Illnesses Are Exacerbated By COVID-19 “Vaccines”

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Headline News | 8 comments

New research published by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) reveals that the billions of spike proteins “significantly” inhibit DNA from repairing itself. That means many things, including that the “vaccines” are actually exacerbating illnesses in the human body.

This research also means “adaptive immunity” is not relevant.  In other words, the COVID vaccines are intended to make humans reliant on more vaccines, while crippling the natural immune system and your cell’s ability to repair itself and adapt.

Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Specifically, the genes that are damaged are the ones that suppress cancer tumors. That’s one reason there’s been a huge spike in new cancer cases since the COVID gene-mutating injections hit the market just two years ago. The research concludes that some of the illnesses that are intensified, compounded, and exacerbated by COVID “vaccines” include cancer; blood clots; COVID-19 itself;  myocarditis, irregular heartbeat, and AFIB, neurological disorders; chronic lethargy and depression; allergies; restless leg syndrome; insomnia; and auto-immune disorder and dysfunction (ADE).

Many of these side effects, including death, are being blamed on COVID-19.

 Phase IV clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines have been analyzed and synthesized to reveal some horrifying statistics regarding the onset and aggravation of RLS (restless leg syndrome) caused by the gene therapy injections. Over 40 percent of people who get RLS from the Moderna Covid jab get it the same day, and nearly half get RLS during the same week they received the clot shot. Nearly 75 percent of those victims are female, and the range of age affected varies widely, with most being above age 30.

It gets much worse because 60 percent of those who suffer RLS from the Moderna COVID jab NEVER recover from it. Other side effects include headaches (33 percent), general pain (29 percent), chronic fatigue (33 percent), nausea (28 percent), chills, fever, dizziness, weakness, and insomnia. -Natural News

Because these “vaccines” are designed to make the human body dependant upon them, they are responsible for an increase in cancer. Specifically, the genes that are damaged by these shots are the same ones that are responsible for the suppression of cancer tumors. That’s one reason there’s been a huge spike in new cancer cases since the COVID gene-mutating injections hit the market just two years ago.

Whistleblowers: The COVID “Vaccines” Are Causing Cancers & VAIDS

All kinds of illnesses are increasing. We are also seeing deaths on the rise in people who were otherwise healthy before taking the shots.

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    1. Anonymous

      What was the name of the article in which the research was published?

      MDPI has published a huge number of articles under many different categories.

    2. Anonymous

      Say it ain’t so.

    3. Genius

      Well I’m exacerbated by the amount of imbicilles that do whatever the govt. tells them to do!

      • Anonymous

        A lot of times it’s because they are forced to, the government can be highly persuasive in a lot of different ways when it wants to be.

    4. Lara

      I need ro know what to ask for when getting blood drawn to look for blood clots microscopic and damage to liver?? Please I need this response

      • JACK

        Lara -“D-Dimer” blood test. Ask your doctor. Google
        Dr JOSEPH MERCOLA web site. JACK

      • Drew

        You need to ask for a D-dimer test. It will tell about the clotting

    5. Spider25

      I never would of guessed mr lab rat!
      This article is for the Vaxtard Darwin or did he win the award already?

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