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How to Prepare Your Home (Quarantine) For A Pandemic

Mac Slavo
May 25th, 2019
Comments (52)

No one knows the timing or the severity of the next pandemic, but we do know the rise of the superbugs is upon us and the time to prepare is NOW!

As most of you are aware, the chances of superbugs killing 10 million people per year by the year 2050 are getting higher.  Because of the rise of infectious superbugs – infections that cannot be killed by drugs or Western medicine’s interventions – I’ve decided to put together this guide that will help you quarantine your home and prepare your family for a pandemic.

You’ll want to hunker down in your home as soon as possible and keep it as clean as possible to reduce the risk of getting sick. You should also build a “quarantine kit” or “pandemic survival kit” with some necessary items. These are the items you’ll want if you and your family stay home and are not ill, and the ones you’ll need if someone does become infected.

  1. Body Suits and N95 Masks
  2. Thick Plastic Sheeting (common at home improvement stores) and Duct tape or painters’ tape
  3. Simple and easy to clean cot
  4. Strong High Mil Trash Bags 
  5. Hydration and Electrolyte Options (sports drinks or others)
  6. Immune Booster (pine needle tea, for example)
  7. High-quality disinfectant soap, bleach, and scrubbing tools
  8. 8. Disposable latex gloves
  9. 5-gallon bucket to act as a backup toilet (multiple would be preferred)
  10. Water – in this case, at least 2 gallons of water per person for up to 7 days if possible. More is better.

Should a person get sick, you’ll need to create a “quarantine room” to care for that person while keeping everyone else safe. Designate a room for the quarantine in advance. If the room can have a bathroom or is a bathroom that would be best. It’s a much better area to quarantine someone especially if they are going to be vomiting or having diarrhea. Use your duct tape and plastic sheeting to seal off the opening of the room from the rest of the house.

Because you’ll have clothing and bedding to wash, consider storing more water than you think you’ll need.  A pandemic may not cut off water and power supply, but if it does (for example, everyone who can fix it becomes sick) you will want to have some extra clean water on hand.

Constantly clean your surfaces and bleach the cot if it’s been used to care for a sick person. Always wear the disposable gloves and toss everything out in your heavy duty trash bags after a thorough cleaning. When it comes to a pandemic, you cannot kill too many germs and if it’s a superbug, you will want to come at the organism from all directions (bleach, alcohol, boiling water, etc.) considering it will be incredibly difficult to kill.

You should also give your immune system a fighting chance and start now before a pandemic breaks out.  Try boosting your vitamin C intake or drink some pine needle tea. Your goal is to keep from getting sick and treat any ill person to the best of your ability should doctors become unavailable. Preparation is key for pandemic survival.


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: May 25th, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Bert says:

    Don’t you think you are taking this shit too far?

    You know there are atoms that are radioactive that you inhale with EVERY breathe.

    All of the Superbugs by 2050 won’t kill as many people that are dying each day in the USA caused by poor diet, obesity. But hey, that don’t sell seed banks and Amazon links.

    • Clown World says:

      You can smell holidays, in the barrio.

      Walk past a homeless encampment, or sit at the counter where Illegals send Washington Union, and you will be questioning your immunity, within a week.

      Bed bugs are spread through bus seats and state housing.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Don’t you think you are taking this shit too far”

      I said the exact same thing well over a year ago but was ridiculed by the fanboys of the site.

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember seal your house up tight air tight and don’t let any possible bugs in. In a couple of hours you will be dead because you have suffocated yourself FOOL. Nowhere in this lamebrain tutorial does it say to make access to outside air and filter it.

    • TharSheBlows says:

      All BS, nobody cares.. Maybe if you live in a large city, well then, you deserve what you get. And even so, you would need enough supplies for several years, until all the dead are decomposed and 90% loss of life. Very few can every be prepared for this. Those who survived great pandemics in the past like the Great Plague, survived by fleeing to the country side and away from the deathly masses. They did not survive by buying a crap load of prepper supplies and hunkering down in the thick of it. Stupid is.. I got that covered 4 years ago, with a Remote BOL, secluded and away from any major roadways. And rarely do I ever get sick at all or even the common cold. People spread germs the fastest, stay away from them.

      • TharSheBlows says:

        What’s disappointing about this site now, is its now more about jamming a crappy quantity of articles in per day, than the 1 or 2 as a few years ago where we had hundreds of comments and could get into more info and debate. Now what is happening, is there is no real comment discussions and debate. Its just a fast line, and on to the next article. Wonder why you get only 10 comments on an article maybe? This site should be set up with several side discussion topical forums like for Solar, so those who have solar knowledge can share in a blog form of discussion and more in depth. I would like more info on Connectors for the wiring. I am doing some upgrades to my Off Grid System so it passes the BS County Bld permit code imposter, including all the using all the hazard electrical danger stickers. Plus I am looking for more info on the best way to ground the entire system together. My Inverter says it is a Negative Ground. Is that the same polarity ground for all the other components like for the controller and wiring fuse box grounds? Wish we had some better forums here where we already know each other but can learn from a blog and not lose the conversation in the mass article comment sections. That would really help people get off the grid or advance their prepping knowledge, not click bait for sales. I bet this site would get tons more traffic if this was available.. How about it Mac, Can you set up some discussion boards forums, like for solar, or weapons, or food processing or gardening? We log into the same as this commenting section for the forums.

