Is Monkeypox A Distraction From The COVID Vaccines’ Failures?

by | May 26, 2022 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Monkeypox has emerged just in time to save two failing Big Pharma companies, but it also had the uncanny ability to shift the focus away from the collapsing COVID-19 vaccine narrative as well. Data from several developed countries have shown that these “vaccines” are causing complete immune system degradation. 

    Pfizer Knew Their mRNA Injection Caused Immunosuppression or AIDS

    Even though the mainstream media and Big Pharma have been working hard to keep medical professionals and injured patients from talking about the negative effects of COVID vaccines, and monkeypox has now taken a large share of the sheeple’s attention, we are starting to hear more and more about these cases as their numbers grow too big to ignore.

    Did monkeypox surface just in time to keep people unaware that the COVID shots are giving them VAIDS (vaccine-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)? It isn’t just AIDS that the mainstream media is ignoring in order to focus on the monkeypox.

    One doctor who has been brave enough to talk about vaccine effects is Idaho pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, who has noted a dramatic spike in very aggressive cancers among people who have received the vaccine that was not reported by the mainstream media. Some of the types of cancer he has seen include uterine cancer and highly invasive melanomas among younger people. In addition, there have been reports of previously controlled cancers being activated again in vaccinated patients.

    Whistleblowers: The COVID “Vaccines” Are Causing Cancers & VAIDS

    Is the ruling class trying to distract the public from the disastrous injection they tried to force on everyone? Perhaps. Especially now that the monkeypox vaccine is ready, they can just people to line up for that one instead and gleefully take it.

    According to Politico, it’s still about the vaccines and getting the masses injected. The U.S. and countries across Europe are preparing for a worst-case scenario for the spread of monkeypox, working to secure thousands of additional vaccines and treatments.

    Get Your Monkeypox Vaccine!

    “This is one of the rare diseases where you can be vaccinated after exposure and it prevents you from getting sick,” said Eric Toner, a senior scientist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

    The United Kingdom has already started vaccinating people, with 1,000 doses of the vaccine, called Imvanex there, already administered. The country has 3,500 doses left. Germany has ordered 40,000 doses, Reuters reported.


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      1. They, the PTB, don’t think they can get away with using Covid to lock down, restrict, and disrupt society again so they need a new more scary sounding and looking disease to use this time.

        Monkeypox fills the bill for this.

        But, IMO from what I’ve read about it so far, avoiding Monkeypox will be as simple as just not monkeying around.

        Not the the PTB will think that way, or want me to either.

      2. As time goes on, it will
        become even more apparent
        that these alleged “vaccines”
        are hurting people and
        destroying their bodily
        defenses. As more jabbed
        folks get all kinds of
        diseases and continually
        become sick while the rest
        of us purebloods remain
        healthy – the truth of why
        the “vaccinated” are always
        sick (or worse) will become
        so obvious no one will be
        able to deny it.

        • The only people denying anything now are the fools, weaklings and ignorant. All those who took any of it cannot accept or admit their stupidity and what they did to themselves and will be dead soon anyway so why fret on any of that ? Only weakling morons took any of it except for those who werer not capable to make their own decisions like children. And that pisses me off big time and I have long memory MOFOs. Get proactive and pissed or die !

      3. In addition, there have been reports of previously controlled cancers being activated again in vaccinated patients.

        I recently read something
        about that as well. In some
        cases not only were the
        precious cancers returning
        but they were much more
        aggressive as well.
        We are dealing with some
        satanically evil creatures
        here folks, whose only goal
        is to get rid of every single
        last one of us. My advice
        would be to avoid any & all
        vaccines like the plague.

      4. “We are dealing with some satanically evil creatures”

        Yes, and they aren’t imaginary.

        And not like they are portrayed in movies and such.

        How often do we, Christians especially, actually go along with them and give them aid while pretending we aren’t?

        You claim you don’t? Are your children and grand children in public schools?

        If they are, then you do.

        Many other ways as well, but that is the most obvious and important one.

        • Do you think humans have far more than enough evil capacities to do all that we see daily and have had our entire existance or is this all by demons and such, none of which even exist ? All of that is just memes and were created long go to keep yoou in line ! Rethink some stuff and stop spreading such nonsense that only enables the maniacs trying to kill you ! This is the main flaw of Mike Adams in his own ignorance. His outlets have served a very good purpose to exopse much of what we see, but his demon junk is not at all real and enables the PTB and keeps most people very weak and afraid. One of the main reasons people do not fight back beside the fact they have been indoctrinated for at least 30-40 years now not to fight back even when atacked and greatly pussified as well to think big gov is a good thing ? Wake up maybe as you are just spreading more illlusions and yes I am very aware and close to God and Jesus/Yehuwa far more than most.

      5. The difference between Kyle Rittenhouse and the Covid Vaccine? Kyle’s shots worked.

      6. I vote for the DarTard to be the Guinea pig for the monkey vax!

        Wasn’t it amazing how the push and shove to be vaxed for the Convid just falls off a cliff.
        The doctors are no longer pushing it, it’s like it doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe they thought a Sri Lanka was on the horizon after pushing people into the ground for two years. I find it odd they just give up but it is an election year after all.

      7. I think monkey pox is from Darwin screwing monkeys!

      8. Monkeypox has
        disappeared from the most
        recent headlines. Guess
        these psychos will be moving
        on to their next plandemic,
        fear tactics, or whatever.

      9. Rhetorical question ??

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