In Spite Of Mass Vaccination, COVID Cases Are Up 18%

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    It is now late fall and as we are coming into winter, the number of people who are coming down with colds and the flu are increasing. In spite of the ruling class’s assistance that everyone takes a shot (or three), people are still getting sick.

    The seven-day average of reported coronavirus infections has increased by 18 percent, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said at a Monday news conference. Remember, the “cases” of coronavirus are simply a cold or the flu based on how effective the PCR tests are at diagnostics. 

    They Admit It: The Flu Has Disappeared Now That COVID Is Here

    The most current figure for “vaccinations” is 59.2% of the population has gotten two doses. Other countries are locking down once again as their cases soar and their vaccine rate is much higher.  What’s hilarious, is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has admitted that the vaccines are not effective at doing what they claimed to do, which was stop transmission of the cold. And now the State Department is also admitting it.

    The State Department made the same recommendation, warning that “because of the current situation in Germany, even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading Covid-19 variants.”

    So what’s the purpose of the vaccines? To stop hospitalizations? Because that’s been proven wrong as well and the sheep keep lining up for more booster shots.

    COVID Surge In Belgium: “They Are All Vaccinated”

    Denmark has suffered from an upswing in cases as well. This month, the country introduced a digital ‘corona pass’ for people aged 15 and older, according to a report by RT. But 76.7% of Denmark is fully “vaccinated.”

    The Threats Continue: Germans Will Be “Vaccinated, Cured, Or DEAD” By Winter’s End

    Whatever the case may be, the rulers are pushing this “vaccine” are doing it for a reason. It won’t be good for us either way whether we comply and get the shots or if we continue to rebel and say no to the power structure trying to control us.



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      1. As you correctly mentioned,
        the “rulers” pushing this
        “vaccine” relentlessly are
        definitely doing it for a reason. Everyone has their
        own theory as to what that
        reason may be but, one thing
        most agree on is the reason
        sure as hell is not to “protect” your health against a “virus”,
        particularly one that has never even been proven
        to exist.?

      2. This is all about a virus that according to The Science only has a 99.985% survival rate.?

      3. some “pandemic” humor:

        Q) What’s the difference
        between Covid and Bigfoot?

        A) Unlike Covid, there is a
        very small possibility Bigfoot
        may actually exist.???

      4. I’ve been told that almost all of the new hospitalizations and deaths are among the unvaccinated with very few vaccinated being affected.

        And since no one seems to offer any real statistics to show otherwise I have to accept it as true.

        But on the bright side, all of the unvaccinated will soon be dead from Covid and there will be almost none left to plague our hospitals with Covid overloads so everything will return to normal soon.

        Watch for it, it shouldn’t take long.

        • Right… The government has lied to the people since time begain, but this time they are being truthful, RIGHT? Can you accept that?

        • That’s just propaganda from the early vax campaign.

          Yes, the unvaxxed and unexposed that got caught up were the first to feel the impact of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) and Delta variant.

          Initially, the vaxxed benefited from reduced severity of disease, but were by no means immune. A real vaccine is supposed to give immunity, not reduced illness

          As Delta rolls on from vaxxed breakthrough superspreaders, the vaxxed increasingly become the majority victims of COVID because that’s who’s left. Natural immunity is far more effective than vaxxed immunity long term.

          That they’ve moved propaganda goalposts from fear of dying to fear of being unfashionably subhuman unvaxxed shows how pathetic this neo-Nazi World Economic Forum campaign really is.

      5. We have a very good experiment shaping up. Sixty percent of have volunteered to take the jab. Forty percent have volunteered to be in the control group and not take the jab. Let’s wait three years and compare the results.

      6. Be like Nancy Reagan and just say no

      7. Yyyyyu

      8. Yes

      9. Until the MSM owners have been removed or forced to allow the use of real facts then the sheeple will never see the real data that shows everywhere that has high jab rates has the highest infection rates and deaths.

      10. @ Anonymous…
        “But on the bright side, all of the unvaccinated will soon be dead from Covid and there will be almost none left to plague our hospitals with Covid overloads so everything will return to normal soon.”


        Freakin’ hilarious, dude.

        No, the bright side is that those of us who refuse to be vaxecuted will still be alive, while all the morons who fell for the banana in the tailpipe and took the jab will be dead due to the blood clots caused by the spike proteins which were designed to do exactly that.

        You want TRUTH? Feature these guys…

      11. Slavo raises a good point; why the obsession with vaccinating everyone, especially children?

        Don’t sign an organ donor card, ever. Even if they take them anyway, let that be cursed as theft as well as murder.

        Having read various obits and blogs chronicling the vax-dead, one interesting bit came up now and again; a victim’s body had been so badly ravaged by vax injury, the family could ‘only’ donate the deceased’ kidneys and liver.

        How often does this happen?

        If organs are salvageable, the vaxxed dead are a payday for the organ transplant industry. They’ll be getting the pick of organs across blood types and age groups including valuable children’s organs.

      12. Because Of Mass Vaccination, COVID Variants Are Up

      13. Nostalgia: Just Two More Weeks to Flatten the Curve, Everyone!

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