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    This article was originally published by Mac Slavo at SHTFPlan on May 25, 2019.

    With news breaking of the coronavirus’ spread globally, many have alleged that this could turn into a full-blown pandemic.  If that happens, there are ways to prepare yourself and your family.

    No one knows the timing or the severity of the next pandemic, but we do know the rise of the superbugs and the coronavirus is upon us and the time to prepare is NOW!

    As most of you are aware, the chances of superbugs killing 10 million people per year by the year 2050 are getting higher.  Because of the rise of infectious superbugs – infections that cannot be killed by drugs or Western medicine’s interventions – I’ve decided to put together this guide that will help you quarantine your home and prepare your family for a pandemic.

    You’ll want to hunker down in your home as soon as possible and keep it as clean as possible to reduce the risk of getting sick. You should also build a “quarantine kit” or “pandemic survival kit” with some necessary items. These are the items you’ll want if you and your family stay home and are not ill, and the ones you’ll need if someone does become infected.

    1. Body Suits and N95 Masks
    2. Thick Plastic Sheeting (common at home improvement stores) and Duct tape or painters’ tape
    3. Simple and easy to clean cot
    4. Strong High Mil Trash Bags 
    5. Hydration and Electrolyte Options (sports drinks or others)
    6. Immune Booster (pine needle tea, for example)
    7. High-quality disinfectant soap, bleach, and scrubbing tools
    8.  Disposable latex gloves
    9. 5-gallon bucket to act as a backup toilet (multiple would be preferred)
    10. Water – in this case, at least 2 gallons of water per person for up to 7 days if possible. More is better.

    Should a person get sick, you’ll need to create a “quarantine room” to care for that person while keeping everyone else safe. Designate a room for the quarantine in advance. If the room can have a bathroom or is a bathroom that would be best. It’s a much better area to quarantine someone especially if they are going to be vomiting or having diarrhea. Use your duct tape and plastic sheeting to seal off the opening of the room from the rest of the house.

    Because you’ll have clothing and bedding to wash, consider storing more water than you think you’ll need.  A pandemic may not cut off water and power supply, but if it does (for example, everyone who can fix it becomes sick) you will want to have some extra clean water on hand.

    Constantly clean your surfaces and bleach the cot if it’s been used to care for a sick person. Always wear disposable gloves and toss everything out in your heavy-duty trash bags after a thorough cleaning. When it comes to a pandemic, you cannot kill too many germs and if it’s a superbug, you will want to come at the organism from all directions (bleach, alcohol, boiling water, etc.) considering it will be incredibly difficult to kill.

    You should also give your immune system a fighting chance and start now before a pandemic breaks out.  Try boosting your vitamin C intake or drink some pine needle tea. Your goal is to keep from getting sick and treat any ill person to the best of your ability should doctors become unavailable. Preparation is key for pandemic survival.

    A great book to have in your collection is The Survival Medicine Handbook: THE essential guide for when medical help is NOT on the way. This book, by Joseph Alton MD and Amy Alton A.R.N.P., describes what to do in the event of a medical emergency when help is not on the way. The Survival Medicine Handbook is a 670-page detailed guide for those who want to be medically prepared for any disaster.  The expanded third edition of the 3 category Amazon bestseller (Survival Skills, Disaster Relief, Safety/First Aid) is geared to enable the non-medical professionals to deal with all the likely issues they will encounter in catastrophic short or long-term scenarios. The third (2016) edition of The Survival Medicine Handbook is not your standard first aid book: Unlike other so-called “survival” medical books, it assumes that a disaster, natural or man-made, has removed all access to hospitals or doctors for the foreseeable future; you, the average person, are now the highest medical resource left to your family. The Survival Medicine Handbook will give you the tools, in plain English, to competently handle injuries and illness for any situation that leaves you as the end of the line with regards to your family’s medical well-being.

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      1. You should mention that they’ll need to block off the furnace supply and return vents or the furnace will just spread the virus around anyway. The garage would be the best option.

        • Sealing someone in an airtight room will simply kill them faster.
          Blocking the furnace return in your house is a great way to start a fire.

          All you need to do is create a negative pressure differential in the quarantine room. Build an exhaust fan, duct it out the window or other opening, and vent it at least 25 feet from any opening or occupied area. If that’s not possible, run a HEPA filter on your exhaust. Use a proper barometer to measure the pressure with the fans on, and check regularly.

          Very good resource: ht tps://ww
          (remove 2 spaces…)

      2. With the disease being contagious during the incubation period, that is before any symptoms develop, it is already too late to protect yourself by the time you become aware that you need to.

