First COVID-19 Vaccines Will Be Injected Next Week In The UK

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Headline News | 17 comments


The United Kingdom has approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and the rollout and first shots will be injected into people beginning next week.  Elderly people in care homes, along with health workers and other vulnerable people will be the first to get the shot.

The UK has ordered 40 million doses of the vaccine and considering those who take it will need two shots, that’s enough to vaccinate 20 million people. Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the BBC that an initial 800,000 doses would be available in the UK next week, and “we’ll then deploy it at the speed that it’s manufactured” by Pfizer at its facilities in Belgium. The bulk of the rollout will come next year.

Time Is UP: Pfizer To Seek EUA For COVID-19 Vaccine TODAY

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla hailed the emergency authorization as “a historic moment in the fight against Covid-19.”

Politicians Warn: Vaccines Can Be FORCED On People

The first Americans are expected to be vaccinated within two weeks.

In a statement, the health department said the approval “follows months of rigorous clinical trials and a thorough analysis of the data by experts at the [Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)] who have concluded that the vaccine has met its strict standards of safety, quality, and effectiveness.

“The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) will shortly publish its latest advice for the priority groups to receive the vaccine, including care home residents, health and care staff, the elderly and the clinically extremely vulnerable.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the news as “fantastic” in a tweet, adding that “it’s the protection of vaccines that will ultimately allow us to reclaim our lives and get the economy moving again.” –CNN

If you have not prepared for the possibility of “harsh punishments” for refusing this “voluntary” vaccine, do so immediately.  Time is up. This is the end game the elitists have wanted for decades, if not longer. Brace yourself. It’s about to get ugly.

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    1. Sarcasm 101

      Well,what a relief. I mean,the phony 19 casualties are everywhere.They are dropping like flies.Oh no,a few more around me just keeled over from covid,must go help them – can’t finish my comm…..

    2. I Wouldn't

      Would you trust a vaccine after a virus was created to exterminate humanity?? Robert F. Kennedy Jr

      • Redwinger

        A smart man. His dad was even smarter. It’s a shame he was taken before his time, we might not be in the soup we are today if he had lived, even though he slanted left. But the “left” in 1968 was what the “right” is today. The left had values back then. I’m going to probably take some Flak for my comment, but oh well, I truly believe JFK was the last “true” president we had, and the last “truly” elected by the people. I had hoped Trump was too, but just don’t know.

        • Hang tough

          @Redwinger, your comments certainly gave me a lot to think about.I tend to remember the old days as well.I recall when(even through the worst of times) people still had some semblance of morals/goodness. I have heard that JFK was such a different president than others.I remember hearing that the reason they took him out was because he was planning on telling the American people the truth of what was really going on in this country. I also regard him as the last good president we had as well. I am also still keeping my options open on Trump as I believed (still do)he’d be the one to turn things around. It is difficult for me to fathom what has happened to this country. The left has pretty much demonstrated that their intent is to turn America into some type of fascist,socialist country where we don’t have any rights whatsoever and must bow down to them.We are all living through a terrible time with the policies of these tyrants ruining all our lives.The scariest part is they don’t even bother to hide their true intentions anymore.They are pretty much telling us that they are taking over and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.I wish you well Redwinger and truly hope the situation in this country changes for the better,but,the way things stand now – who knows?

          • Redwinger

            I wish you well also. Hang Tough, maybe things will turn around.Thanks.

    3. Darth Skippy

      paraphrased —
      ‘Elderly people in care homes, along with health workers and other vulnerable people will be the first to get the (eugenics) shot.’

      Star Trek, TNG, Descent, Part 2
      “On the planet, Lore orders Data to perform an experiment on Geordi’s brain – an irreversible procedure with a “60% chance” of being lethal.”

      (To remove Geordi’s biological component, eventually moving on to the Borg.)

      In the ship of Theseus mental experiment, grandfather’s axe, Tinman of Oz, and those sci-fi’s where you live in a computer, they generally believe that you have to delete the original, before a copy can be made.

      Must this be so?

      Gates explicitly says that your healthy cells will be modified with CV protein spikes.

      (Tagging them as foreign, because of the antigen signature.)

      • Anonymous

        pull back captain
        aye she’s breaking up …she’s breaking up

        • Darth Skippy

          Will there be anything left, when they’re all done?

          All of the sayings, above, deal with removing one piece at a time.

          It’s a thought experiment, from classical philosophy — in other words, from GrecoRoman times.

    4. none for me

      and the culling of us all shall begin…?

    5. SlackMavo

      n the ship of Theseus mental experiment, grandfather’s axe, Tinman of Oz, and those sci-fi’s where you live in a computer, they generally believe that you have to delete the original, before a copy can be made.

      Sodom Gomorrah…. duh

    6. BlackMoe

      What happened to all the commenters on your website, Mac?

    7. bongo

      Simple dont take it.

      MUFUS 823487234929858234892374987239874928374982739849827349827389472983749827389472983749827398472983749823789479872987asfhahskfhkjhg923879842

    8. Resist

      In the future,be wary of anyone shown on the live tell a lie vision receiving the so called “vaccine”. Just remember that whatever they are receiving will not be the actual vaccine we’ll get.It will all be part of the propaganda to convince us all that the toxic DNA altering cocktail is “harmless”.Don’t take it!!!?? Just Don’t!!! ?☠️

    9. jennifer

      Our depopulation efforts via food,water,airborne chemicals,medications,and by so many other means have been somewhat inefficient at best.We need something that works more directly and efficiently – PREPARE THE VACCINES -the preceding comments were brought to you by the arrogant,creepy,evil bastards who think they are better than us all and are plotting our extinction. ?

    10. Jonsey

      This is all about population control. If people stopped breeding like rabbits this wouldn’t be happening. The black people are the worst. They should all be vaccinated first.

      • Darth Skippy

        Some people literally do breed like rabbits, or like weeds, who are on the bottom of the social foodchain for a good reason — leading to a sustainable, natural balance. Behaviors have consequences: built-in controls and a natural elite.

        This is still a different order of logic, from saying to stop the entire carbon cycle. That is nihilism. The vaccine has been proposed by philosophical death cultists.

      • Frank Thoughts

        Totally agree! The reason the virus spread all summer was the BLM riots. Now they have wrecked the economy they demand jobs and privileged worshipping (their statues etc.).

        Because of these facts they should get the injection first.

        And yes, theirs is a population out of control: Africa is forecast to triple in population and they will all be heading our way. It is a disaster for the planet.

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