Fully “Vaccinated” And Boosted Obama Gets COVID

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Headline News | 47 comments

Former President Barack Obama announced Sunday that he has tested positive for Covid-19. Even though the tyrant was fully “vaccinated” and boosted, he insisted the shot works and said others should just comply.

[VIDEO]: Bayer Executive ADMITS mRNA “Vaccines” Are Actually Gene Therapy

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

Wait, so we all still have to get vaccinated and boosted even though those who do are still testing positive? People must have really suspended all logic.

Obama had recently returned to Washington, DC, after spending much of the winter in Hawaii. He tested positive in DC, a person close to him said. The diagnosis makes Obama the second U.S. President known to contract the virus after then-President Donald Trump announced he tested positive in October 2020, which was before vaccines were widely available in the US, according to a report by CNN. 

Both rulers have repeatedly told the slave to roll up their sleeves and take these shots.

Operation Warp Speed: Trump Is Taking Credit For The “Vaccine” Rollout

Ambitious Vaccine Schedule Announced By The Trump Administration

President Joe Biden said in his first State of the Union address earlier this month that the US is moving “forward safely” into a less disruptive phase of the pandemic. During his speech, the President outlined his plan to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. “Thanks to the progress we have made this past year, Covid-19 need no longer control our lives,” Biden said as he acknowledged that Americans are “tired, frustrated and exhausted” with the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the whole scamdemic is probably not over yet. They have already told us when this ends:

Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

Stay alert and prepared. If they decide to continue this hoax, it may not be a scam next time.


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    1. Oops!

      Poor baby. Well at least he
      has Michael, er, I meant
      “Michelle” to take very
      good care of him.

      • damn man

        I heard he got it eating big mikes di k after it was in his a shole

        • Mr. Darwin

          The seventh grade called. They want their humor back.

    2. Sarcasm 101

      “I just tested positive for COVID. I’ve had a scratchy throat for a couple days”

      Oh my God!!!!! A scratchy
      throat!?!? Get him to the
      E.R. immediately!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Reprint

      Recently read this:

      Remember when you got a cold or the flu and you ran out and paid good money for a test to tell you that you had it?

      Me neither. People need to
      move on with their lives.

    4. couldn't resist

      Gee, I really hope he’s okay.
      Truly would not want
      anything happening to this
      national treasure who is so
      loved by everyone.

      • alfie

        Hee hee, snicker, chuckle, almost falling off my chair, I’m laughing so hard

    5. Yep

      “Vaccine” working its
      “protective” magic
      once again.

    6. Nope

      I would wish him well but
      …..I can’t.

      • Mr. Darwin

        But you’re a Christian, right? ?

    7. Anonymous

      Pray for him, if you are Christian, for that is what Christians are commanded to do for both their leaders and their enemies.

      • alfie

        @ anonymous, there are people in this world, that no matter how hard you try to get along with, no matter what you do, there is or will be somebody, somewhere in this world that you can truly walk away from and not feel bad about telling him to go make love to himself and leave him standing beside the road ( so to speak ). Obummer is one of these people.

        • Anonymous

          My post was addressed to Christians, and those who call themselves such.

          Being Christians is not an easy thing since it requires overcoming the ways of the world and living differently than the world would have them live. This is a constant struggle for a Christian, and not an easy one.

          A Christian cannot seek revenge, even by verbal assault. God has reserved vengeance for himself.

        • Agreed

          @alfie, you are correct.
          I for one won’t be losing sleep
          over what does or does not
          happen to Obummer.

        • Mr. Darwin

          So, you’ve tried your hardest to get along with President Obama, but you guys just couldn’t make it work out, huh? What a shame. I’m sure President Obama is crestfallen at the loss of your friendship…

          Move toward the light, alfie. Whether that light is oncoming traffic, or while you’re standing on the tracks, just keep moving toward it.

      • Mr. Darwin

        LOL, that’s rich! The “christians” here would be the first ones damned to hell if “jesus” was a thing and he actually “came back”. And that is only if he wasn’t lynched first by you charlatans because he isn’t white. Fuck you and fuck your sky daddy. Just another stupid, nonsensical myth you morons believe hook, line, and sinker.

