Ambitious Vaccine Schedule Announced By The Trump Administration

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    Federal officials within the Trump administration said a vaccine could be distributed to as many as 24 million people by mid-January. Moncef Slaoui, the chief science adviser of Operation Warp Speed, said all residents of long-term care facilities and health workers could receive the first round of vaccinations by mid-January.

    The most sinister vaccine in human history will be upon us soon. We are about to be faced with some bold and disturbing decisions. A vaccine created and manufactured by Pfizer could be available by the end of the week.  After the dreaded approval by the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Slaoui said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday that the rollout of the vaccine will be immediate. Alex M. Azar II, the secretary of health and human services, was just as optimistic.

    “Really within days,” Mr. Azar said on Fox News Sunday.  “Within 24 hours of FDA green lighting with authorization, we’ll ship to all of the states and territories that we work with. And within hours, they can be vaccinating.”

    Health experts said the timeline sketched out by Dr. Slaoui and Mr. Azar was uncompromising and did not account for the possibility of delay during the many steps from vaccine manufacture to distribution at state and local levels, not to mention the hesitancy that many people might feel about taking a newly approved vaccine. –New York Times

    It doesn’t appear that many want this vaccine and will avoid it entirely no matter what kind of rewards or punishments befall them.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    There will a system set up to coerce everyone into being vaccinated. Do you want food stamps? Get the shot. Do you want another stimulus check? Get the shot. Do you want a job? Get the shot. Do you want to buy a house? Get the shot.  This is ramping up quickly and if not enough say no and refuse to take this concoction, we are in big trouble, and many people have started to realize this.  Sadly, people we all know will get vaccinated.

    In California, under orders issued on Thursday by Gov. Gavin Newsom, residents across the southern and central parts of the state were directed not to leave their homes for three weeks starting at 11:59 p.m. Sunday, joining parts of the San Francisco Bay Area in shuttering outdoor dining and bars and roping off playgrounds. –New York Times

    The mainstream media continues to amp up the fear and make sure people are in a complete brainwashed state of panic and hysteria in order to convince them to take the vaccine. We have an interesting remainder of 2020.


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      1. I am so glad they are going with blacks and Asians first. If there are problems with the vaccines then they will be the experiment.

        It is looking like white men are last in line which is great. I do not know a single non Jewish white man who has gotten sick with the virus so it is pretty obvious it hits certain race groups more.

        • First responders have been propped-up as Stalinist superheroes, also to receive the first ration of crap.

          I am told that an extremely-blonde, Baptist pastor is running a high temp, not how many cycles of testing were required, before CV-19 was determined.

          Might be standard food poisoning from McSatan’s.

      2. The vaccine is genocide, created by Nazi-like eugenicists who believe in depopulation and enslavement. Its aim is to do great harm, yet most people believe the state-worshiping mainstream media that our rulers care about us and the planet rather than about power, money, and forcing their eugenicist cult beliefs on everyone else.

      3. So,let me get this straight.Over sooo many years,they have not been able to develop a cure for cancer,diabetes,the common cold and so many other ailments,yet, they were able to create a phony 19 “cure” in record time?? What are the odds??The odds of everything falling into place so perfectly for these depopulation freaks are at least one in a million or more. Those would be about the same odds the elite have of convincing me(or anyone else as well) of taking this poisonous DNA altering cocktail. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!

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