        • TharSheBlows says:

          Its spring time here in FL and everything is in the birthing stage. Bass are spawning in their sandy holes, Have several Doe’s on the property scouting out their nesting area for a new batch of fawns which will be born in June and early July. So I’ve been putting out some whole corn for them, and many turtles nest are being dug up by raccoons and or possums during the night. I set some traps caught one mask bandit. And I try to cover the turtles nests with piles of brush and sticks to keep the predators away from their digging. Of course they love to eat the eggs, but a single raccoon can destroy several turtles nests every night. Its best to cull them back in FEB before Turkeys lay their eggs in the spring, Coons, possums, and armadillos will destroy many egg nests. So raccoons need to be thinned in Feb ideally, if you want to see more Turkeys and Turtles. Land management is a homestead task. Gitter done..

          • Genius says:

            TSB, If your looking to get an inspection codes may vary depending where you live. Get a new NEC book (national electrical code) or borrow one. The last one I got was 2008 so it is outdated. Ususally they require a seperate ground circuit for your equipment (controlller, inverter, combiner, disconnects). Also if you have a pole or ground mount it has to have a seperate ground rod (not for roof mount). Your ground wire has to be the same size as the biggest conductor in the circuit. Your batteries have to be in a catchment container that is big enough to hold as much electrolyte as 1 of your batteries. You also must have an exterior AC and DC disconnect labeled with the amount of volts and amps passing through it. Any exterior (excluding array wiring) must be in conduit. More than 2 strings of panels must have fuses or breakers on every string. You must have a T class inverter fuse or breaker on your inverter DC input. You must have a DC disconnect before the controller. Your AC side must be wired through a UL breaker box. DC conductors must be rated 1.25 times the amount of the maximum current that will pass through them.

            That is some of what I remember about off grid code. It changes all the time but like I say, get a new NEC book or talk with the inspectors. Good luck!

            • Genius says:

              And if you have a ground mount it has to have a 4 foot high fence around it to keep kids and animals out.

              • Genius says:

                Your equipment ground circuit (to clarify) is usually a #10 wire that you just run to all your metal enclosure equipment and then straight to the ground rod (you cannot have any. splices in it). Usually you can connect the power ground to the same rod on it’s own circuit. Beware that some inverters will not accept a ground/nuetral tie AC circuit. Most codes require a ground/nuetral tie in the AC breaker box. Some inverters will get fried if connected to this system. If your inverter isnt a hardwired type (has power plugs for output) it probably won’t work with a G/N tied system.

        • Get Real says:

          TSB, Yeah, and this site would get more traffic and more posts if the comments weren’t censored and never posted. Half of mine either never show up or they are posted 2-3 days later, after five new threads have appeared and no one is reading the thread, and they are not offensive comments so there’s no reason or excuse for that. You can’t treat site visitors this way and expect to have a robust site. Doubt this will make it through the ridiculous 2-3 day moderation process. But whatever.

        • Ketchupondemand says:

          TSB, you’re right about the site.
          It’s nearly pointless to try to have a conversation with the number of articles put up daily. I think it’s by design….the more hits per article/per day..
          But, wouldn’t Mac need an email address to verify log ins on a discussion forum?

          As for this article, it could be related to the 3 night series “The Hot Zone on NatGeo tv, starting tomorrow, if I recall.

          if you miss it maybe you can ketch up on demand.
          Happy Memorial Day.

        • Karl V. says:

          TSB ~ That is the most constructive suggestion that I’ve heard hear in years.

          The only reason that I still come here is because sometimes I see useful info in the comments…. there are folks here who have extensive backgrounds in construction, radio communications, solar power, etc. and I would love to hear more from them.

          Unfortunately, many of the articles have become simplistic and shallow; and all too often comments re-hash the same tired old ground of politics and religion.

          Are there any prep sites where knowledge and information come first…..?

  2. A quarantined person may suffer the pangs of anguish not only because he is ill or may soon become ill, but from his isolation.

    Prepare your mind and soul. Reading and writing are good skills. Music is an outlet. Card games can be fun. Sewing, embroidery, and needlepoint are important skills to develop and they can occupy ones attention alone for hours. Though some people think of sewing as women’s work they would be wrong to do so. Men can be masculine and still learn how to thread a needle; and it would be more than worth while for them.


    • Genius says:

      Being alone only sucks if you don’t like your own company. I have spent weeks on end by myself and was fine. Months might get pretty old but my mental masterbation keeps me entertained lol. People with issues usually are addicted to having peeps around. Me, the less the better but I do like my friends (few) company. I would miss my doggie though really bad.

