Time Is UP: Pfizer To Seek EUA For COVID-19 Vaccine TODAY

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Pfizer and partner BioNTech will seek emergency government approval for their coronavirus vaccine on Friday, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said, paving the way for millions of doses to be distributed within 24 hours. The vaccine has allegedly shown a 94.5% efficacy rate.

    Once the Food and Drug Administration gives EUA (emergency use authorization) to Pfizer, their vaccine will be rolled out for distribution beginning in 24 hours. “We will ship millions of doses of vaccine within 24 hours of FDA approval. So my message is hope and help are on the way,” Aazar said Thursday as he announced the pending emergency use application during a White House coronavirus task force briefing.

    For those who think it was “fake news” to accurately quote Gus Perna who said: “Upon emergency use authorization, all of America must receive [the] vaccine within 24 hours.” Apparently, the video of him actually saying this is being ignored and not watched. He did say it. Do yourself a favor and listen to him say it.  Here is again, less than one minute in. Go to the 25-second mark to hear it.

    He didn’t say it would be distributed in 24 hours. He used the word “receive.” Take that as you wish and interpret any way you’d like. But he said what he said, and it was not a misquote or “fake news.”

    He also said “equitable distribution,” which could also mean they intend to put the vaccine in grocery stores and Wal-Marts next to the flu shots. None of this is “good.” This rushed vaccine is still not going to be well-received even if Perna does mean it will be available within 24 hours for those who want it and not immediately mandatory.

    Trump: “The Military Is Ready To Deliver A Vaccine”

    Eventually, hopefully, we all know by now that this will not be a choice.  Richie from Boston made a correction, stating Perna could have meant distribution would happen within 24 hours and not actually receiving the vaccine. But the fact that Perna said what he said should be concerning regardless of the context.

    Vice President Mike Pence said at the briefing that “literally, we could well be a matter of just a few weeks away from a vaccine being available across this country for the most vulnerable among us.”

    Azar said, “there is light at the end of the tunnel, this isn’t forever.” He said a second drugmaker, Moderna, is likely to also seek permission for its vaccine, which was 95 percent effective, and does not require special ultra-cold storage. “For the last two weeks, we’ve seen just unprecedented historic news about vaccines. Two vaccines, each with 95 percent efficacy, rivaling the 98 percent accuracy of our measles vaccine, produced in some of the largest vaccine clinical trials ever conducted in history — over 40,000 patients in each of these clinical trials demonstrating good safety profiles,” Azar said.

    “BioNTech has announced that tomorrow they intend to file for emergency use authorization at the FDA. We would expect to see Moderna filing soon also. We also have this comprehensive distribution plan that… builds on a public-private partnership… with a goal to make the distribution of this vaccine as convenient to you as the flu vaccine is.”

    Perna said the vaccine doses will be shipped to “any place that a state wants to administer a vaccine” and that 100 million kits have been prepared for the vaccines, meaning supplies shortages won’t slow the process, according to a report by The New York Post. “We can go to one place in a state or we can go to 10,000 places in a state,” Perna said.

    Choices will have to be made soon. Be prepared. And stay alert. Use your discernment and take quotes from these vaccine officials how you think they are intended. I don’t pretend to know what he could have meant. But I took his statement to mean that he intends to vaccinate the whole of America. Admittedly, there is no logistical way to do that in a 24-hour window, but nonetheless, he said what he said.


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      1. People really need to realize this is not about any virus.I will not be in any way,shape,or form taking a vaccine for something that has not killed the millions and millions they were constantly predicting. The plandemic numbers are inflated,invented,inverted,and rearranged as needed to suit the agenda and continue the false narrative.Why would any logical human being line up willingly to be injected with a potentially DNA altering toxic cocktail.Let’s be real here:if this was really for our health/benefit,the msm/liars would not need to be pushing this vaccine narrative so hard and so frequently.We gotta know there is another agenda at play here.I am not naive and may be called paranoid,but,just remember just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean no one’s out to get you.This vaccine push/narrative stinks to no end.Guys,the fact that we are still alive here on this website posting comments on a regular basis should somewhat prove this whole phony 19 is total b.s What I mean to say is that with such an indestructible killer “virus” sweeping through the land annihilating everyone in it’s path-wouldn’t we all be dead and buried by now? I call b.s. on the phony 19 and I will not be taking a potentially dangerous shot for something that has not killed the millions and millions and millions predicted and is not the devastating,unstoppable killer the msm/liars/”experts” would like us to believe it is.They can count me out!

