Everyone Is Tired Of The COVID Fear Mongering, But The Rulers Still Try

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Headline News

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    People are sick and tired of the ruling class’s overblown fear-mongering of COVID, so much so that no really pays attention to it anymore. But The World Health Organization (WHO) says the newest mild variant is “one to watch”.

    They’ve found a gold mine of control over the public and really don’t want it to end even though no one really noticed anything out of the ordinary other than the desperate attempts of tyrants to keep this virus relevant.

    Another COVID-19 Whistleblower: A Montana Dr. Says Government Is Drastically Overstating Deaths

    The newest variant, XBB.1.16, dubbed “Arcturus” by variant trackers, is very similar to the United States’ dominant “Kraken” XBB.1.5. The “experts” say that this is the most transmissible COVID variant yet. Maria Van Kerkhove, COVID-19 technical lead for the WHO, said earlier this week at a news conference that additional mutations in the virus’s spike protein, which attaches to and infects human cells, have the potential to make the variant more infectious and even cause more severe disease. For this reason, and due to rising cases in the East, XBB.1.16 is considered “one to watch,” Van Kerkhove says, according to a report by Fortune. 

    It’s a warning we’ve heard before about other Omicron spawn—XBB.1.5 in particular. The variant, which rose to prominence late last year and early this year, elicited warnings that it could cause more severe disease, based on new mutations it had developed.

    It was a fate that didn’t play out—though the variant certainly took the lead when it came to transmissibility. XBB.1.5 accounted for just under half of all globally sequenced cases in early March, according to the WHO. -Fortune

    India, where this new variant is predominantly spreading, has also advised people to remain cautious by masking up and avoiding public gatherings. But doctors in India admit why there’s a surge:

    Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya, an epidemiologist and public health specialist, told PTI, “There is a clear dissociation between infection and disease. It means that people are testing positive but they do not have symptoms. There is increased testing for flu so there is targeted testing and hence an increase in cases.

    “Since there is a surge, patients admitted (for other ailments) are being tested and they are turning out to be Covid positive.” -Daily Pioneer

    It likely didn’t play out because people knew it was fabricated and stopped believing the ruling class’s lies. It’ll be the same with this unless people start to actually see people getting really sick. But that’ll have to be the Marburg outbreak, the Candida auris outbreak or the bird flu jump to humans. People have been getting colds and the flu for a long time which means they know their bodies can recover.

    New Study Confirms: CDC Lied To Panic The Masses About COVID


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