      3. Oh, I am so sick of the terrorists doing these things! First 9/11 attack on the defenseless Pentagon and World Trade Towers controlled demolition, now deliberate pandemic by the military burrying pigs on Navy base in Japan rather than incinerating them! Let me guess, Wall Street corporations and share holders want more money? What a fucking coincidence! Sick fucking psychos!

      4. Get a Coleman toilet! You won’t post this Mac a Million but you should. Censoring shit these days is just wrong and you’re contributing to the Liberal cause!

        • yes, by all means- haul around buckets of contagion-infested human waste and find a way to dispose of it in without contaminating your water supply, garden, animals or family.

          …or we could just flush it away and clean/sterilize the bathroom afterwords…

          being a first world country keeps disease down. Don’t go full-blown central Africa, hauling around buckets of sh1t. Its idiotic.

      5. Get your affairs in order…..

      6. Pasteur pushed seeing germ theory as external versus DeChamp, said that preparing the body was the key. I point this out as your article is ‘external’ oriented. Strengthening the immune system, including the endo cannabinoid system via CBD oil consumption is the key to survival. Increasing your ORAC count to 40,000 – 100,000 is another key. Take Vitamin C to bowel tolerance is a minimum action. Good luck!!

        • cbd? LOL.
          every generation has its useless cure-alls supported by pseudoscience and no shortage of folks hawking them.
          A year ago, beet juice
          two years ago it was colloidal silver.
          ten years ago, magnetic bracelets and copper infused compression clothes.
          fifteen, apple cider vinegar
          latter 70’s forward- ginseng and various eastern roots and herbs (not all herbal cures are bad, I’m referring to the cure-all claims attributed to things like ginseng)
          60’s and onward – crystals
          50’s- lobotomy’s
          30’s- damn near every form of Flash Gordon pseudoscience from Elixir of Sulfanilamide to radioactive pellets and heavy water “elixirs”
          1900-1930’s- cocaine and heroin

          • …. other than CBD, I wholeheartedly agree with your post. strengthen your immune system.

      7. get uvc lights

        • an excellent idea for whole house HVAC as well as stand alone lights and filters.

      8. 5G was rolled out in Wuhan. People are dropping because 5G kills. There is no cold virus that is killilng anyone. They are using this excuse to lock down the people and force vaccinations. Keep your head, people.

        • There is no 5G in Japan (yet), but a tour bus driver in Japan who never left Japan was infected while driving around a group of Chinese tourists who were carrying the disease. The Japanese tour guide lady on the bus also became infected.

        • Anita Sweater- utter BS

          • You know Anita’s right, Marcus. Come on…admit it. Come on, now.

      9. Heads up in Tucson,Arizona. Gem show this week,vendors from China and Asia here since before it was discovered incubation period of 2 weeks. By that time,we will find out what happens

      10. The deaths from the coronavirus have been related to kidney failure. Cranberry juice can reduce UTIs, ( urinary tract infections) and cleanse kidneys- to a degree. It would not hurt and has other beneficial anti-oxidants and nutrients.

        The acidity in cranberry juice is what gives it this cleansing property, so even lemonade, or orange juice could help, if someone dislikes cranberry juice.

        • “The acidity in cranberry juice is what gives it this cleansing property,”

          wrong. you dont excrete cranberry juice, you excrete urine.
          Cranberry juice is a diuretic, which helps flush the infection away.
          What you eat has little to no effect on your urine’s PH as your body processes everything through digestion. The volume of fluid will have an effect by diluting the urine, but not the PH of that fluid. Your urine is filtered through your kidneys. The PH of your uring is more an indicator of kidney problems than anything else.
          This is the same silly thinking that has people convinced apple cider vinegar promotes weight loss

          • Oh, you are SO wrong all the time, Marcus. I’m heading out now to bury a bag o’ somepin’ under a full moon.

      11. Costco

      12. Question everything. We are going to be hearing a lot of lies.

      13. If this is a real threat and not just fear mongering to put in martial law as economies collapse and there is a real threat all you need is colloidal silver it kills virus, bacteria, fungi, ect, all of them including Ebola and all government issued viruses.

        • Since the coronavirus is mainly a respiratory illness, how would you take silver for the virus? I have a very good brand of liquid silver. But I wonder how it would be the best to take it to have the greatest affects on healing the lungs.

      14. I notice that there is no mention of stocking up on food.
        Probably the powers that be do not want panic in the supermarkets.
        I would not want to be quarantined in my house & starving.

      15. Go to Joe Imbriano, The Fullerton Informer’s youtube page, it’s 5G couched as virus (dissidents disease)

      16. Was over at Wal Mart and they were out of bleach. I pointed out to several people that the pool supply department has plenty plastic bags of “Super Shock” . This is a solid (Calcium Hypochlorite 56.44%) which turns into bleach when you add water. It is the most frugal way to make bleach solutions. Nobody seems to know this. Stand strong, brother.

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