Europe Locks Down Again, China Institutes MASS TESTING Of ENTIRE CITY

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Headline News | 2 comments

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    The coronavirus “second wave” we’ve been promised is here.  European countries are locking down and restricting basic human rights once again as China takes to mass testing of an entire town.

    Things are ramping up again. This scamdemic is going to go on for as long as the governments of the world can get away with it.

    China has rushed to test the entire city Qingdao for COVID-19. The population of Qingdao is 9 million. Meanwhile, Europe is locking people down again and eliminating its economy in the process. Many mainstream media outlets are still reporting that the virus is spreading rapidly around the globe and we should all be terrified of it.

    In Europe, the Netherlands imposed a “partial lockdown” to “control” one of the region’s worst outbreaks. According to the Mumbai Mirror, Labour opposition leader Keir Starmer in Great Britain called for a 2-3 week “circuit break” lockdown.  France has declared a national state of emergency within the past 24 hours. France is now expected to lockdown more people and restrict basic human rights to help stop a surge in cases.

    The “Second Wave” Is Here As Expected, Bill Gates Says This One Will Get Our Attention

    Dr. Fauci Warns of Winter Once Again: “I Think We’re Facing a Whole Lot of Trouble”

    CNBC reported that the COVID-19 hoax is “out of control” in Europe so people should submit to horrific oppression. The U.K. is appearing to approach a second national lockdown and Germany introducing further rules to restrict the spread of the virus.

    Deutsche Bank strategists (elitists installing the New World Order) led by Jim Reid said that Wednesday’s developments reflected “sadly yet another day of bad news out of Europe,” and warned that Italy was also seeing a sharp rise in cases, having lagged its neighbors in seeing a second wave.



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      1. How much longer can this lunacy possibly go on?This has already gone past the point of being ridiculous.The fake numbers/stats they create/manufacture do not match up with reality.They apparently have the intention of having this bogus virus around forever.This so called “virus” is so deadly that they need to “test” you to see if you have it.People need to use their common sense.If this b.s. was real,you would see people with obvious symptoms,people dying,bodies all over the place,but,we don’t see ANY of that because it’s all a giant hoax to make silly rules and keep us all under control.What we do see is the msm/liars inventing new “stats” everyday to keep this so called preposterous fraud/non pandemic going.This covid nonsense only has the goal of taking away our rights and these tyrannical governments controlling every single aspect of our lives.It is truly unbelievable this shit has gotten this far.I mean,how much longer can these evil bastards stretch this hoax/fraud out? I’m so tired of this nonsense already. More people need to see this shit for what it truly is-A SCAM! The fact is that this coronavirus theater of the absurd needed to have ended long ago -it really did!

      2. More scientific fraud by those who pretend to care while profiteering off of what they know already results in cellular damage! On the sly, 135 scientists and physicians say that they neec to STUDY the effects of 5G! No, you really do not need to study something that you know to be harmful! You are evil frauds and Nazi Psychos! 

        You really need to insist as scientists and physicuans that 5G be stopped, rather than profiteering off of it like evil, sadistoc, Nazi,  junk science,psychopaths! 

        You look so full of shit! How can you even justify your existences?! You are sick as hell! What a bunch of sick, disgusting, greusome, monstrous, frauds! 

        Andrea Iravani

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