    8. Yuck!!

      Never did like this guy.
      Even his initials stink!!

    9. Mr. Darwin

      Howdy Fucksticks! As usual, you shit-for-brains idiots have missed the entire point. The vaccine keeps you from developing severe symptoms. That’s how vaccines work. You’re welcome for the education. If you stupid motherfuckers had paid one bit of attention in school, you might have known. Anyway, I’m still rooting for one more devastating variant that will take care of the rest of you morons. Adios, dickheads!

      • Survived on my own

        Pretty brave behind that keyboard aren’t you

        • Mr. Darwin

          Brave behind it, brave without it. Go fuck yourself. Have a Covidful day, shithead!

          • He's Not

            @Mr. Darwin, I see by your
            response that you are still
            demonstrating what a classy?
            individual you are? Sar.

            • Mr. Darwin

              Fuck you. Classy enough for ya? ???

      • NoVaxCidentForMe

        Haven’t you won the award yet Darwin? With all those trillions of spike proteins you got floating around now! Moron Covid kill rate is .3 percent or 1/3 of a percent roughly in case Maff is hard for you. I’m not scared of a bug that 99.7 percent will survive.
        And retard why hasn’t there been any promotional information in the piss stream media to stay healthy and take vitamins and you likely will survive Covid. Because it’s all owned by big pharma and our gubermint gave a billion to promote vaccines and to kill dissent!
        You truly are retarded and enjoy your AdE with VAIDS moron.

        • Anonymous

          Guy is only here to provoke and taunt.
          As long as this board remains a free public forum it will always attract people that are ONLY interested in provoking and taunting posters.
          If this site wants to avoid trolls they know what needs to be done;

          • Mr. Darwin

            Actually, shithead, I came to this site years ago…you know, back when people used to talk about prepping here? Over time, thanks to Russian propaganda, MAGA, Covid, and other considerations, this site became a bastion of lies, misinformation, and utter stupidity. Once I saw how dangerous all of you racist, bigoted, anti-America, pro-Russia, anti-science, anti-education lunatics are, I made it my mission to A) piss all of you off, and B) to encourage you to continue on your course of Covid/mask/vaccine denial so that it leads you to an early grave. This country has been hijacked by hate and stupidity, and y’all are a prefect microcosm of that fact. The sooner we (decent, patriotic Americans) are rid of you cancers on society, the better. Every one of you can fuck all the way off. I mean that with the utmost sincerity.

            • drivebylaughter

              Hey noisy asshole who’s been here for ever watching SHTFplan slide into an abyss, thanks for sharing your superior…. well, everything…. and sharing no less, with with the un-enlightened, shit, guess that means me…. and that makes you a card carrying /dem/lib/woke?…. one inclined to subjugate and consume lesser humans, one inclined to betrayal, groveling, pandering, lying, cheating, laziness and all manner of perfidious subterfuge… well, you know, “communist”. Might this be the source of your overwhelming nastiness, I mean, the fact that you probably can’t afford adrenochrome and those rich sick fucks you worship wouldn’t notice if you are alive or dead…. close?
              You got big-woke shit Mr. D; you said its your mission to insult and malign other people…so then you’re a pro, that’s cool, even troll’s gotta eat… riot, loot, burn… I get it. Or maybe you’re just a hobbyist, a natural hater, maybe enlightened NAMBLA dude, no matter, you’ll serve somebody. The facts of the matter -just pick one, a feast for critical minds, the internet is hard work and tards tremble with easy answers. Don’t be a tard Mr. Darwin. Next time you’re queued at the vax-cul-de-sac, please have a double and may God bless you Mr. Darwin!

      • frnmlanm

        Mr. Darwin is it, just a bit presumptuous don’t you think, you’re little more than a troll sinking to ad-hominem at every turn.
        It’s incredible that there are still shit-for-brains like you stupid enough to back that communist sack of sh*t, you know the one I mean, mikey’s wife/thing/dick-sleeve, whatever obadmans preference of the day might be.
        So you fuck off Mr. Darwin, get your crayons and go sit in the corner ya sad little bitch.