      2. I won’t be lining up for this vaccine.Just had a thought though.Imagine a future where you can’t get into Wal*mart without some proof of having had the vaccine certificate/I.D. or something such as that.I would be totally devastated if I couldn’t go in.I mean,where else am I gonna buy such useless crap? ?

      3. We’ve gotta remember how “creative” the “experts” are with numbers/stats.Case in point:covid 19. Makes me wonder about that 94.5% vaccine efficacy rate.Does that really mean it help/cures 94.5℅ of those who will take or does it really mean 94.5℅ of the guinea pigs/vaccine takers will not survive? and the agenda will be complete? Just something to think about because as we know,with the evil doers-anything is possible.

      4. fast forward to summer 2021

        Pfizer seeks government bailout after settling class action lawsuits.

        oh wait….government can’t bail them out if they are a cross defendant.

        better jump on that Pfizer stock while its going up

        • They’ve already, reportedly been selling-off, at institutional level.

          Minnows might (might) buy during lawsuits, and sell during the bail-out?

      5. “The vaccine has allegedly shown a 94.5% efficacy rate.”
        Your immune system has allegedly shown a 95.5% efficacy rate.

        So long as you drive your motorcycle at safe speeds, with a helmet, are not a 500lb lady, and never owned a pet dinosaur.

      6. The Election Is Over, So The Time Is UP: Pfizer To Seek EUA For COVID-19 Vaccine TODAY

      7. They are completely full of shit. They are not even testing for the same virus everywhere in America, let alone in the world, and the Reverse Transcription Polymerase Tests have drastically overstated findings of what ever the fuck it is that they are claiming to be covid-19. They are all saying that it is something different. Researches were left to manufacture their own primers for the tests, which were segments of viruses, as viruses quickly mutate. The rt-PCR method was using 35-40 cycles, reverse transcribing RNA into DNA, but coronaviruses are RNA viruses, so transcribing This is junk science at its most pronounced by all historical accounts. Even the develper of the tests insisted that they were not for diagnostic purposes, who conveniently died a few years ago as far as Bill Gates is concerened!  It is junk science gone mad producing quacks and charlatans. Since they know that this was all based on scientific fraud to lock everything down and force people to wear masks,their only way out is to claim that they can now let society do business as usual because they have the magic cure that will allow that to happen! They blamed covid-19 for their own economic fraud. They could sell us magic crystals to wear around our necks to protect us from covid. At least that wouldn’t be harmful, since the vaccines have mercury, monkey tissue, fetal tissue and the same squalene from sharks that caused Gulf War syndrome! They are unsafe! Do not take it! Even if they claimed that politicians took them, why in the hell would we believe them? How would we know if they did vaccinate them, and if they did that we would recieve the same thing?! This is targeted murder! They want to do it now to steal from people! Why?! Well, because the economy is based on fraud, and even if they vaccinate people, the economy will still be based on fraud, so they will have to keep killing people off to feed the market and The Blob! Kill the market! Kill the blob! I am not talking about the people. I am talking about the institutions! 

        Andrea Iravani

      8. Let the Pfizer seizures begin!

      9. Two observations:
        1. Equity is a term associated with communism
        2. Wearing a mask while speaking provides plausible deniability.

      10. Would you trust a vaccine after a virus has been created to exterminate humanity? Robert F.Kennedy Jr.

      11. @Andrea,you make some great points.Personally,I know I’ll never see a psychologist or a psychiatrist.Lots of times these so called experts don’t really end up helping.I think there are instances where the psychiatrist is more damaged than the person they’re trying to “help”.Tell you something though,with everything going on these days- depression levels have got to be soaring.The psychologists/ counselors must be making a fortune whether working in person or virtually.

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