      • TharSheBlows says:

        I am never bored, rarely even listen to the radio noise box. I spend time out into nature, or working on home projects, people are just distractions from your goals. Don’t be distracted from your goals. People come and go, friendships come and go. Drinking buddies come and , and most people are unprepared and needy. And no matter what, never let a Meth head onto your property ever. They will be back to steal from you. Their drug habit is stronger that your trust. What you can trust and believe in, is only yourself, as seeing is believing, and every other humanoid will let you down one way or another. Most people suck. Ignorant freaking useless eating, space wasting morons. Can’t wait until the great culling, bring it on never enough ammo or high capacity mags, let it rip. Protect what is yours.

        • reper sleepr says:

          Damn, TSB you nailed that one. One thing for sure….you got to be comfortable in your own skin. Only doing work for customers is the only time I’m around folks. Other than that I’m on my own working around the house and garden. I like it that way.

  3. Menzoberranzan says:

    Make your own colodial silver and take a sip daily. I’m half a century old and function as if I were a healthy 30 year old. What’s being sick? And thank you Lord

  4. Asshat says:

    Took yesterday off and was watching tv. I never watch daytime tv but had a few minutes. Anyway this program called dr’s had theses people talking about germs and how easy they spread. They were squeekey clean men wearing suits and makeup women dressed to blow. I’m thinking they are in a completely sterile environment which all the people from the upper echelons of society are afforded. These people couldn’t go 1 day in these boots. How the hell are they gonna survive if their used to clean environments and their body isn’t used to everyday germs. They will get sick in a grid down very quickly when that clean lifestyle goes away. I would never take advise from them they are weak imo. They will die from the common cold. I hardly ever get sick and I’m subjected to a lot of crap. I try to avoid filth but when you work in the streets it’s impossible to avoid the kind of germs they were talking about.

  5. Kevin2 says:

    2050 puts me over 90, considering the first 60+ I won’t be here. At the rate we’re going the real truck will be to make it until 2030.

  6. nobody(media) is talking about the present spread of Ebola in central Africa. Its out of hand and will soon make it overseas due to world travel. Here we go again. Ready?

  7. repr sleepr says:

    What do you do to keep from being exposed? Not hard to do. Give all immediate family members fire arms and shoot all and everyone that tries to come into your home that you don’t know. Keep the cousins and the rest of extended family outside and all doors locked.
    Don’t hesitate to use deadly force even if it is grandma.

    • Genius says:

      repr, thats a good plan!

      • Genius says:

        I’m the man in the box
        Buried in my shit
        Won’t you come and save me?
        Save me
        Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut?
        Jesus Christ, deny your maker
        He who tries, will be wasted
        Feed my eyes now you’ve sewn them shut
        I’m the dog who gets beat
        Shove my nose in shit
        Won’t you come and save me
        Save me
        Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut?
        Jesus Christ, deny your maker
        He who tries, will be wasted
        Feed my eyes now you’ve sewn them shut
        Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut?
        Jesus Christ, deny your maker
        He who tries, will be wasted
        Feed my eyes now you’ve sewn them shut
        Songwriters: Jerry Cantrell / Layne Staley

      • Montana Guy says:

        I’m picturing Genius living across the road from repr sleepr. Hollywood could make a good movie out of that. Oh wait…

    • Asshat says:

      Off topic. Why would anyone buy a silky katana boy 1000 for $950 when they could buy a husqvarna 455 and 460 for the same price as that hand saw. The husqvarnas will rip through way more wood than the katanaboy will. The katanaboy is a nice stealth portable bug out saw but the price is way off. Even for $500 it’s a lot of $. I’m thinking $350 max would be a reasonable price for it. Some of the gear out there is way overpriced.

  8. Nailbanger says:

    Stay away from crowds

  9. oldguy says:

    N95 is CRAP!…..read the specs……you MUST HAVE a N100…a virus can easily sail right through N95 not a problem. and you MUST have a REAL NBC rated gas mask AND filters……lots of filters……AND a 100% water and virus proof chem suit….and LOTS of bleach and sprayers to hose you down if you must into an infected area……..LOTS AND LOTS of water and bleach……if you were in the Military , this would not be news to you if you had NBC training……virtually no one is prepared for a pandemic…..

  10. Charley Waite says:

    There is a rumor that there are three smallpox cases quarantined among the refugees on the Southern border. Take it for what you will

    • Clown World says:

      I believe that at least three were selling fruit at the Swap Meet, and your food has passed among five more in the national chain franchise restaurant.

  11. Illini Warrior says:

    not near enough emphasis on re-entry decontamination – you won’t be able to stay inside – if nothing else you’ll have to handle regular patrols and especially trespassers/looters on the property …
    nooo such thing as having too much disinfectant – dry bleach mix – such as pool shock (calcium hypochlorite) – will provide the volume to handle something like a pandemic >>> plenty of spray applicators also – hand held bottles to pump up pressure sprayers …..

  12. we always hear of bleach but ammonia will flat out DISSOLVE cells (so it works on blood stains even on old ones or most of them) and the quarternion disinfectants (alphabet numbers soup ammonium chloride, if with benzyl in it it is a phenol) are extremely good, use the ones with citrus scent preferably lemon. these also dissolve psychic residuum and to some extent “entities” or at least the bodies they build up.