    10. JRS

      Klaus’s plans have hit a brick wall. The WEF has severed all relations with Russia. Russia will defeat the globalists.

      • Mr. Darwin

        You are a fucking TRAITOR.

    11. Matt

      Some turd balls will do anything for attention.
      Juicy Smelt It must have been stealing the spotlight.
      That aside, I hope it kills him. but nobody dies of the sniffles.

      • Mr. Darwin

        Careful, your “christianity” is showing.

    12. Bill

      Does anyone really believe Obamamama got the real vaccines and boosters? Please let us pray that Covid flu carries him ever so un-gently into the next realm with the rest of the demons.

    13. Marcy

      Who the hell cares!

      • Anonymous

        I’m with you.

    14. NoVaxCidentForMe

      ROFL, I haven’t had as much as a Covid sniffle. But I declined the Rockefeller snake juice serum!

    15. Sam

      How often do you boast about a vaccine that did not stop you from getting the illness- that you took the vaccination to prevent? Only here in this clown world. More reasons to keep this sick puppet away from me. He will feel much better after his Ocean front home in Hawaii is completed. Just in time to save the planet from climate change.

    16. Nate G

      I bursted laughing when I read the title. It’s more funny that it actually happened.

    17. @rch

      Vaccines do not work and they are not safe. Well, maybe Obama’s saline was safe.

    18. Bapwhappa

      Michelle O could easily play center for the Knicks, lead the league in blocked shots, score MVP for defender of the year, sign endorsements with Old Spice and Speed Stick, pay fines for steroid abuse. That wing span on her is impressive. I bet 10 bucks she can also dunk like Mike – 360 power smash. Bring down the backboard! Delay the damn game!

      The Obama’s probaly play horse or 21 regularly then fuck like big, black rabbits afterwards

      • He is

        I know right.
        She is humongous.
        Michelle certainly is
        a big “woman”????

    19. Karen Snowflake

      saying that someone is boosted is racist.

      boosted or boosting in slang terms means…
      Slang To steal or rob, especially by shoplifting or pickpocketing.

      so I would prefer you use the term ” vaccine enhanced” in the future if you know what’s good for you.

      • Bapwhappa

        My retard half-breed little brother requires a booster seat and high chair to squeeze his flimsy, pasty, non-working sticks for legs through when we “dine” at the Olive Garden. Secretly we all wish he would just die – maybe pulverized by a small meteorite. Liberals! THOSE fuckers won’t let us push him off the edge of Grand Canyon, either. My useless half mexican little brother would be left to die on some flat rock if he were a puma and not this drooling mess of a human we clean after.

        Often I order double the allotted large black olives in the Olive Garden salad to support black lives that matter. Not the ones that don’t matter. No no. Not all black lives matter, after all. Look at OJ. And Cosby. And Juicy. And Eminem. Their black asses certainly don’t matter. Contrarily, Rosanne Barr is an example of a big ole fat white bitch who certainly does not matter. Because FUCK fat, ignorant, white people. Co-morbid wastes of space. Choke on that mask, fatty. And FUCK Trump.

    20. Well Wisher

      Stop trying to cheer me up, Mac.

    21. Brockland A.T.

      Obama would have been just fine anyway with mild Omicron without being vaxxed.

      Or, being symptomatic at all was the result of a vax-weakened immune system, or, just being older with a weaker immune system, or, the guy was never vaxxed and took a placebo.

      There are so many alternative explanations Vaxxers may as well demand people buy a lucky rabbits foot.

      The bottom line is, no-one who remains unvaxxed is regretting that decision insofar as COVID itself is concerned.

      • Mr. Darwin

        Does that include all of those who demanded the vaccine once they were already hospitalized and about to go on ventilators? Luckily, the vast majority of those idiots died. Hopefully you will join their ranks very soon.

    22. Spider25

      Obammy better get that second booster, better to be safe than sorry Barry. Please let us know how well it works as all other vaccines have previously take 10 to 15 years of studies for safe and effective to grant merit. Oops there goes my social credit score. It’s Zbugs for dinner and walking 5 miles to work each way for me now.

      • Mr. Darwin

        Make sure you walk right down the middle of the road on your way to work. You’d make an excellent road pizza.

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