James Corbett: “The Great Reset IS The NWO!” We Are Almost Out Of Time

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 8 comments

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    The Great Reset to the New World Order is almost here. We are just about out of time. Wake up now, while you still can!

    Most readers already understand what’s going on and that this entire system that’s an illusion is being taken down so they can erect the New World Order prison around us. If you haven’t figured out that the government (all of them) is in on this; you are not awake. Government, which is already by its very definition a system of control and slavery in and of itself was simply a practice run for the ultimate control over humanity. This is almost too far gone at this point to do anything about it.  We have a limited amount of time to get people to realize what they do not want you to know: you are not a slave, you have no obligation to obey and they do not own you!

    James Corbett recently discussed The Great Reset to a New World Order system of totalitarian enslavement with Spiro Skouras.  He agrees that time is running out.

    “The Great Reset is nothing more than the New World Order,” says Corbett who has been speaking out against slavery (including the enslavement of government) for decades. “Everything that I have been warning about is being encapsulated in this agenda that’s being pushed right now…agenda 2030 seems to have been ramped up to agenda 2020.”

    I agree with Corbett.  I do feel that this agenda is pushed faster and harder now because so many people are realizing the entire system is a lie. Humans are realizing that they were not born to serve anyone, least of all ANY government, all of which claim a monopoly on violence. The left/right paradigm is a lie. Voting is a lie. They need people hopelessly stuck believing that their vote counts so they can finish off with this election chaos scam they already have modeled and planned out. Again, this is my personal thought on this issue, use your own critical thinking to come to your own conclusions.

    Everything done to us has all been to manipulate us into believing we need a ruler and a ruling class to dictate our lives. Nothing can be further from the truth.

    Manipulating The Masses: Edward Bernays &; Why The System Needs Your Compliance

    “This is it. There is no more time to wait,” says Corbett. You have no time left. You’ve either figured it out, or you haven’t. If you are still stuck in the left/right paradigm and dependent on the system, I wish you luck in the coming months.  “This is the deciding factor in the future of the human race,” says Corbett.


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      1. Is fear porn all you got? They have nothing….dreams of control are nothing….too many are already awake…breath deep and let them thrash in thier control wet dream…they can figure it out later that they have nothing.

      2. We must rise up and take are rights it’s are duty

      3. So thanks. But what exactly do you suggest?

      4. Where do you live? Have you looked around lately? The zombies walking around in Face Diapers that do nothing as to CVirus and may infect you — you don’t see this? What you say is not reality based — most are willfully clueless.

        • Have you realized that Covid 19 is a giant Hoax? The CDC just released their numbers. Out of 154K virus deaths in the US, only 6% were in fact from Covid 19.

          That’s a really small number.

      5. To many Double Digit I.Q’s running around for them too see the light. Their brain coping mechanisms are in high gear preventing their ability to comprehend or fathom such info.. Same goes for the educated intellectuals We will just have to take out as much garbage as we can.

      6. Do you have a keyboard with a “g” key?

      7. Ye s I also believe there will be chaos after this election.
        But unless Biden wins and by some magic can get my Guns away from me then I will be OK
        NObody is getting my guns no matter what.

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