites oppressing them, not some gentile overlord.

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